1. Are you and Meg college roommates, or just good friends?

E: College… Oh yeah, college. I was doing that once. And I really haven’t told you all where we are. 

Meg: I’m also 16, I’m not in college. 

E: I think what’s more pressing is that we’re in a void, a space between dimensions! 

Meg: Arguably, I think it’s more pressing that I’m 16. 

E: Anyways, if you’re talking about the Editor, I don’t know how she’s doing, or where she’s at with college. 

(She’s dying. JK, I’m good. E and I are different, blah blah blah. I’m currently living with my parents and taking college online due to the pandemic. So no roommates, just my siblings and parents.) 

2. How are Dr. Hare, Black Widow, Binary Bard, and the others keeping up? Or are they not part of the series anymore?

E: I haven’t seen them in a year… But they were Ok when I checked last. They went home tho. I miss those guys. 

(They’re still in.)

3. To LuckE: When was the last time you hopped on your blimp and went adventuring?

(Been, like, two years. I had the app before they added the ability to sign into online accounts, and I played that a lot. I finished all the available islands, like, 4 times. But then I got busy with school, life, job, etc etc. Then they removed nearly all the islands… Haven’t been on, bc I’ve already done all the islands. I’ve been thinking about downloading some, but I still don’t have my own computer. They’re expensive! I’m thinking about videoing the old islands for newcomers, letting them see how it used to be, but I dunno. Gotta get motivation, I guess.)

Arleen to E: Are you kidding?! Of course I remember you, E! I’ve been worried with how long it’s been…

E: Oh! I, uh… didn’t think anyone would care to be honest… 

Meg: Gurl, that’s your self loathing talking. Be nice to yourself! 

E: *hisses like a cat*

Arleen to Meg: Hey, I just wanna say I think you’re cool. Thanks for helping out E this whole time. :3

Meg: Aw shucks, I do what I can. 

E: How are you floating right now?

Meg: Magic power go brrrr

Fizzson to E: Wait, Hare and the others are back in their dimension? Did something happen?? I’m confused-

E: I, uh… I sent them home. It was the last thing I could do before I got sucked into a multidimensional train wreck.

Meg: I don’t see what’s so bad about it. I like traveling. 

E: I like my bed. I also like not getting slashed at in an alley, or getting stabbed or jumped at….

Meg: I can’t argue with that. 

E: Hit with a baseball bat, punched in the face, watching people die brutally…

Meg: Golly gee lady.

E: At least you get to pick where you go. 

Arleen to E again: Right so, catch up! Uh… Main thing was the Eradicator stuff. A bunch of creepy things called Eradicators got sent all across the Multiverse to attack and destroy it. Most everyone here had a part in driving them off in Tumbleten, and a few went directly to the source and destroyed it completely. Kinda crazy, but the rest of the time has been pretty uneventful…

E: That’s pretty whack. In, like, a bad way. Hope everyone made it out Ok.

Fizzson to E again: …Wait, I just realized. Did you and the others have any issues with the Eradicators, or-

E: Nope. I was kinda just jumping dimensions like a loon. 

Meg: No word over here. I think we’re pretty dang far from your neck of the woods, E.

E: What do you mean? 

Meg: I mean it might be hard to get you home. 

E: …

Meg: But that’s Ok! That’s why we’re heading to my parents. They’ll know what to do. 

E: And you don’t? 

Meg: I’m 16. Mom keeps telling me she’ll tell me everything she knows about the multiverse when I’m older, but I’m not sure. I really don’t know why she won’t just let me out on my own now. 

E: I… I was 16 when I first “started.” It… It’s a big thing for someone who can’t even drive yet. I think your mom is just looking out for you. 

Meg: Fair enough. She checks every dimension before she lets me or my brother go in. Like, I wanted to go into this one and she said I couldn’t for some reason? It looked perfectly fine, I don’t get it. 

E: What was it called?

Meg: Uh… Doki Doki… Literature club, I think. 

E: Oh. My. Lanta. 

Meg: It just looks really cute. 

E: Meg, you dodged a bullet. You did NOT want to go there. 

Meg: Wait, what? Why not? 

E: You see the scar on my arm here? That’s from that. Also a lot of trauma. 

Meg: … What? 

E: I’ll tell you later. 

Emma to E: You keepin’ in touch with the villains at all? Considering your feelings towards… Y’know…

E: No, I haven’t kept in touch. I have no way of keeping touch. My phone broke almost immediately after I crashed into my first dimension. I’m using Meg’s phone now. 

Meg: *takes the phone and places it in the air, where it stays in place.* Now with built it selfie stick! 

E: Wha… How did you do that? 

Meg: *winks* You don’t know everything about me! Now, whaddya mean by “Y’know?”

E: Uh… Oh! *her expression sours, looking angry, but a bit sad* It’s not gonna happen. There’s no way any of them will forgive me for disappearing for over a year. Much less after I threw them into their original dimension, where they’re criminals… I didn’t really think it through. Hopefully NC finds them.

Meg: Yeah, but what feelings? Did you have feelings for someone?

E: I don’t want to talk about it.

Meg: Right, sorry. 

Editor Fizz to all: HELP ME WITH A DEBATE: Is more cheese or less cheese better? (In a general sense, and no you don’t get any context)

E: Uh… More cheese, I guess? Who are you debating for goodness sake? 

Meg: My Dad, I guess. 

E: Your dad likes debates. 

Meg: He likes cheese. 

Emma to Meg: You seem pretty chill. What do you do in your free time?

Meg: I jump dimensions! I like traveling around and helping people. I’ve only been to a handful tho, like Undertale, Recettear, Cuphead, with my brother. That was, ah, exciting.

E: Exciting?

Meg: Tell you later. 

Arleen to E: Listen, if you need ANYTHING, like, anything at all, just let me know, alright? I swear I’ll jump over there ASAP, one way or another when you need me.

E: I mean, I’d love for you to come pick me up. I’d love to be in a familiar dimension. I miss home. 

Meg: But… We’re not in a real dimension. We’re in an inbetween. This is unreachable. 

E: I know, I know. A girl can dream. 

Fizzson to E, last time: Say, did the ah… “Dark lady” stuff ever get figured out and resolved?

E: Who? Oh, her. I have no idea. She better not get near my friends. I’ll commit a murder. 

Meg: What? 

E: Hopefully nothing. 

Meg: Ok, we’ll need to jump into this dimension, then we’ll be at my parents’. Sound good? 

E: Ok… What dimension is it? 

Meg: You’ll see. *pause* I do have permission to be there. 

E: Ok, I don’t want to get in trouble because you’re dead. 

Meg: Eh, don’t worry about it. 

The girls step through a pinkish portal and into a lush, green land. There are butterflies, flowers and enormous trees. They’re standing on tile, right next to a huge statue of a woman, covered in moss. 

E: Meg, where are we? 

Meg: Oh, this is where my mothers met! Ooh, I wonder… *calls out* HELLO!

A tall man appears. He has grey skin and white hair, slung over his eye. He’s wearing an enormous red cloak and has a diamond pattern on his leggings. He looks at the girls and smiles. He snaps his fingers and teleports to them with a flash of diamonds. 

?: Meg, darling, how good to see you!

Meg: Hi Ghirahim! 

E: Wait, are we….

Meg: Yup! Welcome to Skyward Sword!

You can send Qs to E, Meg, Ghirahim and Ȩ̴̛̪͔̞̖̓̋͌͝ͅd̵̡̝͇͔̝̘̳̘͙̓̂̈́͑͊̎̄̆͛̓̓̕͝͝ͅi̶̧̜̜̣̊t̸̙͖̦́̿͜o̷̡̘̣̜̬̮̺̺̟̞͔̼͑͒̀͆̔̽͆͝ͅṛ̴̡̘̜͇̜̖̻̳̙̬̳̈́̓̆̾̓́͂̀̐̓͛̓͝

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There’s a girl with short blonde hair and scars, sitting down at a table, staring at the screen. Almost as if she’s been here before. 

She speaks, as if to the audience. “Hi. Been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sorry to leave you all in suspense, but things have been a little… Let’s say,  chaotic. Well, I think-

She’s interrupted by another girl, with strawberry shoulder length hair and freckles, who runs over and shoves the first girl off the chair. The second girl giggles, saying, “I know you’re trying to be dramatic, but this is getting old.” She waves at the camera. “Hi internet!”

The first girl attempts to shove her out of frame with a shriek of  “DON’T RUIN THIS FOR ME!” The second girl runs off, giggling. 

The first girl sighs, looking down, then looks back up at the camera. 

???: Hi guys. It’s me. E. I’m alive. Surprise! 

??? 2: Tell them who I am, then. 

E: … This is Meg. I met her while… Well, long story. I’m pretty far from home right now, kind of have been a while. But she’s been very helpful…

Meg: Aw shucks.

E: … Occasionally. 

Meg: Ouch.

E: I’m glad you guys got my message from last time! At least, I hope you did. I have very little way of knowing. I’m just lucky I remembered my old password! 

Meg: She tried for an hour. Didn’t want to use the password reset or something. 

E: I forgot the email password, shut up. 

Meg: Make me.

E: …

Meg: … 

E: Anyways… I can’t see the really old questions for some reason, just the ones on the most recent post. 

Arleen: Uhh… Hi? Dunno who’s there, but nice to meet/see you, I guess?

E: Arleen! Been a while, hasn’t it? Missed y’all. 

Meg: Howdy stranger. I’m Meg, but you already knew that. 

E: … It’s not the same as talking face to face. 

Fizzson: Wait, what’s happening? Haven’t heard anything in a while, is everything okay there??

E: Uh… No. Everything is not Ok. I mean, I’m alive. Everyone else is alive and well. Just, uh… Not where you left us. Everyone else went home. They’re safe. 

Meg: And you? 

E: What about me?

Meg: You’re not safe or anywhere near home. They were asking about you too.

E: I’m alive, aren’t I?

Meg: … That’s fair. But my parents always taught me that you should always take care of yourself. You’re just as important as everyone else. Just remember that, Ok?

E: I… Sure. 

Editor Fizz to Editor LuckE: Hey, sooo… “Ethan” is officially ditched, I went back to just using Fizz, and Fizz himself is a bit different now. Figured you should know.

C̷̳̝͈͕̰̻̈́ŏ̷̡̼͝o̵͇͊l̶̰̟͖͙̍̓,̸̯̬̝̗͐̋͋̿̇͝ ̷̡̡͍̻͂͐̈̊͛͋I̵͎͉͐̽ ̵͙̈́c̷̡̛̬͔̠͙͂͒̈́̂̇ȁ̷̠̱̙̟͕̻̎̋͆n̸̯͉̆̓̽ ̴͌͑̒̿ͅg̴̞̼̺̬̩̒̆̄̚e̸̦̔̑́̆͒̃ṱ̸̡̊͐̑́͠ͅ ̴͎̘́͛̈́̋̈́b̷̫̲̯̳̤̉̓͐͝e̴̟̔̔͋̀̄̚h̶̝̋̏͝i̵̪̺͗̆̈̈ñ̷̢̢͎̙̜͍̿̃̿d̸̛̘̜͇͂͐̒̅͝ ̴̨̙̖̼̾͂͆t̶̙̾̂h̶̪̐̕ả̴̦̄ť̷̫͒́̚̕.̴̧̢͂͌͠ ̶̛̣̲̫͗͆̔̄͜

Arleen (Again): Anyone over there need any catching-up? Or, er… Is there even anyone from before there, still?

E: Just me. Like I said, everyone else is back in their dimension. They’re safe

Meg: I want a catch up. What’s going on? Also who are you? 

E: Oh, that’s Arleen! She’s my… She was my best friend. She’s probably forgotten about me now, to be honest. 

Meg: Good grief. Are you Ok?

E: No, no I’m not.

Meg: I’m gonna take you to a therapist. 

E: There’s a therapy clinic here? 

Meg: … Ish? It’s my Mam. 

E: There’s like, only 3 people here, good grief. 

Meg: There were 5. Then you showed up. 

E: Lovely. *she sighs* Is your mom available later today? 

Meg: Mam. And yeah, she is. 

Fizzson (Again): I know this is random and completely unrelated to everything that’s happening right now, but… Cats or dogs. Which is better?

Meg: Both but also birds. 

E: I like both. *pauses, then looks at Meg quizzically* Birds? 

Meg: My ma really liked birds, and we had one growing up. Well, still have. I should introduce you to my parents. 

E: That’d be lovely. 

Emma: I’d ask what’s going on or whatever, but I doubt whoever’s there just wants that asked the whole time, so… Got anyone with baking skills over there?

E: I haven’t had much practice lately, not going to lie. 

Meg: I like baking. I make a mean cake. 

???: Favorite sweets? I love cupcakes, personally. Mostly chocolate ones.

E: I miss cupcakes. Like, a lot. 

Editor Fizz to whoever: Can I have a peppermint?

Meg: Like… like the animation meme? Or like the song? Or just in general?

E: I never know what you’re going on about Meg. 

Editor Fizz to whoever (Again): Piracy is no party.

Meg: The anti piracy screen you’re talking about is fake. The image from it actually comes from within the game, but the screen was fake. Real anti privacy measures are usually much more subtle, or just softlock the user. It’s a funny meme, not going to lie, and people are creating lots of cool fake ones, but many people aren’t realizing that they are, in fact, fake. 

E: Are… Are you high? What’s going on right now? 

Editor Fizz to whoever (Again again): Spreading the word that Bug Fables is incredible and more people should play it. Not a meme or reference like the last two, I just feel quite strongly about this-

E: Duly noted, and will be played ASAP. You know, when I get computer access. 

Meg: … I’ll keep an eye out. 

Fizzson to whoever (Last time): Favorite video games? (If anyone there hasn’t played any I will personally find you and fix that.)

E: Eh, I’m a bit outdated, but I like a lot of them. 

Meg: I’ve never played a video game. 

E: Really?

Meg: I’m kind of busy living them. 

E: Yeah, that would make sense. 


Editor Fizz to Editor LuckE (Again): Sorry if my Qs aren’t the best. Kinda hard to think of stuff when I don’t know who I’m sending to. …Or what’s going on, really.

È̷̳ḑ̸͍̈̉i̴̘̐́t̷̡̛̤ȍ̷̫̝ŕ̷̳: Y̴͚̔̌͘e̵͖͈̟̐̐̉̈́͘á̶̻̩͉̖̲͘͜͝h̴͉̯̱͙̦̾͆̔̆,̶̧̭̐̑̈́̐̃ ̴͖̥͖̬̌̅̿̉̒t̷̲̘̘͍̂ḫ̴̨̬͇̠̬͊̈́̎ǎ̷͉͐̄̒͒͛ț̴̫̰̩͙̤̔͐̀͝’̷͔͎̳͉͘̚s̵͕̜̗̞̱͑̔͂ ̵̡̡̻̫̣̝̇f̷̢̯̪̂̆͒a̷̤̮͔͊̒̑̽͋͝ì̸͚͚̳͎̆͒̇r̴̙̰̣͍̩͓̎.̶̧̢̖̜̐̈̈́ͅ ̴̡̖̹̮̜̈̈́̿͊͠͝Ṉ̶̈́̅͛ọ̵͕̺̓̅̂ ̵͈̲͊͗̓̊̏͘ṣ̶̹̦̖̼̩̔̒w̴̖̱̫̞̄̋̓̈̆͒e̴̩̝̍à̶͋͜ẗ̷̪̗̰͇́̍̌ͅ.̸̨̧͓̞̲́̔ ̷̜̣̻̭͊̓͊


E: That’s all of them for now. 

Meg: Sick. Well, now that you’ve gotten in contact, now what?

E: We keep looking. 

Meg: That’s what I figured you’d say. Really, I don’t know why you don’t just stay here, really. 

E: I need to go. 

Meg: Eh, can’t argue. This life ain’t for everyone. See you lovelies later! 

You can send asks to E, Meg and the E̸̩̒d̵̋ͅi̴̡̒t̸̝̾ó̸̰r̷̨͘.









Ask the Villains #94, An AtG Appearance

Just a warning, the previous segment has a NSFW section. I do not condone this. But I’m in the rest of the AtG!

Begin here!

*a portal opens up and E and part of the AtG gang tumble out*

E: I’m home! 

Dr Hare: Yeah, no kidding.

Vampette: Good to be back…

Amber: Indeed. Though for some of us, this is new.

Hana: *coming through behind E* Make that… Three of us. Two are still coming… Wait, no, hang on…

Binary Bard: Oh, hello. 

Black Widow: Oh look, guests.

Suki: *runs over to Black Widow* Hiiiiiii. Do you have any soda?

Hana: There’s number two…

Black Widow: No, we kinda don’t keep a lot of sodas after E did something dumb. 

E: Not my fault.

Vampette: Was it as dumb as Alexa and the Dr. Pepper incident?

E: It was that dumb time with the love potion. So you tell me.

Aviva: *walking in with Adriana* Yeah, no, that was the AAaF’s fault, she and the ATG had nothing to do with it.

Adriana: You miiight wanna get Suki a soda, though. Otherwise, who knows what she’ll do.

Suki: Suki! Soda! Suki! Soda!

Black Widow: Ok, I’ll check the fridge. Calm down. 

Suki: Yaaaay soda!

Adriana and Aviva: *chuckle*

Vampette: Cute, ain’t she?

E: Yeah, but I dunno if we have any soda. People keep stealing them over here.

Aviva: Just say the word, I can smuggle over my soda stash from Nightshade. It’s mainly Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, and Mountain Dew, though, so I hope that’s not a problem.

E: Probably not. Binary, you know to not let Pop drink any caffeine, right? 

Binary Bard: Yeah, but he’s not here. 

E: Oh.

Vampette: And that’s all she could say was “Oh.”

Aviva: Vampette… *she smirks* Nice one.

Dr Hare: The flip are you talking about?

Aviva: Vampette’s going deep into the reference game, pulling some obscure stuff that nobody but me would understand. Trapped in the Drive-Thru by Weird Al.

E: Ah. Well, I don’t have anything to say to that.

Aviva: I guess we could start up an ATG? Don’t see anything stopping us from joining in.

Suki: Except for soooooda. Where soda?

E: I’m fine with that. 

Black Widow: *comes back in holding a sprite can* The only one in the fridge.

Suki: *jumps up and grabs it from Black Widow’s hands, running off towards the couch* Thankies!!!

Black Widow: … You’re welcome.

Vampette: Well, that settles her.

Amber: Meanwhile, before we start, I should probably introduce you to the new three. The green, soda-loving alien’s Lady Suki, the pink-haired one’s the infamous Lady Hana, and the Gardevoir standing close to Lady Vi and Lady Vampette is Lady Adriana.

Adriana: *bows* A pleasure, truly.

E: Well, you know me, but this is Harvey, I mean, Dr Hare. 

Dr Hare: Hi. 

E: Then that’s Binary over there. *points* 

Binary Bard: Greetings.

E: And also Black Widow. 

Black Widow: Hello.

Adriana: *bows once more* Well met, all of you.

Aviva: Alright, let’s get this started before I have to duplicate a can of Sprite for Suki-

Suki: *sets the can down on a table* Donezies!

Aviva: Heck. *snaps and creates another can of Sprite beside the empty can*

Suki: *gasps with her eyes wide* Magic soda! *immediately grabs it and starts to drink it*

E: Let’s go, yeah. 

Vampette and Aviva: And awaaaay we go!


Arleen to NC: …Pop calls you aunty?

Nice Coyote: Yeah, cause I’m his aunt. Not biologically, but I consider E a sister. I will fight someone on this.

Neat Berry: Please don’t fight anyone. 

Nice Coyote: I won’t. Unless they deserve it. 



Ethan to Editor LuckE: Oh, when I mentioned a turtle, I was referring to Siege, Aviva’s pet turtle. He was only in the AAaF Tournament, but he was still nice, regardless.

(Ah. My bad. See, I own a turtle. I’ve included a lot of characters, it’s a little hard to keep track. -Editor LuckE)

(Fun fact, Siege actually isn’t my character. He belongs to my buddy Tee. I just told her about the tourney and she was just like “dude do siege” and I was like “ayyeeeeeee aight.” -Editor Fusion)


??? to E: Wha? I’m not Sans. I was asking a legitimate question I wanted opinion on. Sheesh…

E: Oh. My bad… I think all people can change, but you need to be careful before you trust someone. Give them a second chance, but don’t be dumb.

Hana: Yeah!

Aviva: I know that all too well.

E: But sometimes people do bad things for a good reason. Honestly, use your best judgement or use someone else’s.

Suki: Person who give soda is, um… Good guy! Good girl! Good person!

Aviva: …yep, that’s Suki’s judgement for ya.

Black Widow: Eh, I’m Ok. Gray area at best.

Suki: Spider girl good person! She give me soda!

Black Widow: I mean, I don’t think that qualifies me as the best, much less good. 

Amber: In Lady Suki’s eyes, Lady Widow, you’re the best person ever. Not much of a good idea to make a child think something bad of you…

Black Widow: Alright, I’ll shut up. 


Fizzson to all: AAaF’s two year anniversary is coming up. Bet y’all will never guess what all I’ve got planned for it.

E: I’m scared to.

Aviva: I have no clue. Assuming it’s a party, I demand that you give Suki a cooler of soda to tide her over until it ends.

E: And I want OJ, while we’re making demands. 

Dr Hare: You’re kidding, right? 

E: Yeah, I can get OJ at home.

Suki: Vi-Vi looking out for me-me!

Vampette: Vi, babe, I think you might’ve just made us adopt her.

Aviva: Hey, at least that means I can try my hand at being a parent.

E: Join us in being parents. Join the dark side.

Aviva: I’ve been called a goth girl before. If anything, you’re joining the dark side by having me as a friend.

Vampette: At least the dark side’s beautiful.

Aviva: *blushes* You flatter me, Vee. 

E: You guys are cute and would be good parents.

Vampette: I killed my Puffle in Club Penguin, how does that make me a good parent?

Aviva: Club Penguin committed not-exist, like, two or three years ago.

Vampette: Oh. Right… Nevermind, then.

E: My point still stands.


Fizzson to E: I am cuddling you the next time I see you, and you can’t stop me.

E: No, I’m fine, I swear.

Aviva: Huge bet he follows through regardless.

E: I’m fiiiiiine it’s Ok. It’s no biggie.

Hana: Knowing him as much as I do, Fizz is going to anyway. You don’t even need to bet on that, Vi.

E: I’m still fine. I don’t need hugs.


Emma to all: Meeooow~


Suki: *does a convincing purr, then puts on a thinking face as she kicks her legs back and forth* Do kitties like soda?

E: I could have tested that once upon a time. I miss my cats.


Emma to NB: How’ve you been? Really oughta get to know ya better at some point….

Neat Berry: Oh, me? P-people don’t usually ask about me. I’m doing Ok. I was feeling a little lonely, but thank goodness for sisters, right? *giggles softly* Anyways, I’m doing plenty of research over here. Mostly I’m trying to figure out ghosts. Did you know that not all of them can move things? It’s been a little hard to find subjects, as they mostly want to be helped, so they can move on. And I’m more than willing to help with them, but hardly anyone agrees to help me with my experiments. In retrospect I can see why, but I’m dying to know. *blushes* Anyways, sorry, I didn’t mean to keep you here. You can keep going. 


Trixie to all: Craziest thing that’s ever happened to you?

E: … GEE lemme think about that for a second. I got yeeted into another dimension a few years ago and now I’m living with them. These past few years are weird.

Aviva: I’ve put copies of myself in Undertale and Danganronpa roleplays, and in the Undertale roleplay, enough people loved me that I somehow acquired a harem.

E: That is weirder than my thing.

Aviva: Lemme remember who’s in that harem… Vampette, Chiaki from Danganronpa, Frisk, and, uhm… This evil side of a friend of mine in Danganronpa roleplays who’s actually gotten nicer named Scarlett.

Vampette: …heck, I can’t beat that.

E: Why did I try.

Amber: Someone offered to revive Lady Miriam. Her old cohorts didn’t let them try.

E: What?

Vampette: …Refresh me on who that is?

Amber: Lady Miriam was one of the Chaosbinders, an elite force that served Queen Arisu and now me. Kinda like my secret service. We got word that some psycho team of sorts was gonna do an attack on AAaF, so we sent Lady Miriam over. She… died in the battle.

Vampette: Ah. I’m sorry for your loss…

E: Yeah, geez, I’m really sorry.

Aviva: Wait, hang on… Amber, do you have a copy of Demon Law on you?

Amber: …I always carry it with me, why do you ask? *she slowly pulls it out*

Aviva: …I have a feeling. *she starts reading it*

E: I’m confused, what’s going on here?

Aviva: Secret Vi, Vee, and Demon Queen business.

E: Oh. That answered that.


???(2) to E: *A crocheted doll of E seems to appear near her* I find this site recently. Have something I make myself as gift for you. ^^

E: Oh, thank you! I used to crochet, but never this good. It’s amazing! 

Aviva: *looks down at it* I’m getting heavy voodoo doll vibes from this. *she pokes it in the forehead*

E: I do not feel as though I have been poked.

Adriana: *calmly walks over to E and pokes her in the forehead*

E: Ow, what the frigg. Well, now I feel as though I’ve been poked. 

Vampette: Adri, use Heal Pulse.

Adriana: *nods, a green glow emitting from her that surrounds E and makes the feeling of being poked go away*

E: … Guys, I’m fine.

Vampette: I know. Just wanted to make sure Adri still knew that move.

E: Oh.


Ethan to Editor LuckE: I already basically gave my stance regarding the relationship advice during AAaF. Just hang around and be there for ’em when they need it. When you’ve got the confidence, and you two’ve known each other well for long enough, tell them how you feel. Most importantly, be yourself when interacting with them. Don’t put on some facade just to impress him or anything. He should love you for you, not who you pretend to be.

(I am Editor Fusion and I approve of this message. -Editor Fusion)

(I am Editor LuckE and HECK I AIN’T TELLING THEM SQUAT THEY ALREADY KNOW I HAVE A CRUSH I’m sure as heck not telling them that it’s actually them. But they do like me, at least platonically. I’m always myself, as they are my best friend… I’m just super awkward and don’t wanna ruin a friendship with my useless existence, you know? -Editor LuckE)

(And that’s where you let them know that if they don’t feel the same way, that you still want to be friends. -Aviva)

(Wait, how the… -Editor Fusion)

(Witchcraft. But then it’ll be flipping awkward if they don’t like me and ughgg this is hard. I’ll die first. -Editor LuckE)


Blonde Hair, Blue Wings to E and DH: Honestly, will you two figure out your stinking love lives?

E: Wha- Oh come on, we were doing so well.

Hana: I can seriously help you guys out with this.

Aviva: …Vee, Hana, you know what I’m thinking?

Vampette: …SDU?

Hana: *gasps* Yeeeeesssss.

E: What on earth are you gals going on about? 

Aviva: Come with me, I wanna tell you away from the Hare. Babe, Hana, tell Harvs about it. *she grabs E’s arm and drags her to another room*


E: The frigg are you doing?

Aviva: Alright, so here’s the sitch. Hana, Vampette, Kate and I listen to this one country music station because of this one show that they do every day called Second Date Update. Basically what happens is someone calls in saying they went on a date with someone else and that they had a great time, but they’re confused why they didn’t call back. So the radio station calls the date, asks them about the whole thing, and near the end, the main dude who hosts the segment asks if they want to go again, and he offers to pick up the tab. What Hana, Vee and I were referring to was that we’d set up a date for you guys, find a place and pick up the tab ahead of time. You can pop the question there, and if he feels the same, which I’m Germ-X% sure he does, all’s well that ends well. You catchin’ my drift?

E: *blushing* I think so and I’m not sure I like it. I dunno if I’m ready to tell him. Much less, go on a date. Oh shoot. Anyways, that’s really nice of you, but you don’t have to… 

Aviva: … *she groans, putting her hands on her head in frustration* This is exactly why Hana’s better at this split than me… I meant to curse there but Kate’s actually deciding to look out for us so he put in a curse word filter for whenever we come here.

E: Well, I’m glad. I don’t like cursing. Listen, I’m trying to understand here, but I just don’t want to make things more awkward than they are.

Aviva: This has been going on for more than two years. Heck, the most recent Second Date Update that I can remember had a dude calling back after a year, and your thing’s been going on since then. I have never seen anyone outgrow this level of awkward.

E: Yeah, join the club. 

Aviva: My point is, you cannot make things more awkward than they are right now. Get it done, make it happen. I believe in you, E. So does everyone else.

E: … I… You’re right. I need to do it. 

Aviva: Theeeeeeeere we go. That’s the E I wanna see approaching this.

E: I said need to, not can do it easily. 

Aviva: And that’s why Hana and the Vs are here to help! Hana’s got the relationship advice, Vampette’s got the emotional backup, and I can get shift done quickly if I put my mind to it… Hellhound, I’m starting to think Hana’s got the spirit of Sakura with her, and Sakura’s done a lot to help other couples, from what I’ve read.

E: I guess. I just don’t have any confidence here. That seems like it’d be important.

Aviva: …This is probably against Hana’s advice, but sometimes, it’s not about confidence. Sometimes, it’s just about taking the risk and dealing with the consequences. Vampette took the risk with me during the AAaF Christmas Party, and look where we are now. Happy together, fighting anything that tries to stand in our way. Take the risk, and it could be the same with you.

E: … But what if it doesn’t? I’m just scared, you know? 

Aviva: That’s where you deal with the consequences. If it doesn’t work out, just be glad you were honest with your feelings, and go on with life. It’s like I always say: when life gives you lemons, say “flunk you” to life and hit it back with lemon grenades.

E: I’m not like that tho. I’m a coward. I can’t do this. 

Aviva: Yes, you can, E… Don’t make me call you by your full first name, because the more you deny this, the closer I get.

E: Ok, I’ll lay off. I’m just trying to be honest here. I’m not all that good. I’ll try, but I’ll probably fail. That’s all I’m saying. 

Aviva: Good. You’re gonna be fine… I’ll be honest with you right back; in my opinion, love is like a game of chess, where the less self-confidence you have, the smarter the opponent. 

E: I don’t follow.

Aviva: Chess is a game of logic. You have to know your opponent, know how they play, and play to your advantage. In love, you have to know your feelings, know that there’s a risk, and play to your advantage. Your pieces will get captured, but until you checkmate your opponent, you haven’t won yet.

E: Oh. That makes sense. 

Aviva: Glad it does.


Hana: Alright, so like Vi’s telling E, Second Date Update’s a radio show the two of us and Vampette listen to a lot.

Vampette: Basically, dude calls in wondering why he didn’t get a second date, the station calls the girl and asks about it, they basically help the guy get closure.

Hana: I’ve heard a bunch of success stories, and usually in those, the host of the show offers to pick up the tab. That’s what Vi’s offering E, and that’s what Vampette and I are offering you.

Vampette: Choose the place, order what you want, and Vi, me, and Hana will pitch in and pick up the tab.

Dr Hare: Oh. That’s very nice of you. I don’t know where we’d go though, there aren’t a ton of fancy restaurants around here. 

Hana: I know a place in our dimension. It’s a nice little coffee shop, the woman that works there’s super nice, the food that they serve is amazing.

Vampette: Vi and I go all the time, that’s how good it is.

Dr Hare: That sounds perfect. 

Hana: Cool.

Vampette: Snagged a look at the Qs, and for the next two, you two should be kept separate. One for her, the other for you.

Dr Hare: What are they? 

Vampette: They’re exactly why you two shouldn’t be in the same room while they’re being answered.

Hana: Vampette, you ask his Q. I’ll go check on Vi and E.

Vampette: Sounds good.

Dr Hare: Ok then. 


To E: You know he likes you, so what is stopping you from being happy here?! Go ask him out!

E: Frigging, AAAAAAAGH I’m so tired of these Qs. I’m dumb, that’s why. I don’t have the guts to do anything. 

Hana: And that’s exactly why we’re here to help.

E: Can’t I just die alone, please? 

Aviva: No. We won’t allow you to.

E: DANGIT Ok fine, I give. 

Aviva and Hana: Good.

E: *sticks her tongue out at them* 

Hana: Oh, yeah, while I’m thinking about it, we decided on a place. Coffee shop over in our dimension, has amazing food, great service, the perfect atmosphere for a date.

E: That sounds lovely. Ooh, this could actually be pretty fun. 


To DH: You need to go ask E out, she’s madly in love with you here!

Vampette: See? 

Dr Hare: Let’s not get too hasty here, guys. I think that choice of words is a little extreme.

Vampette: Nope. It’s about that much.

Dr Hare; *laughs nervously* I don’t know about that… 

Adriana: From what I understand, you love E as much as E loves you.

Vampette: And from what I understand, you love each other a lot. Exactly why our Second Date Update strat will work.

Dr Hare: *bright red* Oh. I… Don’t know what to say. 

Amber: A simple thank you would suffice, but I won’t force you to say it.

Dr Hare: No, don’t get me wrong. Thank you. I’m really thankful for the date, but… I don’t know if she’s that in love with me, seriously. 

Vampette: And this is where we wait and see.


To Black Widow: Are you basically Sleep from Sander Shorts?

Aviva: … what the flunk is that?

E: You haven’t seen Sander Shorts? It’s Thomas Sanders, from Vine. He makes more shorts now and Sleep is a recurring character. 

Aviva: Once Vine died, all interest in his content went in the trash.

Suki: Or like soooda into my tummy. Noooo retuuuurn…

E: He actually produces some fun stuff. But I’m not gonna force you to watch it. But I am going to remind that this Q is for Wid. 

Black Widow: I don’t know who the heck that is either. 

E: Oh.

Aviva: This is where Zelda would be playing the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme. Old joke, Z. Seriously.

E: I’m going to pretend that made sense to me and move on. That Ok? 

Vampette: This is why we watch memes on the daily. Because we understand.

E: That’s fair.


To Black Widow: Ok, but seriously, are you thinking about love at all?

Black Widow: Not really, why? 

Vampette: Throwback Thursday to when Alexa was in a relationship with a different version of Black Widow before we made them leave.

Aviva: That was a thing?

Vampette: Yeah.

Aviva: …oh, cheezits.

E: I remember that and somehow still feel personally responsible. Anyways, Wid, do you want me to set up some dates for you? 

Black Widow: I mean, whatever floats your boat. 

Aviva: Futaba, Sonia, Kasey, I know you’re reading this. Stop making a Tinder account for her.

Black Widow: Oh heck no, you better stop. I’m not doing that. 

Aviva: *closes her eyes for a few seconds, then opens them back up* They did.

Black Widow: Well tell them to have fun catfishing people with my images, cause I’m not showing up on those dates.

Aviva: Nah, they just straight up didn’t make the account.

Black Widow: Oh, Ok. Phew. 


To Binary Bard: So tell us a little more about your girlfriend.

Aviva: In the words of Snoop Dogg on Dr. Dre’s The Next Episode featuring Snoop Dogg…

Vampette: Hold up.

Aviva and Vampette: Since when did this man land a girlfriend?

E: … Oh. I thought this was common knowledge… Sorry B. 

Binary Bard: *sighs* Whatever, it’s not like it was much of a secret anyways. 

Aviva: Speak. I’m interested.

Binary Bard: I have a girlfriend. That’s about it. 

Vampette: …Fair enough.

Aviva: But, babe-

Vampette: Vi, if that’s it, that’s it.

Binary Bard: Sorry. If you wanna hear more about it, you’ll have to ask her.

Aviva: What’s her name, and where can I find her?

Binary Bard: I’m sworn to secrecy. 

E: I know who it is. 

Aviva: Tell me off-the-record.

E: Nah, I’m sworn to secrecy too. I like being alive. 

Aviva: Soul Stone.

Vampette: No.

Aviva: Son of a glitch.

E: Do I want to know.

Aviva: Absolutely not.

E: Look, you’ll figure it out. She’s in a Q&A, you can talk to her. 

Aviva: Is it that one with, uhm… what’s her name… Kat, I think it was?

E: … No. 

Aviva: Well, shift, that rules out literally every Q&A I know of.

E: It’s one you read, I’ll tell you that much. Just ask around. 

Vampette: In 5 seconds, Aviva will take a thinking pose and I’ll start wishing TAS was here to play the Jeopardy think theme… 3, 2, 1.

Aviva: *puts her hand up to her chin in a thinking pose*

Amber: The fact that you can read yourself and Lady Vi that quickly, Lady Vampette, is surprising.

E: Yeah, no kidding. 

Aviva: Can you give me the first letter of their name?

E: No, because I might be sworn to secrecy, but I’d be a dead woman if I said her name.

Aviva: It’s not her name, it’s just a letter.

E: I’d be, a dead man, so it’s the same as mine.

Aviva: *starts thinking again*

Vampette: Next Q before Aviva’s brain blows up.

E: Yeah let’s go. 


To Heather: You thinking about romance?

Heather: Not really, why? 

Aviva: …no offense to you, but remind me who you are.

Heather: Oh, Ok, good to know. I’m Harvey’s sister.

Aviva: …Ah. My bad. Continue.

Heather: It’s fine. That was it. 

Aviva: Ah, alright.



To Pop: How are you doing kiddo?

Pop: Heya random stranger! I’m doing Ok. Aunty Delilah is teaching me about all kinds of things! Did you know that magic works like science, you can’t create energy, you can only change it? It’s so cool! 


To the Rulers: Y’all are NERDS

Lucky Wing: Uh, thanks? 

Avery: I don’t think I am. 

Nice Coyote: Bet. I’ll fight you. 

Neat Berry: No, you won’t. 

Nice Coyote: Don’t tell them that. They need to think I’m threatening. 

Robin: Anyways, you’re pretty accurate here. We are nerds. But we also saved the world. Show some respect. 


To Deadpool: You aren’t the real Deadpool, are you? That can’t be right. And who’s your friend?

Deadpool?: Oh, wanna bet? How many Deadpools do you have? I’m not Wade, I’ll admit that, but I am the real Deadpool. And my friend is Spiderman. Don’t believe me? Well, rude. 


To Kitty and Harvey: I don’t suppose you’ve had any progression in your love.

Dr Kitty: I’m gonna kill somebody. 

Harvey: No, please don’t. 

Dr Kitty: I’m tired of this question. No, we aren’t dating. Move on! 

Harvey: Please calm down. 

(Y’all need to make them go out too. -Editor LuckE) 


Aviva to Aviva: Reminder to give E and DH your gift.

Aviva to Hana: You too.

Aviva to Amber: You three.


Amber: Ah, yes, thanks for the reminders.

Hana: Seconded!

Aviva: We meant to give you these during Fizz and Arleen’s Christmas party but I guess it just passed our minds. Mine first. *she snaps, and a hole puncher connected to a notecard pops into E and DH’s hands*

E: … What? 

Aviva: You know those little coupon things where they punch a hole every time you do something? I made one of them. I’ve been trying to do more good deeds, so there’s 5 holes for you to punch on each notecard, and whenever you punch one, it’ll notify me, and I’ll be there to help out.

Dr Hare: Oh, that could be pretty handy. Thank you.

Aviva: No problem. Hana, you wanna go next?

Hana: Ooh, sure! *she runs up to them, giving them Tupperware containers filled with chocolate chip cookies and brownies* I’ve been trying to get back into baking, so I figured I’d make some sweets for you all.

E: Ooh, thank you! I love cookies.

Amber: And finally, I want to make my gift for the two of you a surprise. Close your eyes, and hold out a fist.

E: Don’t you mean hold out a hand? 

Amber: It’s easier if you do it into a fist.

Dr Hare: Alright, can’t argue there. *closes his eyes and holds out a fist* 

E: Ok… *does the same* 

*they feel something go around their wrists*

Amber: Now, open.

*They do so* 

E: What did you put on, handcuffs? 

Aviva: I choose not to state something that’s kinda obvious here.

Amber: I did not. I’ve been wanting to get back into forging as well, so I went and made bracelets using some of the spare materials I had around. I even had your names engraved on them. Lady E, yours should say “Elyana,” and Sir Hare, yours should say “Dr. Harvey Hare.”

E: Oh! Thank you so much! 

Dr Hare: That is nice, thank you. 

Amber: I was planning on giving Sir Hare a weapon like I did with Sir Fizzson, Sir Tiberius, Sir Lucian, and Ladies Vampette and Kate, but I didn’t think he’d need one. I’m glad you both like it, though.

Dr Hare: Nah, I’m fine without a weapon. Thank you.

Amber: A pleasure, Sir Hare.


Aviva to all: Found a Discord bot that acts as a fast food company where people from the bot’s server deliver fast food to you, thoughts?

Binary Bard: That seems random, but Ok. 

Heather: What is a Discord.

Aviva: Chatroom service that I spend the majority of my time on.

Vampette: I can vouch for that. And I’m not offended by it, either.

E: I used to have one of those. What happened to it? I dunno. 

Aviva: You should use it again.

E: I really should, but I don’t have time anymore.

Aviva: Why so?

E: I’m still moving over here. I gotta unpack all my stuff, not to mention college. 

Aviva: Ah. College life. Half a year left until Vampette, Kate, and I have to deal with it.

E: You should be fine. It’s way better than high school. 

Vampette: Let’s hope so…

E: It sure is so far.


Vampette to all: Fear the Deer. 10 points if you get the reference.

E: Do you guys hear the sound of that going right over my head? 

Aviva: Told ya.

Vampette: *sighs, handing her a 5 dollar bill*

Aviva: The sweet sweet feeling of victory is the best thing about being alive. *grabs the 5 dollar bill and puts it in her pocket*

E: Do I get any money?

Vampette: Nope. I had a bet going with Vi that you’d be able to get the reference, but Vi said you wouldn’t. Vi won the bet. In the words of Simmons to Tucker, Church, and Caboose in RVB: Suck it, Blue.

Aviva: Flunk you too, babe. *She rolls her eyes and gives Vampette a kiss on the cheek* The quote’s from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, by the way.

E:  You two are adorable. 

Aviva: They don’t call me the Great Goth Girlfriend for nothing.

Vampette: Nobody calls you that but me.

Aviva: My point exactly.

E: *smiles* Anyways, next Q?

Suki: Do Qs have soda in them?

Adriana: Sometimes they do.

Suki: …ooooooooh. Q soda.

Hana: Quick, while Suki’s distracted! *she giggles*

E: Do what? Do what?! 


Aviva to all: Ness Nessa. Thoughts?

E: Don’t understand.

Aviva: *pulls out her phone, looks something up, then tosses it to E*

E: Oh, I see. Pokemon and whatsitcalled, Earthbound. Nice combo. 

Aviva: Add an NES to it. Ed, Edd, and Eddy? More like NES, Ness, and Nessa.

E: Nice. 

Vampette: Vi and I showed it to some of her friends and made that joke, and now people are calling us the comedy queens. And I’m not that funny, so…

E: I think you’re funny. Both of you. 

Aviva: Congratulations, we have achieved comedy.

E: Excellent. 



E: I think that’s the last of them. 

Vampette: Neat. So, who’s doing the end card?

E: Rock, paper, scissors, whoever wins gets to pick.

Aviva: On scissors or on shoot?

E: Shoot. Who wants to judge? 

Black Widow: No. 

Aviva: Alright. Ready when you are.

E: Alright, rock paper scissors, SHOOT *holds out scissors* 

Aviva: *holds out rock*

E: Well, shoot.

Aviva: *pumps her fist* Still got it, glitches. As always, you’ve got E and the Villains – Dr. Hare, Binary Bard, Black Widow, and Director D, to name a few – to send Qs to, along with Heather, the Rulers, Pop, Clover the bunny, Baymax apparently, Deadpool apparently, and the other-universe entities that are Kitty and Harvey. And if you want to see more of me and the rest of the ATG crew (and/or understand our inside jokes), check out the ATG at https://thenightshadegirlsqna.wordpress.com/. Have a good one!

Ask the Villains #93, A tiny bit of Progress is made

Hey y’all welcome to chaos.


Editor Fusion to Editor LuckE: “Progress the storyline quite a bit,” huh? We finally gonna see what we’ve been waiting on for two years?

(YES Maybe. Please send questions accordingly. -Editor LuckE)


Beta Chiaki to all: Minecraft or Terraria?

E: Minecraft.

Binary Bard: Minecraft.

Heather: Neither of you have even played Terraria. 


Aviva to all: yaaaaaaaay AGDQ

Dr Hare: Game. what? 


Aviva to all: shout-out to PAX South because I get to go for the second year in a row boyeeeeeeee


I don’t get to go ANYWHERE



Aviva to E and DH: I have a gift for you two next time I see you.

E: That’s concerning. 

(add to above) Hana to all: I also have a little somethin’ as well! ^^

Dr Hare: More concerning. 

(add to above) Amber to all: As do I.

E: Are we getting 3 bombs or something? We don’t need that many bombs.

Dr Hare: We don’t need any bombs.

E: We don’t need bombs. 


Suki to all: I like soda :000 can I have some soda? also what is favorito soda?

E: Orange soda is good. 

Dr Hare: Sprite.

Binary Bard: I like-

Black Widow: Give me the straight coffee, coward.


Vampette to all: Opinion on sour candies?

E: Amazing.

Dr Hare: Good. 

Binary Bard: Gross.


Kate to all: Watch any good sci-fi recently? I’m getting bored waiting on Stranger Things 4.

E: Star Wars is always a hit. 

Dr Hare: Or Star Trek. 

(You want some Webtoons? I got several. Alienated is an upbeat one.



E: I’m not caught up on the memes fam! I kinda took a break from the internet for months.


Aviva to all: 11037

E: See previous question. 


Aviva to all: Ever heard of Twitch Prime?

E: Yeah, do you have an account on there? I’d follow you fam. 


Aviva to all: rose is red, violet is blue, flag is win, baba is you

E: What. 


Suki to Pop: u sound like nice person! mayb we can get togethr n hang out sometime!

Pop: That sounds lovely! I’d love to hang out. 

Nice Coyote: Who goes there and wants to hang out with my nephew. I want credentials. Actually, you know what, I don’t need those, I’ll just look myself. You can’t hide from me. 

Pop: Aunty, stop. 

Nice Coyote: I will take care of this small innocent boy. There are no lengths to which I won’t go. 

Neat Berry: Ok, we’re going to leave now… 


Aviva to all: Here’s one that’s super late… HASHIRE SORI YO… KAZE NO YOU NI… TSUKIMIHARA WO… PADORU PADORU!!!!

Binary Bard: What does that even mean?


Vampette to E: Yo, we should do this more often.

E: Do what. Do what? DO WHAT?! AAAAAAAA



Ethan to Editor LuckE: Just a warning beforehand, I maaay have used up all my Harveyana-based energy for last AAaF. I’ll try to devote a Q or two to it, but there won’t be a lot of super aggro stuff, which maay not’ve been what you were hoping for. Sorry.

(It’s all good. I’m just bored and I need to move the story line forward. It’s been nearly 3 years now. Can I get a huzzah magic powers in here? No? Didn’t think so. -Editor LuckE)


Fizzson to all: What is it about pet characters in the QnAs that is just so wholesome and likable?

E: Because they’re really cool.

Dr Hare: Does this include me? 


Ethan to Editor LuckE, extending on the last Q: Seriously, a bunny and a turtle are some of the better characters between the QnAs. H o w

(Frick, I didn’t know I’d included the turtle. Well, I dunno. I just work hard on them. They aren’t thick in the head. And for the record, there are two cats as well. Pipsqueak is a cat that E and DH used to have when they worked together. He’s now with the Rulers after a stint where he was with E again and is always acceptable for questions. I just don’t include him a ton. Smores is just there. -Editor LuckE)


Arleen to Kitty and Harvey: Eeyy you two! How’ve y’all been after all this time?

Dr Kitty: Pretty good. We’ve just been chilling out over here. E contacted us recently, which is good, cause I thought she was dead.

Harvey: Be nice.

Dr Kitty: I’m dead serious. I was all kinds of worried. 

Harvey: Yeah, that’s fair. 


Emma to E: Out of curiosity, are you staying in touch with A after meeting her again at the Christmas Party?

E: No, you kidding? It’s more awkward than what’s going on between me and Harvey. He’s still got some mixed feelings about this.Then again, he was affected pretty badly. It’ll work out, I’m pretty sure.


??? to all: Do you think that even the worst person can change? That anyone can be good, if they just try?

Dr Hare: Wha-

E: *screams and dives off couch* 

Heather: The heck just happened? 

E: *muffled from behind couch* Wait, does this mean there’s an Undertale universe?

(Sans, is that you!? 

I didn’t do genocide, you can check! 2 different pacifist routes! I never even considered doing the death! ^^’ Pls don’t kill me -Editor LuckE) 



Fizzson to E: Fun fact, you’ve been asking for relationship advice since AAaF #2. Something you continue to do to this day, despite getting the same answers.

E: Wow, way to call me out. At least I… Nah, I got nothing. And I’ve had different questions! For instance, my last Q to AAaF? Y’all treated it like I was ignoring facts and trying to hide. No, I just don’t know how to ask someone out. That is the problem at this point. I’m… I’m pretty awkward, not gonna lie.  

Arleen to E and DH (Separately if needed): Aight, now that things are a bit more settled, what’s the status on the whole… Relationship thing? Y’all gonna stop being so stubborn and/or thick and actually say something without the Dark Lady interrupting?

E: Not dating. I like him, he likes me. I’m pretty sure he’s mad at me for leaving. Can’t say I blame him. I blame me, because it’s my fault. Well, not just me, but I could have contacted him. I probably ruined it, let’s be honest. *sighs* And… I’m gonna regret this until the day I die. I was too cowardly to tell them why I was gone, then before I was too cowardly to tell Harvey I like him. Anyways, I’m gonna go do literally anything right now before I do something dumb.


Dr Hare: Oh, uh, we aren’t dating. I’m honestly not sure what to say to her… It’s kinda weird between us. I honestly wish she’d tell me why she was gone, because the whole thing seems fishy to me. But what do I know. If she didn’t trust me with it before, she probably won’t now.



Alright, so for this last bit, I have a Q for you! What should I do about my crush on someone? Just send advice if you feel like it! If you’re wondering,  “Oh, LuckE, is this for the plot?” No. I’m just desperate. I’m really sucky at being in love guys. Thankfully my crush doesn’t know that I’m crushing on them. Probably. 

BEFORE YOU GO OFF I’m not as naive and transparent as E. Besides, they won’t notice. Everything is fine. Heh. 



Well, that wraps up! Y’all know who to ask, right? Cause I can’t type it all up.

Ask the Villains #92, Resolving Resolution

Hey y’all! Got everyone a Q&A here. It’s kinda short, but I’m a little short on Qs. I’m also short, so… Enjoy!


Ethan to Editor LuckE: Sorry for not sending Qs in a while! Been meaning to, but stuff has been falling apart with AAaF’s own schedule recently, so I’ve been mostly trying to catch up.

(All good fam. I was literally gone for almost 6 months. You being a bit late is Ok. -Editor LuckE)


Fizzson to all: The next 4 Qs are ones we sent before E’s disappearance. Felt they were still relevant enough to be answered. Hope y’all don’t mind.

E: Nah, that’s fine. You aren’t the only one who’s done that. Go ahead.


Opal to Clover: Cute lil’ bunny. ^w^ *Boops Clover on the nose*

*Clover seems a little surprised by being booped on the nose by invisible hands. She tries to boop Opal back, timidly. Then she runs over to E, who’s asleep nearby, and hides.*


Arleen to Clover: *A carrot appears in front of him* Go nuts. -w-

*Clover considers the food, takes a nibble, then proceeds to eat as much as she can before E takes it.*

E: Hey, she loves carrots, but they’re high in sugar and most bunnies eat greens, not roots. *sighs* I say this, and I currently live with a carrot consuming bunny. Never mind then.


Fizzson to all: Words to live by. Go.

E: Go forth and be awkward. 

Black Widow: Those are terrible words to live by. 

E: I know, right? Anyways, what are yours? 

Black Widow: “Live life like you only have one.”

Dr Hare: Uh, how about “Everything happens for a reason.”

Binary Bard: “Work hard, play hard.”

Heather: “Survive.”

Dr Hare: Are you Ok?

Heather: Finals were hard.


Trixie to all: Most wanted game? It can be for a console you don’t already own.

E: How about Detroit: Become Human. A friend from college recommended it to me. Problem is, I don’t have a playstation and the game is rated mature. So… don’t play it. 

(I’ve been watching a walkthrough and it is reasonably rated! Know your limits. -Editor LuckE)


Arleen to Widow (Regarding the last Q she sent to Wid): Of course I respect ya. You’re one of my favorite members of AtV, honestly. You rock! ^^

Black Widow: Oh. Uh, Ok. I don’t know how to respond to that.


Fizzson to E: …Do you need a hug?

E: *mutters* Maybe… I dunno. I’m just kinda mixed up. 

Dr Hare: I can give you a hug, if you want. 

E: I won’t say no.


Ethan to all: Role call for minor peeps who’re (hopefully) still around!

E: Yeah, this seems fair. I mean, I wasn’t around, so… 

Black Widow: Stop beating yourself up about it, geez.


  1. Baymax!

Binary Bard: He’s hibernating. He’ll be back soon. 


  1. 4th wall girl! (Elypool or whoever the heck you are)

???: Ooh, I forgot about you guys. Please don’t call me that. Just call me Deadpool or Fourth Wall girl. I’ll take that. But yeah, I’m here. What you need?


  1. Swapverse crew!

Harvey: I like that name. 

Dr Kitty: Hey, we’re still here. The gang is all here, what’s up?

(Fun fact, I spent a lot of time on those two this summer. Send them some more asks. -Editor LuckE)


  1. Perfect Cheetah!

Perfect Cheetah: Uh, rude. I’m busy, call me later. 

(BE NICE CHEETS -Editor LuckE)

  1. Captain Crawfish! (That’s a joke, I know he’s still missing)

E: Why must you torment me this way?


Arleen to all: Happy (Mildly late) New Years, everyone! Y’all got any resolutions to share?

E: Be honest with myself and others. 

Black Widow: Live right. 

Heather: Survive. 

Binary Bard: Create new stuff. 

Dr Hare: Be a good person. 

(Actually write this stuff and graduate school. -Editor LuckE)


That’s all! The next one will progress the storyline quite a bit. Well free to send pushy Qs, we’re going places!

Send Qs to E, Dr Hare, Black Widow, Binary Bard, Heather and Director D. You can also ask the Rulers, Lucky Wing, Avery, Robin, Nice Coyote, and Neat Berry. You can even ask Kitty and her gang, Harvey, Mordred, Charlotte and Davie. Hope you enjoy!

Ask the Villains #91, Longer than Usual

Hey, y’all! What’s up? I’m doing Ok. Watching Majority Report. It’s very intense. Very murdery. Not child-friendly, so please don’t watch it.

The AtV is fine tho.


Aviva to all: Any tips for Pokemon Nuzlockes other than “don’t die”?

E: Uh… Don’t die. 

Binary Bard: Do a what?

(I couldn’t resist taking this one, sorry. I have researched this quite a bit, after I found a comiced Nuzlocke online. Bring lots of potions, make sure you’re always near a poke center. Keep a graph of type advantages near you at all times. Prepare for heartbreak. Make sure to always use items, especially the EXP share. One unorthodox tip is, instead of releasing your passed on pokemon into the wild, place them in a box, as a graveyard. I’m a sucker, sue me. Which version are you playing? I’m planning a HeartGold Nuzlocke after I finish my original run. For someone who’s never owned a pokemon video game, I know some stuff. -Editor LuckE)


Amber to all: Lady Elyana, would you be alright with me calling you an honorary princess of the Demon Kingdom?

E: Oh! Uh, I’m ok with that. So long as demons aren’t randomly phasing into my living room and trying to kill me. Then all is well. 

Dr Hare: Why are you like this?

E: Reckless and with little to no common sense? Yeah, I dunno either. 


Quincy to all: Opinions on the demon race in general?

E: They’re a race, just like humans and tiefling and gnomes and stuff. Pretty simple.

Black Widow: No judgement unless you overstep.


Ashley to all: Magic – real or fake?

All: Real. 

Heather: Next. 


Bridgett to all: Boxie?



Kasey to all: Favorite piece of technology you own?

E: Phone. Phone is good. 

Heather: I like my tablet. 


Futaba to all: Favorite video game song?

E: Bonetrousle from Undertale. Papyrus is my favorite.


Prulienne to all: In the same vein as Futaba’s question, favorite video game soundtrack?

E: Undertale. I haven’t played in months, but whatever. Great soundtrack. 

(Wonderful game. I don’t have much else to say, lol.)


Saiko to all: How many knives do you each own?

Black Widow: About 7. 

Binary Bard: Yeah, kitchen knives, why else would we have knives? 

Black Widow: Stabbing.

E: Child-friendly, people!


Miku to all: Have you ever listened to Vocaloid, and if so, what’s your favorite Vocaloid song?

Black Widow: What the heck is a Vocaloid?


Maria to all: How clean is your residence?

Binary Bard: Pretty clean. We clean it up a lot. 

E: I tidy when I’m trying to avoid things. 

Black Widow: This is why it’s always clean.


Sara to E and DH: Sooooo what’s the status?

;E: Status on what? 

Dr Hare: Oh boy. 

E: Oh. K, bye. *leaves* 

Dr Hare: … Is awkward a status? Like, both parties have no idea what to do or say anymore? E disappearing made things… Weird. And awkward. And now no one knows what to do.

E: *from the other room* Leave me to die in peace!

(They’re making progress.)


Faris to all: Opinions on personal assistants?

E: I was one. 

Dr Hare: They’re pretty great. 

E: *flushes* Ok, so yeah. 

Binary Bard: Yes. 


Linka to all: Favorite Zelda game?

E: I like Skyward Sword. 

(Confession. I, the author, have only owned one Zelda game. (My dad lost his.) That game is Skyward Sword. I actually kinda like it, even if the controls are a bit dodgy. However, I started Marjora’s Mask at my cousin’s, but it kept restarting willy nilly in the middle of the first day. I played Hyrule Warriors with my cousin. I played Fi and I love her, even if she can be incredibly annoying. She tries her best. My friends have played Breath of the Wild a lot, but since I don’t have a switch, I’m doomed. Here we are.)


Trinity to all: Do you believe in destiny?

E: Probably? 

Binary Bard: Yes. 

Dr Hare: I don’t know. 

Black Widow: No. 

Director D: Why not?

(I mean, in this? Heck yeah. – Editor LuckE) 


Zoe and Hannah to all: Do you believe in spirit channeling?

E: I don’t know what that is. 


Fuse and Kya to all: Favorite mystery series?

Binary Bard: We all like Psych. 

E: Nancy Drew is cool. The books I mean. 


Ada to all: Favorite drink blend?

E: Most things with strawberries. 

Dr Hare: I’ll pass.

Black Widow: Coffee.

Binary Bard: That can’t be healthy. 

Black Widow: I never said it was. 


Jill to all: Opinion on cyberpunk universes?

Dr Hare: They’re cool. 

Binary Bard: I know of a few. Been to a few. Lived in a few. 


Anna to all: Randomness calls. Favorite Gatorade flavor?


(And that’s. The moth. Freaking. Tea.)


Aurora to all: What are the common goth stereotypes you believe in?

Binary Bard: They wear black at least sometimes. 

Heather: They’re pessimistic, even if they don’t show it. 

Black Widow: I was a goth. Old habits die hard. 

Dr Hare: You what?!

(I’m probably emo, so you tell me fam.)


Pastel Junko to all: Favorite ATG character?

E: Fam, you can’t make us decide! 


Sonia to all: Opinions on hackers?

E: Good, please don’t hack my stuff. 

Dr Hare: We hack stuff sometimes. 

E: You people don’t count. You wouldn’t hack my stuff, unless I go crazy or something.


Emi to all: Are you all staying positive throughout the day?

E: Ask loved ones to send me pictures of my pets. 

Dr Hare: Text someone I care about. 

Black Widow: Go somewhere calm if I need to. 

Binary Bard: Be in the moment. 

Heather: Disconnect every once in a while. 

(Go and unwind. Take deep breaths. Don’t kill certain people, no matter how much they deserve it. Watch cartoons. Create content. Finish projects.Breathing is super important. -Editor LuckE)


Ruri to all: Opinions on robotics?

Dr Hare: Only the coolest thing ever. 

Binary Bard: Darn right it is. 

E: Nerds.


Sam to all: Favorite car?

Dr Hare: Cars are hard. 


Zelda to all: Favorite music genre?

E: Pop. Metal. Rock.


Aria to all: Favorite singer?

Dr Hare: E.

E: *dies*

(I can’t believe E Poptropica is heckin’ dead, guys.) 


Azura to all: Opinions on combat?

E: Not my forte.

Black Widow: I could take you.

E: Me or Azura?

Black Widow: Yes.


Hana to all: Opinions on dating apps?

E: Also not my forte.

Dr Hare: I don’t need one. I’m fine as is.


Heather: Cheese and crackers.


Mai to all: Can y’all do any cool tricks?

E: Yeah, here, I can do a front handspring. Here, lemme just try…

Heather: Not in the HOUSE


Jevalyn to all: Please excuse me if my question is disturbing, but can you name something strange you know is still occuring?

E: Yeah, sneezing is still a thing! I don’t know why it didn’t happen at all… Not once while I was gone. Weird thing.

Dr Hare: No one knows what is happening any more.


Faye to all: Can any of you shapeshift?

E: Nope.

Dr Hare: I wish.

Black Widow: Not that cool.

Binary Bard: No.

Heather: I can’t do anything.


Beta Chiaki to all: Do you guys think goths can be gamers too?

E: Why wouldn’t they be? Just because someone identifies as goth doesn’t mean that can’t game. And if someone labels you as a goth, you can still play games. You can also blacklist them from every pizza place ever if they’re trying to bully you. 

Dr Hare: Wait, what?

E: I’m just saying.


Shinu to all: Have you all talked with your mothers recently?

Dr Hare: Uh… no. 

Heather: Man, I miss mom.


Reva to all: Opinions on competitive video games?


Dr Hare: We like them.


Honorée to all: Which is the better Pokemon Go team: Mystic, Instinct, or Valor?

Heather: I like-


Heather: But Instinct-



Dolphin Violinist 

Ok so… Yesterday *about a month ago as of this posting* I was accepted into the college of my dreams (yaaay) and now it’s dawning on me that I have literally 10 *8 actually* months away from it (ahhhhh) so…help, advice, plz 😂🤔😨

E: Uhhhhhh panic.


(New q)1 1/2. Ok help I’m turning 18 in 25 days.

E: I’m 18, it ain’t all bad.

Heather: We’ve all hit that age, you’ll be Ok. 

Dr Hare: You’ll do Ok

2 What color are your eyes?

(E’s are blue, Harvey’s are green, I think Wid’s are brown, I know Binary’s are purple, Heathers are probably green and I couldn’t find the previous post where I listed all this. I looked through half the blog to find it. (I WAS SO CRINGYY AAAA) Fun fact, you guys remember Kix from #29? No? That’s Ok, it was almost exactly 2 years ago. This series has been around for so long… I gotta do something for the 3 year anniversary. -Editor LuckE) 

3 Fav ninjago moment (as of what you’ve seen)?

4 Why do you like ninjago, what about it is memorable to you?

E: I haven’t really thought about that show in a while. 

Heather: What show? 

Black Widow: Case in point. 

(My rewatch of the whole show will start this weekend. Well, I say rewatch, I’ve only seen up to season 3. I couldn’t do the finale, so I just stopped watching. Also I was the absolute pettiest woman alive. I’m over that now.

I’m not, but whatever.

So I’ll get back to this Q when I’m caught up in it, deal? -Editor LuckE)


5 Q no. 4 but insert poptropica or the atv instead.

E: All of this means a lot to me. I can’t pick anything. 

Dr Hare: Me too.


6 This one is weird, but would it be cool or strange if android twins of all of you existed?

E: I wouldn’t be surprised. 

Black Widow: I would. Can you kill an android? 

Binary Bard: Well, I’m in danger. 


7 Fav famous person?

E: David Tennant. No, Catherine Tate. Karen Gillian! 

Director D: Bucky Lucas. 

E: My favorite poptropica celebrity is Harvey. 

Dr Hare: Really? 

E: I mean, yeah. 

Heather: *clapping* WE👏GET👏IT,👏YOU’RE👏BOTH👏A👏DOR👏A👏BLE



E: Hey, that went really well! Harvey, what do you think?

Dr Hare: I think it went well.

Heather: *sighs* Y’all are impossible…

E: Bet.

Heather: Bet.



Now it’s time for Soul Eater and crocheting until I die.

K bye



Ask the Villains #90, Kinda Short, Vaguely

Hey y’all! I’m here with another AtV, so here I am. I hope you enjoy!



Blonde Hair, Blue Wings to E: Yeah, you aren’t ok, I can tell.

E: Sh-shut up, I’m fine. Just a little emotional. Everything is fine. I’ll be fine. Fine fine fine. 

To the villains: Did you at least go to E’s play?

Dr Hare: Yeah, it was really good. She’s a good actress. I mean, she wasn’t a main or anything, I just… I’m just saying.


To LuckE: You caught up on the other blogs yet? Cause dang.


Listen, fam, I just survived finals. This is taking a bit of time. I’m sorry, but I am working on it, I promise. -Editor LuckE)


To Hare: Srsly, your girl is back, ask her out.

Dr Hare: She’s not my girl, also no! She’s busy, I’ll… I mean, I kinda want to take her to dinner sometime soon. I’ll do it after she’s got everything with the play sorted out, OK? 


To E again: Go ask your boyfriend out

E: Light you. No, you know what, screw you. Leave me alone, I just got back. He’s not my boyfriend, he won’t ever be my boyfriend and I’m tired of explaining this.


To Black Widow: Congrats on your new sister.

Black Widow: Thank you? I don’t have a new sister, what are you on about?


To Elarvey: Have you two at LEAST stopped avoiding each other?!

To D: How’s your wife?

Director D: I don’t have a wife. We haven’t been gone that long, chill out.*pauses* She’s doing Ok.


To Heather: How’s school going?

To the Rulers: How’s Pop?

Robin: He’s good. 

Neat Berry: Very attentive.

Nice Coyote: Guys, he’s so weird. 


Nice Coyote: I love him, we are keeping him forever. 

Avery: Why on earth.

Lucky Wing: Stop doing this. 

Nice Coyote: Never. 


To all: Tips on asking someone out!

I’m missing my adoptive brother. Advice?

E: Go visit him? Unless he lives far away. I dunno. I need more context here. But with what I got… Contact him, if you can, send him your love, I dunno. 

(Cry about it in the shower. I have the same problem and he’s not talking to meeeeee so ya know. Just keep trying.)


E: Haven’t played recently, sorry.

Binary Bard: I don’t even know anyone else who plays it. 


I’m really into Hogwarts mystery right now, so I’d like to know what y’all think of it.

E: It’s Ok. I didn’t get into it.

Dr Hare: Me either.

Binary Bard: Nope.

Black Widow: Don’t really play mobile games.

(I HAPPEN to LOVE that game!! The storyline is really fun and the characters are fun and well-developed! You can also date people in the game! And I accidentally picked the most popular character that people date. Whoops. Anyways, guess who I selected. I bet y’all will be wrong. Let’s go! -LuckE)


Ok, How does one text with bandaids on one’s fingers?! Because aAAAAAAA

(You’re doomed. -Editor LuckE)


Tips on dealing with heartbreak?

E: Learn to live with it.

Dr Hare: Do something with yourself. 

Black Widow: Take whoever broke your heart out of existence. 

E: Wait NO

Black Widow: I’m kidding, chill. 



Incidentally, you remember the last AtV where I screamed that I was going Trick or Treating and no one could stop me? Well, I got freaking stopped! By the stinking play! I’m so glad it’s over tbh, but I also miss it a ton. So here I am. Posting this late. It took longer than it should have to write, not gonna lie. Sorry about that. Anyways, shoot off a few Qs if you wanna! I’m ready for it! See y’all soon!

Ask the Villains #89, Kinda back, mostly sad


*from Niall obvi*

E: ‘Fraid not. Haven’t had much time to listen to music.

Dr Hare: Yeah, same here to be honest.

(There is no music. There is only Musicals here. Namely the one I’m in. I can’t listen to anything else, I don’t have time. Send help. -Editor LuckE)


Ambrosia to E: Lady Elyana! Oh my Arisu, you have missed way too much!

E: What? *turns pink* Really? I didn’t think anyone would miss me.

Mia to E: helohi i’m the new vampi

E: Well, hello! It’s nice to meet you! 

(Heya my guy. How you? -Editor LuckE)


Arleen to E: You’re back! Everything okay? We haven’t heard from you or the villains for months. I was really worried….

E: I’m perfectly fine! Nothing is wrong, I’ll be Ok. I am Ok. It’s chill. 

(Spoilers, she’s not Ok. -Editor LuckE)


Fizzson to the villains: Wait, so… E disappeared. Not got super busy and couldn’t post, disappeared… And none of you thought to call AAaF about it?

Binary Bard: We called everyone. The Rulers insisted that she was fine and we sort of assumed… Assumed she was with them.

Black Widow: No one gave us answers! 

Dr Hare: I tried to check up on her, but I got nothing.


Fizzson to E: To briefly some up the important stuff, Psycho Squad attack occurred a little while back. They messed up my keyboard, and… Killed Platinum and Miriam, but everyone else is okay, and I believe the Psycho Squad may have disbanded following the attack. We also have some new AAaF members in Chez and Hana.

E: … Oh. That’s, uh… Ok. I, um… Aw geez, I don’t know what to say. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to help. I really am the useless one, whether I’m there or not, aren’t I?


Ethan to LuckE: You forgot the bunny from last post in the people who’re taking Qs you h e c k.

(You take that back you heckin’ friendo.

Ok, but seriously, I copied and pasted that from the last AtV I did, which didn’t include that, because… Well, I dunno tbh. I probably just forgot. Editor LuckE)


Emma to Hare: Jeez. I can’t imagine how rough these past few months must’ve been with taking care of Pop and worrying about E….

Dr Hare: Yeah, it’s been… Rough. Pop actually went over to the Rulers, but… I was kinda worried sick about the both of them. Still am, to be honest.


Emma to E: I don’t think Fizz mentioned this, but I actually cleaned up my life a bit. I reconciled with my sister, and moved into Platinum’s old place with all my friends. Now I really only go to my old town to visit my sis. It’s nice, Platinum’s… Passing aside….

E: Well, it’s good that you cleaned up your life. I’ve kinda lost someone too, so… I understand what that’s like.


Arleen to E: Random disappearance and not telling us aside… How was your time away from people? Sounds like you at least enjoyed yourself. ^^”

E: Yeah, some of it! Ok, a little. Some was hard. But I had a blast up at my aunts! It was nice living with my cousin! Did make hiding hard sometimes. I didn’t really like people.

Arleen to Widow: I just realized you’re kinda like a big sister to E, in a way. Makes me respect you that much more.

Black Widow: How much more? 

E: She’s right tho, Wid is like my way cool, bad-a older sister.

Black Widow: Yes, but does this mean she didn’t respect me before. 

E: No. 

Black Widow: Just checking. Thanks. 

E: The big sis I never had.

(After this sort of reboot thing, I’ve been imagining her with a leather jacket. She’d probably drive a motorcycle and run over people who give her adoptive sis a hard time. -Editor LuckE)


Fizzson to the Rulers: Did you all know about E’s disappearance and return?\

Robin: We knew. We’re the reason the AtV squad didn’t go charging after her.

Raven: I did not agree to this.

Lucky Wing: E was struggling. She didn’t even let us in, but she did text every once in a while. She didn’t want to burden anyone with herself and there was nothing we could do. 

Neat Berry: She did tell us where she was and made us promise not to tell. 

Nice Coyote: And she didn’t do anything drastic. 

Raven: That’s a lie.

Nice Coyote: Mostly. Hey, you guys wanna see a picture of my friend with a giant snake?

Neat Berry: Is it me? 

Nice Coyote: Nah, it’s E. And you’re my sister. I do have a picture of you with a giant shark. 

Neat Berry: Drugged or not drugged?

Lucky Wing: OK, we’re moving on! 

Robin: I wasn’t even there and I’m not surprised somehow.


Arleen to the Rulers: Ey, don’t know who the best person to ask this is, but I was curious. Where’d the title “Rulers of Poptropica” come from? Do you all actually rule over that universe’s Poptropica, or…?

Lucky Wing: Oh, that’s because-

(HA HA you have been stopped! Ok, this is part of the lore of this series that I would love for you guys to know. But… You’ll have to find out through the story itself. This whole series is the aftermath of a huge, chaotic adventure involving the Rulers. It will eventually add up. -Editor LuckE)


Opal to Clover (The bunny): Hai cutie! How’ve you been doing? :3

*Clover is asleep. But also very, very fluffy. It is winter. There is no bunny, only floof.)


Ethan to E: Furret walk around villain’s apartment (I know you won’t get this, since it’s been five months and you’re uncultured as it is, but heck it this was a fun meme and I wanted to be random)

E: No, we’ve got enough rodents running around. Clover, me, Pipsqueak. Not Pipsqueak, my bad. 


Arleen to Pop: Ey, you doing okay considering… What’s been happening?

Pop: Yeah, I called Momma, everything is Ok! 

(So no one told him anything. -Editor LuckE)


Arleen to all: Plans for Halloween?

E: I’m going to be at practice until I die. Then party over here, I’m too old for trick or treating.

Dr Hare: And that’s pretty much it. 

(I’m going trick or treating and NO ONE CAN STOP ME -Editor LuckE)



I’ve got nothing, so enjoy this late AtV while I go study for a test? idk.