*High pitched screaming*

This hath been pinned yea verily! Do not ignore it, it else I mightist hath to cause harm upon one of ye puny mortals. I am THOR- I dunno what I’m doing anymore.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here, so um…

Do you people know what today is?!

Random Viewer: October 19th?

Light you. It’s my bloggiversary! (Word created by Sporty Boa and accepted by DJAlexaHattomi. Yes I’m stealing it. Love you guys. Peace.) So… I’m freaking out. There have been a few freak out sessions about this!

I honestly don’t know what to say.

It’s been a beautiful year and more than anything I could have ever asked for!

Over a year ago, I was just sitting here, staring at all of these beautiful blogs, wishing for the world that I could be one those beautiful bloggers. I had my YouTube, but the blogs were what I wanted. My biggest dream was to be as famous as these amazing people. Well, here I am!

I’m still a giant nerd.

16. Older. Nerdier. Weirder. Insaner. More mature. (When you’re this immature, there’s only one way to go as you get older…) Hopefully funnier.

Still an idiot.

At least I’m a cute idiot.


Anyways, as I do a poor job of my own job, I just wanted to say thank you all! I could thank particular people, but…

I just know I’m going to forget someone important.

Ye, anyways. So I’m going to just say this: Thank you all so much! You are all the reason I’ve gotten so far! A year ago I wouldn’t have the guts to put myself out there. I probably wouldn’t have even had the guts to say my real name!

I still don’t know how they managed to name a character after me in game.

Random viewer: Well, it’s a pretty common-

No, it’s really not! It’s always spelled Eliana! Heck, Elayna is a completely different pronouncation! Anyways, random ramble rant. So I was going to do something with my squad, but that didn’t end up working out, (mostly my fault) so I made this dumb little poll last week. I loved making it and I hope you’ll enjoy it too! I know it’s not much, I’m hoping to do more too.

Random Viewer: Like how you never got anything else for Dr Hare?

*Throws shoe at viewer*

Anyways! So I’ll try to add a little something soon, but I’m not sure what else. Maybe I should have made that one of the survey Qs….

*Facepalms at self*

Fail. Anyways, enjoy the poll!

Click here for poll!

Now, I’m going to go head to dinner and a movie with some of the guys, were celebrating! I know, I did a whole post without the guys. Shocker.

Black Widow: *bangs open door* Wait just a second young lady!

E: Eh?

Black Widow: You’re not going out like that. *Starts digging through E’s dresser*

E: Whaddya mean?

Black Widow: Your hair’s a mess, heaven knows where your glasses are, your pants are covered in pen scribbles and that’s the 3rd time you’ve worn that sweater. What is it with you and huge sweaters?!

E: They’re comfy!

Black Widow: You have a nice figure, show it. *Pulls out a shirt and throws it at her* Try that.

E: Wha-

Black Widow: I don’t care if you don’t want to dress up because *makes finger quotes* “my 1 yr isn’t a dress up occasion,” but you can at least dress up for Harvey.

E: Excuse me, but-

Black Widow: Fine, fine. But you’re gonna feel pretty tonight, got it?!

E: But I-

Black Widow: That’s an order soldier! Go change!

E: -_- Light you Wid.

Black Widow: What does that even mean?

E: It means I need to stop saying screw you to people. So light you.

Black Widow: I’m going to pretend that makes sense. Change.

E: Fiiiiiiiiiiiine…

Black Widow: Thank you.


So yeah, anyways, I’ll get back to you peeps on that. And sorry this came out too late! I’ve already gotten some well wishes from some of my friendos! You know who you are! And seriously, thank you. Every single one of you. I can’t say it enough, I genuinely love each and every one of you. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys.

Best quote ever tho

(once again I apologise for the crummy res. Sry!)




30 second rant

Update: I added the location now too. 

So I entered Poptropica today cause I needed the credits, ya know the drill. (It’s a side account I’m trying to up, don’t judge.) Anyways, I got this.


*eye twitches*

I got that. I own the freaking plushie. And now it’s free?! AAAAH


I’m actually not that mad, I just wanted to yell about something. Have a good day guys!

Bonus picture, this is mine

Hare Gamer


Found it.PNG

He looks like he’s either dying or trying to run away…


Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. So… I feel terrible, how are you guys doing? No, really, I want you to tell me how you’re doing in the comments. Like how your day’s been going down. Heck, I’ll go first! Ahem. My day is nothing like I’d hoped, and I wasn’t hoping for jack squat. I didn’t even get to go to school, which sounds ridiculous, who would want to go to school? Me right now. I don’t have a cold this time around, but I feel so nauseous… On the plus side, Plants vs Zombies Heroes. Only upside. Oh, and Big Jo updated. That was nice.

Yes, I’m done complaining now.

So… AtV. I really hope you guys like this, the squad and I put this together Saturday, I’m glad we did. So I hope you enjoy!

Zippy Sky

To director d: are you secretly dionysis?*gasps* is that how you escaped spy HQ?(sorry just reread the percy jackson series for the millionth time)

Director D: … what.

E: I love those books! But alas, he is not.

Director D: I never do get a normal day around here.

E: Same! I’m very used to it.


to binary bard; same my favorite colors are purple and gold too!!

Binary Bard: They’re the best!

E: I’m down with that.


to hare; uugghh how you feel bout the disk?

Dr Hare: I… I don’t know. I have no idea how to deal with this whatsoever. I… I know El knows, and that she knows I know… I have no idea what to do. Moving to Cryptids sounds good sometimes. If only. I’m… I know this sounds cowardly, but I’m almost trying to avoid her at this point. Maybe this’ll all blow over, right?

Binary Bard: You’re hurting the viewer’s souls right now.

Dr Hare: Honestly, right now I care more about my sense of dignity than their ship.

Binary Bard: Come on… you know she’s crazy about you.

Dr Hare: One date would probably fix that.

Binary Bard: I doubt it.

Dr Hare: I don’t.

Binary Bard: You never take a chance Hare! What’s the worst that could happen?

Dr Hare: Do you want a list?

Binary Bard: I want you to man up.

Dr Hare: You’re no help.

Binary Bard: Doesn’t change what I said.

E: Ay! *Opens door* Why’s everyone yelling in here?

Binary Bard: Well you see…

E: You know what, never mind, I really don’t want to know. *walks off*

Dr Hare: *sighs with relief* Ok, phew. That was almost bad.

Binary Bard: I don’t see why. You just need to go tell her.

Dr Hare: What an I supposed to say?

Binary Bard: How about “Hey E, you look nice.” Water for response, “Hey, I was wondering, do you maybe want to go see a movie or something?” That easy.

Dr Hare: But, what if…

Binary Bard: If she says no, roll with it, although I doubt she will. Il

Dr Hare: I… well…

Binary Bard: Just go ask her out when you have a chance. Tell her when you need to. And you’re welcome. *walks off*

Dr Hare: … Ok… now what?


to E: speaking of the disk, please don’t hate me….

E: If I’m mad at anyone, I’m mad at Itch. I don’t usually get mad, but, oh wait, I’m mad at Itch right now. Light you Itch.

Black Widow: Well, now Hare knows.

E: Don’t push it Wid. I can still… something.

Black Widow: Uh huh. So I’ve noticed you’re avoiding Hare.

E: *flushes* No I’m not!

Black Widow: Yeah, right.

E: Ok fine, maybe I am! What else do you expect me to do?!

Black Widow: Man up.

E: I’m female.

Black Widow: You’re still wimping out.

E: Touche. Look, there’s no way he would like me back. I screwed up and now he probably feels really awkward about it. I don’t wanna make it worse either. You know?

Black Widow: Congratulations, you got a 50 percent on your perception.

E: What?

Black Widow: How many times do I have to spell this out for you? He likes you! And he likes you a lot! He’s just really shy when it comes to this sort of thing!

E: But why… why me?! I’m nobody.

Black Widow: Not to him.

E: I… whatever. I… I can’t do this right now. I’ll be in my room if anyone needs me.

Black Widow: Hey Hare, E needs you-


(Itch, if you’re reading this, hi. I don’t really care anymore so… whoo hoo.)


to everyone:top three favorite snacks?

Black Widow: Eh.

Dr Hare: Carrots, pink carrots and… celery, I guess.

Binary Bard: I don’t really snack.

E: Potato chips, candy and BACON!

Black Widow: You’re going to have a heart attack.

E: Worth!


Dolphin Violinist Ok ok not Seeing Blind then ok..(its so good though…nice and clean) how about you (E) and Dr. Hare sing the WEEKEND WHIP (or Ninja-Go) (or Flicker)😄😄😄

E: Someone recommended that song to me Wednesday. Besides you I mean. I know some big 1D fans. Anyways, different songs… I love the Weekend Whip! I’ll get on that! Harvey and I can… *looks around* Oh. Right. *Sighs* I’m an idiot. I’ll get back to you on this, promise.


To E. I dare you to do a monologue/compilation of Loki’s best moments/quotes. 😆

E: What are you going to do, moisturize me?! No wait, that’s Doctor Who. The problem with Loki and me is that I’m Thor. My brother is Loki. 2019, trick or treating, yeet! Besides that, let’s get some quotes from my favorite manipulative god!

*20 minutes later*

E: Ok! So I found me some excellent quotes guys. *Coughs and straightens papers* This one isn’t by Loki, but I couldn’t resist! *In a deeper voice than usual* He is of Asgard and he is my brother! *normal voice* He killed eighty people in two days.*deeper* He’s adopted. *Giggles* Couldn’t resist. *Spreads arms and says on a voice richer than her usual* I am Loki, prince of Asgard. You will kneel to me. *Pauses* I have an army! *Masculine-ish voice* We have a Hulk. *Grins, normal* That’s just good. Ok, one that’s not from just the “Avengers” movie. Let’s see… *in the rich voice* There are no men like me. *Normal* Because… I’m female. Fun fact, Loki can turn female, both in the comics and original Norse mythology. I’m a bit of a mythology nerd. I love the Avengers, but it’s nothing like the real mythology. I say that with love. *rich, but livid voice* I never wanted the throne, I only ever wanted to be your equal! *Normal* I didn’t remember what part that was from, so tone of voice may be off. Well, I’m calling it there. *rich voice* Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to destroy Jotunheim. *walks off*


To DD are you a real director, like a movie director?

Director D: I’m a spy director.

E: You were locked up for being a secret agent for the other side.

Director D: They never discharged me.

E: Yes, they did. You know the current director for crying out loud, we both do. 

Director D: They never said what I was a director of.

E: BAD disbanded.

Director D: Those aren’t the only two spy agencies in the world.

E: That’s not even likely, but goshn it D, why are you like this.


ALL OF YOU: dress up as the avengers (AND LOKI TOO) for the entire atv (don’t forget that “army” E 😂)

E: Yeet! But I’m not Loki so… D, you’re more like him, all brooding and what not.

Director D: Uh huh.

Binary Bard: I’m Iron Man, I take it?

E: Yeah. Duh .

Dr Hare: Um… I’m no Hawkeye or Thor, so Captain America or Hulk?

E: That’s down to you bro, although I’m thinking Hulk… You look kinda like Bryce Banner. 

Dr Hare: I do?

Black Widow: And let me guess who I would be…

E: *sarcastically* Oh, I have no idea. Wid, whoever will you be…

Dr Hare: *grins* I’m sure you don’t.

E: *giggles* Course not.

Pop: Can I be Spiderman?

E: Course kiddo! I think that leaves me at Hulk?

Dr Hare: I think you’re more like Cap.

E: I dunno, you seen me angry?

Binary Bard: You get angry?

E: … yes.

Black Widow: Really?

E: Yes, I would say that’s in the range of human emotions.

Dr Hare: I’ve never seen you mad. Ever.

E: In the 2 years we’ve known each other, you’ve never seen me angry?

Dr Hare: No.

E: … That… actually sounds pretty accurate.

Black Widow: This doesn’t surprise me. E: So… Cap it is, I guess. I’ll go find the costumes then.

(Someday soon, I shall draw this. Maybe soon. IDK.)


Go on a super scary rollercoaster.

E: NO! I did that enough this summer!

Binary Bard: That wasn’t scary.


Binary Bard: It wasn’t even 20 feet.


Binary Bard: It was a log plume.


Binary Bard: You’re a wimp.

E: S-shut up.


Eat sushi.

E: SUSHI! I know the perfect place!

*20 minutes later*

E: I got sidetracked, but here we go. *puts a box on the table*

Black Widow: That’s it?

E: It cost me 10 bucks.

Black Widow: Never mind then.

E: More for me!

Fav food.

Dr Hare: Carrots. This is no surprise.

(The thought of food makes me wanna be ill, so… I’ll get back to you, I guess.)


Ideal elemental power (can include special powers like gold, creation or destruction).

E: I wrote a story where the main character is an air elementalist. By story, I mean Ninjago Fanfic. It’s actually pretty good. Me personally, however, is probably water or earth. I’ll scared of heights.

Dr Hare: I think I’d be… air.

E: I can see that.

Binary Bard: Creation. Because Creation. What the heck is gold anyways?

E: Long story, educate you later.

Black Widow: Darkness.

E: Problem child. D?

Director D: Earth, I suppose.

E: That’s what NC said, fancy that. Anyways, we all know Crawfish would be water. That was easy.


If you had a ticket to the Avengers Infinity War premiere, which avenger or villain would you sit next to?

E: Spiderman.

Black Widow: Why Spiderman?

E: Why not Spiderman. I wish I could be Spiderman. New Spiderman, clearly. 

Black Widow: Pick a villain then.

E: It said or, but either Red Skull or Loki.

Black Widow: Um… Why Red Skull?

E: Because why wouldn’t I want to sit next to a homicidal Nazi with a skin problem?

Black Widow: …

E: Just making a point.

Black Widow: You have problems.

E: That was my other point.


Fizzlesnoofson to E: *Game show host voice* Your crush is now officially aware of how much you like him. HOW DO YOU FEEL?

E: Like running screaming for the hills. That was easy.

Pop: *gasps* Mister Harvey knows that you’re in love with him?!

E: Shh! Scream it a little louder why don’t you?!


E: Pop! *Covers his mouth* Did Kat teach you that it something, land!

Pop: Maybe.

E: Pop… I can’t tell Mister Harvey, Ok? It’s… it’s too much for this poor girl.

Pop: But you love him, why don’t you two “get together?”

E: Because… because… I dunno. I don’t think Mister Harvey likes me that way.

Pop: But he does! He loves you a lot.

E: Yeah, maybe like a friend, but-

Pop: Momma, trust me, I’ve seen how he looks at you. And how you look at him.

E: Eh?

Pop: So… if you get together with Mister Harvey, would you two kiss?

E: *flushes red* Pop!

Pop: What?

E: *buries face in hand* Ok… maybe, but we’re probably never getting together, no one in their right mind would date me.

Pop: He’s not though.

E: *laughs* Fair enough.


Fizz to E (Again): Ooh, lemme try the new asking privileges out! *Drops a container full of Loki minifigs at E’s feet* 😀

E: SCORE! *Picks them all up* I HAVE AN ARMY!! *Grins* I feel so freaking achieved right now.

(It’s not often I say this, but please feel free to abuse enjoy the new asking privileges.)


Arleen to DH: I was gonna ask “What’s on the disk” to get you to play it, but I guess I got beaten to the punch. XD

Dr Hare: Indeed you were. I almost wish this disc never existed. I… El’s acting so distant… I can’t even decide what to do. But yes, I now know what’s on the disc. I still have it, no idea what to do with it.


Fizz to Heather: *Drops a box of pink carrots in front of her when DH isn’t looking* For you! 🙂

Heather: Oh, thanks! *Takes one and takes a bite* Eh. It’s Ok, I guess. Hey Harvey!

Dr Hare: *pokes head in* What?

Heather: *hands him the box* Carrots.

Dr Hare: *gasps* YUS!


Despair to everyone: … Hello there….

E: Heya!

Dr Hare: Hi there!

Black Widow: Hey.

Director D: …

Binary Bard: Hello.

Heather: Hi.

Pop: Hello!


E: How are you?


Arleen to BW: Eeeeeeyy! The doctor’s finally got a clue! 😀

Black Widow: About time, though I doubt Hare has the guts to ask E out.

Dr Hare: Hey!

Black Widow: What, it’s true.

Dr Hare: … hmph.

Black Widow: Thought so.


Arleen to E: Don’t worry ’bout it now. I managed to hunt down Smiley just in time for the first AAAF.

E: Oh, that’s good! Good nothing bad happened. Unless it did. Then I’m sorry.


Despair to E: I’m confused… Did something exciting happen when I wasn’t watching…?

E: *laughs nervously* No, why would you think that? Everything’s going perfectly normal!

Black Widow: Uh huh.

E: Wid! I already kind of like Despair and I don’t want her finding out about this! *Mutters* I don’t want anyone finding out about this if I can avoid it.


Smiley to everyone: Just what kind of anti-ghost technology do you possess? I don’t intend to do something dastardly, I’m merely curious.

E: This partially directly involves me, so I’ll give my answer.

Black Widow: The entire English language just winced at that sentence.

E: Don’t make me go Lina Lamont on you. So… in an alternate dimension, I bunk with me friendo Buggie. However, due to circumstances we didn’t see coming, we, that is, they also have a friend who’s a ghost, his name being Soos.

Binary Bard: You mean like Gravity Falls?

E: It’s not like Gravity Falls!

Black Widow: How do you know so much about this…

E: Gravity Falls or this AU me? *Sighs* Accidental sneak peek into their lives… I have the occasional dream that gives be a direct window into another dimensional me’s life, I found out about it the other day.

Dr Hare: *drops the contraption he’s working on*

E: You Ok?

Dr Hare: *avoiding eye contact* Fine, sorry.

E: Is… is that not normal or something?

Dr Hare: Not usually… don’t worry about it.

E: I… ok.

Black Widow: *reading on her phone* You could cut the tension with a knife.

E: *flushes* Not helping!


Fizz to DH: Why’d you stop E from trying to bring back Crawfish? It needs to be done at some point!

Dr Hare: Yeah, but not if she gets herself killed! *Sighs* El is not as invincible as she thinks she is, especially when it comes to dimensional travel. I’m constantly worried she’s going to end up in some bizarre dimension and… *shakes head* Point being, I don’t want her rushing into another dimension where she can be in danger. Which she tends to do a lot of anyways. *Smiles* That girl is something else, let me tell you, good and bad.


Fizz to Copycat: So, how’s life treating ya?

E: I called Lucky, she’s setting up the call. *computer hums* There we go! Hello Copy!

Copy Cat: Who the heck are you?

E: I’m E. Hi. I run a Q&A for a blog, Betty Jetty was on it once?

Copy Cat: That was last April.

E: We’re still going strong. Ish. We’ve got Dr Hare, Binary Bard, Black Wid-

Black Widow: Well well well. Hello Copy.

Copy Cat: You can’t be serious.

E: Um… you two know each other?

Black Widow: Sisters.

Copy Cat: Blood, not by choice.

E: Oh. Awkward.

Black Widow: Pretty much. *sips coffee* What’s the Q?

E: Right, so Copy, how’s life treating you?

Copy Cat: Terrible, I’ve been in jail for nearly a year.

E: Well… you kinda did try and kill Lucky. And Avery. And basically everyone.

Copy Cat: I just wanted the frigging money.

E: Lucky has asthma.

Copy Cat: Oh.

E: Yeah… that sucked. Avery was telling me about it the other day. A smoke bomb? Not good for the system.

Black Widow: I thought you had asthma.

E: No, I don’t think so. Probably not.

Copy Cat: Charlotte, how are you out of jail?

Black Widow: Well Cadence, I’m reformed. E here is actually making sure I don’t ‘step out of line.’

E: First off, I’m only here to make sure nothing goes wrong, second, how the heck did you know that?!

Black Widow: Trade secret. *drinks coffee*

Copy Cat: Ugh, no one let us out. I’m trapped in here, alone in this stupid cell and Erewhon sucks!

E: I thought Berry came in every once in a while.

Copy Cat: Who?

E: Never mind.

Copy Cat: How do you know all this anyway?

E: Um… Trade secret. Oh no, we’re breaking up! Oh no!

Copy Cat: Hang on a second, you better-

E: Whoops! *Shoves laptop off desk and hits the power button* What a disaster.

Black Widow: I swear I can’t take you anywhere.

E: You’re not the first to say that.


Fizz to E: Wait. If DD’s with the current head of his old spy agency, and he’s from Lucky’s world… O.O Holy cow why didn’t I figure this out earlier?

E: But… D isn’t in charge, he just knows the gal who is, but… figure out what?

Director D: I see.

E: Figure out what?!

Director D: You’ll see soon enough, I suppose.



To Heather: You are my favorite person now. At least SOMEONE did their dare.

Heather: Oh, thank you! I try. I think the others didn’t do it because it was really crazy last week. E is the one who keeps this thing… alive. When she’s out, the AtV tends to get short-changed, at least a little. She’s hates it, but life happens, you just have to go with it.


To everyone else: GOSH, GUYS! CAN’T YOU TAKE A FRIGGIN’ DARE?!?! I hate you guys now! I was counting on seeing Widow do the Macarena! Oh, well. I guess I’ll have to make Will do it. MWAHAHAHA!!! (I’m a psychopath)

E: Don’t hate them! If you’re going to hate anyone, hate me, it’s my fault the dares weren’t all the way done, really.

Dr Hare: It’s not that big a deal, right?

E: Also, don’t torture poor Will, he has so much to live for.

Black Widow: The Macarena is dumb.

E: I can do a great Macarena girl, don’t get me started. *doing the Macarena* Hey…. Macarena! *Dabs*

Dr Hare: *laughs*

Black Widow: That was also dumb.

E: I am fabulous. But I don’t wanna do it with toothpaste, that stinks.


To Lucky: You didn’t have to memorize the Declaration??!?!? Lucky! -_- Things get confusing when one word means two different things. And for your information, Micky Mouse is the most annoying made up character on the planet.

E: In my opinion, Lucky is the best name, but I’m biased. A lot.

Lucky Wing: Um… I’m in another dimension.

E: You’ve never even heard of Mickey Mouse, have you?

Lucky Wing: Who?

E: You know, I’m not than willing to do accents…

Binary Bard: Then go around MY neighborhood and do it! I’m sure THEY won’t mind.

Binary Bard: … no.


Director D: Who cares if you have a toothbrush or not! You probably need a new one anyway! JUST DO IT!!!!

Director D: I am not held by Elyana’s petty deals.

E: I’m not petty, I’m just really good at my job.


E: You could borrow MY lawnmower! Oh, wait, mine’s explosive. You could borrow my FRIEND’S lawnmower!

E: Your friend would be foolish enough to let me use their lawnmower? Girl, if so, call me.


Hare: -_- I is disappointed.

Dr Hare: I was kind of busy… sorry. Plus, I do have a sense of dignity you know.

E: Dignity, always dignity.

Dr Hare: … What.

E: Oh crap, I’m not supposed to be here. *runs away*

Dr Hare: … I’m so lost.


Wid: Why not? C’mon, for me? Oh, wait, you hate me. Darnit.

Black Widow: I don’t hate anyone. I just have a mural disinterest for people.

E: Somehow, I’m not surprised.


E and Hare: I dare you two to….hmmm….CONFESS YOUR FRIGGIN’ FEELINGS! And maybe go on a date. That’d work, too. I DARE YOU! NOW DO IT! Cuz I said so. Rawr.

*Awkward silence*

E: I want to not be here.

Dr Hare: Um… awkward truce?

E: Awkward truce!

*They both run off in separate directions*

(We’ll get back to you when the awkwardness of the disc wears off, I’ll actually redo this Q later. You can still send more romantically inclined Qs, but ain’t nopony confessing anything for a while…)


Pop: Worth a shot. I dare you to TRY and beat me at Mario Kart. Do you use a gaming console or a Nintendo Switch?

Pop: I use a Wii, I don’t have a Switch.

E: I wish we had one of those. There’s a kid in my math class who does. I saw him playing a Legends of Zelda game a while back. I was jelly. Oh, also Drac, that tall kid in Drama last tri. And all my cousins. *sighs* Now I’m sad.

Pop: Anyways… I’d love to play against you Miss Kat, but I would probably win. I win a lot.

E: Remind me to go enter a tournament with you.

Pop: Ok!


Everyone: I think I got everyone, right? Eh. If not, I’ll torture you next week. Kay? *grins*

E: I think so. Good luck.

Black Widow: I thought you said you were posting Elyanvey dares.

E: -_- She did.

Black Widow: Yeah, only one, and you ditched. Your readers aren’t even specific. They’re just like “Oh, you should… romantic something.” They aren’t good at this.

E: *flushing* Wid…

Black Widow: What, it’s true. All you people have done is kissed on the cheek. No one has asked for a full blown kiss.

E: Wid! The askers are entitled to ask what they want, Ok?!

Black Widow: It’s honestly your fault, since you usually dodge out of it.


Dr Hare: ._. This… is genuinely terrifying.

Binary Bard: I think Charlotte is trying to find out if E can get mad.

Dr Hare: She’s about to succeed if she’s not careful.

Binary Bard: Yeah… time to intercede.

Dr Hare: Before we all die, yes.


Chasing cars

Guess what I didn’t add! What’s going to happen about the disc!

Guess why I didn’t! Because I can’t think straight!


I hope you enjoyed that anyways. I tried, I really did. I wanted to give some closure, but I just can’t write. Maybe next week.

I’m too lazy to post the rules. And by too lazy, I mean too UGH. Lucky Wing signing out, Bai guys .

Happy Lucky day!

I just barely remembered I didn’t put out a post, so enjoy this video.

Now you all can listen to my cringey lovely voice! I need to link my YouTub more…

Oh also, it’s Lucky day. Whoop! For… 6 more minutes. Yay. And now, I go!

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Ask the Villains #44, 2 weeks in the making


Hey guys, Lucky Wing here and I…

I am so freaking sorry.

Usually when an AtV is late, it’s maybe a day or two. But this! A whole stinking week?! I mean, what the heck El?! That’s just dumb! I did actually have a good reason for not posting, my great grandfather passed away on Monday. He was a pretty awesome guy and I miss him a lot. However, he’s with his wife again and he wasn’t in any pain. His funeral was Saturday and it was a pretty light hearted occasion, just how he would have wanted it. I do miss him a lot, like I said, but he really is in a better place. (Wow, I really wasn’t planning on pouring out my soul today) Sad stuff aside, I just wanted to thank you guys for being so supportive of me and my work! I love doing the AtV and I worked on it a lot on the drive. So, simply put, thank you guys for allowing me to have this to work on. Besides, I couldn’t have asked for better friends! You guys really are the best.

PS, if you’ve been trying to contact me via Discord and/or DA, I’m sorry, I haven’t touched a computer in nearly a week. Also, I’m almost scared to get on… I sorry.

All that aside, hope you enjoy!


Sporty Boa to Everyone: If you all did own a pet, What would you name it?

E: Smores.

Dr Hare: Besides that.

E: I dunno then. I’m kind of a spur-of-the-moment namer.

Dr Hare: That you are.

Binary Bard: It honestly depends on the pet in question, gender of said pet, characteristics…

E: I vote we go to the pet shop and go look at pets. Maybe we should get Binary an owl.

Binary Bard: E, not funny.

E: *sighs* It’s not, sorry. I’m in a funk, I’m just not funny.

Dr Hare: I think you’re funny.

E: I think you’re cute, what’s your point? *Sighs* I’ll be in my room. *stands up and walks out*

Dr Hare: *blushing* Did… did she just…

Binary Bard: I have no idea what that was.


Favorite Winter Olympic Event? (Did someone ask that already?)

E: Nope, this one’s new. Right?

Black Widow: Yeah.

E: Sorry, sorry, I’m forgetting thing, so… I haven’t really seen any, have you guys?

Black Widow: No.

Binary Bard: Just a little.

Dr Hare: I was working on stuff.

Director D: Why bother?

Pop: Watch the what?

E: Ah.

Black Widow: This is a train wreck.

E: So’s my life. Quick question, does anyone actually know what curling is?


Binary Bard: I’ll go look it up then.

E: Yay.


Taco, Tortilla, Empanada, Burrito, or Quesadilla?

E: Quack-a-dilla?

Dr Hare: What?

Black Widow: I think everyone Spanish just died a little.

E: I’m kidding, I do know how to pronounce it.

Binary Bard: Uh huh.

E: I do too! It’s a quesadilla, I know this stuff.

Dr Hare: It’s Ok El, calm down.

E: I am so calm right now. Anyways, burrito, possibly taco.

Director D: No preference.

Black Widow: Tortilla.

Binary Bard: Quesadilla.

Dr Hare: Tortilla, I suppose.

E: What’s a empanada?


To DH and BB: 1. When did you first start making inventions?

Binary Bard: Since I was a kid.

Dr Hare: I was inventing since I can remember…

E: *shrugs* Ages.

Binary Bard: This wasn’t your Q.

E: No, but I’ve been running machinery since I was 18 months, when I got my first battle bot. And now I’m still running tech.

Dr Hare: Wow. That’s impressive.

E: Have I got a techie-guinea-pig resume or what?

Binary Bard: Most people don’t brag about stuff like that.

E: I’m not most people.

Binary Bard: True enough.


Have you ever thought of teaming up to create some kind of ultimate, robo, Kille- I mean, Kindness machine??

E: No killer robots in this house. Apartment. Same thing. We set up some rules when they moved in.

Dr Hare: We do team up on a lot of projects though.

Binary Bard: That we do.


To BW: 1. A place you’d like to visit other than France?

Black Widow: Counterfeit.

E: Wid…

Black Widow: Fine, Mystery Train.

E: Wid!


Favorite french food?

Black Widow: All of it.

E: Very helpful.


To CC: Hungry Bug is willing to donate his over-fed, unhealthy looking Angel fish to you, deal? Or no deal?

E: Uh oh.

Dr Hare: I can’t take care of it, can you take care of it?

E: I have a cat and turtle petwise, a new trimester school wise and I have a son. So no.

Dr Hare: We need Crawfish back.

E: Definitely.


To DD: 1. I bet you have an amazing singing voice D, come on… Sing! *Thinks of a song…* Got it! I dare you to sing a part of “Let it go” from Frozen! XD

Director D: Are you joking?

E: Let it goooooooooooooooooo!! LET IT GO!!!

Dr Hare: *covers her mouth* NO.

E: Mmmm hmmm hmmm!

Dr Hare: I know you ‘like that song,’ but you’re also going to make our viewers break things.

E: Mmm.

Dr Hare: D, you can keep going.

Director D: Whether I can sing or not is irrelevant.

E: *moves Dr Hare’s hand* Just answer the Q! This is what we get paid to do!

Dr Hare: We get paid?

E: We get good comments.

Director D: That’s not payment.

E: It is to me.

Director D: I’m not singing Frozen.

E: Ugh, Frozen was good tho. Well, it was OK, but it’s really fun to sing a song from it and to have a little girl’s eyes light up. Plus I have the sheet music! *Sighs happily* Good times.

Director D: We’re going to get sued for copyright infringement.

Dr Hare: The fact that we haven’t already of a miracle in and of itself.

E: Indeed.


Incredible Kat to Heather: OK, first of all, I is sorry. I have the memory span of an impatient five year old, and since you’re fairly new, my brain didn’t comprehend the fact that there was one more person. To be honest, I almost forgot Pop and Lucky.

Pop: Aw…

E: Lucky probably would have been excited.

Heather: It’s OK, it happens. I’m not usually around for the Qs, I’m usually  in the next room, reading. It’s a bit… Loud.

E: If by loud you mean I’m slowly going insane, yes.

Heather: It’s mostly you.

E: Fair point.

Heather: What I’m saying is that it’s alright, I don’t mind.

E: Ye.


Heather: (Again) I dare you to… Carry whoever is on your right around the room, then set them down in the bathtub and turn the water on cold. But if Pop is the person to your right, pick the person to your left. And if there isn’t someone standing to your right or left, pick the nearest person. Again, not Pop.

E: Why not Pop?

Pop: Hey!

Heather: Well E, looks like it’s you.

E: Ah nah. Ain’t no way. You aren’t dunking me anywhere.

Heather: The dare says.

E: Good luck. I have an iron defense, I’m unbeatable.

*5 minutes later…*

Dr Hare: Why are you all wet?

E: Hmph.


E: Go put on your PJs, (if you aren’t wearing them already) then run around the block with a lawnmower (preferably don’t turn it on), screaming “Kill the cows!” Kay?

E: That’s my secret Kat. I’m always wearing PJs.

Dr Hare: No, you’re not.

E: That’s my other secret. I’ll go change.

*2 minutes later*

E: *walks in, wearing Batman PJ pants* Do we even have a lawnmower?

Dr Hare: Um… good question.

Binary Bard: I thought you were a Marvel girl.

E: Huh? Oh, the pants. I am a Marvel girl, it’s just… I’m Batman.

Binary Bard: Ok then…

E: So… if there’s no lawnmower… *screams* KILL THE COWS! OK, I’m done. *walks off*

Dr Hare: I think I’m deaf now.

Binary Bard: Yeah, geez…

Dr Hare: What did you say?

Binary Bard: Of course. 


Hare: Go outside, and sing your favorite song as loud as you can while jumping around the perimeter of whatever building you are currently in.

Dr Hare: This Town isn’t a loud song.

E: Is that a challenge.

Dr Hare: No.

E: Aw…

Dr Hare: Also, I can’t go jump around the apartment, I’m in my suit.

E: *giggles* Bunny suit.

Dr Hare: It’s a suit.

E: It’s a cute suit.

Dr Hare: *flushes*W-what?!

E: It’s a bunny suit, ‘course it’s cute.

Dr Hare: Oh… thanks.

E: You’re welcome.


Binary Bard: Go around the block, ring the doorbell, and when they open the door, say ‘trick or treat!’ in a really demented cyberman voice.

Binary Bard: Um… we’re trying to keep the apartment and the landlord said no mentally scaring the other tenants.

E: Having met the landlord, this does not surprise me.


Director D: Use lipstick as war paint then put on your PJs, and go around the neighborhood asking for a toothbrush.

Director D: I have a toothbrush.

E: It’s a dare. It doesn’t have to make sense.

Director D: Good. No. *walks off*

E: Hey!


Pop: Try to take over the world.

E: He’s 10 years old!

Pop: I don’t wanna take over the world…

E: HE’S 10!

Dr Hare: El, please calm down…

E: I am so calm right now.

Pop: I’m not going to take over the world, if that’s Ok with you Miss Kat!

E: Phew.

Dr Hare: Told you.

E: I’m the nervous type, what can I say. Except you’re welcome…


Lucky: Hop around the room like a bunny while reciting the Declaration of Independence in a Mickey Mouse voice.

Lucky Wing: The declaration of what?

E: It’s an American thing.

Lucky Wing: Who is Mickey Mouse?

E: Maybe this was a bad idea.

Lucky Wing: Maybe someone should explain what’s going on.


Black widow: Do the macarena with your hands covered in toothpaste.

Black Widow: Yeah, no.

E: Did anyone actually do their dare?

Heather: Hi.

E: Minus Heather I mean.

Black Widow: Nope.

E: Rude.


Everyone: Kay, guys, if I missed anybody, (except Crawfish) please tell me, because everyone deserves to have to do something they don’t want to do.

E: Nope, you got everyone! Wonder what she’s going to do next week.

Black Widow: Oh, I know.

E: You do?

Black Widow: I used your WordPress and made a suggestion or too.

E: ._. WID!


Alexa to E: Bringing in a new character next ATG (when it comes back). How’s a half-demon detective girl sound?

E: *gives thumbs up* Go for it!

Dr Hare: I think this is late.

Black Widow: I know this is late.

E: I’ve had a heck of a week, Ok?


TAS to E: helo yes i hav takn ur mems hostag and de wil b deletd if u dun gibe mi pizza. emal vamp and i wil tel u how 2 sen pizzas 2 mi.

E: Already sent. Here’s the emails for the viewers. They’re… interesting?

The half-demon detective girl that Alexa was talking about to E: Does anybody here like Phoenix Wright?

E: Like it, haven’t played yet.

Dr Hare: Same with everyone else on the haven’t played part.

E: Sorry.


Tech to Binary Bard: Need any repairs or upgrades?

Binary Bard: I think I’m-

E: NOPE WE’RE GOOD! *laughs nervously* We’re good! Yeah! 

Binary Bard: E, what the heck.

E: Well… I may or may not have been threatened with death if anything in any way, shape or form happened to you or if you changed in any regard. 

Binary Bard: What.

E: In conclusion, I WANT TO LIVE *hides in corner*

Binary Bard: … who did you promise this to?!

E: A certain demoness I really don’t want P.O.ed with me.

Binary Bard: Ah.


Vampi to everyone: Eric Prydz. Call On Me. Listen to it and tell me what you guys think.

E: *Pulls out phone* I HAVE IDEAS

Dr Hare: *takes her phone* No way. Last time you did something like this, you about got yourself grounded.

E: Nuuuuuuuuuuu! *Flails towards her phone* My precious!

(We’ll get back to you on this.)


Fizzlesnoofson to E: Sorry about the repeat Q, even I can’t remember everything that’s already been asked. ‘-_-

E: It’s fine bro! I only remember because I did them all! And… I still don’t remember all of them. That’s fine too. I’m not that good. Anyways, I love repeat Qs! The villains have changed since they first arrived, not going to deny it! It’s a good change, mostly. I like that we can continue talking about this! Repeat Qs are good! If you guys ever can’t think of anything, go back to an old AtV, it could give you ideas! Although… *frowns* Don’t just copy and paste Qs from last week’s tho, that’s just annoying. I did have that happen once. Going back to get inspiration, that’s one thing. But this guy literally took the Qs from the AtV I had just published and posted them. I was simply confused. Anyways, yeah! You are forgiven!


To Pop: What’s your favorite Tv show?

Pop: Phineas and Ferb!

E: Yeah! *High-fives him* Nicely chosen my child!

Pop: *grins* Thank you!


To Pop: What’s your favorite movie?

Pop: I liked Wreck it Ralph. 

Dr Hare: There’s a sequel for that coming out at some point, I think. 

Pop: *gasps* Really?!

E: Oh, right. I… wasn’t going to tell him, just in case it was awful.

Pop: I bet it will be awesome! Momma, can we go?!

E: Of course! Secret’s out so… 

Dr Hare: *laughs* Road trip!

E: Whoop! 


To DD: Do you have a pet? (Even if it’s not a cat.)

Director D: No.

E: This needs to change. *Winks at camera*

Director D: E.

E: Not doing anything.


To Heather: Have you ever helped with any of Hare’s experiments or inventions?

Heather: Occasionally, but to be honest, that’s more of E’s thing. She’s his assistant after all.

E: Shh!

Heather: Oh! Sorry! Didn’t know that wasn’t public!

E: *facepalms* It’s ok…It is now, I guess. Whoo. 


To LW: What’s your favorite color? (Besides green, if that’s your favorite.)

E: Hello vid call my old friend…

Lucky Wing: My favorite color is actually blue, like my shirt. *looks down* So there you go. E, do you know why people keep thinking green is my favorite color?

E: Because if your hair and the fact that it’s one of my favorite colors.

Lucky Wing: Ah.


To CC: No, wait! He’s still missing. Sorry! X(

Dr Hare: It’s alright, it’s taking some getting used to.

E: And a lot of screaming.

Dr Hare: I told you… The Rulers like you, they’d never be mad. 

E: *flushes* I was nervous? Anxiety attack, I still get those. A lot.

Dr Hare: It’s ok, I understand.

E: Good. I want them to go away.

Dr Hare: *laughs*

E: *giggles quietly* On occasion I am humorous.

Dr Hare: Try all the time.

E: Nah, no way. That would honestly suck TBH… Then no one would ever take me seriously, even when I needed them to.

Dr Hare: Fine, every time you try to be funny.

E: Still a stretch.

Dr Hare: Nah.

E: Yeah.

Dr Hare: Nah.

E: Yeah.

Black Widow: Are you two quite done flirting?!

E: Everything is flirting to you Wid!

Black Widow: No, you just flirt a lot.

E: Do not!

Black Widow: Do too.

Dr Hare: Um… Next question.


To E (Again): Lucky and friends are the Rulers you were so worried about? What gave you the idea THEY’D kill you over this?

E: I… Yeah, they are. Lucky, Robin, Avery, Neat Berry, Nice Coyote, sometimes Perfect Cheetah. And… Not sure, TBH, they’re always really nice. Now Perfect Cheetah, that might be pushing it.

Binary Bard: She likes you plenty.

E: She likes me plenty.

Binary Bard: What?

E: Nothing important. Back to the point… It’s just… I’m nervous, it shows more when I get to stressed. I’m also always stressed. Lose-lose. I just hope that… I dunno. I’m nervous and I assume the worst. A lot.

Binary Bard: It honesty explains a lot.

E: S-shut up.

Binary Bard: Nothing wrong with it.

E: Assuming the worst? Really?

Binary Bard: You’ve just got to push through, I guess.

E: …

Binary Bard: What?

E: *punches him on the arm*

Binary Bard: What was that for?!

E: *grins* I forgot how much you remind me of my brother sometimes.

Binary Bard: *rubs arm* Do you punch him a lot?

E: I think that’s a redundant question.

Binary Bard: Fair enough…


Phew, that’s a lot of miscellaneous Qs! I’ll have Arleen’s for ya later today. She had to go catch that demon again. -_-

E: Nothing wrong with misc Qs. Smiley? *Nods* I feel bad for Arleen sometimes. Often.


esterli521 AKA Zippy Sky to everyone: favorite and least favorite colors?

Binary Bard: Purple, gold, and I don’t have a least favorite color.

Black Widow: Black, red, I don’t like pink.

Dr Hare: Pink, and yellow, I guess.

Director D: Gray and anything that’s not a similar color.

E: Um… Blue, green, yellow and purple are some of my favorites… and if I had to pick a least favorite, it’d be pink.

Dr Hare: *frowns* What don’t you like about pink?

E: It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just… not one I’m especially partial to.

Dr Hare: Oh.

E: Sorry. I mean… I don’t hate pink. I actually do like it quite a bit. I’m just… not. I do like pink things tho, sometimes.

Dr Hare: It’s Ok, I’m not insulted.

E: Yay, I’m not insulting!


to everyone(again): favorite books/series?

E: Artemis Fowl for days!

Binary Bard: Didn’t you reread the series for the fourth time last week?

E: Two weeks ago, but I get your point.


to BB: is your girlfriend…Gretchen Grimlock?

Binary Bard: Definitely not.

E: *giggles*

Binary Bard: She doesn’t hear a word about this, you hear?

E: Who, Gretchie? Or your girlfriend?

Binary Bard: Both! She’s not even my girlfriend! It’s… complicated.

E: Oh, I know, she says the same thing every I ask her about this.

Binary Bard: You’re terrible.

E: Shamelessly.


to DD: how did you escape from spy HQ anyway?

Director D: That’s for me to know and you to wonder about.

E: *typing on laptop* The Rulers let him out when the agency was on Red Alert.

Director D: E…

E: Please, if you’d tried to claim you’d gotten out yourself, you’d have been shut down the moment NC showed up. Director D: E. Stop now.

E: Too far?

Director D: If you don’t want to be removed as a national threat, yes.

E: ._. Space Boy?

Director D: What?

E: Nevermind.


to E: how would you react if hare played the disk in front of you?

E: Well I didn’t pass out when I found out about it, so that’s a start… But I would either attempt to get rid of it, even if that meant stealing it, or I might just freeze up. Not like, Harvey level freeze up, just like, normally freeze up. Either way, the fact that he has it… Well, it’s not certain doom for the closest thing I’ve ever had to normal, it’s just really, really close. In conclusion, light this, I’m moving to Kansas.


to E(again): any luck finding crawfish?

E: Yes, ish. Cassie from the AtD squad said she’d seen him, so I’m going to try and go there. Right now. *picks up Dr Hare’s dimensional ray* This is heavy. Eh, whatever. Let’s go get him!

Dr Hare: *tackles her* NO!


to Harvey and Mordred and E: working on anything lately?

E: Are we ever?! Let me tell you, we’re working on some pretty boss stuff. So right now, we’re working on this-

Dr Hare: *covers her mouth* And… No. Binary Bard: Yeah, I don’t know if what we’re working on is legal.

E: Mmph!


The Dolphin Violinist 1. To Hare: I dare you to sing Seeing Blind (by the fabulous Niall Horan obvi) with E.

E: Seeing Blind?

Dr Hare: I don’t know if I’ve heard it.

E: Me neither…

Dr Hare: Do we know any other Niall Horan songs?

E: *pales* We don’t talk about ‘Slow Hands’ in this house.

Dr Hare: I don’t want to know.

E: No. You really don’t.


2. I dare all of you to sing Steal My Girl (or Act My Age *OR BOTH*) by One Direction in a nice Acapella style.

E: Yeet.

Dr Hare: You haven’t heard this one either, have you.

E: Nope. Can you do Acapella?

Dr Hare: Nope.

*Awkward silence*

E: Yay teamwork!



E: PANCAKE FIGHT! *Throws a pancake at Dr Hare*

*Awkward silence*

E: That was uneventful.

Black Widow: And now we’re out of pancakes.

E: Darn it.


4. One of you (idc which one) has to run around the block wearing a Giraffe costume yelling I’m a Giraffe.

E: I don’t have a giraffe costume.

Dr Hare: I bet DI has something.

E: I’m all for this.

*1 hour later*

Dr Hare: I didn’t even know you could get kicked out of a DI…

E: It’s not my fault that lady starting digging though the stuffed animals.

Binary Bard: It’s your fault you were in it.

E: Shut it Mordred.


5. One of you put on a potato costume and run around the block yelling ” I like chicken, AND POTATOES WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD”. 😂😂😂😂😂

E: No, I won’t. World domination has never been my strong suit.

Dr Hare: You’re a marshmallow, not a potato.

E: Ugh, fine… Idaho is going to take over the world. Spread the word.

E: I dare you to march around with a wagon full of Loki legos yelling “I have an army!)

E: Hee hee hee… I like this idea. I’m gonna go buy some.

Dr Hare: Do you even have enough money for that?

E: Um… well…

Dr Hare: So, no?

E: *holds up a minifigure* I HAVE AN ARMY!

Dr Hare: *laughs* It works.


(I almost missed these, geez…)

Arleen to E: Guess who’s getting her own ask blog! 😀


Dr Hare: I’m scared to see what happens when Pop starts driving.

E: Basically just screaming.


Arleen to DH: Well, you’ve tried pink carrots now, sooo… What do ya think?

Dr Hare: They’re great.

E: I await the day I get my braces are removed so I may try one. He keeps talking them up.

Dr Hare: Sorry.

Arleen to Everyone: Out of curiosity, what’s everyone’s Zodiac signs?

E: Ah ha! Good question! I am a true-blue Pisces! Born a Pisces, live a Pisces, gonna die a Pisces!

Black Widow: Don’t we know it. I’m a Taurus.

E: So’s Kix, actually.

Black Widow: Great.

Binary Bard: Virgo.

Dr Hare: I’m, well, Libra.

E: … you guys all have the same sign as someone I know. Binary and my brother, Hare and my brony friend JC… this is weird.

Binary Bard: It’s not… if you know more than 12 people, it’s logical you would know most of the signs in your life.

E: … I’m going to to check to see if you’re an alter-dimension version of my brother.

Binary Bard: What.

Dr Hare: Having seen her brother, I can believe it.

Black Widow: And D?

E: Yeah… D, what’s your astrological sign?

Director D: None of your business.

E: Oh come on D, just tell us… please?

Director D: -_- No.

E: I can never get answers outta this guy.

Binary Bard: We gave up years ago.


Arleen to Heather: Do you think your brother looks kinda cute as a bunny?

Heather: You’re asking the woman who grew up with him, for better or worse. Yes, he is kind of cute as a bunny. However, if you really want to know how cute he is, go ahead and ask E.

E: Hey!


Arleen to E (Again): If you see a smiling gray spirit-like thing that can suck up negative energy, let me know. He got away from me again, and I’m supposed to keep him in check. -_-

E: Smiley. Looks like Soos. More evil. Can do.



Itch to DH: Yo, play that disc I gave you when E’s not around.


esterli521 AKA Zippy Sky to hare: the war E has against itch has something to do with the disk that itch gave you if
you want to know then play it.*runs before E comes*

Dr Hare: Everyone keeps mentioning the disc! Seriously, what is this important?! *Sighs* El is dropping Pop off at scouts, so… *plays disc*

Itch: *on recording* Yo hey, this is Itch. Harvey, this was said when your ears were destroyed back during the Nephri crossover, and I couldn’t help but record it to use against E. So, here ya go.

Dr Hare: What…?

E: *on recording* No! I don’t… know… if… *sighs* Ya know what?! Fine.
Female’s voice: *on recording* What, nya?
E: *on recording* Maybe I do have a crush on Harvey, but I’m not telling him, k?! Just no!
Itch: *on recording* Oh, I promise I won’t tell him. *Beep*

*stunned silence*

Dr Hare: Wait… what? *pulls out disc and stares at it in shock* This is from…. October? Yeah, October. Why… How… What… what is happening?!

Binary Bard: *pokes head in* Hey Hare, we need you for- *stops* You got the disc?!

Dr Hare: Y-yeah.

Binary Bard: Wow. Grommets and gears, it’s about time.

Dr Hare: *leans back, head in hands* Oh my gosh…

Binary Bard: Do you understand it now?

Dr Hare: There’s… there’s no way… there’s no way she can… that she could have…

Binary Bard: It was her, believe you me. Itch might be skilled, but he’s not good at replicating E’s voice. At least, I hope he isn’t.

Dr Hare: I… I don’t…

Binary Bard: *pats him on the back* It’s Ok, breathe.

Dr Hare: I’m breathing, I just can’t believe… that… she…

Binary Bard: Well you’d better. You remember all those times we told you E is head over heels for you and you didn’t believe us?

Dr Hare: Y-yes…

Binary Bard: Well, there you go.

Dr Hare: But… Oh gosh… what do I do?!

Binary Bard: Ask her out.

Dr Hare: I can’t do that!

Binary Bard: Why not? She’ll say yes, she totally likes you.

Dr Hare: I mean… I physically can’t ask her out.

Binary Bard: Oh.

Dr Hare: And… there’s no way… why would she like me of all people? She knows so many people at her school who are… well, normal!

Binary Bard: She doesn’t like normal. I thought this was obvious.

Dr Hare: Well, I suppose, but… There’s so many other people who are funnier, nicer, more attractive… *Sighs* Less nervous around her…

Binary Bard: I doubt she thinks that. She thinks your stutter is cute besides. You’re fine most of the time.

Dr Hare: Yeah, but the second I try and do something, anything sweet or romantic or anything I just… can’t. I’m a stuttering wreak.

Binary Bard: You just need confidence! She’ll totally say yes!

Dr Hare: I don’t see why…

E: What’s going on guys?

Dr Hare: *promptly falls out of his chair*

Binary Bard: That.

E: … what?

Binary Bard: Guess who got the disc.

E: The… disc. *eyes widen* Oh no.

Binary Bard: Yup.

E: Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no. This cannot be happening.

Binary Bard: It can and it is.

E: I’m moving to Kansas.

Binary Bard: You can’t move to Kansas.

E: How about Narnia… *walks off*

Binary Bard: She’s gone.

Dr Hare: I’m staying here.

Binary Bard: You can’t hide under your desk forever. She does come in here. *Smirks* You know why…

Dr Hare: Yes, a lot of things are connecting, are you quite done?!

Binary Bard: No.

Dr Hare: Great. Can I just die here?

Binary Bard: Not worth it amigo. Sometimes it’s better to take the bull by the horns, trust me on this.

Dr Hare: I… I’ll try, but…

Binary Bard: There you go! I mean, come on, what’s the worst that could happen?!

Dr Hare: Do you want a list?


Just really quick, wanted to point out that you guys can now make things happen, like pizza appear or gender bends or mistletoe appear (waitasec, it’s March..) or whatever! You can’t force the peeps to do stuff, that’s a dare. But whatever. Go forth.

I feel like I write way too much here. That’s why I’m cutting it short today. Anything important, just look at the top bit. Says it all there. Besides, it’s already nearly five thousand (5000) words. I think I did good! I really hope you enjoyed all this! The AtV is going right back on schedule! I’m really sorry it’s late, I do my best. It’s a hard knock life… Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


PS: So I just wanted to cover how fun/insane my friends are. Today at lunch, Kix and I were talking about this RP and we got on the subject of Dr Hare. (Please note that Kix and Buggie are some of the select few I know IRL who know about this blog. At all.) So Kix says something along the lines of “I should try to draw him in casual wear.” and Buggie says “I still need to draw him looking hot.”

Ladies and gentlemen, my friends.

Sweet 17th!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! I know, I know, this isn’t the AtV, but this is good too! I finally got out the birthday special! It’s kind of late, but I worked hard on it! The AtV will come out soon! (I totally didn’t fail working on it because I was doing this, a personal RP and something else that may come up in the storyline. Heaven forbid.) Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Earth 442, 0710 hours, 28 February 2018, E's family's house, ×address retracted×

I awoke to a faint buzzing under my pillow. I rolled onto my stomach and pulled out my phone. It was a text. It was also 7:10, I needed to get out of bed. I really didn’t want to. I heard several people come up the stairs, all at once. I sat up to see my family standing by the door, singing “Happy birthday to you!” I smiled. How sweet. After they left, I climbed out of bed, taking the phone with me. I read the screen, the text was from Harvey.

DH: Good morning!

E: 😁

DH: How r u

E: Ok, you?

DH: Good

E: What’s up?

DH: Nothing much

DH: U?

E: Woke up just now

DH: Sry

E: XD It’s OK, this isn’t the first time this has happened.

DH: Ok


E: Aw, thank you! You remembered!

DH: How can I not

E: Fair enough… 😅

DH: No, not that

DH: I just remembered it

E: You’re sweet

E: I gtg, have to go get ready



I quickly showered, ate a nice breakfast, then hurried out to the bus. I was on time for once. That might straight up be a miracle. My brother was fiddling with his bag. I suddenly remembered, it was finals today. I groaned internally. Oh well, casualty rate shouldn’t be too high. No drama class today. Besides, I probably wouldn’t sneeze. Probably. Right?

Earth 442, 1428 hours, 28 February 2018, Villains' apartment, Apartment 606

I stepped into the lab just in time to see Pop barrel into me. “You can’t see it! It’s not ready!” He then grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the lab. I caught a glimpse of Binary laughing, then the door shut with a snap.

E: Let me guess…

Pop: No, you can’t guess! It’s a surprise.

E: Oh… My bad. *Smiles* So what now, Mr Lemoncello?

Pop: Now… Um… Video games!

E: *laughs* You sure that’s what Harvey said we should do?

Pop: No, this is what I think we should do.

E: *laughs again* Of course. A little bit of video games wouldn’t be all bad, but only a little, comprende?

Pop: Ok! Let’s play Mario Kart!

To say that Pop whooped me at a Mario Kart would be an understatement. The kid is a master on wheels. Digital wheels, that is. I was almost scared to see what would happen when he actually started driving.

Binary Bard: Happy birthday E.

I turned to see Binary and Harvey being the couch. Binary was smirking like none other. Harvey looked a bit pink.

E: Hey, thank you! You remembered?

Binary Bard: Hard not to when you have this guy around. *points at Hare*

Dr Hare: 😅 Heh heh… Sorry.

E: No complaints here. What’s going on?

Pop: Mister Harvey made you something!

E: Oh, did he?

Dr Hare: Well…

Binary Bard: *shoves Dr Hare at E* Here you go. I’d like to point out that I helped.

E: *confused* Um… You got me Harvey?!

Dr Hare: *turns red* What?! No!

Binary Bard: I wish, but he didn’t agree to it.

Dr Hare: Mordred!

Binary Bard: Ok, sorry. Hare has a gift for you.

Dr Hare: *hands her a small box* It’s… It’s not much, but…

Binary Bard: Oh whatever! It’s a great gift E, you’ll love it.

E: *intrigued* Oh? *Starts fiddling with the wrapping* Should I open it now?

Dr Hare: Yes, please.

I unwrapped it to find a small wooden box. Inside was a nice little pen, light blue and yellow gold. I pulled it out and spun it around, looking at every angle.

E: I love it! It’s such a nice pen! You know how I am with pens…


Binary Bard: I thought you were a Doctor Who fan.

E: I am. *gasps* Did you guys get me one of those fake Sonic Pens? Oh wow, I didn’t know they made them custom! What sounds does it make?

Dr Hare: We… Didn’t buy it. It’s real, we modified an actual Sonic Screwdriver.


E: I could kiss you right now.

Dr Hare: *turns beet red* W-what?!

Binary Bard: Kiss him, not me.

E: It’s not literally, genius. Oh my gosh… Guys, I love it! It’s so perfect, I… Ooh! *Hugs them both* Thank you!

Pop: I helped too!

E: *hugs him too* D’aw, I freaking love you guys!

Dr Hare: *softly* Love you too.

E: *didn’t hear* What?

Dr Hare: Nothing. So you like it?

E: I love it! Who’s idea was it?

Binary Bard: Hare, he did most of it, I just helped with a little coding. It’s all him, really.

E: Well, I love it.*kisses Dr Hare on the cheek* You’re too sweet.

Dr Hare: *turns pink* T-thanks.

E: You’re welcome. Anyways, I need to run, but you guys are officially the best. *hugs Pop*

Binary Bard: *smirking* Where is rushing off to?

Dr Hare: She probably has a family party to go to.

E: No, we celebrate that on Sunday.

Dr Hare: Then what-

E: Auditions! I signed up for 4:42, I need to be early. I just got out of school early, since finals. *sighs* Yeah. Anyways.

Dr Hare: Sense and Sensibility, right?

E: You betcha! Ooh, I hope I get in! I just… I really hope, I haven’t done a main-stage since Shakespeare! *Phone buzzes* And that’s Mom! I gotta run guys.

Dr Hare: Alright.

E: I probably won’t come back tho, it’s a crazy day.

Dr Hare: *almost disappointed* Oh.

E: Sorry. I’ll text when I can tho.

Dr Hare: *smiles* Thanks.

E: *pockets her pen* No prob! I’d better head out. Thanks guys!

Dr Hare: El, wait a sec.

E: *stops at the door* Yeah?

It seemed like Harvey was steeling himself up for something. He walked over to me. I was desperately confused. Had I forgotten something important? Wouldn’t be the first time. Harvey leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. I started in shock.

Dr Hare: Happy birthday El. Hope it’s a good one.

I don’t remember how I got from the door to the car, but next thing I knew, we were outside the school. My acting spirit kicked in. Time to act. Here we go.


AAH let’s just pretend I’m on time for once. Because snazzafragger, I’m late.

For all those wondering if I got the part of Margret… Nope, because I’m a 5’9″ 16 year old as apposed to 12.


Edited to keep people’s identities safe. Mostly mine.

I’m actually on the “For the ballroom scene” list, just further down. The role had been listed as young and mentioned that 9th graders were ideal, but I’m really good at slouching!

Dr Hare: That’s not something to brag about.

E: Hush.

Anyways, didn’t get in, but that’s life. I still have my one acts from the actual Drama C class this tri. Whoop! I’ll get a good part in a main-stage someday. Right?

Also, since we’re on the subject of my fabulous family,(ish) I just wanted to share what happened this morning. So I’m upstairs, brushing my hair,(always an ordeal) when suddenly I hear my mom exclaim “The disc! You found the disc!”

And now I’m internally screaming.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this, the AtV will be out soon! Bye!


Do you want a birthday special?

Well too bad, you’re getting one.

So a lot of you knew/noticed/read-PC’s-comment, but it was my birthday yesterday! I had a great time, thank you to my well wishers! It was also finals, but I still did good! And it was also auditions for Sense and Sensibility, but that also went Ok. At any rate, can’t really ramble right now, but I will post a birthday special sometime soon, hopefully in the next few days. I would now, but I can’t. I have a family emergency, we’re pulling out in minutes, I’m just stalling so I can write this. Wish me luck. At any rate, I’ll work on the special, promise! Okie dokie, thanks guys, I love you all!

Ask the Villains #43, titles are overrated.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. So this AtV kind of has a story. So I’m sitting at a school computer, typing the AtV. I get to the bottom of the document and that’s it. I had everything done! I sat there for a good 2 count, not sure what to do.

Then I realized that I hadn’t added the Qs from the technical post. And then I got back to work. XD Hope you enjoy!

Fizzlesnoofson to E: I guess that makes four weird nerds around here, then? (Me being one as well.)

E: Yep. As is Binary. And Nice Coyote. Huh. We have many weird nerds round here.

Dr Hare: Yes, yes we do.


To Heather: How much do you like carrots, and have you ever tried pink carrots.

Heather: Ah, I’ve been expecting this question. For most of the AtV. I’m not huge on carrots like Harvey is, but I’m alright with them. And… No, I haven’t had a pink carrot. Harvey doesn’t share.

Dr Hare: I do too!

E: No, you don’t.

Dr Hare: Hmph.


To Everyone: Do any of you play any sports?

E: Theatre.

Black Widow: That’s not a sport.

E: I think running up and down a stage and shouting counts.

Black Widow: No.

E: I dunno, but my heart was going a mile a minute when I went on the other night.

Binary Bard: What?

Dr Hare: She had a performance Wednesday.

Binary Bard: Ah.

E: Coulda gone worse. It’s not our best, by most standards, but still.

Dr Hare: I thought it was great.

E: They put me in a freaking sailor costume! For a guy!

Black Widow: At least it wasn’t a girl’s.

Binary Bard: What’s wrong with that? You don’t usually mind a little cross-dressing.

E: I was a female nurse.

Binary Bard: Oh.

E: Yeah. I was cheesed. Oh well, it worked out.

Dr Hare: You looked fine, you sold it.

E: Thanks! So anyways, let’s see before I got sidetracked, it was sports.

Black Widow: Didn’t we do this one before?

E: Yeah, it was Sporty Boa. Oh hey, I remembered that without checking. Whoo. Anyways, re-asks are fine Wid. Sometimes answers change and heaven knows that people remember who sent what Qs before.

Dr Hare: Unless you’re El, apparently.

E: Nah, I just remember weird things. I have no idea which AtV it was. I’ll check.

*30 seconds of El on a computer later*

E: Well I’ll be… it was #3.

Dr Hare: Man, that was forever ago!

E: And look where we are now! We’re… *glances at Dr Hare, blushes, and looks away* Gosh darn it me.

Dr Hare: What?

E: Nothing.  

Black Widow: E is just infatuated, don’t worry about it.

E: *whacks Black Widow with her phone* No, I’m not! Shut up!

Dr Hare: *goes pink and facepalms* Oh gosh… Can we just have a day where we don’t get teased, please?

Black Widow: No.



To BW: I’m an artist too, and I think you gave some fantastic advice!

Black Widow: Thanks.

E: Art is fun. Wid, didn’t you say you had a DA once?

Black Widow: No, I said I did Inktober. Why?

E: No reason.


To E (Again): Don’t start a war with the Gang, E. We don’t want ANOTHER fridge dropped on anyone, after all.

E: Fiiiiiiiiine…

Dr Hare: Thank you. We really don’t want more fridges dropped on you.

E: I dodged it, it was fiiiiiiiiine…

Dr Hare: El, last I checked, we liked those guys.

E: Fair enough. Fine, I won’t declare war.

Dr Hare: Thank you.

E: War is still declared on Itch tho.

Dr Hare: You never told me why, I hope you realize this.

E: *goes red and facepalms* Um… Yeah.

Dr Hare: So…

E: So… what.

Dr Hare: Why are you two at war?

E: Long story. Tell you later. I’m going to go soak my head. *leaves, almost flustered*

Dr Hare: I’m so confused…

Black Widow: Who isn’t.


To DH: Wait, Crawfish went to another dimension? How??
Dr Hare: There’s been quite a few dimensional rifts opening up as of late. I think he’s on Poptropica 13, but still, no word.

E: It’s kind of scary… The Rulers are totally gonna kill me…

Dr Hare: No, they’re not. They like you, they wouldn’t kill you. 

E: UGH… I’m dead. I’m dead.

Dr Hare: El, breathe. Seriously, you’re going to pass out.

E: I… I’m fine.

Dr Hare: Well, we don’t know how he swapped, so… *ear twitches*

E: You OK there Harvey?

Dr Hare: Fine.

E: You know, don’t you.

Dr Hare: *ear twitches again* No.

E: Yes.

Dr Hare: Maybe.

E: Eh, whatever, if you don’t want to talk about it, it’s OK. I’ll be in the other room, I need to msg someone. *leaves*

Dr Hare: ._. I’m not worthy.

Binary Bard: You’d better hurry.

Dr Hare: You’re no help.


Arleen to E: If anyone wants to hurt you, I have… w a y s of making sure they don’t.

E: Aw, that’s sweet of you, but I think I’m good. Usually people don’t want to hurt me.  

Dr Hare: Usually. Hooded figure?

E: Heh… case in point.


Arleen to BB: Has being a cyborg ever hindered you in some way? For how cool being a cyborg sounds, I figure it’s gotta have some downsides.

Binary Bard: Well, nothing is perfect, so yes. I have massive problems with Metal Detectors, so I don’t fly much. Also, certain people like sticking magnets to me.

E: Heh. You’re like a refrigerator. It’s too fun!

Binary Bard: Yeah, until I decide to go outside and realize someone’s put magnets that say “Half of my heart is in Havana” on my back!

E: You wouldn’t be judged that much. Wonder what would happen if I got a Sonic Screwdriver…

Binary Bard: -_- I’m going to go tell Hare to never let you near one of those things.

E: Aw…


Arleen to LW: What’s the farthest place you’ve ever flown to? (Also, I just wanna say that you being able to fly is so cool! 😀 )

E: Got the vid call up.

Lucky Wing: Hello! So… The farthest place I flew was from Super Power to… I believe it was Cryptids. That was extremely tiring. My wings are not very strong and they haven’t ever been much to brag about.

E: Minus freaking MAJESTIC

Lucky Wing: They’re not that cool.

E: Pff, totally. Just MAJESTIC

Lucky Wing: *laughs* Stop screaming, you’re going to break someone’s eardrums.

E: They don’t really mind, honestly. I mean, they’re all in separate rooms anyways, this one here’s sound proofed. I think.

Lucky Wing: Wonder why they would do that.

E: Oh hush it…

Lucky Wing: *Smiles* Alright, I need to-

Nice Coyote: E! *shoves up next to Lucky Wing* How the heck are you?!

E: Hey NC! I’m doing OK, you?

Nice Coyote: I’m doing pretty good.

Lucky Wing: Hello Coyote.

Nice Coyote: Hey Lucky, fancy meeting you here! It’s like you live here or something!

Lucky Wing: Fancy that.

Nice Coyote: But how’s my favorite homie human girl pal?! I haven’t seen you in ages!

E: *laughs* I’m fine Coyo, like I said. And I saw you in November, that wasn’t that long ago.

Nice Coyote: Yeah, it’s OK 4 months ago, nearly 5. Happy birthday soon, BTW.

E: Oh, you remembered?

Lucky Wing: It’s 17 for you, right?

E: And 20 for you! Are you excited?

Lucky Wing: A little bit…

Nice Coyote: Remind me to get you two matching t-shirts.

E: Don’t bother…

Lucky Wing: Anyways, we need to go, we have a dress party we’ve been invited too.

E: Oh really?

Nice Coyote: Uuuuuuugh… I don’t wanna wear a dress.

Lucky Wing: You will survive somehow. Heaven knows how your sister does it every other day.

Nice Coyote: That’s cause she’s Berry and I’m not.

E: What does that have to do with anything?

Nice Coyote: Skill at wearing dresses.

E: It’s not that hard, you’ll live.

Lucky Wing: I used to have to do it every day, you’ll be alright.

Nice Coyote: Ugh, fine…

E: Quick question before you go… Have either of you seen Crawfish?

Lucky Wing: Why…

Nice Coyote: No, we haven’t.

E: No reason, just… curious.

Nice Coyote: Is he gone?

Lucky Wing: Oh no, are you OK? Did something bad happen?!

E: No, I’m fine, I’m fine. But… Crawfish disappeared last month! I’m worried that… it’ll happen to the rest of the Villains and…

Voice from off the screen: And you don’t want to lose your bunny boyfriend?

E: S-shut up!

Neat Berry: *appears on screen* Why is everyone yelling…

E: S-sorry.

Nice Coyote: Same old Robin, same old shipping.

Lucky Wing: This has turned into a visiting call faster than I could have stopped it.

Nice Coyote: We can always have more people in here.

E: How about no. I need to go, I have more AtV.

Nice Coyote: You should do Ask the Rulers again.

E: No. That was painful for my health. If I do ever do that again, then holy frigg I’m re-vamping. Also, my art was bleh.

Lucky Wing: Your art was fine.

E: I don’t think anyone actually knew what was happening.

Nice Coyote: I wasn’t even there so…

E: *laughs* It’s OK. I gotta run, talk to you guys later.

Lucky Wing: Goodbye!

Neat Berry: Take care of yourself.

E: I will, bye! *shuts the computer* Phew. OK.

Dr Hare: *peeks inside* You done?

E: I am now. *Leans back, hands behind her back* Um… incidentally, how much did you hear?

Dr Hare: Just the last bit. See, I told you they wouldn’t kill you.

E: Nch… Light this. I’m going to go play video games until I feel better…

Dr Hare: *smiles* Alright then.


Arleen to DH: What or who would you want to clone and why? Your response to the question about clones last AtV got me curious.

Dr Hare: Well… I was… OK, so I did do some studying on cloning, but I wasn’t allowed to experiment on it, due to the laws in place.

E: While you were at NISS?

Dr Hare: Yeah. How did you…

E: I’m good at guessing. Well, that sucks. But it’s also good, cause it’s kind of sketchy knowing someone could have a physical copy of me. For multiple and varied reasons.

Dr Hare: Fair enough. What reasons?

E: Um. Yeah, never mind. Who and why Harvey.

Dr Hare: Oh. Well, originally I wanted to start cloning rabbits…

E: Fair enough.

Dr Hare: And I wanted to try cloning myself too, but… *shrugs* Never got to.

E: Man, I’m sorry.

Dr Hare: It’s alright. It’s not the end of the universe.

E: What would happen if you cloned someone?

Dr Hare: Hmm… It depends. Would they be like the person or have no soul?

E: Or would they not remember anything at all. Hmm.

Dr Hare: I feel like we’re overthinking this, but at the same time, this is brilliant.
E: Overthinking things is my profession.

Dr Hare: I suppose it’s mine too.

E: Sweet stuff. Job buddies.

Dr Hare: *laughs* You never cease to amaze me.

E: *grins* Thanks.


Arleen to E (Again): Remember to say my name more often. 🙂

E: *laughs* Duly noted!

Dr Hare: *distractedly* You have a nice laugh.

E: *just about chokes on OJ* Beg pardon?

Dr Hare: *looks up from newspaper* What? What did I say?

E: …

Dr Hare: No, seriously.

E: Nothing. It was just a random comment.

Dr Hare: Oh, alright.


Incredible Kat to DH: Hey, what a coincidence! I can sing too! Oh wait, that probably isn’t a coincidence, is it. Meh.

Dr Hare: I can’t sing that well. I just sing a little bit.

E: PSHAW Harvey, you sound amazing.

Dr Hare: I’m not that good.

E: Yes you are! I love your voice!

Dr Hare: Thanks, but… I’m really not-

E: Shut up! *Laughs* Harvey, seriously, your voice is one of the best I’ve heard, and I’ve heard a lot of voices! Just take the compliment!

Dr Hare: Al-alright, but-

E: *pecks him on the cheek* But nothing! I need to go pick up Pop, but just accept my compliment and roll with it!

Dr Hare: *goes bright pink* Oh… ok.

E: *smiles and walks off*

Dr Hare: *rubs his cheek* Oh. Oh gosh.

Binary Bard: She’s on a roll this month, geez.

Dr Hare: Um… how long have you been there?

Binary Bard: Not even a minute. But dang, the look on your face was priceless.

Dr Hare: S-shut up. I doubt… she… it…

Binary Bard: Uh huh. I’m sure.


CC: Oh. Wait. He isn’t here. Darn it. I wanted to blackmail him into giving me a hat.

E: *typing frantically at laptop* Working on it!


BB: Can you believe people actually use BINARY TRANSLATORS? For SHAME! Oh, wait. I use them too.

E: Same.

Binary Bard: Im tam confuse…

(Hint, it’s Latin! -E, the hapless editor)


DD: Your spirit animal is a cat, right? So… like a hairless one? A sphinx, yeah?

Director D: *coldly* No, it’s not. However, if you insult people, they won’t tell you things you want to know.

E: AAAAAAAAND we’re moving on before someone dies.


BW: Have you ever been to the Louvre? Have you ever STOLEN anything from the Louvre?

Black Widow: Where’s the Louvre, Spain?

E: France, Earth France.

Black Widow: Oh. eh, never bothered. I’m stuck here, in the states. Besides, I don’t steal art anymore. I’m reformed, thanks.

E: Mostly reformed.

Black Widow: Whatever, same thing.

E: Eh… not really.

Black Widow: Just nod your head and we can move on with our lives.

E: Okie then.


BW: (Again) Are you secretly emo, and can you or can you not make a good omelet?

Black Widow: I’m not emo. And no, I can’t make omelets. What does that have to do with being emo?

E: Geez, who cooks around here?

Black Widow: We swap out. Didn’t you already know that?

E: It was rhetorical. Rhetorical!

Black Widow: Whatever.

Lucky: Green? Are we being stereotypical here? Why not red? Red is a lucky color for the Chinese! Wait. You probably aren’t Chinese, are you? But are you IRISH….

Lucky Wing: I’m… British.

Nice Coyote: I’m sort of a ninja, but those are Japanese.

Neat Berry: That is true. Where did you learn that?

Nice Coyote: Weapons are my business sis.

Lucky Wing: You run a spy agency.

Nice Coyote: Same thing. I’ll send this to E then.

Lucky Wing: Alright then.


E: You may or may not have another ship in your garage. I have no shame. I shipped you two again. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. You can’t deny it…..

E: Wait, what? I’m confused.

Dr Hare: We don’t have a garage.

E: I do. At my house.

Dr Hare: Honestly, you spend so much time here, I sometimes forget you have a home outside of the apartment.

E: I’m now concerned about the ship. Hope it was a ship-in-a-bottle size.

Dr Hare: Which kind of ship did she mean? Like just the boat or…

E: …

Dr Hare: …

E: Next Q it is!


Pop: Do you prefer to be called Poptropica, Pop, or Popcorn? BTW, I admit, I think you won the candy contest. Rematch sometime?

Pop: Yay! The candy contest was good!

E: Never again, Sofos Nera as my witness.

Pop: But I go by Pop nowadays! It was kind of confusing with Poptropica being my name and a game, so everyone just calls me Pop now!

Dr Hare: Who’s idea was that?

E: His, actually.

Dr Hare: Oh.

E: You’re still miffed about the no parents thing, aren’t you?

Dr Hare: A little bit…

E: *puts a hand on his shoulder* It’s alright Harvey, it’s perfectly OK to be miffed about something like that. Now we’re in charge of Pop, so we’re the ones who get to keep him safe.

Dr Hare: Yeah… you’re right…

E: Occasionally.

Pop: Hey Mom, can we go get ice cream?

E: Only if Harvey feels like driving.

Dr Hare: *smiles* Sure.

Pop: Whoo! Family ice cream day!

E: *grins* Yup!


Everyone: HA! THERE! I just sent everyone Qs! BOOH YAH! YEA BOI! UH HUH, OH YEEAAAH! But next week come…. *drumroll* THE DARES! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Heather: You missed me. Oh well.

E: Dis gonna be good.

Dr Hare: Oh no…

Black Widow: You know, if anyone could send some dares that are specific and to the point, that’d be great.

E: Like what?

Black Widow: Like you know what.

E: -_- Light you.


The Dolphin Violinist to everyone: describe (in detail) the perfect sandwich.

Pop: You put peanut butter on one slice, strawberry jam on the other, then you put them together and eat it!

Dr Hare: Carrots.

E: Anything else?

Dr Hare: No.

E: Okie.

Black Widow: I don’t really care.

E: See, you put Miricle Whip on both pieces of bread, then you put lunch meat, turkey usually, on both sides, 2 on each, then you put cheese in the middle, microwave it until the cheese melts, then you cut it diagonally.

Pop: Whoa…

Dr Hare: What if you can’t eat meat?

E: I… I have no idea.

Binary Bard: I’ll just eat whatever.

Director D: I don’t care for sandwiches.

E and Pop: *gasps* What?!

Director D: *Rolls eyes* It’s not the end of the world.

E: Yes it is!

Dr Hare: E, calm down.

E: This is calm!

Black Widow: Aaaaaaaaaaand… next Q.


Destiny’s Bounty or the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier.

E: Destiny’s Bounty! Please!

Dr Hare: I’d like a Helicarrier…

Binary Bard: Same.

E: But the Bounty tho!

Black Widow: I think you just want the ninja on it.

E: Well… just a little bit. I just wanna meet them, you know?

Binary Bard: Careful what you wish for.

E: Ach, what’s the worst that could happen?

Dr Hare: Please don’t jinx it…  

E: Fine…


Ireland or Scotland

E: I went to Ireland when I was 5. No, 4. Somewhere around that age. Can’t remember a thing. I’d like to go back.

Dr Hare: Not much preference.

Binary Bard: Scotland.

Director D: Neither.

Black Widow: France.

E: That wasn’t an option.

Black Widow: It is now.

E: … OK then.


To E: if you’re dimension jumping, can you jump to a few dimensions and pick up some friends for me? 😅 Let’s see….Lloyd and the ninja, Hiccup, Toothless and the HTTYD gang, Star Wars (ORIGINAL) gang…..oh and if you can pick me up a sandwich that’d be great. 😅😂

E: I wish! I don’t really get much choice in where I turn up. At all. As in I have none.

Dr Hare: Yeah. Unless… Hmm.

E: What?

Dr Hare: Just an idea. Anyways, you’re not allowed to got dimension jumping, OK?

E: Aw, come on!


And Dr. Harreeeee😏😏😏
I dare you to sing another Niall Horan song, anything you like😆

Dr Hare: But… But I don’t think…

E: Aw, come on Harvey, what’s the worst that could happen?

Dr Hare: I mess up.

E: Nah, not likely. You sound great!

Dr Hare: I… alright, fine.

E: Yay!

Dr Hare: *takes a deep breath and sings*

Waiting here for someone
Only yesterday we were on the run
You smile back at me and your face lit up the sun
Now I’m waiting here for someone

And oh, love, do you feel this rough?
Why’s it only you I’m thinking of

My shadow’s dancing
Without you for the first time
My heart is hoping
You’ll walk right in tonight
And tell me there are things that you regret
‘Cause if I’m being honest I ain’t over you yet
It’s all I’m asking
Is it too much to ask?
Is it too much to ask?

Someone’s moving outside
The lights come on and down the drive
I forget you’re not here when I close my eyes
Do you still think of me sometimes?

And oh, love, watch the sun coming up
Don’t it feel messed up we’re not in love

My shadow’s dancing
Without you for the first time
My heart is hoping
You’ll walk right in tonight
And tell me there are things that you regret
‘Cause if I’m being honest I ain’t over you yet
It’s all I’m asking
Is it too much to ask?

My shadow’s dancing
Without you for the first time
My heart is hoping
You’ll walk right in tonight
And tell me there are things that you regret
‘Cause if I’m being honest I ain’t over you yet

My shadow’s dancing
Without you for the first time
My heart is hoping
You’ll walk right in tonight
And tell me there are things that you regret
‘Cause if I’m being honest I ain’t over you yet
It’s all I’m asking
Is it too much to ask?

It’s all I’m asking
Is it too much to ask?
It’s all I’m asking
Is it too much to ask?


E: *sighs romantically* Harvey, you really do have a nice voice.

Dr Hare: T-thanks.

E: I think that I would honestly… nah, never mind, I’d sound silly.

Dr Hare: No, I want to hear.

E: It’s nothing.

Dr Hare: I won’t judge you, I’m just curious.

E: Well… I just thought… just that I really do love your voice Harvey. You should sing more.

Dr Hare: *bushes* Nah, I’m not that good.

E: Sure you are! Besides, even if you only sang to me… anyways, I just love hearing your voice, Ok?

Dr Hare: T-thank you.

E: *giggles* Is it too much to ask Harvey?

Dr Hare: Ha ha.

E: *dissolves into giggles*


I’m just going to quick post this, I’ll add the info later. Love you all, Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

A very technical episode

Yes, this is completely canon for the AtV plot line. Yes, it does have a plot line. I know, it’s kind of shocking. It didn’t start with one. This is massively technical, but it does sort of explain the dimensional stuff going on. Sort of. Anyways, hope you enjoy!


*Somewhere in another dimension, far away*

Alexa: Alright, guys, status check. Itch?

Itch: Everything’s stable, only a small amount of dimensional imbalance, about .15%.

Alexa: That suffices. Tech?

Tech: Got more tech, and the large scale Duplicator is working fine.

Alexa: Great. Kimiko?

Kimiko: Currently busy. One last thing I gotta do. Can it wait?

Alexa: Grr… Fine. Cyree?

Cyree: Music launch across dimensions is a go.

Alexa: Great. I bet Alex is doing fine…

Alex: *portaling in* OHJEEZOHJEEZOHJEEZOHJEEZ… *out of breath* Never… Let Sequoyah… Help you out…

Alexa: Duly noted…

Itch: Uh-oh. Dimensional imbalance levels rising fast. Looks like someone’s coming over here!

Alexa: Oh, heck. Everyone, look busy!

Itch: Alright, the levels have stood still for a while… Readings show the target’s far out.

Alex: Great. Kimiko, can you and Tech help me out with Sequoyah for a bit? She’s having trouble giving LVS a tour of the dimensions.

*A pale blue portal opens up above the bed, spitting a blonde teenage girl out next to it*

Girl: Ack… Couldn’t have hit the bed…

Itch: Well, they were closer than I thought. The three of you helping out Kali can wait. Help us out here.

Alexa: *rushing over to the girl* You OK? Wait a minute…

Girl: Ow… *sits up, rubbing head*

Alexa: E? How’d you get here? Usually Itch picks you up!

E: Yeah. About that… where am I, exactly?

Alexa: Alex’s base, Dimension Earth-1D0.

E: Awesome. Can you do me a favor?

Kimiko: Whatever you need, Ms. Elyana.

Alexa: What’s up?

E: *grabs her hand* Make sure a Cyberman doesn’t get me. *collapses*

Alexa: Oh, for the love of… Cyree, Song of Healing.

Cyree: *clearing throat* Arattzattza ya ribiraririn raba rittan rindam denrandu waba rittatta parippari pariri ribiribi risutan denrandu yaba rindan tenran deiaroo waraba dubudubudubu deiebu ra rittan dinran denrandu tatatataduuduu deiabuu.

TAS: *rolls a 20-sided die and it lands on 14*

E: *twitches, but doesn’t wake up*

TAS: *sighs silently, then grabs a piece of pizza and a stick, repeatedly poking E with both*

*20 minutes pass*

TAS: *still poking a non-moving E with a stick*

Alexa: Well, while Tech drags E to the medical bay… and while TAS keeps poking E… let’s figure out why this is happening… Alex, can you contact Sequoyah with any theories?

Alex: Working on it… *into earpiece* Mmhmm… yep… that makes sense… alright. *to others* Dimensional rift, Sequoyah says. Our best bet would be to figure out what dimension all this is happening in.

Itch: On it. Tech, help me with calculations?
Tech: Sure.

*2 minutes, 37 seconds, and 18 milliseconds in exact time later*

Alex: Calculation check…

Tech: *to Itch* No, no, 6.02 times 10 to the 23rd, ya dolt. *to Alex* Still-

*shrill scream from medical bay*

Tech: *sighing* …working on it…

*Alexa, Tech, Cyree, Alex, and Kimiko rush over to the medical bay*

E: *Sitting up with her head in her hands* I’m fine. I’m fine.

Alex: Yeah, well, screaming contradicts that.

E: I’m fine.

Cyree: Tech, scan her.

Tech: On it.

E: I’m fine… just a nightmare. Don’t worry about me.

TAS: *comes in rolling another D20, it lands on 15*

Tech: Scan complete…

E: I don’t need a scan, don’t worry about it… *tries to get out of bed, but sits back down hard* Ow.

Alex: Like I said. Contradictions.

E: I’m fine.

TAS: *pulls out a whiteboard and draws on it, then turns it to reveal an X inside a circle
and the word “doubt” next to it*

E: I’m fine, I told you. I… just need a sec.

Tech: Anyway, my scan’s results: loss of energy. Apparently the jump she made expelled a bunch of energy.

TAS: *rushes out of the room and comes back with a pizza box, opening it as if to offer E a piece*

E: What, for me?

TAS: *nods in approval*

E: Oh. Thank you. *takes a slice and starts eating it, crust first* Thanks bro.

TAS: *slightly confused as to why she ate the crust first, but nods back as if to say “you’re welcome” anyway*

E: So what’s going on? I’m… K, I have no idea. How long was I out?

Alex: About… carry the five… 29 minutes. Long enough for TAS to poke you with a stick a bunch.

E: Ok then… That’s way better than last time… That was 12 hours. Did you guys do something? *takes another bite of pizza*

Alex: Had my bud Sequoyah theorize what’s happening. We’re thinking while my dimension’s versions of Tech, Michi, Cyree, and Kimiko are out, Sequoyah could join us and help us fix this.

E: I mean to me.

Kimiko: Ah, that. Well, we did drag you all the way from the main room to the medical bay… That’s basically it, other than TAS’s poking with a stick thing.

E: Oh. It’s just… 12 hours is very different than 9 minutes… Oh well, not that I’m complaining. *keeps eating pizza*

Itch: Wait, did you say 12 hours?!?

E: Yeah. That’s what Lucky told me at any rate. *finishes pizza* Don’t suppose I could grab another slice TAS…

TAS: *hands her the box*

Itch: Oh, geez… Well, the fact that the time shortened from 12 hours to nine minutes is fine, but… Well, our trip’s happening sooner than we all expected.

E: What trip?

Alexa: *sighing, facepalming* The most chaotic dimension travelling trip ever. Assuming you probably won’t want to join?

E: No, I probably shouldn’t… I… well, we were going to go grab lunch… but… Somehow… I ended up here. I… don’t actually know… how… I… oh no.

Alexa: What’s wrong?

E: Everything… I was with Harvey, we were talking… oh man, I hope he’s alright…

Itch: He’s probably fiiine…

E: He’s probably worried sick. Wonder if I could call him… *pats pockets absently*

Alexa: What, did you lose your phone?

E: *sighs* Left it in the lab more like. So much for that.

Tech: Hm, let’s see… *reaches deep into a utility bag, pulling out E’s phone*

E: *blinks* What witchcraft…

Tech: Spatial Utility Belt, allows me to grab anything from anywhere as long as I know what area it’s in.

E: I can’t decide if that’s really cool or just sketchy. Maybe both.

Alex: It’s one of the things my Tech gave her. Heck, my Tech even gave me glasses with another version of Cattomi inside.

E: Technology is fun. Most of the time.

Everyone else: Indeed.

Alexa: Anyway, you need help getting back to your dimension?

E: I… don’t know. *mutters* It’d help if I actually knew the dimensional chaos status… *sighs* I’ll call Harvey, he’ll know what to do.

Itch: Lemme just stop you right there. Regular calls can’t go through dimensions.

Tech: Hmm… Can I see your phone real quick?

E: *nervously* Mine runs calls through dimensions all the time. It’s what I use to call Lucky and NC.

Itch: *in unison with Tech* Well, assuming you only have ways to contact just those dimensions, along with your own, if we do a small bit of rewiring and add an app that Alex’s version of Tech coded, then you can contact not just those dimensions, but any dimension possible. *Itch and Tech notice they were just talking at the same time and attempt to say jinx first, but they keep saying it at the same time as well, eventually giving up*

E: *blinks* Sweet glory.

Tech: Anyway, permission to do what Itch and I were talking about?

E: I… mmph, fine, but no snooping.

Tech: *takes E’s phone, opens it up, moves a wire, closes it back, then unlocks her phone with a “secret admin code” and downloads the app, handing it back to her* Just FYI, you had a notification from YouTube. Didn’t read what it was.

E: Probably the new sub one from yesterday I forgot to deal with. *checks* Yeah, it is. I think.

Tech: Ah, alright. Now let’s hope the large-scale Duplicator’s bug fixed…

E: What happens if it’s not?

Tech: Let’s take a look see. *walks over to a room where a large ring is standing, flipping a switch and making an energy appear in the ring* Hey, TAS, mind tossing me a slice of pizza for a test run?

TAS: *throws her the box of pizza*

Tech: *throws the box of pizza through the energy, making two*

TAS: *runs over and catches them, giving Tech a thumbs up*

Tech: Alright. Alex, your iPod?

Alex: I got it. *Alex tosses the iPod through, catching and making a second, tossing the second one to Tech*

Tech: *catching the second iPod, plugging it into a computer and recoding it, then unplugging it from the computer, tossing it to E*

E: *awkwardly catches it left-handed* Awp! Oh, thanks.

Tech: No prob! Tech 2 made that for Alex, and I recoded it to where if you take it and select Home, it’ll take you to the last place you were at in your home dimension. Added Alexa’s place and this base on it as well. Need any help, I added Alexa’s number to your phone while I was downloading the app, and I’ll fix whatever it it you need.

Alexa: …too much explanation, Tech. -_-

Tech: Apologies. *bows in respect*

E: It’s fine… you didn’t see anything else on the phone, right?

Tech: Other than the YouTube notification, the app store and your wallpapers, no.

E: At, knew I shouldn’t have had a Draw the Squad background. Oh well. You sure about the iPod?

Tech: Yup. Need to add any dimensions on there, just select “IS Base” and look for me. If I’m not there, try “Alexa’s Humble Abode.” Otherwise, you’re great to go home.

E: *hesitant* I dunno… Technology is kind of…. Been… going haywire in my presence…

Tech: If you need, I think Tech 2 made an extra copy of N.E.P.H.R.I..

E: No, no, it’s fine. I’ll… *pockets phone and stares at iPod* Oh boy.

Tech: What is it?

E: I… It’s probably nothing. Here, let me… *pushes the button and nothing happens* Um… *pushes it again* Why is nothing happening…

Tech: Hm… Lemme take a closer look. *she grabs the iPod and opens it up* Oh. Right. I accidentally took out the battery. *Tech grabs a battery from her utility belt and puts it in, handing it back to her*

E: Oh, thanks. *takes and and pushes the button again* Still nothing.

Tech: That’s… Oddly peculiar. Alex, mind letting her try your glasses?

Alex: *takes off his glasses and hands them to her*

E: Um… Ok. *puts them on* What the heck…

Alex: Do you see a bunch of random information popping up?

E: Yes…

Alex: Hmm… Must have that effect only on dimensional travel-related items…

Tech: Which is odd… Even with those who have no access to stuff like this normally, and have no electricity, can make this work fine…

E: I’m not sure… *Takes off glasses and hands them back to Alex* I’m gonna call Harvey. If worst comes to worst he can pick me up, right?

Itch: We’ll have to move bases, since I REALLY do not want ANYONE getting the dimensional coordinates of our base.

E: You gave them to me. Ish.

Itch: You just guessed them. Plus the iPod doesn’t show it.

E: Fair enough and I honestly don’t care… Can I just call him now?

Itch: *sighing in anger and frustration* Sure…

E: Thank you… *pulls out phone* Sorry, I’m just… losing my mind over here. *calls the number and puts phone to ear*

Itch: *quietly mumbling* I am too with this dimensional stuff going on…

E: Welcome to my world. *to phone* Hello? Harvey? It’s El, I- *winces* Yes, I’m OK. I’m fine. No, I… yes, I’ll send you my dimensional coordinates. *pauses* You OK? No, I’m fine, it’s you I’m worried about now. No, I’m with the AtG peeps. I’m fine. Yes… Ok, see you soon then. *Hangs up* Wow. OK then. He’s coming, apparently.

Itch: Oh, juuuust great…

Alexa: Itch, shut your mouth or you’re getting you-know-who taken away.

E: *Sighs* I’mma go sit down, I’m getting dizzy… *sits on bed, hard*

Alexa: Dangit, not again. Cyree, Song of Healing again.

Cyree: *repeats the song of hearing*

TAS: *rolls another D20 and it lands on 20*

E: Oh that’s what you did earlier. Now it makes sense… Seriously tho, I’m fine…

Alexa: Making sure, making sure. Shouldn’t be dizzy anymore, though.

E: I’m fine… *rubs forehead* Just… stressed? Tired? More stressed and tired?

Alexa: Well, Cyree’s healing song usually fixes that. But if that’s the case, let me get Michi 2 on the phone.

Tech: She makes potions. They’re useful.

E: I’m fine….

Itch: *quietly mumbling again* If by fine you mean technically trapped in this dimension until Harvey infiltrates our base, then sure, I’ll believe you.

E: Itch, if you want to take me elsewhere, I haven’t done the coordinates. I understand privacy.

Itch: It’s fine. Just make sure Harvey deletes the coordinates. I don’t want him coming back here again.

Alexa: …You know what, I’m not going to talk about what I just remembered because Itch probably just remembered it as well.

E: I’ll just… I’ll tell him to delete the corrds.

Itch: Alright. In exchange, I have the package for him.

E: What… package…

Itch: You know… it starts with the letter D and contains something you may not like.

E: No. What is wrong with you.

Itch: TAS, victory song.

TAS: *eating a piece of duplicated pizza, dropping it in the box and playing Itch’s victory song*

E: -_- That’s just cruel.

Itch: You’re talking to a person who’s life is mean. I’ve only been nice on occasion, and it stresses me out HEAVILY to be nice.

E: Ok then. *shrugs* Don’t look at me, I don’t have anything interesting to say.

Alex: And now we just wait for your friend Harvey to get here.

E: Yeah… *texts something on phone* He should be here soon.

Alex: Alright.

(Sooner or later…)

*A blue-green portal opens up in the middle of the room and Dr Hare steps out*

Itch: *immediately turns himself invisible*

Dr Hare: Came as soon as I could… sorry it took so… long…

E: Harvey! *hugs him* Thank you!

Alexa: Hey, DH…

Dr Hare: Hi then. El, you OK?

E: I’m fine, I’m fine… *lets go of him* You?

Dr Hare: I’m fine.

Tech: Glad she is… And if you could find a way to make the iPod I gave her work when she’s using it, it’ll allow her to go to different dimensions without the loss of energy.

*E and Dr Hare exchange a look*

E: I… don’t know how I got here. I just somehow ended up in another dimension.

Dr Hare: And the only device that seems to work around her is this… *holds up a small device* The others ones have all shorted out.

Tech: Well, I wired it to where it doesn’t short out ever, so there’s that. Just don’t use her iPod for dimensional travelling. Or Itch will hurt you… *mumbling* or so he says.

Itch: *now visible, slinging around Thumb Chucks in his hands*

Dr Hare: ._. Duly noted…

E: Pls don’t threaten him. We usually don’t dimension travel if we can help it. Which… I can’t.

Itch: And I respect that, just… Don’t go crazy with it.

Dr Hare: We don’t…

E: I… just keep getting slung into random dimensions, I guess.

Dr Hare: *looks away* Anyways, yeah. We won’t use it if we can help it.

Tech: I will make the simple request that you find a way to make it work when E uses it, but otherwise, it’s for emergencies related to E’s accidental dimension travelling.

Dr Hare: I’ll try, yeah.

Alexa: For now, i guess this is a “see you all later” type deal?

E: I guess… Thank you all so much for letting me stay here, even for a few minutes…

Itch: *checks watch* An hour, actually. Took a while for Harvey to get here.

Dr Hare: Sorry…

E: It’s OK man…

Alexa: Anyway, it’s goodbye for now, I guess.

E: Yeah, thanks again.

Itch: Oh, that reminds me! *Itch throws a CD package at DH*

Dr Hare: *catches in awkwardly* Oh. What… what is it?

Itch: Remember that disk we keep talking about? This is yours.

Alex: Yeah, goodbye now.

E: *pales* Oh no.

Dr Hare: He is right, we need to go now or we’re trapped here for a while.

E: Ok, fine… See you guys!

*Dr Hare opens up the portal and he and El jump through*


*Meanwhile, back on Earth 442*

Binary Bard: They should get back soon…

Black Widow: Give them a minute, E talks a lot.

*The portal opens up and Dr Hare and E step through*

E: *breathes a sigh of relief* Oh hallelujah.

Black Widow: E, you’re back.

E: Yeah.

Binary Bard: Where were you?

E: I’m not sure… Another dimension.

Dr Hare: It was dimension 1D0, at least, according to them.

E: Isn’t that like an anime?

Black Widow: Don’t know, don’t care.

Binary Bard: Yeah, but where was she?

Dr Hare: I’m not sure. The gun didn’t actually use the coordinates, it was using El’s dimensional presence.

Binary Bard: That’s new.

E: *leans against couch* Yes, yes it is.

Black Widow: It all seems way too technical to me.

E: Probably is for most of our readers too.

Binary Bard: What?

E: Nothing.

Dr Hare: El, are you OK?

E: I’m fine, don’t worry about me.

Dr Hare: *takes her wrist, checking her pulse* Your heart is going about a mile a minute! You need to lay down.

E: I’m fine… * her eyes roll back into her head and she collapses*

Dr Hare: *Catches her* El!

Black Widow: What’s wrong with her?!

Dr Hare: Not sure, but… I’ll take her to her room, she should be OK… I hope.

Binary Bard: Yeah…

*Dr Hare picks E up and carries her away*

Binary Bard: That’s scary.

Black Widow: Yes. What’s going on with the dimensions?

Binary Bard: I’m sworn to secrecy, sorry.

Black Widow: Wonderful. The end of the world could be happening and I wouldn’t even know why.

Binary Bard: Sorry.


Plot twist, plot twists everywhere!

So I hope you guys liked that! Special thanks to Vampi and his gang for lending a hand! If you so desire, you may ask additional questions! Ye. Alright, Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

Ask the Villains #42, Sorry Excuse of a 42

Update: Fixed the link, my bad. 



The Dolphin Violinist to BB: Planes or trains?

Binary Bard: Planes.

E: Trains! Ain’t going nowhere off the ground!

Binary Bard: This isn’t your Q.

E: Fair enough.

To everyone: Valentine’s day is coming up, got anyone special? 🙄

(This Q was done with the ‘Villains’ all being interviewed separately. For privacy reasons. Mostly mine.)

Black Widow: Pff, no.


Binary Bard: Sort of…? It’s… complicated. I’ll get back to you.


Director D: That’s my business.

E: *off screen* HE TOTALLY DOES!


Pop: Ew, gross! I don’t want to get cooties!

E: Heh… Oops.


Heather: Not this year, maybe next time. Plus I don’t really know anyone here so… yeaaaaaaaah…


E: I… well, I was going to… But! *Shoves cup off table* Never could do it.

Black Widow: *off screen* It’s cause you’re a chicken!

E: I am a Scootaloo I’ll have you know!


Black Widow: *off screen* What.


Dr Hare: I… um… well… I was going to… ask… someone… special… but… well, didn’t… didn’t quite make it.

E: Really? Who?

Dr Hare: *goes red* I’ll just… I’ll just leave now. Quickly.

E: What?


Again to BB: 1010101010101010101110000110101010101001010101010100000111001010111001101010101000101000101010001001010101010010101010010010

Binary Bard: I… can’t seem to translate that. Did you just enter 0s and 1s?

E: I think one of the online translators is screwy. It probably just that. Tip to people who use this, if it doesn’t give you spaces, please use a different one. I have a nice one right here. (LINK)

Binary Bard: They use online translators? That’s not fair.

E: *laughs* Vampi and I used to have translate wars on TC’s blog, I remember that. That was fun.

Binary Bard: That’s called cheating.

E: That’s called being successful.

To DH: I dare you to sing This Town, and (if you want, pweeaasseee do it) any other Niall Horan song

Dr Hare: Wait, what?

E: Harvey, you totally got this. You’ve got a great voice.

Dr Hare: *flushing* You don’t know that!

E: Carolling, this last Christmas. Yes, I can honestly say I know that.

Dr Hare: *goes red* I… It’s embarrassing, I’m really not that good.

E: Nonsense! You can’t be worse than… crum, who do I know who’s bad at singing.

Dr Hare: You’re not helping

E: Sorry. Here, you sing, I’ll make it up to you somehow.

Dr Hare: No, you don’t have to…

E: Just sing bro. I’ll help out if you need it. You know the song, right? It’s one of your favorites.

Dr Hare: How did you… right, crossover.

E: *smiles * See, I remember things.

Dr Hare: Yes. Yes you do.

E: Look, if you need me to, I could always leave.

Dr Hare: No, no, you’re fine. I’ve just got to… *takes a deep breath* I’ll do it, fine. Do you remember how it starts?

E: Vividly. *starts singing* Waking up to kiss you and nobody’s there…

Dr Hare: *picks it up and sings* The smell of your perfume still stuck on the air…

Waking up to kiss you and nobody’s there
The smell of your perfume still stuck in the air
It’s hard
Yesterday I thought I saw your shadow running round
It’s funny how things never change in this old town
So far from the stars
And I want to tell you everything
The words I never got to say the first time around
And I remember everything
From when we were the children playing in this fairground
Wish I was there with you now
If the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you
I saw that you moved on with someone new
In the pub that we met he’s got his arms around you
It’s so hard
So hard
And I want to tell you everything
The words I never got to say the first time around
And I remember everything
From when we were the children playing in this fairground
Wish I was there with you now
As if the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you
You still make me nervous when you walk in the room
Them butterflies they come alive when I’m next to you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you
And I know that it’s wrong
That I can’t move on
But there’s something about you
If the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you
You still make me nervous when you walk in the room
Them butterflies they come alive when I’m next to you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you

Everything comes back to you.

E: *singing the last note* Ooo-ooh ooh. *smiles at him*

Dr Hare: Was it good?

E: *nods* Yes. It really was.

Dr Hare: *embarrassed* T-thanks.

E: You’re welcome. You should sing more.

Dr Hare: *goes red* Thanks.

E: *hugs him* You’re welcome Bunny Boy. I gotta run, I have memes to respond to.

Dr Hare: So you did like it?

E: I loved it. You really are a great singer Harvey. Now, I gotta run. Talk at ya later b- Harvey. *walks off*

Dr Hare: See you.

Binary: She totally likes you…

Dr Hare: Whatever.


Fizzle to E: Be honest. SOMEONE had to make that meme a Q at some point. (Even if I’m technically in a tribe against them. (Long story, don’t ask.))

E: Do I look like I’m complaining? I am da wae.

Binary Bard: No, you’re not!

E: Yes, I am!

To DH: Since your lab and your bedroom are the same thing, does anything ever blow up and wake you when you’re sleeping?

Dr Hare: Sometimes.

E: Ugh, you kidding? I slept over the other night, the guest room is next door to his lab, I about died, it startled me so bad!

Dr Hare: I’m sorry…

E: It’s Ok, it’s to be expected. Besides, you can’t sleep in the lab at 24 Carrot, you have to sleep in a soundproof room.

Dr Hare: Or you could be chicken and sleep in an apartment 4 blocks down.

E: I had a down payment, I couldn’t just leave it.

Dr Hare: Chicken.

E: *sticks out tongue* Whatever Bunny Boy.

Dr Hare: You know I’m right Pixie Girl.

E: *laughs* Fine, you win.

Dr Hare: *bows* Thank you, m’lady.

E: *curtsies* You’re quite welcome my dear sir.

Black Widow: Are you two done flirting yet?

E: Shut up! This isn’t… we’re not…

Dr Hare: *goes red* Were we?

Black Widow: *facepalms*

E: I’m done! Next Q!


To BB and BW: You DID hear what happened between E and Hare, yeah? With the… the Q that just asked her to… and then she just… I need to lie down…

Black Widow: Well, E just blew a fan’s mind.

Binary Bard: I’m sure she’s thrilled. Hey E!

E: *pokes head in* wat

Binary Bard: You blew a fan’s mind.

E: Sweet. Doing what?

Black Widow: Long story, tell you later.

E: Okie. *walks off*

Binary Bard: *waits for her to leave* He meant when E kissed Hare, right?

Black Widow: *spits out her coffee* What?!

Binary Bard: She didn’t tell you?

Black Widow: Are you freaking kidding me?!

Binary Bard: It was only on the nose, but-

Black Widow: D***mit E.

Binary Bard: So, no.

Black Widow: Yep.

Binary Bard: Well, Hare told me about it. Imagine how he feels.

Black Widow: I take it he didn’t expect it.

Binary Bard: Not in a million years.

Black Widow: Figures. If he can’t tell she’s head over heels over him, he wouldn’t.

E: *pokes head in* Hang on a second, what was your Q?!

Black Widow: Nothing relevant to you.

E: Is it really tho?

Binary Bard: Yeah.

Black Widow: Definitely didn’t involve you and Hare.

E: -_- I’m never going to hear the end of this ship, am I?

Black Widow: Pff, no.


To E (Again): One a scale of 1 to 10, how big a problem is Crawfish’s disappearance? O_o

E: MAJOR! For one thing, I just had one of my friends go missing! And… something tells me this isn’t like D disappearing every once in a while. Crawfish had been gone almost 20 whole days!

Dr Hare: Do you want me to go look for him?

E: *almost guiltily* Y-yeah, that would be nice. Thank you.

Dr Hare: You’re welcome. *leaves the room*

E: *takes a deep breath, then sighs* Ok, so… there’s something else. Well, I’m not really supposed to talk about this, but, well… I mentioned the Rulers? They put me, well, not in charge, but sort of. Ish. Kind of here to make sure nothing goes wrong, I guess? It wasn’t my idea, but I almost had to accept. I… I don’t want to tell the others, I don’t want them to think I’m only here because of that. I started the Q&A because I wanted them to have fun and I wanted to get to know them better. I know, I know, it sounds cheesy, but… I dunno. I like the Villains, they’re some of my closest friend and I-

Dr Hare: Wait, what’s going on?

E: Aah! *Falls off chair* When did you get here?!

Dr Hare: Just a second ago. What’s wrong, is someone going to die?

E: What? No, why?

Dr Hare: *sighs in relief* I… Never mind, it’d sound silly.

E: Ok… Next Q then.

Dr Hare: What were you telling them anyways?

E: O_O Next Q!


Arleen to E: Sorry I didn’t send in Qs last week! I had to chase down a demon. With the chaos you go through, I hope you understand. -_-

E: Oh course Arleen! It’s completely understandable, just last week… well, you all read the crossover. That’s… shockingly fairly normal. It’s a really good week if nothing’s exploded and it’s a bad week if someone’s sent to an alternate dimension.

Dr Hare: Uh oh.

E: Uh oh? I don’t like Uh oh! What’s does it mean this time?!

Dr Hare: Um… I’m going to call some people.

E: You’re not saying Crawfish is in another dimension, oh please tell me you’re not.

Dr Hare: Well….

E: Oh no. Oh no no no… *starts hyperventilating*

Dr Hare: El, breathe. It’ll be OK, we can find him.

E: Can we tho?!

Dr Hare: Yes, we can. Breathe, you’re ramping up.

E: Ok, breathing. *takes a deep breath* We are clearly not having a good week.

Dr Hare: Pretty much, yeah.


Arleen to DD: Does your secret organization still do anything besides stand around? A yes or no would be fine, I understand if you don’t wanna specify.

Director D: -_- I do not currently run the spy organization. I was… well, removed-

E: Arrested.

Director D: -although I do remain in contact with the woman currently running it.

E: He’s dating her.

Diretor E: -_- Hare, would you please remove your girlfriend from the room?

E: I’m not his girlfriend!

Director D: Oh, really?

E: Yes!

Director D: Hare, would you please remove your significant other from the room?


Dr Hare: What did you do now?

E: *fuming* Nothing…


Arleen to BW: I hear there was massive progress towards Elyarvey. Ya think it might actually happen soon?

Black Widow: Probably.

E: I’m right here you know.

Black Widow: Please. I’m surprised you two haven’t already started dating.

E: I’m not in love!

Black Widow: You are totally in love.

E: I- *stops* Oh sweet glory. What if I am?

Black Widow: Well. Wasn’t expecting that.

E: Oh no. Oh no no no… this can’t be happening. Please tell me I tripped and whacked my head and I’m actually experiencing lucid hallucinations!

Black Widow: You’re not.

E: I can’t be in love, you kidding me?! I’m not good at love!

Black Widow: Would you say that… you’re bad at love?

E: Glory Wid, this isn’t a joke! I can’t have this happen!

Black Widow: What could possibly go so wrong?

E: Um, everything! He could reject me, which I honestly expect and would probably recover from but still-

Black Widow: He wouldn’t reject you, he’s head over heels for you.

E: Yeah, right. I just… I don’t want to ruin what I do have. Harvey’s one of the best people I’ve ever met and I don’t want to ruin that friendship!

Black Widow: Head over heels.

E: Yeah. Right. Like that’d happen.

Black Widow: You’d have to be blind not to see it.

E: I’m not blind! I just refuse to make that mistake again! *Slaps hand over mouth*

Black Widow: Excuse me?

E: I didn’t say anything.

Black Widow: Explain.

E: I didn’t say anything.

Black Widow: Either you explain or I’m going to go tell Hare you told me you’re in love with him.

E: Is that blackmail?!

Black Widow: Yes, yes it is.

E: Rude. *sighs* All I meant was, well, *sighs* I… This has happened before, OK? I crush on this guy and he’s just… not interested. I think he is, but he’s not. I misread people. A lot. It hurt the last time more than I’d care to admit… and it’s happened almost every time. I don’t want it to happen again and I don’t want to throw Harvey off either. It’s just… I dunno.

Black Widow: E?

E: Yeah?

Black Widow: Come with me.

E: Ok…?

*They go into the living room*

Black Widow: Hey Hare.

E: *squeaks* Oh no.

Dr Hare: Yeah?

Black Widow: *shoves E towards him* She needs a hug. I’m not a hug person. Dr Hare: Yeah, of course! *Hugs E* What’s wrong?

E: N-nothing.

Black Widow: Thank you. *walks off*

E: … *hugs him back and mutters* Thanks Wid.

Dr Hare: What was that?

E: Nothing.


Arleen to E (Again): That salty sea dog went missing, did he? I could help track him down if you want. 🙂

E: I… well, Harvey is helping me find him, so that’ll be good. We should be alright, thanks Arleen. Arleen. Arleeeeen. Dang, I like that name. Remind me to say your name more often.


Alex to E: We haven’t cloned you. I’m just saying we can. Tech2 made a cloning device.

E and Dr Hare: No!

Black Widow: One E is enough.

Dr Hare: Two.

E: I’d like to say that Elizabeth is different than me, also a ray of sunshine. Just saying.

Black Widow: Would complimenting her technically just be complimenting yourself?

E: Nah, we’re two different people. Plus, she’s cooler for multiple reasons, including that she’s from a dimensional abnormality.

Dr Hare: Which is pretty cool. So is El.

E: *flushes* Thanks.

Black Widow: You two really need to up your flirting game.

E: You mean like “Did it heard when you fell from heaven(change)” or “you’re so hot I forgot my pick-up line”?

Black Widow: Yes.

E: Hmm, let me think, um, NO. I don’t do flirting. *walks off*

Black Widow: Shame, she’s not too bad at it.

E: *in the other room* NO!

TAS to E: yes me steal ur memes especially rarest of pepes

E: You can have the pepes, but if you come near my da wae, I shall declare war upon your entire clan.

Dr Hare: Does that mean you declare war on Itch twice?

E: *folds arms* Yes. Yes it does.

Dr Hare: I really don’t think he ever took you seriously there.

E: I could always threaten to beat him up when the AtG comes back.

Dr Hare: Please don’t.

E: Harvey, it’s war.

Dr Hare: Yeah, but you could get hurt pretty badly. Itch kind of has a metal arm.

E: I fear nothing.

Dr Hare: Minus heights and mannequins.

E: *shudders* That’s a low blow Hare.

Dr Hare: Just proving a point.

E: Fiiiiioooooone… I won’t try and beat him up.

Dr Hare: Thank you.

E: But war is still declared.

Dr Hare: *smiles* Alright, that’s fine. Aren’t you a little busy with two wars declared?

E: Nah, the war on Jish is pretty straightforward. We just yell at each other. With kindness and friendship.

Dr Hare: *laughs* You never cease to amaze me.

E: Aw, thank you.

Dr Hare: You’re welcome. Now, we’d better do the next Q.

E: Next Q it is!


Vampi to everyone: So, how was everyone’s Valentine’s Day? I got denied by my crush.

E: Aw man! I read your post about it and I’m so sorry! Rest assured that you’re not the only one this has happened to. I’ve been rejected before, be strong! If you need the squad to come and bring you chocolate, we always could! Or at least I could. But it’s a good thing you guys are still friends! It’s always say when a friendship is ruined because of things like that. Just remember, friendship is magic.

Black Widow: Elyana, I swear, if you start singing, I will show your boyfriend your diary from 8th grade.

E: You wouldn’t dare…

Black Widow: Wouldn’t I?!

*Brief stare-off*

E: Fine! You win. I won’t sing MLP.

Black Widow: Thank you.

E: You’re welcome.

Black Widow: If you sing that, I’ll show him your current diary.

E Can’t anyone ask nicely?! *Sighs and shakes head* Kids these days. Fine. I’ll go. *walks off*

Director D: You never do ask nicely.

Black Widow: No, I don’t. Wait for it…

E: Wait a minute, what do you mean you’d show my boyfriend?!

Black Widow: There it is.


Alexa to everyone: *teleports a cookie cake through shaped like a heart with a note on it saying “e, email me/Vampi about what to tell everyone”*

Dr Hare: I’m just going to- *picks up the cake and starts walking away*

E: Harvey Hare, if you have a sugar high again I swear I’m going to pin you to the ground.

Dr Hare: Worth it.

Black Widow: Have you emailed Vampi yet?

E: I just got the gosh darn thing, of course not. Here, I’ll let you guys know.

*2 hours later*

E: *yells to the rest of the house* The AtG Squad wished us a Happy Valentine’s!

Black Widow: Great for them!

Dr Hare: Wish them one back!

E: I will, on it!


Kimiko to the Bard: Do you listen to EDM, and if so, what’s your favorite song?

Binary Bard: EDM. Electronic Dance Music?

E: Is it bad I really want to see Binary do the robot?

Dr Hare: I’d pay money to see that.

Binary Bard: I can still hear you both perfectly well you know!

E: You’re blowing my mind over here B! Just *mimes a mind blown*

Dr Hare: *laughs*

Binary Bard: Your answer is no, I currently don’t listen to EDM. Maybe someday.

E: I wonder how much of my pop music is secretly EDM.

Pop: What?

E: Never mind.


Vampi to E: do you read fanfiction dot net

E: I don’t read a ton of FanFics, especially after this fun Ninjago story I was reading turned into a total GreenFlame and not in a good way. Plus, they ruined Jay in ways I don’t want to go into. So not really…? I’m hoping to make a Wattpad at some point, especially since all my friends at school use it. And plus everyone in the Creative Writing Club. Which… is almost the same. Who isn’t in both groups? *Thinks* Oh right, Ms W. *Wrinkles nose* Anyways, um… short story no. Sorry.


estherli521 AKA Zippy Sky To e: since Kat made a clone of you *eyes gets bigger slowly* DOES THAT MEAN HUMAN CLONING IS FINALLY POSSIBLE??(sorry, Ima weird nerd)

E: I love weird nerds!

Dr Hare: Same!

E: Wait what

Dr Hare: Um… never mind.

E: Okie. Well, Kat didn’t make Liz, Liz is just a Dimensional abnormality, like I said earlier. However… Apparently Tech2 made a cloning device. However, again, that’s in another dimension, so I’m not sure if cloning is possible on Earth 442.

Dr Hare: It is.

E: Rly?

Dr Hare: Yeah, it’s just no one is allowed to do it, because it’s *makes finger quotes “unethical.”

E: Aw, I’m sorry.

Dr Hare: It’s Ok. Maybe next time.

E: Just so long as it’s not me.

Dr Hare: Why would I need a copy when I’ve got the original?

E: Aw, you’re sweet.

Dr Hare: Not as sweet as you.

E: *blushes* Aw… gosh, thanks Harvey.

Black Widow: Can I rename this AtV Flirting 101?

E: No, you can’t.

Black Widow: Maybe I will anyways.

E: Rude.


To dr hare: sorry bout that dare I gave e last ATV heard it was….. intense.Anyhow, there’s a big box full of pink carrots in front of your door. Why? Cuz I’m nice.

Dr Hare: Oh, thank you! *Whispers to E* Which one did she send?

E: *flushes* The one where… ya know. Dr Hare: Oh.

E: Yeah…

*Awkward pause*

Dr Hare: I’m… going to go grab those carrots. *walks off*

E: Ya know… I really really have anything against ‘intense’ Qs. I didn’t mind that too much. Wasn’t too bad, all things considered. Just sayin.

Black Widow: I knew it!

E: AAH! *falls off chair* HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN THERE?!

Black Widow: Long enough. But I knew you liked it…

E: S-shut up! I’ll admit to no such thing!

Dr Hare: *comes back in, holding carrots* Wait… what’s going on?

E: *shrilly* NOTHING!

Black Widow: E here was telling me some interesting information.

E: I was not! You listened in!

Black Widow: Tomato tomato.

Dr Hare: … You know what, I don’t want to know.

E: Next Q it is!


To dr hare(again): you know rabbits aren’t vegetarians,right? This morning I saw a rabbit eat the beef jerky that I left out last night.

E: Ew, I don’t like jerky.

Dr Hare: Neither do I… Rabbits are vegetarian, although not all of them follow rules, just like humans.

E: What.

Dr Hare: Humans are Omnivorous, but some people are vegetarian.

E: What about pixies?

Dr Hare: Those… probably omnivores.

E: Phew, Ok, just checking.



E: Well crap.

Binary Bard: Why are you saying “Well crap,” you’re not even involved!

E: Well, she’s totally going to kill me now! Ugh… I’m going to go hide in my corner of solitude and write my will.

Binary Bard: OK, fair enough. So… answering the Q, sort of? We… well, she’s the one who helped break us out of jail after Erewhon, She’s… she’s kind of a long story. But no, as I’m thinking most of you are thinking, it’s not Princess Elyana, this is someone completely different. It’s also not Charlotte.

E: It’s also not anyone I know or anything!

Binary Bard: E, she’s not going to kill you!


Binary Bard: No, you’re not!

E: Be sure to tell the world I died bravely. Also, tell Harvey-

Dr Hare: Tell me what?

E: ._. Harvey, how do you keep doing this?

Dr Hare: Heightened hearing, sorry. I know you don’t like eavesdropping, so…

E: Oh. Appreciated.

Binary Bard: So what were you going to tell Hare, E

E: You’re not too much older than I can’t beat you up.

Dr Hare: Violence isn’t the answer El…

E: Ugh… fine. Wasn’t anything important anyways…


To Black widow: How are you so good at art? I can only ~~barely~~ draw when I’m watching YouTube tutorials XD

Black Widow: A lot of practice. I also don’t trust YouTube.

E: YouTub is fine. I get that you want to keep your art consistent, but geez.

Black Widow: I trust who I want.

E: Fine, I’m going to go ‘trust’ TheOdd1sOut. *walks off*

Black Widow: More drawing tips.  Practice. Don’t be afraid to ask for constructive criticism. Only constructive, if they’re just telling you that you suck, they’re doing it wrong. Practice. And remember, other people aren’t better than you, they just draw differently.

E: You sound like Kix. She never gives me a straight answer on my art.

Black Widow: It’s a real thing.

E: I know, but when I’m asking for art critiquing…

Black Widow: Fair enough.


To DD: who made you bald?

Director D: Genetics.

E: Ooh, genetics is a bad.

Director D: Is a what?

E: Bad. It’s bad. It’s a bad. I sometimes break the laws of grammar when I’m bored.

Director D: You must be bored a lot.

E: I’d be insulted, but you’re too accurate for words.

To Everyone:
Who do you think is pops biological parents?

E: *frowns* I’m not sure this is wise.

Black Widow: Why not?

E: Well, I don’t usually like to talk about that dimension cause… I don’t want Pop to feel home sick. And… Yeah. 

Pop: But Momma, this is my home!

E: Aw… *hugs him* You’re a sweetie Pop. I guess it’s up to you then. Do you want to answer?

Pop: Sure! But… what does biological mean?

Dr Hare: Your parents who gave birth to you. From your original dimension.

E: Like… not us. I mean me. Yeah.

Pop: Oh. I didn’t have any.

E: *spits out her drink* S’cuse what

Dr Hare: Pop, you didn’t have any parents?!

Pop: Nope!

E: … that’s not… wow, ok. That… that’s a thing.

Dr Hare: But who took care of you?

Pop: We all took care of ourselves, sort of. Some of us lived together for a while, but then one day… I ended up here!

E: *looks at Dr Hare* About that…

Dr Hare: So you didn’t have any parents?

Pop: Nope.

Dr Hare: Then how were you born?

Pop: What?

E: Harvey!

Dr Hare: What?!

E: *drags Dr Hare off to the side* So I haven’t given Pop ‘the talk’ yet…

Dr Hare: The talk?

E: The talk!

Dr Hare: Oh. *eyes widen* OH.

E: Yeah. Kinda sums it up.

Dr Hare: I’m so sorry.

E: It’s Ok, it happens. I’ll tell him when he’s a little older, but… well, now you know.

Pop: What are you guys talking about?

*Awkward silence*

E: Nothing.

Dr Hare: Storks.

Pop: Oh, Ok. *walks off*

E: Storks?

Dr Hare: It was The Talk thing, I couldn’t think of anything better.

E: Still. Nice save.

Dr Hare: Thanks.


That only took forever and a day! I added the day part when I missed yesterday. Whoo. So I hope you guys are enjoying yourselves today! Random, I know, but Valentine’s was recently. I mean, it was Chocolate Sale day, (my bad) and while I personally didn’t get to go buy all of the chocolate, but I was still Ok throughout Valentine’s. Stressed. Ok. A mess. Perfectly fine. Well I don’t know, maybe I’m not a Valentine’s person, Ok?! I might just be doomed to be alone! (Where did I take this, cheese and crackers.) So putting out the info!

If you want to ask a question, dare, challenge, date, kiss, injury, timeline, whatever, the rules are simple: Ask whoever you’d like, keep it clean and appropriate (Dirty Sinners), put it in the comments or send it to E or Lucky Wing (I am known by many names…) on Discord or whatever and, above all, have fun! You can do dares, asks, all that from the first sentence. The main 6 7 (8?) people to ask are: Dr Hare🐰, Director D🔎, Black Widow🐞, Captain Crawfish⛵, Binary Bard🃏, and, apparently, me, aka E, El, Elyana, Phineas and Ferb guys, come on, or the Admin/mod.🌱 As well as Poptropica, the 10 year old child version of our favorite video game, and Heather, Dr Hare’s sister, who’s staying with us for now.(Or forever)  PLUS Lucky Wing 🍀 from my Fanfiction, Rulers of Poptropica, but she’s not around much. Since, you know, she’s in another dimension. Hence video calls. Also, You can ask any Villain you want, we’re just the ones who run this. (Again, video calls.) You can ask about dreams(HI), candy canes(Merry freaking Christmas in 11 months), crushes, ships, hair, opinions, Poptropica, rocks(DO ROCKS), pancakes, experiences we’ve had, Webcomics, never have I ever games, Reality TV, things that are even more completely unrelated to Poptropica(the game and the person, and yeah.)… basically, ask us anything(clean)! There isn’t a deadline for Qs, since I’m accepting them all week long. They’ll be posted on Mondays save I die or get REALLY sick. Or homework. Or holidays. Or drama(as in the kind people like, not theater). Then I’ll reschedule or something. (Or just be dead, whatever.) Ask away!


You know, to be honest, I really missed the AtV. You know those two weeks I didn’t post, because I was working on it with Kat? I mean, it was also so much fun that crossovers are forever my life, but I missed working on it during the week. And now I can! I… actually didn’t realize it until like Friday. And then it was interesting. I was going to post it yesterday, like I said, but I didn’t quite… have… all the Qs done. i.e most of the long ones. Plus this week has been kind of stressful! I don’t know why, but dang! I hope you all didn’t see my post on Luckily Bizarre. I deleted it only after a couple hours, because it was… kind of pathetic TBH. Anyways, it’s gone now, don’t worry about it if you didn’t see it, it was only up for 2 hours. It’s been an interesting week. I have a post I might publish about one of the highlights. Keywords are might post. I also had some family in town, that was nice. I’m honestly blabbering on at this point, I’m surprised you’re still reading it. If you are that is. If you are, post “shoe” in your comment. (sorry, now I’m curious!) Anyways, after all of that, I’m done. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!