Ask the Villains #81, Lucky Bunny

Hey, I got an AtV. It’s even on time.


estherli521 AKA ZIppy Sky: Short and dumb theory: Jelly Bean is secretly Dr Hare and binary changed Dr Hare into a bunny (that’s why he had the syringe)

Binary Bard: Wow, I feel trusted. He’s just Jelly Bean, guys. I don’t have magic, I can’t do that.

E: While that would be absolutely hilarious…


To E and Dr Hare: *squeals* You guys are going out on a d a t e! Finally! When are you guys gonna make it official?

E: Official? *flushes* It was one fetching date! Just a date! *hugs Jelly Bean* Why do you all do this to me. Bunny, protect me.


Red Tomato to bw: HIT OR MISS

Black Widow: What.

E: If you mean the TikTok thing, I’m going to ground you so hard RT…


Incredible Kat to all: I know I do this a lot, but some of these reference the last AtV. BEAR WITH ME PLS.

E: *propping Jelly Bean on her shoulder* You’re all good Kat, I understand. I haven’t gotten Qs to most of the Q&As in ages… Yeah, I’m a mess, don’t worry about it. I always like Qs about the previous AtV!


To E and Heather: Okay, seriously, Christina Perri’s ‘Human’ is on my top five. I listen to it all the time. More than what’s healthy, TBH. But that aside, TWENTY ONE PILOTS YUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

E: It’s a fun one, no judgement here.

Heather: Yuuuuuuuuuusssssssss

Binary Bard: Stop.


To Dr. Hare: I need your opinion. Would you rather be burned to death or drowned? I’m trying to kill off my MC, but I can’t decide between the two. But if you have a more creative idea, I’m all ears. (PUNS)

(Dr Hare is still not here or reachable, but I’ll send it to him when he is. I got this. -Editor LuckE)


To Director D: You know the bald jokes are never gonna end, right? (Even though that felt like a game reference more than a joke.) And do you know what I’m getting you next Christmas? That’s right. A hairbrush. (I’m so smart.)

Director D: This is the reason I don’t show up half the time.

E: D, no, come on… No… 


To Binary Bard: Do you like snakes? (I love random Qs TBH)

Binary Bard: Nope. Not really. Kinda sketchy.


To Pop: I don’t know if you’ve been asked this, but what’s your favorite candy? Mine are Reese’s Peanut butter cups.

Pop: I can’t pick! But… I guess if I have to… I really like Gobstoppers. And Peanut Butter cups.


To E: So, I’m assuming this ship is sailing? Am I right or am I right? Yeah, I’m right.

E: Right handed maybe! There is no ship!

(Yes there is. It’s been sailing since AtV #5. It has many names. But it’s not quite sailing all the way… Yet. 😉 -Editor LuckE)


To all: What’s your favorite color? Hehe, just kidding. What are your guys’ least favorite colors?

E: Uh… Gross green, I suppose.

Black Widow: Pink.

Binary Bard: I don’t know, brown?

Heather: Certain shades of yellow. Yuck.

Pop: I like all the colors!

Director D: …


To all (AGAIN): This might be late by the time this comes out, but HAPPY PI DAY! What’s your favorite type of pie?

E: Once again I question my life.

Pop: I don’t want to pick.

E: Here, I’ve got an idea. *holds up Jelly Bean and puts on a deep voice* “Hi guys, Dr Hare here, and all I have to say is that all pie is created equal. Especially pi.”

Pop: *laughs*

E: *giggles maniacally* Don’t tell him I did that.


Arleen to E: Aww, that’s cute that you got a pet rabbit. Jelly Bean’s a pretty nice name, too.

E: Yeah, I love this tiny bun. *snuggles the bunny* It was really sweet for Harvey to get me this little guy. He knows how much I love animals, but he’s the real animal lover. *pauses* Usually I’d make a dumb joke, but I got nothing. Someone else come up with something.


Opal to JB: Boops for you! *A boop is felt on Jelly Bean’s nose*

*Jelly Bean is a little surprised by a boop out of nowhere. Now he’s running towards the fourth wall and taps at it with his paws. He appears to be trying to boop Opal back. E is laughing harder than she’s laughed in months. Jelly Bean goes over to her and boops her nose. E falls over. In conclusion, possible success.*


Fizzson to BB: You never mentioned what that syringe was for. Or why Hare got Jelly Bean for E before he got back home rather then after. Or what you “Hoped would work”. Or what Hare had to grab out of state on a plane and why he needed to grab it in the first place… Care to explain?

Binary Bard: Um… well… the syringe isn’t that important, it was vitamins. Anyways, I told you, he needed to go get something from someone, who lives in Europe, sent me ahead with JB. He’ll be back soon, alright? Don’t worry about it.


The Dolphin Violinist to all: HAPPY ST PATRICK’S DAY 🍀🍀


Listen to Act my Age by 1D in honor of paddys day

E: Ok. I’ll do it… Tomorrow. 



E: *inhales* Abraham Lincoln poisoned Elvis and JFK is still alive! The moon landing was done by aliens and the pyramids were-

*Jelly Bean covers her mouth with his paws*


Any fandom theory

Black Widow: MLP is fake.

E: Sans is filled with a small amount of liquid determination and that’s what he bleeds if you kill him, you dirty sinner.

Binary Bard: Why are you so obsessed with that game.

E: Mushroom dance, mushroom dance, whatever could it be?

Pop: What…

E: *leans over Binary Bard* IT MEANS YOU’VE LIVED A LIFE OF SIN

Binary Bard: I never did genocide!

E: Neither did I, I just liked that short.

Pop: The Multiverse is weird.


Wanna go to ireland?

E: I went once. I was like, 5, so… yeah, probably.


Last song you listened to.

(Literally the mushroom dance thing. And now I have the TemShop song in my head. HEAVEN HELP ME -Editor LuckE)


E: *walks in, holding Jelly Bean* Hey, um, Binary?

Binary Bard: Yeah, what’s up?

E: Um… It’s been a week and I still haven’t heard anything about Harvey, what’s going on?

Binary Bard: I don’t know. His flight must have been delayed or something.

E: Oh.

Binary Bard: Why?

E: Why what?

Binary Bard: Why are you so curious?

E: *turns pink* No reason. It’s just been a while.

Binary Bard: Oh… I see. *smirks*

E: *flustered* Oh stop, he’s my friend! A good friend. Who I care a lot about.

Binary Bard: A friend you’re in love with.

E: Yea- No! Ugh, you’re hopeless! I give up! *stomps off*

Binary Bard: That’s what I thought. You can send Qs, dares, inquiries, magic anons, gifts, and the such to E, Black Widow, Binary Bard, Dr Hare, I imagine he’ll be back soon-

E: *pokes her head back in* Really?

Binary Bard: Yes, lover girl. I’m telling you, You’re obsessed.

E: *shoots him a glare* You suck.

Binary Bard: -Director D, Pop, Heather, Baymax and the Rulers; Lucky Wing, Nice Coyote, Neat Berry, Avery and Robin. Hope you enjoy!


Yeah, so… Yee. New story soon, hopefully. I don’t have anything to say, so… Enjoy.



Ask the Villains #80, Short and late

So here’s the thing. Dr Hare and Binary Bard are still out of town, so they can’t answer Qs…. So if I’ll have those answered next week…


E: Hey guys!

*no response*

E: Guys? Heather, Wid, Pop, anyone else who’s here!

*still no response*

E: … *sighs, then screams* OI I’M BEING KIDNAPPED!

*Immediately, the front door us kicked open by Black Widow, who’s wielding a katana, Heather jumps over the couch, holding a textbook and Pop tumbles out from under a table into a karate stance*

E: Um… The Heck guys.

Black Widow: Did you seriously just pull a false alarm because you needed to do the AtV?

E: No, I pulled a false alarm because everyone ignored me for the past 20 minutes. Where were you guys?

Heather: I was studying, I’ve got tests. Plus I’m not usually a big part of these.

E: Well, since we’re down 2 people, I need all hands on deck.

Director D: I see. *shuts the front door behind him*

E: *jumps* ACK! Where did… Never mind… Hey D. You joining?

Director D: I suppose.

E: Oh, awesome! Let’s do this!


Emma to all: What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

Black Widow: Eh, I don’t usually remember my dreams.

Director D: *sarcastically* Sleep, perchance to dream….

Pop: I dreamed I was a bouncy ball.

*pause, before E burst out laughing*

E: Oh my gosh… NEVER change Pop, please.

Heather: My weirdest dream is when I drank 8 Red Bulls, then dreamed I had red wings and was fighting evil demons with pixie dust… Yeah, there you go.

E: All I’ve got is a flying cucumber…

(And you don’t want to know mine. -Editor LuckE)


Trixie to all: Is there anything you’ve done that you since looked back on and realized “Wow… That was a really dumb thing to do”?

E: Let’s see, love potion thing, not telling Harvey how I feel, the thing with A, being a moron, my entire life, not telling Harvey how I feel and on and on…

Heather: Geez E, you aren’t that bad.

E: I beg to differ.

Pop: When I went to that trampoline place and I tried to do a backflip. I landed on my back. That hurt.

Heather: 8 Red Bulls. Enough said.

Black Widow: When did you do this?

Heather: Last week.

Black Widow: Ah.

Director D: I would prefer not to go into details.

Black Widow: I should have improved security of the ‘lair.’ *pauses* Ok, I’ll go change it here due to paranoia.

E: What…


Mimi to all: If you could invent something, logical or not, what would it be?

E: I’m not sure… Maybe a device that allows a person to shapeshift. That’d be cool.

Heather: Ooh, how about a cloaking device? 

Pop: Candy machine!

Black Widow: Better and unhackable security system.

Director D: How about a way to transport dimensions without delay and a way for me to get home?


E: Shaaaade thrown and noted.


The Dolphin Violinist to all: Choose a superpower.

E: Sticking with shapeshifting.

Heather: Um, I think mind reading.

Black Widow: Hypnotism.

Director D: All of them.


Heather: What-



Red Tomato to DD: Oh, hi! Welcome to my SCHOOLLLLHHOOOUUUSSSEEEE

Director D: I beg your pardon… What? Is… Is this a challenge of fighting or a song or…  What. 


To BW: I saw a spider once. I killed it. FITE MEH

Black Widow: Ok then. *pulls out a tranquilizer gun* I’m ready.

Heather: Charlotte no!

estherli521 AKA ZIppy Sky to E and Dr Hare: *squeals* You guys are going out on a little d a t e! Finally! When are you guys gonna make it official?

E: Eh? *flushes* It was just one date! We aren’t dating, we just went out once! *sighs* I… I highly doubt it it’ll ever be official… Why would Harvey ever date me?


E: Lay off!


E: Ok, so I’ll end this off, I guess. You can send-

*The door bangs open behind her and Binary Bard runs in, holding a small brown and white rabbit.*

Binary Bard: Oh, hi E.

E: You’re back? Where’s Harvey?

Binary Bard: Yeah, just got here. Here, will you hold him? *holds out the rabbit*

E: I… I guess…? *takes it* What’s going on? Why do you have a rabbit?

Binary Bard: Now that… That is a long and complicated story. *starts going through some boxes* Can you just hold on to him for a second?

E: Yes, I usually won’t turn down holding fuzzy animals, but I want an explanation…

Binary Bard: Of course, sure thing. Hang on… Found it! *pulls out a syringe that’s a quarter of the way filled with a blood red substance* Ok. Can you him still while I inject him with it?

E: *takes a step back* Whoa! What the hay is that for?

Binary Bard: The rabbit, stupid.

E: Your face is stupid.

Binary Bard: Just hang on to him. *he pokes the bunny with the syringe, injecting it with what was inside*

E: Um… Is something supposed to happen now?

Binary Bard: I… Maybe. *sighs* Darn, I thought that might work.

E: What might work?

Binary Bard: Hmm? Oh! Right, um… *takes a deep breath* I hate being the bearer of bad news.

E: What happened?!

Binary Bard: Nothing really bad! Listen, Hare is on his way back, but apparently, his flight got delayed and-

E: Why is he flying? You two drove!

Binary Bard: I know, I was there. Look, he had to pick something up in another country, so he took a flight, but it’s taking a while to get there, then get him back, then he has to take another plane… Yeah. But he did send you this.

E: This? The bunny? Why

Binary Bard: He got it for your birthday. It’s litter trained, even uses a cat box, and I’ve got food for him.

E: Oh! Oh wow! That’s awesome! That is so sweet of him… I’ll call him and give him my thanks.

Binary Bard: He might be on a flight…

E: Oh… I’ll just text, I guess. Something. *she holds up the bunny and smiles at it* Hey buddy! Hello! What’s your name?

Binary Bard: It’s male, it’s name is Jelly Bean.

Jelly Bean looked almost annoyed about it’s name, but I was absolutely ecstatic. I loved animals. I set him down and stroked him gently, scratching his ears. He snuggled against my arm.

E: Aw, what a sweetie… I love him.

Binary Bard: Good.

E: Will you finish off the AtV? We finished just before you got back.

Binary Bard: Yeah, sure. You can send Qs, dares, inquiries, magic anons, gifts, and the such to E, Black Widow, Binary Bard, Dr Hare when he gets back, Director D, Pop, Heather, Baymax and the Rulers; Lucky Wing, Nice Coyote, Neat Berry, Avery and Robin. Hope you enjoy!

E: Bunnies are cute.

Binary Bard: I’ll be sure to tell Hare you said that.

E: *flushes* Hush it…


So… Yee. Still short a character, but I guess you can ask Jelly Bean stuff. I’m out, sorry this is late! Bye!

Birthday I suppose

Yeah, so it was my birthday last week.

So I made a post.

I made this full of fluff so ppl would stop thinking I’m a terrible person who doesn’t want Elarvey to happen. I mean, I am a terrible person, but I do want it to happen.


Binary Bard: Ok, so… Do you know what day it is?

Dr Hare: Thursday?

Binary Bard: *sighs* Not quite.

Dr Hare: March 7th.

Binary Bard: Still not quite.

Dr Hare: E’s birthday a week ago?

Binary Bard: Was it?

Dr Hare: Yes, you didn’t know?

Binary Bard: Shoot. Well, what I meant was that meeting down in Montana.

Dr Hare: Oh, that!

Binary Bard: Yeah. We need to leave in a couple of hours.

Dr Hare: Geez… Yeah, you’re right. *checks his watch* Aw man…

Binary Bard: What?

Dr Hare: I… Nothing. It’s nothing.

Binary Bard: No, go on, tell me.

Dr Hare: … I was going to take E to dinner somewhere…

Binary Bard: Oh! Then go, do it now!

Dr Hare: What? But she’s not home!

Binary Bard: Yes she is, she came in 10 minutes ago, hurry!

He shoved me bodily out of the lab, then slammed the door. I turned around and started knocking on the door, hard.

Dr Hare: What the Heck Mordred?! What was that for?!

E: What did he do?

Dr Hare: *turns* E!

E: Naturally. What happened?

Dr Hare: He locked me out of the lab…

E: *frowns* Why?

Dr Hare: I… Long story. How was school?

E: Chaotic, same as usual. I did an audition, hope I get in.

Dr Hare: What’s the play?

E: Murder on the Orient Express. Fingers crossed. What did I miss here?

Dr Hare: Not much, to be honest. Happy late birthday, again.

E: *beams* Thank you, Harvey.

Dr Hare: Well, yeah. The big 18, congratulations!

E: *laughs* Don’t remind me! I’m kinda freaking out…

Dr Hare: Aw, don’t be, you’re going to be awesome. You already are awesome. You got this.

E: I hope so… *sighs*

Dr Hare: Oh, E, I was going to ask you… Um…

E: What? What is it?

Dr Hare: … Would you… Would you like to go to dinner with me? For your birthday, you know?

E: Oh, Of course! That’d be awesome, thank you! *pauses* We’d better go soon, I’ve got to help one of my friends with her audition later tonight.

Dr Hare: *a little stunned* Oh… Ok! It’s, um, semi-formal, so… yeah, I guess, yeah. 

E: Cool, I’ll go change. Thanks, Harvey! *runs off*

Dr Hare: Ok… See you! *leans against the door, shocked* Whoa…

Binary Bard: *opens the door* I told you so!

Dr Hare: I didn’t! I’m honestly stunned she’d… She’d… *slides down the wall, rubbing his forehead and smiling, disbelievingly* I can’t believe… Maybe I need to… Gosh. I need to change, don’t I…

Binary Bard: Yeah, you should. Ha, told you I was a good wingman!

Dr Hare: You weren’t helping even remotely!


I slammed the door to my room and held back an ecstatic shriek. Harvey had just asked me out. Right? Is that what that was? That’s what it seemed like. Oh my gosh… But… But what if I were wrong? Aw geez, what if it weren’t like that? Maybe he just meant it as a platonic dinner? Or maybe he did mean it romantic… But what If ruined it? If I screwed this up, I might just lock myself in my room and never come out. But for now… I needed to change if it really were semi-formal. I couldn’t believe this was happening… Happy birthday me, have a panic attack! Over nothing!

Case in point, I am a moron.


20 minutes later, we arrived at the restaurant, the Amiable Cafe. We got a table for two in the corner, ordered a sandwich and a salad respectively. As we waited for the food, Harvey tried to make polite conversation.

Dr Hare: So… Last year of high school, any plans?

E: Not really… I’d like to move into the apartment in full. Go to college sometime soon, maybe.

Dr Hare: Move in?

E: Yeah. I’ve already got my room, so you guys probably won’t have to accommodate me or anything… I’ll pay my rent.

Dr Hare: No, you don’t need to. Our rent has been paid for us since… Oh, ages ago.

E: Wait, really?

Dr Hare: Oh yeah. I think Wid is paying for it, but I haven’t really thought to ask.

E: Oh. That’s odd. Well… I dunno. I guess I’ll move my stuff in May or something, I don’t know.

Dr Hare: E, don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have you living with all of us, but… Isn’t your family going to worry about you?

E: They… They might, I guess. I’m not sure.

Dr Hare: Is everything alright?

E: Y-yeah. Just… Just been a little rough as of late.

Dr Hare: Do you want to talk about it?

E: I…

The waiter came over and dropped off our food with a little “enjoy your meal.” I poked at it, a little nervously.

E: Listen, I… I’ll tell you later, alright? It’s nothing serious, I’m fine, we’re fine, don’t worry about me, Ok? *smiles* It’s all good. Promise.

Dr Hare: Alright…

*Awkward silence*

E: So… What are you working on nowadays?

Dr Hare: Just… Little random projects. Binary and I got jobs a while ago at a tech place, we fix things, it’s a good job.

E: Oh, really? How awesome!

Dr Hare: Yeah, it really is. But it’s really not that interesting, to be honest.

E: I think it’s interesting! *takes a small bite out of her sandwich*

Dr Hare: I… Oh.

E: *pokes his hand* Eat, goof.

Dr Hare: I’m going to, I’m going to!


E laughed, and I was reminded of so many moments where I’d almost told her how I felt about her. I really was in love with this girl, wasn’t I? I really needed to tell her. Should I now?

E: Hey, you alright?

Dr Hare: Hmm? Oh, just… Just lost in thought.

E: Alrighty. *glances down at her food quickly, then back up at him* Penny for your thoughts then?

Dr Hare: I… I need to tell you something.

E: Sure, what’s up?

Dr Hare: *takes a deep breath* Ok, so… Humor me for a second, alright?

E: Of course! What is it?

Dr Hare: Well, I… Listen, E, you… You. You’re fun, creative, friendly, sweet… And… I… I lo-

Waiter: Excuse me, sir, sorry to interrupt, but this is from the kitchens. *sets two slices of cake on the table*

E: Oh? Where did these come from?

Waiter: Someone in the kitchen, Miss. I understand that they’re one of your friends.

?: El!

I looked up to see a short, dark-haired teenage boy tackle E in a hug*

E: Ocean? I didn’t know you worked here! I haven’t seen you in ages!

Ocean: I do! Got the job a month ago. Happy late birthday!

E: Oh! Thanks bro!

Ocean: Listen, I gotta go back, but enjoy the cake, alright? It’s on the house!

E: Aw, thank you Ocean!

Ocean: You’re welcome, bye! *runs off*

E: Bye! *waves, then looks back to Dr Hare* Sorry about that, Harvey, I haven’t seen him in ages. What were you saying?

Dr Hare: I… Nothing. Happy birthday.

E: *beams* Thank you. You’re sweet, thank you for taking me to dinner.

Dr Hare: *smiles* No problem.


The rest of the night went smoothly. We talked about light-hearted things and I joked around about, well, everything. We went back to the apartment, still talking. When we got there, it appeared that no one else was home.

E: Where did everyone go?

Dr Hare: *shrugs* I’m not sure.

E: Huh, weird. I wonder if-

There was a loud pop, and 8 boxes appeared out of nowhere. I only fell over startled and clutched Harvey’s arm a little.

E: Holy handbag!

Dr Hare: *winces* Ow… You’re kind of… Cutting off circulation to my arm.

E: I’m sorry, just got surprised… *let’s go of him and walks over to the boxes* Oh, there’s a note!

I read it to myself, then aloud.

“Arleen to E: Happy birthday! *Eight presents appear in the room* There’s one from all your friends at AAaF. Hope you like em’! ^^ “

E: Aw, that’s so sweet of them… Should I open them now?

Dr Hare: *smiles* I don’t see why not.

I opened them all in turn. Lucian got me some packs of Pocky and some strawberry mochi candy, Platinum got me a platinum bracelet to go with the necklace, Arleen had sewn me a light blue and spring green throw pillow with “AtV” stitched onto the front. I hugged that one. I couldn’t resist. Despair baked some chocolate chip cookies. Tiberius got me a rabbit plush, with a note about how I could now “Cuddle Hare”. I didn’t show Harvey that one. Fizz got me a holographic communicator, which let me talk to others via real-time holograms, like in Star Wars! Harvey enjoyed that one a lot. Hakuro got me a check for 80$ and Trixie drew a picture of me and my friends at AtV. I honestly felt close to tears when I got to the end. I wiped at my eyes, a little absently.

Dr Hare: What is it?

E: I… I’m not sure. This… This feels amazing. I haven’t gotten this many gifts since… Since… Oh geez, I can’t even remember… It’s… It’s nice to feel cared for. *she hugs the rabbit plush*

Dr Hare: E… A lot of people care about you. You know that, right?

E: *silent for a minute* I… Yeah.

Dr Hare: *takes her hand gently* Listen, E. I got you something too. But…

E: But?

Dr Hare: *sighs* Listen, there’s a technical meeting in Montana tomorrow. Mordred and I are going.

E: Can I come?

Dr Hare: I wish you could, but you still have school, remember?

E: I can miss a few days…

Dr Hare: No, you shouldn’t. But we’ll be back before too long…

E: How long then?

Dr Hare: I… It’s a week.

E: Oh.

Dr Hare: But I do have a gift for you. I just need to pick it up, I had it special made.

E: I… Harvey, that’s really sweet of you.

Dr Hare: Thanks. But… I need to go.

E: Wait, now? You have to leave now?

Dr Hare: Yeah.

E: I… You’ll text me, right? Keep me updated.

Dr Hare: Of course!

E: Alright… I’m probably making a big deal out of this, aren’t I?

Dr Hare: No, not really. But I do need to go catch my flight. *he leans over and hugs her* I… Yeah. Good luck. *stands up and walks to the door*

E: What about Pop?

Dr Hare: I already told him and Heather, she’s going to watch him while you’re at school.

E: Geez… You had it all prepped, didn’t you?

Dr Hare: Yeah.

E: Why didn’t you tell me?

Dr Hare: Because… Well, I didn’t want to… And I didn’t want you to feel obligated to come or anything. I can’t make you miss school again.

E: I don’t care about school, I can come.

Dr Hare: *smiles sadly* That’s what I meant. Anyways, be back soon.

He walked out the door and I heard him and Binary drive away. I had a sinking feeling that it might be more than a week until I saw him again tho…. Maybe… Maybe a lot longer. I hugged the plush rabbit tight. Was I overthinking things? I didn’t know. But… I could hope that I wasn’t. All I could do was hope. 


Yeah, I’m officially 18 now. You know what that means?

I legally can’t date a minor!

Oh wait, I can’t even date period because of how much of a mess I am. Ha ha whoops.

Someone please end my suffering.

Anyways, I hope you liked this! Send Qs if you want, I don’t have any, so yeah. Enjoy!


Ask the Villains #79, Insert funny joke here

UGH Ok, so… I’m sorry this is so late… Heck, I had to cut some Qs just so I could publish now! I’m so sorry… Those Qs will come out next week. I just need to get this out. So here you go. Hope you enjoy, because… We are jumping right into this.

Dolphin Violinist: Have you seen JaidenAnimations

E: I have! It’s been a while, but she’s awesome.


Fav Odd1sOut vid

Pop: All of them!


Current fav song (I also took this as what song best suits you, because I’ve never actually answered that Q… Whoops. 😬 -Editor LuckE)

Pop: Walking on Sunshine, Katrina and the Waves!

E: Human, by Christina Perri, I think.

Dr Hare: This Town, Niall Horan.

Black Widow: I don’t music.

Binary Bard: We Built this City, by Starship.

Heather: Stressed Out, by 21 Pilots or Believer, Imagine Dragons.

(Me, I’m that one vine. Thanks for checking in, I’m still a piece of garbage! -Editor LuckE)


The last movie/tv show is your life now what is it

E: My life is The Librarians now?!

Dr Hare: Doctor Who… Oh shoot.

Binary Bard: Protect the companion!  *shoves Dr Hare into E*

E: Ack! *barely catches him* Binary!

Dr Hare: Why?!

Black Widow: Heh.

Pop: My life is My Little Pony?

E: I thought you watched Ninjago last.

Pop: *gasps* YES

Heather: I am Sherlock.

Binary Bard: I guess I’m uh… I’m a…. Uh… I haven’t watched anything in ages.

E: I know that feel.


If you were a villain..oh, bad way to say this one 😂 um if you could IN AN IMAGINARY WORLD be any kind of villain, not the one you once were, what would you be? (Art thief, cat burglar, insane person etc.)

Black Widow: You’re kidding, right? I’m the art thief/cat burglar, Hare and Bard are the evil scientists, D is the backstabber, Pop would probably be the crazy one…

Pop: Hey!

Black Widow: Heather is the nerd, and E… E wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

E: Oi, I’d last longer! Way longer!

Black Widow: Uh huh. Keep telling yourself that. You can’t even tell your crush you like him.

E: S-shut up!


Fav color don’t shoot me

E: We have done this one, but don’t worry, we won’t shoot, that’d be- WID PUT THAT DOWN


Have you seen Star Wars the Clone Wars?

Pop: I love Star Wars! My favorite one is the one where Luke and Leia and Han and Chewbacca and-

E: No, we’ve only seen the original 3 and 7 and 8. I have regrets.



*Awkward silence*



Binary Bard: Stop.


Give me a 1D song you like plz

E: You can’t make me pick!

Pop: You can’t make any of us pick!

E: Do you even know who we’re talking about?

Pop No.



Pop: Who?

Black Widow: Some guy, I don’t know.

E: … Yeah, I really don’t follow him… at all… So congrats to him?


Describe The best dream you’ve ever had.

E: I am not going to tell you. That’s private. *turns pink*

Black Widow: Shockingly, I’m with E on the not sharing.

E: On me not sharing or on you not sharing?

Black Widow: I meant mine.

E: I am concerned…

Dr Hare: Best dream I’ve ever had… I don’t usually remember my dreams. If I do, they’re usually nightmares.

E: Really? Geez, I’m sorry…

Dr Hare:It’s alright…. It is what it is.

E: Still. Concern. In your direction. *hugs him*

Dr Hare: I…  Thanks E, but you really don’t have to bother.  

E: I am bothering! Like the stubborn woman I am!

Binary  Bard: In my favorite dream, I could fly through the stars…

Heather: In mine, I got to meet fictional chararcters.

Black Widow: We already do that.

Pop: I dream that E and Harvey will get married and be happy!

*Awkward silence*

E: *pulls away, bright red* Um… Pop…

Dr Hare: Anyways… Let’s move on now.

Pop: But Momma, Dad, please?

E: LET’S talk about this later, alright?

Dr Hare: Yeah.


Did you know there is a musical note called the Demisemihemidemisemiquaver? Legit no joke, this is real😂

Black Widow: I don’t music.

E: I googled it. That’s weird, but I’ve heard weirder.


Do a doodle

(Ok. Have a MS paint sketch, I suppose… I apologize in advance. -Editor LuckE)

Z maybe


Do you like carrots?

Dr Hare: Is this a joke? Yes! I love carrots!


Next time you see a pigeon yell KEVIN IS THAT YOU!? and run after it.

Binary Bard: I haven’t seen a pigeon here. Ever.

E: Welcome to Idaho.


Describe your current mood using only emojis.

(I’m going to have to come back to this one, since I am on a computer at school. I’ll do this next week, sorry! -Editor LuckE)


Which of you has the most sass?

E: Wid.

Dr Hare: Wid.

Binary Bard: Wid.

Heather: Wid.

Pop: Wid.

Black Widow: Me.


Arleen to E and DH: Our 50th AAaF, and 100th post… Also, AAaF’s one year anniversary, but that’s a bit later. Cool, huh?

E: Oh my gosh, yes it is!

Dr Hare: Congratulations!

(The anniversary is today! Congrats Fizz! Here’s to another year! 😄 -Editor LuckE)


Arleen to all: Alright, now I’m curious. Who all here has a boyfriend or girlfriend?

E: *muttering under her breath*

Black Widow: Nope, none of the above.

Binary Bard: I… I guess I have a girlfriend.

Director D: …

Dr Hare: I don’t…

Black Widow: You could change that…

Dr Hare: Leave me alone…

(Meanwhile, I’m just a 18 year old train wreck, anyone one who’s spoken to me in the past month can tell you. I’d kinda like to be in a relationship, but… I’m not stable enough for that right now. Maybe someday… -Editor LuckE)


Fizzson to all: Karma struck again recently. She’s working with a new demon named Rudhaa, whos attacks cause temporary psychosis. Be on your guard.

E: Oh. This is great. Nothing could possibly go wrong here. I’m sure we’ll be fine. She can’t get here, right? Besides, why would she come here? It’ll be Ok.

Dr Hare: Are you Ok?

E: No…


Fizzson to E: *Sends a video to her phone* Got payback on Luci for a certain… Incident lately. Thought it might cheer you up with all that’s been happening.

E: You did? *pulls out phone* Oh, you did!

Dr Hare: He what?

E: Come see. *plays it* Aw, that’s cute…

Dr Hare: That really is… *sighs* Geez…

E: What?

Dr Hare: Nothing, just… thinking.

E: Alrighty. I’m going to go save this on the computer. *hurries off*

Dr Hare: K… Bye.

Black Widow: You’re jealous, aren’t you?

Dr Hare: Where did you come- *sighs* Never mind.

Black Widow: You’re totally jealous.

Dr Hare: *confused* I have no idea what you’re talking about…

Black Widow: Bet you wish that would happen to you…

Dr Hare: Um… What… Oh.

Black Widow: *smirks* You do… I knew it…

Dr Hare: I do not!

Black Widow: I’ve got more love potion, you know… I could make it happen!

Dr Hare: Stop…

E: *looks in* What’s going on?

Black Widow: Hare wants you to cuddle with him!

Dr Hare: I do not! Lay off!

E: … I’m just going to go… *leaves*

Dr Hare: *folds arms* Thanks a lot Charlotte.

Black Widow: It was true though.

Dr Hare: Go away.

(But does Hare want to cuddle with her? Find out next time on the AtV! (Or you could just ask him.) -Editor LuckE)


Arleen to all: Pokemon Sword and Shield were announced recently. Thoughts?

E: *internal, happy high pitched screaming*

Dr Hare: I’m excited, but I don’t know if we’ll be able to get it.

Binary Bard: Drat.


Red Tomato to everyone: I’m back! Who remembers me? I left in April…

E: Welcome back! Always glad to have an old viewer back. But… Good luck catching up. Cause… Yeah.


To Dr Hare: How many shrimps do you have to eat?

Dr Hare: Um… None…? My hair is like this because of an experiment gone wrong, is that what you mean?

E: I dunno.

Dr Hare: I don’t even like shrimp.


To BB: Do you need a fabulous girlfriend? Just call a robot named Mettaton EX.

Binary Bard: Um… Who…

E: Mettaton is male, fabulously beautiful and taken, darling! Besides, Binary already has a girlfriend.

Binary Bard: Stop.

E: No. This is vengeance.


To BW: The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout!

Black Widow: Down came Black Widow and knocked it’s lights out…

E: Why?!

Black Widow: *shrugs*


To DD: are you baldi?

Director D: *raises an eyebrow* Seriously. The bald jokes really aren’t funny.

E: Just tell them. They won’t find out anything about your past besides what you tell them, and besides, you aren’t a spy anymore. You don’t have to be so secretive.

Director D: … And how do you know it?

E: I’m not only in the spy network, but I was entrusted with everyone’s files when you all came here. Yours is mostly covered up though, so don’t worry about me knowing something I shouldn’t. Come on D, you have to tell them eventually.

Director D: *sighs* You are right, I do have to tell them.

E: Rarely.

Director D: But I’ll tell them later.

E: Wait what

Director D: I’ll be back. *walks off*

E: … WHY


E: *typing at the computer frantically* Gosh darn you son of an individual *yelps in shock and pushes herself back*

Dr Hare: What?! What happened?!

E: I just about killed him!

Dr Hare: What?!

E: I almost killed Asgore! Harvey, I’ve lived a life of sin!

Dr Hare: Um… E, what are you on about?

E: Undertale…

Dr Hare: Oh. So you’re good?

E: I think so…

Dr Hare: Ok… Good. I’m glad. *starts to walk away*

E: Don’t leave me! *hugs his arm* I need emotional support!

Dr Hare: *turns pink* Oh… Ok. But why?

E: Because this game crushes my hopes and dreams.

Dr Hare: Then why do you play it?

E: Because I love it. And I deserve to suffer.

Dr Hare: Don’t say that… But I can stay inr here if you need me to.

E: Thank you….

*a couple minutes later, E screams and falls off her chair*

Dr Hare: *jumps up from what he was working on* What?! What is it?!


Dr Hare: … What?


Dr Hare: Um… It’s a game?

E: You’re a game!

Dr Hare: Ha ha. *goes and sits down back where he was.* Just don’t play.

E: Don’t leave me alone with it! *she runs over and hides behind him, hugging him tight*

Dr Hare: Whoa! What are you doing that for?!

E: Partially dramatic effect, partially humor’s sake… Also that’s sketchy… I don’t wanna die.

Dr Hare: You’re not going to die because of a pixel flower.

E: I know. But I’m done playing for the day!

Dr Hare: *sighs* Fair enough… *rubs the top of her head* It’s fine, alright?

E: OK… Sorry I’m overreacting,

Dr Hare: It’s fine.


And thus fluff. Fare thee well.v

Ask the Villains #78, Awkward and Anguish

Alliteration is fun.

Here is the AtV! I actually finished this thing Wednesday.

Then I got a bunch of Qs Sunday, but since it’s finals for me, I am going to say Heck nah, I do it next week. In conclusion, I hate my life and am now going to cry over my crocheting and study guides. (Not really, I haven’t cried in years. I’ll cry internally.) Hope you enjoy!


estherli521 AKA ZIppy Sky to Binary Bard and anyone else that can answer the question: Who is Emilia? In the last post you mentioned an Emilia and now you mention an ‘Em’, who, I can only assume is short for Emilia. So, who is she?

E: Heh heh hehehehehe… I was wondering when this would come up.

Binary Bard: *turns red* I was trying to avoid this…

Dr Hare: You aren’t good at avoiding it.

Binary Bard: Oh shut up.

E: Emilia is his girlfriend…

Binary Bard: Oh my gosh, please don’t.

Black Widow: Get over it, you’ve been dating for ages.

E: *smirking* We’ll talk about that later…  

Binary Bard: Or never.

E: Or now.

Dr Hare: Cut him some slack E.

E: Never.


Also to E: who is this Daisy you speak about?

E: Oh, Daisy? The others haven’t actually met her, so they don’t know her. Daisy is a friend of mine I met pretty recently, her and Andy and Will and SG, they’re pretty fun! I’ll link their Q&A, I only showed up in it for like, 8 seconds.


(Yeah, so… I told you I started a new Q&A. I wasn’t kidding. If you have DA, send Qs. If you don’t, get one.)


Arleen to E: Okay, so… You got very flirty with Hare, to the point where you ran out of flirts, admitted that you loved him, and even asked to kiss him, then Binary shot you with a curing dart. The ingredients in which accidentally combined to make an amnesiac, so now you don’t remember any of it.

E: … *tilts her head back and screams* WHY?! *takes a deep breath* Ok, so… great. I now want to change continents. *groans* Great. *sarcastically* Glad I told my crush one of my most closely guarded secrets. And then I tried to kiss him. Great. *sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose* I… I guess I’m glad he’s not bringing up… Man, this is so awkward… I want to tell me, but… I don’t want him to feel… Pressured. I just don’t know what to do. *pauses* H-Harvey?!

Dr Hare: *pokes his head in* Yeah?

E: I’m sorry about… About how I acted Valentine’s.

Dr Hare: How you… Oh.

E: Yeah. I… I had no idea I acted so… Upfront.

Dr Hare: Oh. E, it’s alright, it wasn’t your fault.

E: Y-yeah… Is… Is there any way I can make it up to you?

Dr Hare: *turns red* What?

E: I feel bad…

Dr Hare: … *looks nervous* Um…

E: *notices* What? Did I say something weird?

Dr Hare: No, I’m just… Well… I”m just… I’ll just go.

E: Harvey, wait! *grabs the back of his sweater* I need an explanation!

Dr Hare: *eyes widen and he stops, dead in his tracks* Y-yes?

E: *lets go of him and folds her arms* Harvey, what did I do? Is there something I don’t know about?

Dr Hare: … Not really… If they told you what you did…

E: They only told me a brief sum up, you were there. Please tell me.

Dr Hare: … You… You were flirty, used a lot of pick up lines…

E: Go figure.

Dr Hare: And… You kept saying that… That you loved me… And… Then… You wanted to kiss me. LIke Arleen said. You asked and… Yeah.

E: … Oh my gosh… You’ve got to be kidding me… Harvey, I’m so sorry.

Dr Hare: Did… Did you mean any of it?

E: What?

Dr Hare: When you were, well, drugged. Did you mean any of it?

E: I… *turns pink* I honestly don’t remember most of it…

Dr Hare: But… Do you mean any of it?

E: … I… I… I don’t know what I said.

Dr Hare: *turns redder* Well, do you want to kiss me right now?

E: *goes beet red* Well, right now I want to die in a hole! I… I don’t know, everything is weird… But I’m not going to randomly kiss you Harvey, I wouldn’t do that while in my right mind. Promise. At… *looks down* At the very least I’d ask…

Dr Hare: E… But-

E: Look, I… I’m sorry I pushed you. I’ll go. *walks off*

Dr Hare: … *sighs* I understand nothing.


Arleen to E and DH: Not the wedding. That probably won’t be happening for a while, honestly.

E: In retrospect, that makes sense, but please invite us when it does happen.

Dr Hare: Well, what is it then? I need to know, this bothers me.


Fizzson to E: Actually, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a Metroidvania game, like the newer Castlevania games in theme and gameplay. (None of them are actually new anymore, but y’know what I mean.)

E: Oh. Yeah, I don’t really have any games. I’ll check it out later.


Arleen to all: I feel like Tib has a massive grudge against me after what I did to him last AAaF, and I feel terrible about it. Any advice?

E: Oof, I’ve had this happen. Well, kind of. Apologize to him, find out if there’s some way to make it up to him. Relationships are hard, people… People can get hurt. Tib musta had something really bad happen in the past, I… I don’t know what, but clearly it’s sore for him. Just… Don’t push him on it. He’s with Trixie now, so hopefully it’s a little less… Painful. I don’t know.


Trixie to all: If you had the ability to go back in time, what would you do with that power?

E: Not let myself drink that love potion!

Dr Hare: What?

E: *poker face* What?

Black Widow: *sighs* I’d probably fix previous mistakes.

Binary Bard: Go back, see old times, meet some of my heroes.

Dr Hare: I don’t know… I’d like to fix some things, but… I don’t want to change where I’m at now, not really.

E: Why not?

Dr Hare: I like where I’m at, to be honest. I wish I hadn’t… Well, there’s a lot of things I wish I hadn’t done. But… I do like having friends again.

*canned “awww” sound*

Black Widow: Where is that coming from?

E: Look, I’ve played Undertale, I am not messing with the timeline. I’m good.


Emma to all: If you were a Pokemon gym leader, which type would you use?

Dr Hare: Water.

Black Widow: Earth.

Pop: Fire.

Binary Bard: Air.

E: *slides in on her knees* Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked!

Pop: I did what?

E: Harvey, I thought I told you to educate the child!

Dr Hare: He can fix a car engine in 2 minutes.

E: Never mind. You have done well.


Mimi to BB and DH: I’ve been getting pretty good with tech stuff lately, so if you guys need help with your inventions, feel free to ask.

Binary Bard: Oh, thanks Mimi.

Dr Hare: I’m good, I’m working fine.

E: You aren’t sleeping most nights, don’t you pull that bull!

Binary Bard: She’s got you there…

Dr Hare: I don’t need sleep.

E: I am going to duct tape you to your bed.

Binary Bard: I hope you realize that sounds weird.

E: Whatever gets him to actually sleep in a bed and not on the counter. He’s going to set himself on fire one of these days….

Dr Hare: How do you even know this?

E: Because I go check on you every night. Otherwise you’d end up sleeping on the floor 85% of the time.

Binary Bard: I was wondering where all these pillows came from.

Dr Hare: *flushes* Oh shut up.

E: At least let me help! Harvey, you’re hurting yourself, don’t pretend you aren’t, I’m worried about you! What are you so intent on hiding?

Dr Hare: It’s nothing, seriously! Don’t worry about me.

E: I… *sighs* Alright… I guess… *walks off*  

Binary Bard: She’s totally in love with you.

Dr Hare: Shut up.

Binary Bard: Just tell her how you feel.

Dr Hare: Shut up…

Binary Bard: You’re going to lose her.

Dr Hare: Please shut up.

Binary Bard: I’m serious here Hare, if you aren’t careful…

Dr Hare: Dude, I’m going to shock you with these two wires.

Binary Bard: Shutting up.


E: I’ll end off, unless someone has something to add.

Pop: Everyone should tell my momma how cool she is!

E: Oh, Pop…

Pop: She’s the bestest and she doesn’t believe me when I tell her, so you all need to tell her!

E: Pop, sweetie, it’s Ok, don’t worry about it.

Pop: *sticks out tongue* I’m a rebel.

E: *laughs* You can send Qs, dares, inquiries, magic anons, gifts, and the such to E, Black Widow, Binary Bard, Dr Hare, Director D, (Captain Crawfish is still missing), Pop, Heather, Baymax and the Rulers; Lucky Wing, Nice Coyote, Neat Berry, Avery and Robin. Hope you enjoy!

Pop: Are you going to go out with Dad tonight?


Pop: You should.



I’m done for now, so… Bleh.

Ask the Villains #77, Sugar, I guess

Hey, how you doing, I’m doing just fine, I LIED I’M DYING INSIDE

Srsly tho, should I dye my hair or not?

Quick announcement, if you haven’t done this survey, do it now pls! Results are soon! Here is the LINK!

Now, AtV, hope you enjoy!


Fizzson to E: Okay, so full disclosure… Both the love potions were my fault. Wid asked me personally for the second one, but I only meant it so you’d have the courage to confess to Hare. I didn’t realize would make you so flirty, especially when I tried to tweak it so it wouldn’t do something like that. The first one I had Lucian send so you’d drop your guard and Wid could more easily slip you the second, but I fully expected you to dump it out, I really didn’t expect Hare to drink it. Don’t blame Lucian or Pop for this. This was all on Wid and me, and I for one am sorry.

E: I… Fizz, it’s Ok. I kinda understand… If I had an easy fix to this whole… *waves* chaotic jumble of a confusion between me and Harvey?! I’d push that button. I just don’t know what to do anymore, to be honest. I want to confess to him, I really do, but… *pauses* Wait, I got flirty?! Oh geez, how flirty did I get?! Oh my gosh, what happened?! I NEED ANSWERS! 


Arleen to DH: So, you and E get slipped a love potion in the same week, and neither of you think to take advantage of that, screw your nerve, and confess to the other? Wow. Just… Wow….

Dr Hare: Well, I wasn’t going to! E was basically drugged, I don’t really think telling her how I felt would have helped… As for when I was under the potion myself? I literally said “I love you” to her like, 5 times. It’s probably good she didn’t take it seriously tho… It would have been… Awkward, to say the least. And it’s awkward enough. I… I wanted to tell her… I… I was planning on it… Then… Well, all this happened and I… I lost my nerve. I’m sorry guys, I just don’t know what to do…


Arleen to BW: So, be honest, did you really put a note on that soda that said “Do not drink”?

Black Widow: Well, yes… It just might have been really small. I plead the fifth.


Trixie to all: Good news! I confessed to Tib on Valentine’s, and we’re together now. Had a sort of date-like thing immediately after, too. ^^

E: Aw, really? I’m so glad!  

Dr Hare: We’re really happy for you two!

Black Widow: Can you give these two lessons?

E: -_- Lay off.


Arleen to Baymax: Been a while since we’ve seen you around. How are you?

Baymax: I am doing fine. Not much is happening with me as of late.

Arleen to all: Guess what’s coming up. 🙂

E: *squeals* Is it the wedding because OMC I am FREAKING OUT EEEEEEEE

Dr Hare: *covers her mouth* We’ve got our guess then…


Fizzson to the rulers: What’re your thoughts on all the craziness that’s happened recently?

Lucky Wing: It’s a little worrying… I’m mostly worried about E, she, well…She doesn’t do well with grief.  

Neat Berry: I w-wish we could go over there…

Robin: Me too. She’s been texting me and… Yeah, I’m kinda worried.

Avery: We all are… But she’ll be fine, she’s a strong person.

Perfect Cheetah: And if anyone threatens E or any of her friends, well, people will die.

Avery: Whoa!

Nice Coyote: Eh, I support this.

Lucky Wing: No killing you two…


Mel to E: Don’t worry. Amber, Quincy and I are all working to try and figure out who killed the AtG six and make sure they pay. When we find them, I promise I’ll give em’ a sturdy kick in the head for ya.

E: Y-yeah. Thank you. I’m fine, don’t worry about me… I’m just worried about what… What happened?! Who would kill 6 wonderful people so out of the blue?! Especially so soon after… *takes a deep breath* I’m glad I got one last crossover, I suppose… I’m fine, I’m just… Worried, I suppose?


Emma to E: Listen, if you need comfort, support, or anything else in light of the six’s death, you come to me, okay? You were there when I needed it, so I’ll be right here if you need it.

E: I… *chokes back a sob, then scrunches her face* Nope. I am fine. I am perfectly fine. I. Am. Fine. *takes a deep breath, then lets it out* I’m Ok. *she smiles, but it looks forced* I was just struggling that night. I’m OK, don’t worry about me. I’m just fine. Don’t worry about me, Emma. I’m good.


Amber to all: I’m personally surprised Lady Wid is bi. I didn’t expect that.

Black Widow: It’s not that surprising.

E: Literally everyone at AtG now is bi. Wid’s bi, Robin is bi, Daisy is so freaking gay it’s hilarious…

Black Widow: Who’s Daisy?

E: … Whoops.

(Incidentally, the people here all biromantic, not bisexual. Slight difference, less weird stuff. And then there’s me, who’s so dead confused about herself that she can’t function. -Editor LuckE)


IRL Ink to whoever: that moment when you realize you still need to do shipping even if the series is all girls so you just make everyone bi and call it good

(I know that feel Inky. Personally, I’m just trying to make the AtV more inclusive. But TBH, everyone should feel satisfied with who they are and what they like. And people shouldn’t judge people just because of who they like or how they feel, which is kind of a problem at my school. Anyways, sorry, my bad, didn’t mean to go crazy with me opinions. Be yourself guys. Yourself is beautiful. -Editor LuckE)


Miku to all: Which is better, Soundcloud or Spotify?

E: Whatever is faster. *plays Undertale playlist from Youtub at full volume*


Kasey to all: Found a cool video game. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon. They’re making another game in the Bloodstained series for Switch called

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Game’s cool.

Binary Bard: Sounds cool.

E: Sounds like a 1st person shooter that’d be super gory.

Binary Bard: You can’t handle gore?

E: Meh, not really. Ouch! *winces and sucks on her finger* I’m Ok. Just bleeding a lot, it’ll be fine.

Dr Hare: You are a funny woman.

E: I know.


IRL Ink to all: I really need help this most recent nintendo direct is overhyping me

E: Ok, so… What could distract Ink… Um… Try more video games. OR… You could buy me Deltarune! *grins*

Dr Hare: You still haven’t beaten Undertale though.

E: STUPID ASGORE I regret complaining about Muffet, she was easy compared to this.

Dr Hare: Um… OK then.

E: Seriously, Mettaton? A beautiful character who I could actually get past. He also is amazing and I want to be him when I grow up.

Dr Hare: You concern me sometimes.

E: I concern myself at all times.


Have you seen the Carmen Sandiego show on Netflix? I binged it in 4-5 hrs cause yaayy sickness 😂🤒😷🤕😖

E: Sickness sucks… No, I haven’t seen it, I’m not sure what to think of it. Cause… Carmen was the villain originally, wasn’t she? Wasn’t there a CD rom game? From the 80s?

Binary Bard: You really are behind the times, aren’t you?

E: You realize the most current game I currently own on actual disc is Mario Galaxy 2, right?

Binary Bard: Fair enough.


College major?

Heather: Teaching.

E: No idea… But probably English with a science minor. But she’s the only one in college right now.


College choice?

E: Just here at the PPL. Heather is going there now, actually. I’ll go there soon, probably.


Donuts or croissants

Black Widow: Croissants.

Pop: Donut!

E: Why not both?


Scotland or Ireland

Language of choice (like what language would you want to learn)

E: German.

Pop: All of them!

Black Widow: Aucun.

Binary Bard: I know Latin.

Dr Hare: *shrugs* I don’t know.


Cookies or cake?

E: Both!

Pop: No, cookies!

E: Pop-


E: … Who gave my child sugar?


Fav kind of cake

Dr Hare: Carrot cake?

E: All. The. Cake. Don’t make me choose.

Black Widow: Red velvet.

Binary Bard: Why so many treats?

Pop: Ice cream cake!


Should raisins be outlawed in cookies?

Pop: YES!


Fav kind of cookie

Pop: Chocolate chip!

E: All of them. Mostly.


Did you know dolphins are color blind, they only see the color blue

E: That is so random. I love it.


Did you know raisins are dried grapes?

E: Yeah, what else would they-

Pop: WHAT?!

E: You didn’t know…?

Pop: Grapes, how could you betray me like this?!


Star wars or star trek?

E: I haven’t seen Star Trek, and the Last Jedi makes me want to hurt someone, so let’s go with the original series of Star Wars…


Snowy climate or tropical climate

E: How about something in the middle?


Ice cream or pie

E: BOTH Binary, I need you to invent an ice cream pie asap.

Binary Bard: I’m pretty sure those already exist… Also I can’t cook.

E: Do it anyways!



E: Who doesn’t?


E: Ok… I’m going to go see if I can get Pop to calm down… 😌 Wish me luck.

Dr Hare: Do you need help?

E: No, I’ve got this. *smiles* Thank you tho. *walks off*

Dr Hare: … *sighs and sits on the couch* Great.

Binary Bard: *changing the channels on the TV* What happened?

Dr Hare: Well… E isn’t telling me stuff again… I think she’s avoiding me too.

Binary Bard: Probably… I’m sorry, she’s like that. Em’s the same way, I know what that’s like.

Dr Hare: Yeah… Still, I wish I could do something about it… To help her…

Binary Bard: I know. Just be there for her, alright?

Dr Hare: I’m trying to…

Binary Bard: You just need to tell her what you think about her. It’d help her.

Dr Hare: I doubt it…

Binary Bard: I don’t.

Dr Hare: *sighs* Look, I’m going to finish the AtV, alright? Then let’s just agree to watch Star Wars in silence.

Binary Bard: Fine. Or we could watch football.

Dr Hare: Um… You’re kidding, right?

Binary Bard: Of course I am, duh.

Dr Hare: Ok, so you can send Qs, dares, inquiries, magic anons, gifts, and the such to E, Black Widow, Binary Bard, Dr Hare, Director D, (Captain Crawfish is still missing), Pop, Heather, Baymax and the Rulers; Lucky Wing, Nice Coyote, Neat Berry, Avery and Robin. Hope you enjoy!

Binary Bard: Ooh, how about Librarians?

Dr Hare: Is that a rerun?

Binary Bard: Yeah, but still.


Yeah, so trying something vaguely new but not really. Anyways yeah, I’ve got the day off school, but I finished this last night, while watching Harry Potter Studio C.  Now I’m going to go crochet another scarf for money, yay! Thanks guys!

Love, Pain and Heartbreak

Golly, I feel like the scum of the earth!

I mean, uh, Happy Valentine’s.

Well, I got y’all a lovely special! I hope you’ll all like it and hope you’ll want to send Qs afterwards! Hope you enjoy!


​​​​​​​​​​​Dimension ???, 1307 hours, 14 February 2019, AAaF headquarters

Fizzson: *Working on something from the computer console*

*Black Widow comes out from a nearby hallway, dusting off her hands*

Black Widow: ‘Sup.

Fizzson: Oh, hey Wid. Wasn’t expecting visitors today… Entering some way besides the portal machine, no less….

Black Widow: Eh, your security is kinda flimsy. Kinda cool, but still passable.

Fizzson: Guess I’ll have to work on that, then… Anyways, what’s up?

Black Widow: I’d highly recommend it. Anyways, I heard you had a “love potion?”

Fizzson: Uhh… Sorta. Why do you ask?

Black Widow: No reason whatsoever.

Fizzson: Come on. You wouldn’t drop by here unannounced to ask that specific question for no reason.

Black Widow: *shrugs* I ask strange questions. Can you get me one or no? Then we can talk why.

Fizzson: Probably. I’d have to ask a friend, though.

Black Widow: Alright. Which friend?

Fizzson: Seth.

Black Widow: Alright. How long will that take?

Fizzson: ‘Bout a minute. What’cha need it for?

Black Widow: Well… Nothing special… Just… Trying to get something done.

Fizzson: Okay… *Creates a sort of intercom earbud, and uses it to call Seth* Ey, Seth. Am I interrupting anything? …Huh. Well, a… Friend is asking for a Lovers’ Kiss. Think you could send one over? *Pauses* Alright. I’ll ask real quick. *Deafens the intercom for a sec* Says he needs a reason.

Black Widow: Helping to show a certain bunny how a certain pixie feels about him.

Fizzson: Oooohhh, got’cha. *Undeafens the intercom* you know E right? Blonde haired girl? Flat out refuses to confess her love to her crush despite nearly everyone saying he likes her too? *Pauses* Well, one of her friends figures she might need a bit of a… Push.

*A rift opens next to Fizz, and a bottle of pink liquid gets tossed out. Fizz catches it, then tosses some money into the rift before it closes* Thanks Seth. Much appreciated.

*A small watch also comes out of the rift, it closing after*

Fizzson: …Oh cool. Thanks. *Pauses* Yup. That’s about it. Cya. *Hangs up, the intercom disappearing after*

Black Widow: This won’t have any severe side effects, right?

Fizzson: No lasting ones. Though… Hang on. *Swipes his hand to make his keyboard, typing something on it quickly* That should fix the one major problem of it.

Black Widow: Which was…?

Fizzson: Uhh… Let’s just say it might’ve caused a bit… More then love in its usual state.

Black Widow: *raises an eyebrow* Oh really now?

Fizzson: Yeah… E’ll probably have a grudge against us for this as is, but she’d straight up wanna kill us both if I left that in.

Black Widow: Ah. That sounds… Interesting.

Fizzson: Definitely. *Pauses* Oh, wait. *Types something else in the keyboard. The color of the bottled liquid changing from pink to clear* We had one of these in AAaF recently. The different color should make it a bit easier to trick her into drinking.

Black Widow: Alright, makes sense. She’s been really paranoid recently.

Fizzson: For good reason, given what’s been going on lately.

Black Widow: Fair enough.

Fizzson: Anyways, is that everything you came for?

Black Widow: Yup. Do I need to pay you any?

Fizzson: Nah. This is for a good cause, so don’t worry about paying me back.

Black Widow: *shrugs* Alright. *smirks* I guess you’re going to want to know what happened afterwards though.

Fizzson: Oh, absolutely.

Black Widow: I figured as much. I’ll see how much I can get on video.

Fizzson: Alrighty. Hopefully, this all works out.

Black Widow: Hopefully.I’m not terribly concerned, E just needs a little nudge.

Fizzson: Sounds about right. *Pauses* Anyways, you should probably get going.

Black Widow: Probably. *holds out her hand*

Fizzson: *Hands her the bottle* See you around, Wid.

Black Widow: Alright. *starts off down the hallway*

Fizzson: *Waves goodbye, then goes back to working on the computer console*


​​​​​​​​​​​​Earth 442, 1321 hours, 11 November 2018, "The Villains' Apartment", Apartment 606

Black Widow: I got something.

Binary Bard: What?

Black Widow: A love potion. It’s for E.

Binary Bard: What?! Why do you need it?

Black Widow: Why not? They aren’t really going anywhere right now. If it’s temporary, then it’ll be fine.

Binary Bard: I am incredibly uncomfortable with this.

Black Widow: Alright, alright fine. But I already got it, so what do we do with it?

Binary Bard: Burn it.

Black Widow: That’s not how it works.

Binary Bard: I don’t know, I wasn’t the one who got an emotion manipulating potion and put it in a Sprite can!

Black Widow: Fair enough. I’ll just throw it in the fridge then.

Binary Bard: You should probably put a note that says “DO NOT DRINK” on it so we don’t have an accident or something.

Black Widow: Chill out, what’s the worst that could happen?


Pop: Momma, I got this for you!

E: What is it?

Pop: It’s a soda, Binary said you liked Sprite!

E: I imagine he was making a pun, but yes, yes I do. Thanks buddy! *takes the can*

Pop: You’re welcome!

E: Is this for Valentine’s? Where did you get this?

Pop: I got it from the fridge, but it was Heather’s, so I’ll pay her back.

E: … Ok. *pops open the can* Thank you Poppie!

Pop: You’re welcome! *runs off*

E: *sips it then pauses, wrinkling her nose* Oof. This does not taste normal. *pauses again, then sips* Nope, this tastes totally off.

Dr Hare: *walks in* What does?

E: The soda Pop gave me a couple minutes ago.

Dr Hare: Weird… Do you know why?

E: Nah, no clue. *sips it again*

Dr Hare: You should probably stop drinking it then.

E: Probably. *sets it on the counter* Well, that was weird.

Dr Hare: Yeah… are you feeling Ok? Was it like poison or something?

E: I don’t think so. It tasted kind of… pink.

Dr Hare: Pink?

E: Yeah… Geez, that’s weird….

Dr Hare: I’m a little worried about this now.

E: Eh… It’s fine, Pop wouldn’t poison me. I’ve just got to- Ow! *she puts her hand over her eye, wincing and wobbling on the spot.*

Dr Hare: E! *catches her as she collapses* E, are you OK?!

E: I… I’m not sure… Ow! *she covers her eyes in pain* I’m OK! I’m Ok!

Dr Hare: What happened?!

E: I… I don’t know…

She opened her eyes, but instead of blue, they were glowing pink hearts.

E: I… I guess maybe I fell for you.

Dr Hare: … What?!

E: Here, help me up, please.

Dr Hare: Um…. Ok?

I helped her to her feet and she steadied herself against the nearby desk. She looked up at me and smiled, almost… Flirtatious.

Dr Hare: Are you alright?

E: Great, now that you’re here. *winks*

Dr Hare: What?

E: I’m just wondering… Are you a thief?

Dr Hare: Uh… no.

E: Well, you stole my heart!

Dr Hare: You are definitely not alright.

E: I’m alright… but you’re looking fine.

Dr Hare: Um… Why are you all flirty all of a sudden? Why all the pickup lines?

E: *shrugs* Probably because… I’ve never flirted in my life. I’m not very good at this.

Dr Hare: But why are you flirting?

E: Because I think you’re cute.

Dr Hare: *turns red* What… Ok, what happened?! Are you an alternate E or was that stuff laced with drugs?!

E: Nope, it’s just me, E to the Wing. I have no idea for that last part tho. All I had was the Sprite-

Dr Hare: The Sprite! Where is it?

E: On the desk. You can have some if you want. Or you could have my heart.  But you already have that…

Dr Hare: I am so worried for you right now.

E: I don’t know why sweetheart… *winks*

Dr Hare: I… alright then.

I took the soda can and poured a little into a clear cup. The drink was white with strange bubbles, which isn’t usually what soda looked like. Then again, all of this was anything but normal, especially E’s behavior… I turned to see her right next to me, leaning over my shoulder.

E: Hey. Are you from Tennessee? Cause you’re the only… 10-I-see!

Dr Hare: Why?

E: I… Yeah, I can’t stop.

Dr Hare: Do you mean you can’t stop because you want to keep flirting, or is it because you physically can’t.

E: Honestly, probably the second one. Plus you’re like an magnet, very attractive.

Dr Hare: Um… who gave you the soda?

E: Pop did.

Dr Hare: Really?

E: Duh, how could I lie to you, you… um… I’m out of pickup lines.

Dr Hare: I’m very concerned. Come on… *waves for her to follow him and starts towards the door*

E: Coming! Oh, your hand looks heavy, may I hold it for you?

Dr Hare: I… fine?

E: Yay! *she grabs his hand and kisses him on the cheek*

Dr Hare: *turns red* Um… Thank you? That’s nice of you…

E: Aw, thanks! It wasn’t as nice as you are tho…

Binary Bard: *opens the door* Hey, um, guys? There’s a Sprite can in the fridge, don’t drink it, it’s not-

He stopped dead. It definitely looked weird. E was cuddling up to me, I probably looked incredibly nervous(wonder why) and the very can he was talking about sat on a nearby desk.

Binary Bard: … Oh my Arthrus. Who drank it?

Dr Hare: Who do you think?!

E: Oh, that was me, sorry! Hello, by the way.

Dr Hare: Oh, so you’ll flirt with me, but not with him?

E: You’re cuter than he is.

Binary Bard: Hey, he- *sighs* Ok, how much?

Dr Hare: No idea…

E: Just a quarter of it, don’t worry! What was it?

Binary Bard: Um… *looks incredibly uncomfortable* It… It was kind of a love potion.

Dr Hare: Where did you get a love potion?!

E: And why’d you give it to Pop?

Binary Bard: I didn’t! *sighs and facepalms* Wid got it, I don’t know who from or even why. You’d have to talk to her. Has anything… bad happened?

E: I don’t work that way, B.

Dr Hare: No, just a lot of pick-up lines.

E: I’m decent at those! Ish. Not really.

Binary Bard: … Ok then. I’ll just… run.

Dr Hare: No, wait! *releases himself from E, hurries over to him and whispers horsely*

What do I do here?

Binary Bard: How should I know, this hasn’t happened to me before! The potion wears off in half an hour, I think.

Dr Hare: Ok, fine, but… what do I do about her… *waves at E’s general direction*

E: *waves back, even if she doesn’t know what’s going on*

Binary Bard: Um… you know she likes you, right?

Dr Hare: She’s under the effect of a love potion right now, I’m not sure this counts!

Binary Bard: No, I mean… *sighs and rolls his eyes*  Never mind. Listen, just… Be careful, alright? If you don’t want anything to happen, you’re going to need your guard up.

Dr Hare: What? Why?

Binary Bard: Because, well… if she’s more flirty… she might want to kiss you…

Dr Hare: *turns red* Wait, really?! Is that likely to happen?!

Binary Bard: Honestly? I have no idea! It’s modified Lover’s Kiss, I have no idea what could happen!

Dr Hare: Great… so I’m doomed. Wish me luck, I’ll need it… What do I do for the next 20 minutes?

Binary Bard: I don’t know, profess your feelings.

Dr Hare: That would make it worse!

Binary Bard: Fair enough. Tell her after it wears off.

Dr Hare: No!

Binary Bard: You have to tell her eventually.

Dr Hare: You really aren’t helping!

E: *peeks over Dr Hare’s shoulder* What are we telling me?

Dr Hare: *jumps* Nothing!

Binary Bard: Well, good luck you two! *walks off*

E: Bye!

Dr Hare: *glances at her awkwardly* Oh boy…

E: Oh girl, actually. *winks*

We sat on opposite sides of the room. E was watching me, I could tell. Her eyes were still pink hearts, but every time I looked at her, I couldn’t seem to keep eye contact with her for more than a second. I kept working, anxiously.

E: Am I making you nervous?

I looked over at her. She was looking at me, head tilted.

Dr Hare: W-what?

E: Am I making you nervous, Harvey?

Dr Hare: N-no, why?

E: *frowns* Because you’re acting nervous. Harvey, Listen, I… I’m sorry. For making you nervous. But… why exactly is making you nervous?

Dr Hare: Well… You got drugged and you’re acting strange. I’m just… worried.

E: Oh. *looks down, then looks back up at him* Can I make it up to you?

Dr Hare: No, it’s alright, it’s not your fault.

E: But… I feel bad.

Dr Hare: Don’t. It’s alright… I just… *looks back at his work* I don’t know.

E: … *walks over to him and hugs him from behind* I love you.

Dr Hare: *turns bright red* T-thanks.

E: I just… You’re wonderful, you’ve done so much…

Dr Hare: Not really…

E: You do! You’ve saved my life so many times, you’re fun, cute, and you’re smart. You’re so passionate about your work… And…. You seem to genuinely care about me. I… I don’t get that a lot…

Dr Hare: … E…

E: *wipes at her eyes* Sorry, I’m fine… I didn’t mean to get emotional, sorry.

Dr Hare: It’s… it’s ok E… I understand…

E: Thank you… *inhales* I just wanted to say… I love you. A lot. You’re one of the best people I’ve ever met. Thank you for that.

She sounded so sincere, I swear my heart was going to stop. I turned to look up at her and she was smiling, a little sadly. Her eyes were still pink, but it almost looked like a sliver of blue was peaking through. She leaned forward and kissed my forehead gently.

E: Even if you don’t feel the same way… That’s OK. I just… I just wanted you to know.

Dr Hare: E… I… I’m not sure what to say…

E: *nods lightly and pulls away* I understand. I’ll be back in a second, alright? *hurries off*

And… She was gone. I wasn’t sure what to do. Then again, I hadn’t known what to do from the get go. Because my life needed more confusion… Especially with E… I stood and went back to the living room, rubbing my head, Charlotte was sitting on the couch, drinking her coffee. She looked up at me and smirked.

Black Widow: So… She actually drank it?

Dr Hare: Yeah, she did! What the heck Wid?!

Black Widow: I didn’t think she would steal a soda that says “Don’t Drink” on it.

Dr Hare: You’re telling me this was an elaborate prank to see if she was stealing your soda?

Black Widow: No, I was going to give it to her myself, but this works… I also thought you two needed a bit of a… Push.

Dr Hare: Are you serious?!

Black Widow: Yup.

Dr Hare: … What the heck?! Why would you drug her like that, she’s acting totally off!

Black Widow: *raises eyebrows* Not really.

Dr Hare: Not really?

Black Widow: She’s acting pretty normal to be honest.

Dr Hare: Have you seen her?

Black Widow: Twice.

E: Hi guys!

Black Widow: Three times.

Dr Hare: E, how are you feeling.

E: I’m fine Honey Bun, don’t worry about me.

Dr Hare: *flushes* E, please don’t

Black Widow: *snickers*

E: Sorry, you’re just too cute… *walks off*

Black Widow: I see no difference.

Dr Hare: *bright red* Har har.

Black Widow: *rolls her eyes* It wears off in 30 minutes, I remember last time. It’s been what, 15 minutes?

Dr Hare: 25…

Black Widow: Don’t have long then. Honestly, if I’d go take advantage of this if I were you.

Dr Hare: No!

Black Widow: Fine, fine. But you know if you kissed her now, she’ll know you like her for real.

Dr Hare: I’m not taking advantage of E.

Black Widow: Can’t argue if you put it like that. One more thing though.

Dr Hare: *sighs* What?

Black Widow: You know that Lover’s Kiss just increases the feelings, right? This all isn’t coming out of nowhere. She really likes you.

Dr Hare: I… Alright, whatever…

Black Widow: I am being serious here.

Dr Hare: I… I guess…

Black Widow: Now, go get your girl.

Dr Hare: She’s not my… ugh, fine…

I went back into the lab, feeling all too confused. I was getting so many mixed messages. I wasn’t sure what was happening any more. I just wanted all this to be over…. I walked over to the potion and shook it tentatively. It bubbled. Probably not good. I heard a loud thud. I turned to see E, wide eyed, right next to me. She’d knocked over a chair.

E: Sorry! I was just trying to come over to talk to you… *picks up the chair and sets it back up* There. Hi.

Dr Hare: Um… Hi. What’s up?

E: *shrugs* The sky.

Dr Hare: Ok… But why did you want to talk to me?

E: Well… I don’t know. I just… I just really wanted to be with you.

She moved a little closer and wrapped her arms around my neck. I blushed, stunned.

Dr Hare: W-what are you…

E: Nothing bad, promise. You know me, I don’t like that. I just… *she pauses* I love you.

Dr Hare: E…

E: *tilts her head* May I kiss you?

Dr Hare: *turns bright red* What?!

E: *flinches* S-sorry. I didn’t mean to overstep… I just… really want to kiss you, for some reason.

Dr Hare: E, it’s because of the potion. It’s Lover’s Kiss, if makes you… extra flirtatious.

E: *frowns* Oh. But… I still like you, even when I’m not under this.

Dr Hare: I know, we are friends.

E: … *kisses him on the nose* More than that Harvey. I think you know… That… Well, right now, my feelings are undoubtedly heightened tenfold, but.. I do love you. I have for a while… I’ve just been scared to tell you. I love you more than life, Harvey.

She leaned forward as if to… To kiss me. I has no idea what to do. Part of me wanted to run screaming. Then E’s eyes widened suddenly. She collapsed and I caught her, barely. I looked up to see Mordred, standing there, holding a dart rifle.

Binary Bard: I am so sorry. I… I panicked.

Dr Hare: Join the club. But… Did you just traq E?

Binary Bard: No! Well, yes, but it had the cure, I got it. I was coming over and… I panicked.

Dr Hare: Yeah… Well, that was good timing… Can you help me get her on the bed?

We pulled down the fold-down bed and set E on it. She looked almost peaceful now, despite everything. I rubbed my forehead. This was all just insane. Someone, not sure who, had given Wid a love potion, which she’d put in the fridge so E could drink, all for a supposed “push in the right direction” that helped nothing. I sat in a chair, hard.

Binary Bard: Are you Ok?

Dr Hare: I don’t know… The girl I like is currently passed out after getting drugged, spent the past half hour flirting with me… Then… She… You saw… I… I’m just confused.

Binary Bard: … *leans back against the counter* Man, if that doesn’t sound like Emilia, I don’t know what does.

Dr Hare: Emilia scares me a little.

Binary Bard: Who doesn’t she? At any rate, yeah, I’m sorry this happened…

Dr Hare: It’s Ok… I just wasn’t expecting it to be so… drastic.

Binary Bard: You know she likes you, right?

Dr Hare: At this point, I’m not sure what anyone thinks…

Binary Bard: Well… You love her.

Dr Hare: *flushes* Yeah…

Binary Bard: Then just worry about that. Concentrate on how you feel, it’ll help.

Dr Hare: I… I’ll try, but-

E: *sits bolt upright* Oh my gosh!

Dr Hare: *falls off his chair*

Binary Bard: And… she’s up.

E: No kidding… Ow.

Dr Hare: *stands up hurriedly* Are you Ok?

E: No, not really? My head is killing me… What happened?

Dr Hare: You don’t remember?

E: Not really… All I’ve got is… Embarrassment, pick-up lines and the color pink?

Binary Bard: As good a description as any…

E: That doesn’t make any sense.

Binary Bard: Tell me about it.

Dr Hare: *sounding a little relieved* It’s a long, long story. Where does your head hurt?

E: Everywhere… Ugh, I’m getting… Flashes of… Did I get slipped a love potion?

Dr Hare: Um… maybe?

Binary Bard: Yes.

E: Oh by the hand of Willy Wonka… Please tell me I didn’t do something embarrassing… Or stupid.

Dr Hare: I… No. You were fine. Just get some rest, alright?

E: But…

Dr Hare: Please.

E: … Ok… Fine. I trust you.

Binary and I left quietly, leaving E to rest. I was stunned into confused silence. What was happening anymore.

Dr Hare: Did you mix an amnesiac into the dart?

Binary Bard: No… But I think some of the chemicals could have mixed into one… I’m sorry, I didn’t know.

Dr Hare: It’s Ok, maybe it’s best she doesn’t know…


I was going into the living room after checking on Pop when I heard soft crying sounds, coming from the lab, where E was supposed to be sleeping. I slowly pushed the door open. E was sitting up, head in hands. Her phone was face down in front of her, but still on. I walked in, a little cautiously.

Dr Hare: E? What’s wrong?

E: *stops abruptly* N-nothing.

Dr Hare: What… What happened?

E: It’s nothing, OK? I just… Lost control of my emotions.

Dr Hare: … *walks over and sits on to the bed* E… Please, I want to help you.

E: I… I can’t. I can’t Harvey, I just can’t…

She handed me her phone. There was a single message on it. “Hey, it’s Quincy. You’ll probably be sad to hear this, or freak out, whatever, but Vampi and the Six died. Please excuse our loss of Qs, we’ll get some to you soon.” I looked up at E, shocked.

Dr Hare: What?!

E: I… I got the message today a few days ago… But it didn’t come through until today… Dunno why… But… *sniffs* I’ve been checking… They really are… They’re gone. They were murdered… I just… *lets out a sob* I can’t believe this…

Dr Hare: E… I’m so sorry…

E: I’ve known Vampi for years… TAS and Itch… I just… I can’t handle this… What happened?! Who killed my friends?!

Dr Hare: *soothingly* We’ll find out, just… Calm down, please.

E: I can’t! *she wipes her eyes, sadly* I… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap…

Dr Hare: It’s alright.

E: I’ve… I’ve lost too many people… I’m so… *takes a deep breath* I… I can’t handle this. I’m… I’m hoping they find out what happened… I want to help… But… I don’t know if I can…

Dr Hare: Listen… We’ll figure this out, alright? I promise.

E: *sniffs* H-how can you promise that?

Dr Hare: Well, I’ve got you, we can figure this out.

E: How could I help? I’m useless.

Dr Hare: You’re anything but useless, E. We’ll figure this out.

E: B-but… *sniffs* Harvey, I… I’m… I can’t lose someone else. This… This hurts too much…

Dr Hare: Oh, E… *hugs her tightly* It’s going fui be Ok… It’ll be Ok…  


I’m super depressed! Yay!

Anyways, hope you like that! Please send Qs, I’d love them. I know this kind of had a sad ending, but you can still send Qs asking E about what she did and how Dr Hare feels about this or anything. Anyways, I’m off to do something. Enjoy!

(4030 words. Wow.)

Ask the Villains #76, Romantic intents and Deep Confusion

Merry Christmas y’all!

It’s not Christmas?

Coulda fooled me… *Stares at 8 feet of snow*


(If you want to enjoy this part in all of it’s glory, imagine E and Heather in news people suits and smiling like they want to die, but have to hide it because public TV.(yes, I am aware I’m totally messed up, thanks for checking.))

E: So, Heather?

Heather: Yes E?

E: Valentine’s day is in 3 days, right Heather?

Heather: Indeed it is E.

E: That’s great and all, because I imagine all the viewers want Elarvey to come to pass that day, huh Heather.

Heather: I imagine they do E.

E: But you know what happens 2 weeks after that Heather?

Heather: No, I’m afraid I don’t E.

E: That’s when I turn freAKING OLD!!

*roll opening theme song*


Arleen to BW and BB: Uh… What does E mean when she says you two dated a bird and a demon?

Black Widow: -_- Oh my g*d, I’m going to kill E… I did not want to talk about it. *sigh* It was Robin, OK? We dated. It’s no longer a thing, it will never be a thing. Mordred is currently dating a demon, so go annoy him.

Binary Bard: I am right here.

Black Widow: I know. Talk about your girlfriend.

Binary Bard: Heck no.

Black Widow: Did you two break up or something?

Binary Bard: No. I just don’t want her to come after me with a large weapon, sue me.

Black Widow: That’s fair, all things considered…

(That wasn’t really an answer, was it? Whoops. (I’m not fixing it) -Editor LuckE)


Arleen to BB: Speaking of, did you ever go on that date with Whitney?

Binary Bard: No, actually.

E: That’s sort of my fault, I can’t get a hold of Kat or Whit… It’s a work in progress, sorry.


Fizzson to E: Is dying your hair pink a thing people do on Valentine’s day, or would you just do that because you can?

E: I don’t know about the first one… I’ve just been meaning to do something fun with my hair, like dye it pink. And it’s Valentine’s. What could possibly go wrong?!

*20 minutes later*

E: … Oh no, it all went wrong! Jk, I kinda like it, I look like pink lemonade, sweet.

(Do you guys think I should dye my hair? I’m still on the fence… -Editor LuckE)


*No name listed* to all: H apPy y yy Val en Tines da y! ^w^

E: Happy Valentine’s! *grins* Even though I have no idea what we’re doing anymore!

Binary Bard: Does anyone?

Heather: Fair enough.


Editor Fizz to anyone: Advice for dealing with Writer’s Block? I don’t have it at the moment, I’m just curious.

(DIBS! Ok, when I get writer’s block, the first thing I do? Go write something else. If I’m having a day where I can’t write at all,  I keep writing until I hate myself or need to do something else. So I go draw. If I can’t draw, I keep drawing anyways until I hate myself or need to do something else. Then I go play with a cat or watch a funny video, then try and come back. But what’s important here is not to push something that’s not coming! If you’re suffering from Writer’s Block, do something else, take a break! So yeah, there you go. Hope this helps someone, somewhere. -Editor LuckE)


Trixie to all: Sooo… I may be thinking of getting a certain demon dog a gift for Valentine’s day. Any ideas?

E: Get him chocolate. No, wait, don’t, chocolate is poison to dogs, and while I don’t know what will happen, I don’t want to risk it.

Dr Hare: Honestly, I’d highly recommend getting him something personal, that’ll mean a lot and show him how much you care about him.

Black Widow: Also confess your undying love.

Heather: Don’t pressure them too much Char…

Black Widow: Well, If your brother and pixie friend don’t do it by the end of the week, I’m jumping out a window.

E: Oi, leave us out of this!


Arleen to E: “This is as calm as it gets “Sweetheart”” Care to elaborate on both of those?

E: There is never calm here. I’m just saying.

Black Widow: You still called Hare sweetheart.

E: *flushes* Chill out, I meant it as a macho term.

Black Widow: You’re a 17 year old girl with pink tips, you aren’t remotely macho. Just tell him you like him.

E: Never.

(Incidentally, pink doesn’t make you not macho, Mettaton is proof of that. But E sure isn’t macho! -Editor LuckE)


Arleen to BW: Wait, you’re bi? o.o

Black Widow: Yeah, I like whoever I want.

(You still have to keep the Qs clean tho. Or else. -Editor LuckE)


Trixie to BW: You know 50 different ways to knock someone out? Dang. That’s cool.
Arleen to E and DH: So we got Tib and Trixie, two people who like each other, but are clueless to the fact they like each other, and are too scared or nervous to say anything? Man, where have I seen that one before….

Dr Hare: *deadpan* I have no idea what you’re talking about.

E: Y-yeah, same. *takes a deep breath* I do think Tib and Trixie should get together. They both care about each other a lot and… yeah.

Dr Hare: … I agree. They should.

E: Yeah.


 ¿Habla español?

E: I don’t, I just know a little German.

Heather: I think I took a Spanish class once.

Black Widow: L’espagnol est bête

Dr Hare: Do I want to know… 


 Choose a favorite CLASSICAL music piece (i mean if you even have one, if you dont know many may i suggest Blue Danube, Waltz of the Flowers, 1812 Overture especially cause of the end, Red cape Tango, Saint Seans violin concerto no 3 3rd movement, Dvorak New World symphony, Radetzki March, Rhapsody in Blue, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream..overture(i think) ) (plus it helps, science shows, to listen to music while doing school, win win 😄)

E: ._. Well, we’re having a classical music session after this….


Fave music genre

E: Pop or glam rock for me.

Black Widow: Glam what?

E: Twisted Sister for days yo. *makes a rock symbol*

Dr Hare: I like whatever to be honest.

Binary Bard: Same.

Heather: Whatever keeps me awake on a long night…


Invent a food mashup

Dr Hare: Carrot pizza.

Black Widow: Food and food.

Heather: Mountain Dew and Pizza.

E: Ew… Ok, scrambled eggs and toast. With jams.

Pop: Sandwiches and chips!


Give me a good conspiracy theory

E: Abraham Lincoln shot JFK! The moon landing was done by Oprah! The Illuminati is the devil! 

Dr Hare: Stop.


Explain your ideal vacation (places, other countries, what you would do etc.)

Dr Hare: What is this thing called “vacation”… Is it edible?


Have you seen the video of the NHL playing Sweet Victory from Spongebob in tribute to Stephen Hilenburg (the creator) cause SOMEBODY *glares at NFL* DECIDED TO MIX 5 SECONDS OF IT WITH A STUPID RAP SONG AFTER OVER A MILLION PEOPLE SIGNED A PETITION FOR THE FULL.THING.😤

E: I heard about that, but unfortunately, pensions can only do so much… To be honest, we didn’t even watch the Superbowl this year, we just watched cartoons…


Give me a joke

Dr Hare: Ok… why did the police officer stayin bed?

E: Was it because he was… undercover?

Black Widow: This is why we can’t take you two anywhere.


Give the person next to you a valentine 🙄 *cough cough you know what we want cough cough*

Dr Hare: *hides a rose behind his back* I have no idea what you’re talking about.

E: Um… I actually have no idea, because everyone left.

Dr Hare: Yeah…

E: Guess we’re skipping this one.

Dr Hare: Wait, what?

E: *shrugs* Next Q, I guess.

(Having successfully ruined everyone’s day, I go back to my lair… -Editor LuckE)


Here have more cake




Pop: Yay, cake! I want it!

E: Pop, don’t-

*he runs off with the cake*

Dr Hare: Well, this is going to be fun.

Lucian to E: *A bottle with a light blue liquid appears* Wanna taste? It tastes like a strawberry marshmallow and some peppermint. ;3

E: Oh, that sounds nice, maybe I’ll give it a go- *pauses* Wait a moonlit starry night minute. Aw fudge no, this is a love potion, isn’t it? I already saw what happened to Des-Emma. Despaemma. I’m tired today, sorry. Harvey?

Dr Hare: *pokes his head in* What is it?

E: Here, take this. *hands him the bottle*

Dr Hare: Um, Ok. *takes it, confused*

E: Sneaky, aren’t you? Thought you’d catch me off guard, please! I’ve been checking everything. Everything.

Dr Hare: *opens the bottle and sniffs it curiously* Off guard of what? *takes a swig* Ooh, that’s good.

E: Getting slipped a- *turns and stops, stunned* Love potion.

Dr Hare: Wait, what?

E: Oh no… How much did you have?

Dr Hare: Um… some? I’m not sure, was it a love potion?!

E: I don’t know! Oh gosh, we’re screwed.

Dr Hare: … *sits down* Ok. I’m just going to… um… I don’t know. Something…

E: … I’m getting Binary. *runs into the living room* MORDRED!

Binary Bard: *falls off the chair* What?! What is it?!

E: WegottalovepotionasanaskandHarveyaccidentallydranksome- *inhales* AndIdon’tknowwhattodoooooplshelp!

Binary Bard: Um… I’m not sure there’s anything we can do.

E: What?!

Binary Bard: *sighs* I’ll run some tests, I suppose.

E: Ugh, I’m gonna kill Lucian. Then Arleen will probably kill me and someone will avenge me and we’ll all have a scrappy death circle.

Binary Bard: Or you could enjoy it.

E: I actually don’t know what happened, I kinda left…

Binary Bard: Seriously?

E: I was kind of panicked, alright?! What do I do?!

Binary Bard: I don’t know… um…

Dr Hare: E! *hurries in and hugs her tight* Hey, I missed you!

E: *gasps* Can’t breathe!

Dr Hare: Sorry! *lets go, smiling, a little embarrassed* I just meant to say hi.

E: Oh. Hi. *smiles nervously*

Binary Bard: Oh please. Hey Hare, how you feeling?

Dr Hare: Pretty good. Better now that I’m with E.

E: *chokes and turns red* What?

Binary Bard: *trying to hold back a smile* Oh geez. This is getting good.

E: Quiet you!

Binary Bard: Ok, Hare, are you feeling any effects from the love potion?

Dr Hare: I mean, nothing much… I don’t know. I feel like I really love E.

E: *seems to shrink* Mmmm….

Binary Bard: *holding back a laugh* Oh my goodness.

E: So! This is Lover’s Kiss, I’ve heard of it before from AAaF, which is where it was from! Can you find out how long this is going to be?

Binary Bard: I can find out.

Dr Hare: What?

E: Nothing, it’s nothing, don’t worry about it.

Dr Hare: Oh, Ok. *smiles at her* I’m fine with just being here with you.

E: *turns pinker* Oh geez. Um… T-thanks Harvey.

Binary Bard: I’ll just… Bye! *leaves*

*awkward silence ensues*

Dr Hare: Hey, E?

E: Y-yeah?

Dr Hare: Are you alright?

E: Fine, just… a bit jumpy, I guess.

Dr Hare: Would a hug help?

E: I don’t know, it’s fine…

Dr Hare: *hugs her anyways* Well, if it helps any… I love you.

E: *turns even redder* T-thanks.

Dr Hare: You’re welcome. Just… I want you to feel better, I don’t want you right be in danger anymore… I feel like it’s my fault.

E: No, it’s not…

Dr Hare: No, it is. I… I’ve been keeping things from you… But I’m scared, I don’t want you to be too.

E: H-Harvey… *pats his back gently* Listen, it’s going to be alright, Ok? We’ll figure it out.

Dr Hare: Thanks… I just… worry.

E: I know, I do too. Just… it’ll be fine, alright?

Dr Hare: *sighs and leans against her shoulder* How are you so calm about this? You almost always seem to be calm nowadays…

E: Yeah, well, maybe I’m just always panicked.

Dr Hare: *laughs and kisses her on the cheek* This is why I love you.

E: *turns bright red* B-because I make stupid jokes?

Dr Hare: Because you’re funny and you try to make the best of everything.

E: Thanks…

Binary Bard: *comes back in and smirks* Ok, found something lovebirds.

E: *pulls away and shoots him a death glare* Quiet or I’ll hurt you.

Dr Hare: What is it?

Binary Bard: I’m going to need you for a minute. Alone, sorry.

Dr Hare: Oh… darn. *stands up sadly* I’ll… I’ll hurry back if I can…

E: Alright… k.

*they walk out*

E: … *takes a couch pillow, hits herself in the face with it and screams* WHY!

Heather: *walks in* What is it now?

E: I’m a messed up train wreck and I kind of want to die now.

Heather: So what happened?

E: Someone gave me a love potion and your brother drank it.

Heather: You poor soul.

E: -_- Why do you torment me this way.

Heather: Because.



E: *knocks on lab door* Oi, B, it’s been 2 hours! How are things?

*the door opens and Dr Hare pokes his head out, then turns bright red*

Dr Hare: Uh… Hi.

E: Hey, you feeling better?

Dr Hare: Y-yeah… A little embarrassed… I’m sorry about earlier…

E: Don’t be. I should have told you what the thing was… Let’s just agree that this is Lucian’s fault, deal?

Dr Hare: I… You know what, sure. Sounds great.

E: Yeah.

*Awkward silence ensues*

Dr Hare: I’m just going to… go. *walks past her, still looking a little embarrassed*

E: *walks into the lab* Binary?

Binary Bard: What?

E: How did it go?

Binary Bard: Decently. Haven’t quite found a cure yet, but it only lasted 30 minutes.

E: Sounds alright.

Binary Bard: He totally talked about you the whole time though.

E: Ha ha.

Binary Bard: I’m serious here, he wouldn’t stop talking about you. It was “E this” and “E that”, “isn’t E just really pretty”, “do you think E would actually go out with me”, the like.

E: Yeah, I’m sure… I was just the first person he saw, chill out.

Binary Bard: That only happens in cartoons. All Lover’s Kiss does is amplify romantic feelings.

E: I… Oh.


E: I’m going to go hide in my room until the 15th so I can buy chocolate. *walks off*

Binary Bard: I told you so!

E: Shut up!


Hope you enjoyed that! Have a nice y’all, I’m going to keep looking up… murders and fun stuff. Man, history is messed up.


You can send Qs, dares, inquiries, magic anons, gifts, and the such to E, Black Widow, Binary Bard, Dr Hare, Director D, (Captain Crawfish is still missing), Pop, Heather, Baymax and the Rulers; Lucky Wing, Nice Coyote, Neat Berry, Avery and Robin. Hope you enjoy!



Ask the Villains #75, Short and a Cat on my head

I literally wrote half this with Keppi on my head. She’s determined to make my life interesting, isn’t she? XD I love her so much. Anyways, let’s get to the AtV! Hope you enjoy!


E: Guuuuuyyysss!

Director D: What is it.

E: Oh, hey D. It’s AtV time, you wanna join?

Director D: Not terrible, but I suppose if I have to.

E: Well, no one will force you, but we’d love to have you in it!

Director D: …

E: …

Director D: Very well. No promises though.

E: Alrighty!


1. Listen to The Elements by TobyMac

E: Ok. We can probably do that. I’ll try?


2 Fav memory

Pop: Christmas!

Heather: I’m with Pop, Christmas has some of my best memories.

Binary Bard: We didn’t really celebrate Christmas, but I liked the days when I’d build things with my friends.

E: Just being with you guys tbh.

*canned “awwwww” sound*

Black Widow: Who’s there? 

E: *holds up a pencil like a knife* Search the house.

Pop: *runs off* You’re on your own!


3 RIDDLE (answer will be at bottom of q for editor E)

(Uh oh. -Editor LuckE)

So you’re walking in the woods and come across a house, the lights are off. You go inside there are 3 doors: red, blue, yellow, choose a door.

E: I choose the blue one.

Black Widow: Red.

Pop: Blue!

Binary Bard: Yellow.

Dr Hare: Blue it is.  

Ok so you go through your door of choice, you come across 3 more doors: green, purple, white. Choose a door.

E: They all led to the same place. Why… *sighs* Purple.

Dr Hare: Green.

Black Widow: It doesn’t even matter, but whatever.

You go through your door, there are 3 ways to die: stabbed, shot, the electric chair. How do you survive?


Heather: That escalated quickly.

Dr Hare: No one is dying!

E: I sacrifice myself for all y’all!

Binary Bard: Uh, guys…

Dr Hare: No way E, you are not sacrificing yourself!

E: Yeah, you all can get out while I die!

Binary Bard: It says how do you survive.

E and Dr Hare: Oh.

Heather: Well, I have no clue.

Pop: Same.

ANSWER TO RIDDLE: electric chair, the lights are off.

All: Oh…


4. Fav character (tv, movie, book, etc.)

(Oh geez. I’ve, uh, answered this one like, 4 times recently… I’m gonna skip, sorry. Still love you guys. -Editor LuckE)


5 Ever heard of Scott Hamilton (his back flips are lit)

Pop: Nope!

(Sorry, I’ve never been good at being on top of these things… >_< -Editor LuckE)


Fizzson to BB and E: Gotta agree with you on the “Scary graphics” thing for Mario 64. They’re not too bad once you’re used to them, but that Eel and Piano, man….

E: *worry sounds* Whyyyyy…

Binary Bard: You never even played it.

E: That’s how much it scared me.


Fizzson to all: Just realized the AAaF ships include a latex cat and mantis plant, and a Demon Dog and Were-Cat… We have some weird couples over here….

Black Widow: You know the main ship here is with a pixie and a bunny, right?

E: Oi! You dated a magic bird and the robot’s dating a demon, why am I getting the flak?!

Dr Hare: E, please calm down.

E: This is as calm as it gets sweetheart, you know this.


Despair to all: Do any of you guys have this one thing, where seeing it just kinda makes your blood boil? I know I do….

E: Who doesn’t?

Pop: Blood doesn’t boil, does it?

Heather: It’s an expression.

E: Hmm… I wonder…

Heather: Stop that. *sighs* My pet peeve is when people chew too loudly.

Black Widow: I hate everything.

Binary Bard: Um, ok… I guess… bullies.

Dr Hare: Absolutely. Taking out your problems on others is wrong.

E: I hate it when someone takes something of mine, lies about it, does all multiple times, then I have to go after them argue to even get anywhere.

Dr Hare: Has that happened?

E: Only like once, but yeah. Then they still lied to my face. In conclusion, I hate my life.

Binary Bard: She said see…

E: Oh. In that case, abusive relationships, in any way shape or form.

Dr Hare: Yeah, that’s fair.


Arleen to DD: I feel like you’ve been super absent lately. Everything alright?

Director D: Yes, everything is alright.


E: You gonna tell us where you were?

Director D: No.

E: Oh.


Smiley to all: Any advice for dealing with heartbreak? Apologies if this is similar to a Q that’s been previously sent in….

E: It is, but we could always answer again, right?

Dr Hare: Don’t see why not.

Black Widow: First off, it sucks.

Binary Bard: She’s not wrong. It hurts, but that’s ok.

Heather: You need to make sure you’re alright. That’s really important.

E: Take care of yourself! You matter! And we’re here for you, Ok?

Dr Hare: And it’s definitely good to ask for help if you need it.

Pop: Keep going, you got this!

(I’ve got all this good advice and the last time I had heartbreak, I just felt like trash for a week and pretended I was Ok. Yeah, don’t be me guys. -Editor LuckE)


Trixie to all: Any fun facts about you guys that people might not know about?

E: My “pointer toe” on my right foot is longer than my big toe, but it’s not on my left foot. I stub that a lot.

Pop: I can do the splits!

Black Widow: I can knock someone out in 50 different ways.

E: We already knew that.

Black Widow: I’m bi.

E: Knew that too.

Black Widow: Screw you then. *walks off*

Dr Hare: Um… ok then, moving on.

Heather: Yeah… I can juggle.

Binary Bard: I can take apart a phonograph and put it back together in 2 minutes.

Dr Hare: I can’t really think of anything.

Heather: You have a severe crush on one of your best friends.

Binary Bard: We definitely knew that.

E: Wait, what?

Dr Hare: *turns red* Ok, moving on! I guess… I’ve got a birthmark on my shoulder?

Pop: Cool! Can we see?

E: Whoa! No, I think we’re good!

Pop: But mom-

Heather: Cut her some slack, she’s blushed enough today.

Dr Hare: What?

E: Moving on!


Arleen to E and DH: How’s the search for Crawfish been going?

E: *faint pitiful whimpering noise* Badly? We haven’t really… found anything.

Dr Hare: We’ve been a bit… distracted.


Arleen to all: So… Y’all got any plans for Valentine’s day?

E: I don’t think so…


Heather: Not me, I got finals.


Black Widow: I’m buying chocolate afterward.


Binary Bard: Calling some people. Um… yeah.


Pop: I’m 10.


Dr Hare: I… I might go on a date… If I get up the nerve to ask, you know?


E: Oh! I should do something, I can’t just do nothing, this is senior year! I’m gonna go dye my hair pink.



Black Widow: Hey, Hare.

Dr Hare: *looks up* What?

Black Widow: I’m going out.

Dr Hare: Alright. For groceries?

Black Widow: No, I’m picking something up. I needed something and one of our sources found one.

Dr Hare: What is it?

Black Widow: You’ll see.

Dr Hare: Um… Should I be concerned?

Black Widow: No, don’t worry about it. It’s for you anyways.

Dr Hare: Wait, what?!

Black Widow: You’ll see! *puts on a beanie and walks off*

Dr Hare: Uh… E…?

E: *pokes her head in* What’s up?

Dr Hare: Where is Wid going?

E: No idea.

Dr Hare: Uh oh.


Yeah, that’s all! Hope you liked it! Have a nice day and send Qs!


You can send Qs, dares, inquiries, magic anons, gifts, and the such to E, Black Widow, Binary Bard, Dr Hare, Director D, (Captain Crawfish is still missing), Pop, Heather, Baymax and the Rulers; Lucky Wing, Nice Coyote, Neat Berry, Avery and Robin. Hope you enjoy!

Ask the Villains #74, The Calm Before the ATG Storm

E: Hey, Wid.

Black Widow: What?

E: You remember that one thing that Vampi did at that one time?

Black Widow: What.

E: Ya know, the thing.

Black Widow: Did you hit your head or something?

E: No, I just forgot English.

Vampi: *faceplanting in through a portal* I heard my name?

E: Speak of the devil… Yeah, remember that one thing you did that one time?

Vampi: *getting up* No idea what you’re talking about. Gimme a ballpark estimate of when it happened and I’ll probably remember.

E: Uh… start of the ATG, you did that one thing.

Vampi: Villains Era or Antics Era?

E: Villains, I think.

Vampi: I can’t rightly remember.

Prulienne: *comes in behind him* I can help.

E: Oh, hello Prulienne.

Black Widow: What is happening.

Prulienne: *browsing on her laptop* Let’s see here. Villains 1 was being sent only one Q…

E: No, not that… no, it couldn’t have been that early… it was Itch, he was there, he was part of it.

Prulienne: He’d been part of it since Villains 1.

E: I know, but it was a little way through, like 6 or something.

Prulienne: *as Kimiko, Arisu, and Zoe appear* That lessens the range…

E: It was… hmm… uh… oh shoot!

Prulienne: Huh. Don’t see anything Itch joined in on from 6-8. Or is it farther back?

E: I… I don’t know… I, well… don’t know. At all.

Kimiko: Maybe give us a hint of what happened?

E: *looks utterly embarrassed* Uh… Well… you know when you hard to remember a dream, but the harder you try, the more your forget?

Zoe: Y-Yeah… T-That happens to me a lot.

E: Me too. Now imagine that, except instead of a dream, it’s that train of thought.

Prulienne: Found something that included Itch. Villains 15, the first crossover, Itch took care of Pop.

E: L-listen. I don’t remember. At all…

Prulienne: Guess we’ll never know. I’ll keep looking, though.

E: No, don’t bother, I don’t think it was important.

Prulienne: Don’t care.

Vampi: Anyway, yes, hello.

E: Hiya.

Black Widow: I have no idea what is happening.

Prulienne: Was it the Dr. Peppers, E?

E: I dunno… maybe it was the crossover, I dunno…

Dr Hare: *walks in* Uh, hi guys.

Arisu: Sup. Vampi heard his name so he came in and we really just followed.

Dr Hare: Oh.

E: Mmm.

Prulienne: *sighs, closing her laptop* Probably the crossover. Speaking of which, I think we’re up for one.

E: That could be fun.)

Vampi: Then let’s get right into the news.

Kimiko: TAS would’ve done it better.

Vampi: Yes.

E: Let’s just start.


Vampi to E: You’re 17? Wow. Forgot you were older than me.

E: Yeah man, I’m turning 18 next month. I’m old as dirt.

Vampi: Oof. I’m 16, turning 17 in the summer. *starts sweating after realizing something*

Kimiko: *snickers* Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms spaghetti.

E: What is it, Vampi?

Vampi: Most of my friends are older than me.

E: Almost all my friends are younger than me.  

Vampi: Big oof.

E: Large oof.

Vampi: Next Q because I don’t want to have to think about this longer.

E: Agreed.


Tari to all: Mario 64. Opinions?

Binary Bard: The graphics are a little scary, but I’ve never played.

Vampi: All honesty, the graphics were cutting edge in those days, so…

E: The graphics in the 2D games were better. Trust me.

Vampi: At the time, sure, but for 3D, that was cream of the crop.

E: Still kinda scary.

Vampi: If you say so.


TAS to DH: play me a song piano man

Dr Hare: I said little.

Vampi: *phone dings, he checks* TAS says he’s disappointed.

Dr Hare: Uh… sorry?

Vampi: He’ll just have to deal with it, then.

E: Poor soul.


Sakura to E and DH: Just for your information, y’all’s answers to Mel’s random thing question is further proof you guys are meant for each other.

Vampi: And I’m standing by that.

E: *flushes* I didn’t think that was gonna be held against me!

Dr Hare: Uh… I honestly have no idea what you mean.

Prulienne: One of you said Date, the other said Wedding.

Dr Hare: Oh.

E: ._. Pls kill me.

Kimiko: How do ya wanna die?

E: Painlessly.

Dr Hare: No, she doesn’t get to die.

E: Nuuu…

Kimiko: Well, you wanna die, I’ve always got a knife on standby.

Vampi: Kim, shut up.

Kimiko: Aye, aye, Cap’n Crunch.

E: *mutters* Hehehehe… argh. Yikes. *sighs* Anyways…

Arisu: Next Q before this argument gets heated.

Dr Hare: Yeah.


TAS to all: *a crab emoji spam with the words “crab rave” in the middle of it*

E: Wut.

Vampi: Hello and welcome to the mind of TAS. Today’s episode: crab rave.

Pop: What?

Vampi: Hello and welcome to confusion.


Itch to all: Full honesty here. You and AAaF having a snowball fight? Invite me and invite me now.

E: No, I like living.

Vampi: Guess that’s a definitive no to the fight. Nice try, bro.


TAS to all: f o r s e n b a j s

Dr Hare: What?

Vampi: *sigh* Hello and welcome to I have to explain memes. This one was made for a Twitch streamer.

E: Why.

Prulienne: This one Twitch streamer named Forsen, he calls all his subs “Forsenbajs.” Pronounced “four-sin-boys,” by the way.

E: Weird.

Vampi: Then this dude made a song off of it, just the same synth tune and drum beat looped over and over with the phrase “forsenbajs” in a different tune. Stupid meme, in my opinion, but it gets a smile out of TAS.

E: That works.


Kimiko to all: Y’all getting tired of TAS’s meme Qs?

E: Maybe.

Vampi: Hope you guys won’t have to deal with it for longer.

E: Wait what.

Vampi: Surprisingly, TAS is losing interest in memes.

E: *jaw drops* What.

Vampi: Yeah. We thought the same.

E: My life is a lie.

Vampi: Dude, same.


estherli521 AKA ZIppy Sky to Binary Bard: what is this that you are working on that you are not telling us? And why do you need specifically E’s blood? Suspicious… Do I need to blackmail you to find out or will you tell me yourself?

(TAS would totally be spamming Illuminati theme right now. -Editor Vampi)

(Hush and let the man answer Vampi. -Editor LuckE)

Binary Bard: Oh, um… Well, we established that it’s for the species changing device. The reason I needed E’s… *sighs* Ok, you caught me. I could have used anyone’s blood. Well, anyone human. I used E’s because, well… I don’t know, it was kind of a ridiculous reason. I’ve known Hare a long time, and he’s probably my best friend, almost like a brother, really. I know that he knows E likes him and he likes her, a lot. Honestly, I sort of just wanted to see how much she cared about him. Which is also a lot. She’s crazy about him. At any rate, it also just felt right, to be honest. Does that sound weird?


E: Well, that’s all the Qs.

Black Widow: Finally. Now I can leave.

Vampi: Guess we’ll do the outro?

E: Yeah, you wanna do it?

Vampi: Sure. As always, you can send Qs and Dares to basically anybody not from the ATG, which would be: Elyana, Black Widow, Binary Bard…

Arisu: Dr. Hare, Director D, Pop…

Prulienne: Heather, Baymax, and the Rulers…

Kimiko: Which are Lucky Wing — not the editor, by the way — Nice Coyote…

Vampi: Neat Berry, Avery, and Robin.

Vampi and Kimiko: And on that last one we’re not referring to the Fire Emblem character or the Teen Titans character.

Prulienne: Keep ‘em clean!

Arisu: Keep ‘em friendly!

Zoe: A-And we h-hope you enjoy!

E: Sweet! Can we do a crossover on your site?

Vampi: I’m down. Harvey, wanna join in this time?

Dr Hare: Really, I can?

Vampi: Yeah. Reasons being unknown. *staring at E with an evil smirk*

E: *gives Vampi a death glare* Alright, that’d actually be pretty fun.

Vampi: *opens a portal on the wall and hops through*

E: Sweet, let’s go! *she dives in*

Kimiko: *teleports out with a snap*

Prulienne: *goes in*

Dr Hare: Um… *Walks through the portal*

Arisu: We’ll see y’all. *jumps in*

Zoe: *slowly walks in*


(Just FYI, the title’s a reference to what I’m doing in the ATG after this crossover’s posted. -Editor Vampi)

(Which he refuses to tell me about. At all. -Editor LuckE)

(Because it’s for her own good. -Editor Vampi)

(You wanna fight m8 -Editor LuckE)

(1v1 me nuketown snipers only -Editor Vampi)

(No. I have things to do. -Editor LuckE)