Rather Late Notice

Hey, it’s me.

Yes, the AtV is on a temporary hiatus while I’m trying to get my life together.

But good news. It’s not over. I absolutely refuse to let this end just yet. Especially with so much at stake.

And yes, to ye shippers. It’s coming soon. Promise. Y’all know what’s up.

I’m working on a story to make up for the gap that there’s been. That should come out sometime in the next little bit. (I don’t know exactly when.) But AtV will come out first. You’ll see why. Then there will be a story to make up for the missing segment. In the mean time, I’ll sit here and work on my art, the AtV, fixing my sleep schedule, fixing my eating and trying to be less of a failure in general. Wish me luck. Thank you all for putting up with me.

And incidentally, if you want to sent me another Q or something, just to say “boo LuckE, you suck” then that’s fine, I’m still taking Qs due to the fact that I’m behind. Now I’m gonna go try to ignore how weird mouths looks when they move now while I try to write. (Ugh, mouths. Whyyyy)



Hi, it’s AtV day.

No, I don’t have it.

So the basic gist is that I’ve been losing motivation due to the pent up frustration of finals and I’m planning a trip on Saturday. I’m going to get a job. I already have the job, but it’s a little far away from where I live. So I’m staying at my aunts with my lovely cousin. I’m actually really excited! But I’m hyper busy, so no AtV today. Next week, it is out! Wish me luck guys. I love you all and soon you’ll all get fluff and enjoyment.

So… AtV might get bumped to two weeks. I’m not sure. I’ll keep you posted.

AtV #Intermission(?)

So… It’s Monday. Monday monday monday. Again. I’ve been sick for 2 weeks now and I feel like garbage. Seriously, why are you guys even here, I’m a train wreck…

At any rate, ignoring my self deprecating behavior, I’ve got a lot going on. Finals are tomorrow. I might fail all my classes. So that’s pretty great. But last week, as a few of you noticed, there were no Qs. “Ok then!” I said to myself, “I’ll just work on a story post. I need to move the plot anyways.” So I started writing. And I just barely finished it, a whole week later. UGH. Finals are a brat, homework is a brat, sickness is a brat, some of the people I’m forced to associate with are brats, and being able to focus sure would be nice.

Ok, so I’m posting this as if this were posted last week. No Qs, I’m relatively cheerful in spite of this, we’ve got a lot coming up! Hope you enjoy.

Here we go!


Well, this is kinda awkward.

I mean hi guys, it’s me, LuckE. So… I didn’t get any Qs this week.

You know what that means?


Oh, wait, I’m already in charge.


At any rate, this means I can push the plot all by myself! (We’re doomed.)

Yup, let’s start off with our favorite couple, E and Dr Hare. Wonder what they’re up to.


E: What does it mean if no one sent me Qs this week.

Binary Bard: They could have been busy.

Pop: I bet they wanted to give you time to work on homework or auditions!

Black Widow: Bet it was because they’re mad you and Hare aren’t together yet.


E: -_- Oi, listen, I can do what I want, and… And I didn’t want him to know.

Heather: Just ask him out, he’d say yes.

E: I just want to figure out why there were no Qs.

Binary Bard: I’m agreeing with Charlotte.

E: *frowns* He doesn’t feel the same way, alright? Can we move past my heartbreak? I’m not the only person here.

Black Widow: Yeah, but you’re a major character, especially with your love problems.

E: *throws her hands in the air* I give up! If I had wanted to be criticized about my love life and the decisions I thought were right, I would have asked! *stomps off*

*awkward pause*

Heather: Did we go too far?

Black Widow: Probably.

Binary Bard: Yeah… Still, not much we can do now, is there?

Black Widow: No. She needs to figure it out.

Heather: What?! We can’t do that!

Pop: Yeah!

Binary Bard: Give her a bit. Then feel free to try.



I powered on the Wii and started up Skyward Sword, still seething. Well, so what if I didn’t want to talk to Harvey? So what if I was avoiding him? I didn’t want to have my heart any more broken than it was. I didn’t want to hear him say he didn’t feel the same way. So it was time to fight my problems in video games. Nothing like smashing non-existent pumpkins in a fictitious world. Nothing like repressing your emotions because you don’t want to deal with them. Lovely. I swung the remote around wildly, cutting down everything in sight. If only I could actually figure out my emotions and feelings and my life. (Move up)


My Wiimote hit something solid. I whirled to see Harvey, holding his nose.

Dr Hare: Ow.

E: Harvey! I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you were there!

Dr Hare: It’s Ok, it was an accident. I’m fine.

E: Did I break your nose? Or worse? Oh gosh, are you alright?

Dr Hare: Yes, I’m fine, I promise.

E: I… Alright, if you say so… I’m really sorry…

Dr Hare: It’s fine. I was trying to find you anyways.

E: Me? Why, did I do something?

Dr Hare: Well… kind of.

E: Oh. What did I… Oh.

My heart sank. I knew what this was. I paused my game without half a glance.

E: This is about… About last week, isn’t it?p

Dr Hare: *nods*

E: Oh. I… Oh.

Dr Hare: E, listen, I don’t want to press you, but… You’ve been avoiding me. I want to talk to you. You just keep avoiding me though, so… Can we talk? No one running?

E: Y-yeah. Sure. You got it.

Dr Hare: … Are you Ok?

E: F-fine.

Spoiler alert, I was not fine. I wasn’t even sure what to do here. Honestly, I wanted to melt into a puddle of awkward shame. But clearly, I did not have that power. I didn’t have any powers. I was just ruddy useless. Same as usual.

Dr Hare: *sighs* Listen, I haven’t been honest with you.

I snapped back to reality.

E: W-what?

Dr Hare: I haven’t been honest with you.

E: You… You’re secretly against me?

Dr Hare: What? No!

E: I don’t know, I’m kinda freaking out here.

Dr Hare: You don’t need to be-

E: Too heckin’ late! I’ve been freaking out for the past week!

Dr Hare: E-

E: Ugh, I’m going to die~ *covers her face*

Dr Hare: *puts a hand on her shoulder* E?

E: *takes a deep breath* Yes?

Dr Hare: Can I talk now?

E: *sighs* Yes…

Dr Hare: Well, I’m not quite sure how to tell you this… But… E, I sort of-

He was interrupted by every single window in the apartment complex shattering at once.

“Get down!” Harvey tackled me to the ground, narrowly avoiding both of our painful demises. Something had come hurtling through the side of the apartment and embedded itself in the wall. I gasped, winded, not to mention stunned.

E: W-what was that?!

Dr Hare: I’m not sure, hang on.

He stood up and hurried over to the box stuck in the wall. I stared at it, not wanting to move. I’d almost died just there, hadn’t I? Again? Geez, I wasn’t used to this… I hated it.

Dr Hare: Got it.

He offered me a hand up and I took it nervously. I wasn’t sure what to make of all this… The object was a dark blue, open box made of a metallic material. (I had no idea what it was.) Inside was a bizarrely shaped jar and a note on sky blue paper. Written on it in elegant cursive was a note. Strangely, it seemed to be to us. I read it aloud curiously.

“Hello you two, hope this makes it to you intact. E, trust me, you’re going to need this. DH, you’re going to want it for her sake. You’ll know what to do, say hi to my family for me, will you?”

Dr Hare: What?

E: I have no idea. *runs her hand through her hair* And that was meant to be a gift…  

Dr Hare: I’m going to go look into some things… But are you Ok?

E: I… I think so. You?

Dr Hare: I’m fine, don’t worry about me.

He hugged me quickly and hurried off. I was left with a note in my hand and a lot of questions.


In conclusion, I answer nothing and add more questions. Send Qs, hope you enjoyed it.  Now I’m off to go work on my homework and if I’m insanely lucky, play oregon trail.

Ask the Villains #88, Forecast of AWKWARD

ACK Ok, I need to finish up a school project. I also really need to come up with better names.

I need help, don’t I?


Red Tomato

Anyone play Roblox?

Binary Bard: Uh, no.


i think moto moto likes you




E: *pets tomatoes*



idk anymore

(I don’t either. I just want story Qs… -Editor LuckE)


Quick Fang

What is the most horrible dream you’ve ever had?

Binary Bard: That I died.

E: That I killed someone. On purpose. Out of spite.

Dr Hare: Flashbacks…

Heather: Y’all need help.


What’s the worst thing that has ever happened to you?

Dr Hare: I think most of us could say our previous decisions.

E: I existed.

Dr Hare: No. *hugs her*

Pop: I went through the dimensions without anyone or anything and that was scary.


Dolphin Violinist

DARES: *all to anyone, i didnt have any one specifically in mind so have fun*

run around screaming “KEVIN IS THAT YOU?” to every pigeon you see (or any bird i guess)

(I think we’ve done this one. And yes, I realize this is very specific and I really would know if I’ve done this one. This concerns me. -Editor LuckE)


Make up a thomas Sanders STORY TIME

Black Widow: *points the camera at E and Dr Hare* Ok.

Binary Bard: *dramatic voice* The pair moved closer. Then they finally told each other how they felt.



Roleplay as the Sanders sides characters

(I wanted to draw it, but I couldn’t… I ran outta time. So Wid would be Virgil, E would be Roman, Binary might be Logan, Pop is Patton. There’s no real shipping in the original ones, but I don’t care if you ship those guys. But E ain’t dating Wid, sorry guys. -Editor LuckE)




Black Widow: No.




Black Widow: What?

E: *yeets pillow at Binary Bard*




(i must be hungry 😅)

(You are hungry. XD Nothing wrong there. But we’ve done both of these fights and these people are poor collage students, so… -Editor LuckE)


TRUTHS: *again, same rules apply as the dares*

If you were turned into the opposite gender for a whole day, what would you do?

E: Nothing would really change. I’d be me, but like… A dude.

Dr Hare: Yeah, similar.

Black Widow: But you can use your womanly powers for evil.

Binary Bard: What?

Black Widow: Join the flirting-to-get-discounts side.

(I have no idea if that actually works tbh. Last time I tried to flirt, I wanted to quit the internet for good and wipe all trace of me. So… Yeah. -Editor LuckE)


fandom crushes



First crush


Pop: Mine was CMG! He was really cool.

Black Widow: I don’t even remember.

Binary Bard: Mine is common knowledge.

E: *mutters* Mine was a cow named J. He’s the loser male cheerleader who gives male cheerleaders a bad name. Freaking jerk…

Dr Hare: Um, well… It’s nothing, really. Everyone knows, I don’t really want to talk about it.



Arleen to Davie: Oof, my bad. Got D names mixed up. >.<

Davie: You’re fine, but… Please don’t.

Fizzson to E: Refer to AAaF #18 and #58 about the whole maid-thing. It’s become a running gag, so I was passing it along. Also, can I ask where you got a maid costume to put on in the first place?

E: It’s all good, it’s just… I didn’t want to deal with the sexy maid connotation… *sighs* I got it from Shakespeare, it’s from the Victorian era. I like flowing dresses.

Arleen to BW: I was thinking more like a brightly colored dress or something… Which was why I initially only asked you to wear it for the one dare.

Black Widow: I know. It was semi girly. And I don’t apologize.

Trixie to Heather: How was your Tik-Tok experience?

Heather: No idea, I haven’t opened the app since I got it.


Fizzson to all: Anyone gonna go watch the Detective Pikachu Movie? Goodness knows I’ll be seeing it when I get the chance.


Pop: Yay!

Dr Hare: Probably.

Baymax: I do not understand.


Ethan to LuckE: Is it bad that I sometimes forget Baymax is even a part of ATV?

(Not really. He’s a side character, so… I forget on occasion. A lot of occasions. He’s not always there. -Editor LuckE)


Arleen to E: E, of course someone told him how you feel. I told him, Wid told him, Bard told him, the disk that Itch sent that one time told him, heck, your own dang actions around him told him. The only reason he hasn’t said anything is cause he can’t bring himself to say he likes you back.

E: I… I… You… Listen, Arleen, I know that he kinda knew, alright? I was hoping he’d just think it was a rumor or something’s, I don’t know…. Geez, I didn’t want him to know… *she covers her face* No… I can’t face him now… Maybe I’ll just die of shame and it’ll all end up better. I didn’t want him to know… He’s never going to feel the same way… And I as good as told him… I’ll just die of shame now. *looks up* And he hasn’t told me because he doesn’t want to tell me. I can’t blame him… This is awkward as all get out. And why would he like me… I’m nothing.


Arleen to DH: Why can’t you tell E how you feel? You know she likes you, so why would it be so hard for you to walk up and say you like her too to stop her from stressing about it so much?

Dr Hare: Well, it’s not like I was going to do it while pressured and during the ToD. She was mortified, I couldn’t do that to her. But… I also don’t know how to tell her. Or really why she likes me… But I’m not going to leave her hanging. She’ll beat herself up for ages… I just don’t know… Well, I don’t know how to tell her. Or really why she likes me, at all. I have a lot of questions.



I can’t even fathom a conclusion, so you can send Qs, dares, inquiries, magic anons, gifts, and the such to E, Black Widow, Binary Bard, Dr Hare, Director D, Pop, Heather, Baymax and the Rulers; Lucky Wing, Nice Coyote, Neat Berry, Avery and Robin. Hope you enjoy!

And I guess me if you want. I’m Editor LuckE.

Truths, Dares, Fears, Scares

Hey. Hope you like this. I’m tired and my teeth hurt, so I’m just going to publish like a loser. Hope you enjoy!


E: Hey, um, guys?

Binary Bard: What’s up?

Black Widow: What did you do now?

E: I didn’t do anything. Much.

Heather: Is it the Truth or Dare thing?

E: Yeah.

Pop: Ooh! Can I play?!

Dr Hare: How about no.

E: Agreed. Baymax, will you watch Pop for me?

Baymax: Of course. I will take care of him.

Pop: Aw…

Heather: You’ll be glad for it kid. Trust me.

*Baymax and Pop leave and E sits on the floor, pulling out a paper and a dice*

E: Ok, so this’ll go pretty simple. We’ve all got a certain amount of truths or dares. We’ll kinda just go, pick the next person, roll the dice and see which one you need to do. We’ll end when we’ve done them all at least once. Sound good?

Dr Hare: Do we have any weird Qs?

E: Nothing bad, nothing deadly and nothing gross. So you guys ready?

Black Widow: I guess.

E: Ok… *rolls the dice* Looks like Wid is first.

Black Widow: Ugh, fine. Truth.

E: Alright…. *rolls dice again* 5. Share your most embarrassing life moment.

Black Widow: -_- Oh. Great.

Heather: This’ll be interesting.

Black Widow: It’s when I went to go break into a building to get a painting, got it, was on my way out and I tripped literally every alarm in the whole building. I got out, but it was awkward.

E: I’ve done that.

Binary Bard: Since when?

E: I’ve done a ridiculous amount of things. Also, I was trying to get something from a technology fair and I really sucked at pretending I knew what I was doing.

Dr Hare: I forgot about that.

E: Never send me on a mission. Pick who’s next, you get the dice and paper now.

Black Widow: Cool. I’ll do Hare.

Dr Hare: Uh… Truth?

Black Widow: Lucky you, you got a 1. This one’s from Smiley… “If you could do absolutely anything, no matter how weird, bad, or stupid with no repercussions for one day, what would it be?”

Dr Hare: Um… I’m not sure. I guess I’d just tell people what I really thought about them. And possibly raid a verizon. I’m not sure.

E: Get me a new screen protector when you’re there. My current one is taped on…

Black Widow: Your turn. *throws the dice and paper at him*

Dr Hare: *barely catches them* Oh, um… Mordred?

Binary Bard: Ugh, dare.

Dr Hare: *rolls dice* It’s from Eister. “Say who they have a crush on/dating”

Binary Bard: -_- Oh come on… Emilia. At least… I think we’re dating.

Black Widow: They’re dating.

E: I dunno. I’ve met Em, so… It’s probably more complicated.

Dr Hare: Don’t make it worse.

E: Sorry.

Binary Bard: Ok, I pick… E.

E: Shucks. How about… Dare. I’m not risking this.

Binary Bard: … It says “Put on a maid outfit, and wear it for the rest of the ToD.”

E: … Ok, the absolute flip?

Binary Bard: I just read them.

E: *sighs* Ugh, the connotation of this… I’m not… Ugh. *she stands up and walks off in a huff*

Dr Hare: Is she going to do it?

Heather: I don’t know and it concerns me.

*E comes back in, wearing a long, plain, black dress with a high collar*

E: No era was specified, and I’m not gonna dress like a sexy maid, so here we are.

Black Widow: Literally no one said sexy but you.

E: I know, but I wasn’t going to risk it. Next, I pick Heather.

Heather: I’ll stick with dare.

E: 1, uh… Do tiktok.

Heather: What.

E: It’s a social media thing.

Heather: *sighs and pulls out phone* Alright, I’m on it. I say D next.

E: He’s here?

Director D: Yes.

E: I really need to look around more.

Director D: Yes, yes you do. Truth, I suppose.

Heather: Ok… From Fizzson, it’s “What’s your real name?” *pauses* I have wondered that.

Director D: *sighs* Do I really need to do this?

E: Fraid so.

Director D: Well, fine. It’s David.

Black Widow: Knew it.

Binary Bard: We already knew.

Black Widow: Which is what I was saying.

Dr Hare: Moving on then…

Director D: I pick Charlotte then.

Black Widow: Ughhhhh… Dare. Which one.

Director D: It says “ Dress up in some bright, girly clothes. (Just for this dare. Not looking to get punched later).” From Arleen.

Black Widow: Seriously? That’s not even hard. Be back in two seconds. *walks off*

Heather: I’m concerned.

E: Same.

Binary Bard: I’m not.

*Black Widow comes in, wearing one of E’s hoodies and a jean skirt*
E: Oi! Those are mine!

Black Widow: I’ll give them back. But I win the dare.

Director D: You don’t win this game. You just suffer until it ends.

Heather: Whoa. Dude. Chill.

Black Widow: Looking at the paper, I pick E, she’s got the most.

E: I do? Dare.

Black Widow: You people need to pick more truths.

E: What?

Black Widow: Nothing. You got… Katrina, “Speak like meh for the next two Truths/Dares X3”

E: Oh nu. This is gonna be bad. :<

Binary Bard: Heaven help us.

E: Ur next.

Binary Bard: Dare, fine.

E: Okie… Speak in ye olde Medieval talk for the next three Truths/Dares.

Binary Bard: Ugh. This is going to be painful… But fine.

E: Pick who’s next! :3

Binary Bard: Charlotte.

Black Widow: Truth.

Binary Bard: *sighs* Prithee, from Lady Trixie, “Is there anyone in the room you might take a relationship with if they weren’t already taken?”

Black Widow: Ew, probably not. Maybe Heather.

Heather: Mwa ha ha.

Black Widow: But seriously, no.

E: UGH Ok, normally talking now, your turn Wid.

Black Widow: I say Hare.

Dr Hare: Shoot, um, truth.

Black Widow: From Arleen… Oh. This is going to be good. It’s to E and Hare, “Do either one of you have a crush on each other? (Have to say it where you can hear each other. ;3)”

Dr Hare: *turns bright red* Oh.

E: … *picks up a pillow and covers her face* This is MORTIFYING

Black Widow: Saaaaay it.

Heather: *pulls out her phone and videos* Yes.

Dr Hare: Ok, whoa, whoa, calm down, we don’t need to do this.

Binary Bard: We all know E likes Hare, even he knows!

E: *looks over the pillow, bright red* What?!

Dr Hare: Now, guys-

E: You guys told him?! *she claps her hand over her mouth*

*Awkward pause*

Dr Hare: E?

E: *she throws the pillow at him and runs off* Nope!

Black Widow: What more proof do you need?

Binary Bard: It hath been said. Also, may I stop this now?

Director D: Yes.

Binary Bard: Thank goodness. No one talks like that!

Black Widow: *elbows Dr Hare* It’s about time she admitted it. You heard her.

Dr Hare: You aren’t helping…

Heather: Seriously, go tell her you like her back.

Dr Hare: I can’t! Listen, I just… I can’t, OK? *stands up* I’m going to go work on some stuff. Good luck with the rest of the Truth of Dare. *walks off dejectedly*

*Another pause*

Black Widow: *Sarcastically* Well, that went well!

Ask the Villains #87, Impending Doom.

I really don’t have anything to say. I’m hungry and I’m gonna go make a sandwich now. Hope you enjoy!


Luci to E: I tried to imagine you as a cat animal, but then I realized I can’t imagine you as nicer and cuter than you already are.

E: Aw… That’s so sweet Luci, thank you. I’m really not all that cute, seriously.


Luci to Dr Kitty: ah heck, sorry to come off rude! Terrible habit with certain topics…

Dr Kitty: It’s fine, I just… Like I said, there’s a reason I’m keeping my emotions and feelings in check.


Luci to Dr Kitty: “fite” you? I’m all for a good fight 0w0

Dr Kitty: Alright, guess I’m gonna have to kill a boi today…

Harvey: Absolutely not.

Dr Kitty: He says he wants to fite!

Harvey: Even more reason for a no.


Luci to all: HOW FLOOFY, 1-10?

E: Kinda floofy! Maybe a 6!

Pop: Not at all!

Black Widow: You all are weird.




E: Put to the test when things go wrong!


1273 down on rockefeller street

Binary Bard: Is… Is this a song or something? I don’t understand.



E: Papy?


these are not even questions im so weird help me e

E: Yeah, these really aren’t. Methinks you may need to breeeeeaathe… 



Pop: Can I have a bomb?



omg i love miraculous who here loves miraculous bidngebngiuwbgwbgogao rena rouge ftw

Dr Hare: Are you OK…


Quick Fang

1 Have anyone eaten anything weird in their life?

E: Yes. Do I want to talk about it? No.


2 What’s your favourite game, apart from Poptropica?

E: Undertale, for now.

Dr Hare: I like Smash Bros, I guess.


Binary Bard: Um… I guess I like Minecraft.

Black Widow: Mario Party.

E: What? Why?

Black Widow: Destroying friendships since 1998.

Pop: That’s older than I am…

Dr Hare: And we usually just end up yelling at the CPU.

Black Widow: Still.


3 What’s the best island in Poptropica in your opinion?

Pop: All of them!

Dr Hare: *shrugs* Can’t decide.

Black Widow: Counterfeit.

Binary Bard: Steamworks.

E: Not Astroknights?

Binary Bard: Yeah, no.

E: Fair enough. 24 Carrot for me then.


Fizzson to DH: Any clue why E passed out like she did?

Dr Hare: Honestly? I think it was just exhaustion. Which, I know, doesn’t make much sense, but… She wasn’t sick, drugged or anything! She didn’t even faint! Well, she did, but not really. Ok, never mind that, she just collapsed. I’m not entirely sure why, she wasn’t tired before, then… I’m not sure. It was…. I’m not sure. I’m looking into it, but….I still don’t know.


Arleen to Charlotte, Mordred, and Danny: Have you guys met E’s versions of you?

Charlotte: What.

Mordred: Not yet. I am honestly not sure if we will.

Davie: I’m not Danny either.

Charlotte: Tell them your actual name then, pansy.

Davie: Make me.

Mordred: Alright you two, calm down…

(This looks familiar. Where have I seen this interaction before? -Editor LuckE)


Arleen to DH and E: So about that bunny of yours, I remember Hare said he’d name a bunny Clover if he had one, so maybe that could be its name.

E: Oh! That’s a great idea! *she picks up the bunny* You have now been deemed Clover! Clover is now available for questions.

Dr Hare: I’d forgotten to be honest…

E: You’re officially naming everything to be named from here on out.

Dr Hare: Why?

E: Because I suck at naming.


Trixie to all: You guys ever give your boy/girlfriend up so someone you know would fit them better and also loves them could be with them instead? Just curious. :3

E: … Are you Ok Trixie? Did something happen? I am now concerned…

Binary Bard: Does my situation count?

Black Widow: No. Neither does mine, we just broke up.

Pop: I’ve never dated. I’m 11.

Dr Hare: I did have a girlfriend once, but… Well, that was it’s own kind of messy.

E: You had a girlfriend?

Dr Hare: Yeah… why?

E: … No reason. What was she like?

Dr Hare: Um… Well… I’ll tell you later, OK? I don’t really feel like talking about it now.

E: Oh. Got it. S-sorry…


Arleen to E: I hope you realize just what kinda trouble you’re asking for by doing this Truth or Dare thing on Thursday. 😉

E: What do you mean? It’s just gonna be a simple Q&A. Last time I was a part of one of these, we just joked around, talked about food. This should be fine.

(Oh, poor, naive E… Speaking of that, if you haven’t sent any truths or dares, I would hurry, I need them soon! LINK here! -Editor LuckE)


Ethan (Editor Fizz) to Elypool: 1. You still around?

???: Oh, me? Hi. Yeah, I am. I was going to stop by on the 2 year, but everyone was asleep. I mean, it was like 3 in the morning, but whatever. I might show up for the Truth or Dare thing if anyone wants to question me there.


2 Hope you don’t mind me calling you that, since you look like E, act like Deadpool, and don’t give us your actual name.

???: I mean, it’s not my name. I’m not giving out my name. I don’t entirely hate it, so… I won’t kill you for it. Seriously, I’m nothing like Wade!

???2: Lies.

???: Quiet you! But seriously, call me whatever you want. I’ve heard all the nicknames. Including a few very unflattering ones that I am no longer aloud to repeat around the house.

???2: For good reason.

(A new challenger approaches! -Editor LuckE)


Ethan to Editor LuckE: I changed out sonas to distance myself from Fizzson. What’cha think?

(I think it’s different, that’s for sure. It’s not bad tho, just new. Kinda like it. See, I just went with LuckE because I didn’t think anyone would understand Sniny and LuckE is punny. Anyways, you got this! 😉 -Editor LuckE)


Fizzson to all: Super late to this, but how was y’all’s April Fools?

E: I got my Q&A stolen. That was either a hilarious joke by the Dark Lady or a malicious plan. Possibly both.

Dr Hare: Not much even happened… It was kind of sad.

Pop: Momma said I couldn’t duct tape the doors shut.

Heather: I’m in agreement.


??? to all: Just outta curiosity, are the villains gonna go back to Poptropica at some point?

E: I… I… I’m not sure.

Dr Hare: We can’t. We’ve been trying for months to get so much as a portal through. We can still call them, some… how… But no, we can’t go there, the dimension is closed off to us for some reason.

E: And thus I feel guilty.

Dr Hare: What? Why, it’s not your fault.

E: I… Well, I told D I’d try and get him back. And Binary. And… I promised.

Dr Hare: It’s not your fault, alright? It is what it is.

E: I… I suppose.

(Sorry, no fluff, I’m saving it all for the Truth or Dare thing. -Editor LuckE)


Arleen to all: You guys’ speak any additional languages?

E: Nah, want to.

Black Widow: French.

Binary Bard: Latin.

Pop: All the languages!

E: Wait what.


E: Well, now all we’ve got is the Truth or Dare thing…

Heather: Can I not take part?

E: Why not?

Heather: Because I don’t want to…

E: … I want to say yes, but…

Heather: *sighs* Fine. At least make sure my nephew isn’t part of it.

E: Your what?

Heather: Pop. Your son. My nephew.

E: Oh… This is getting confusing.

Heather: Not really. You just need to go tell Harvey that you like him and-

E: Ok, Ok, I get it! *walks off*

Heather:*smirks* Anyways! You can send Qs, dares, inquiries, magic anons, gifts, and the such to E, Black Widow, Binary Bard, Dr Hare, Director D, Pop, Heather the epic, Baymax and the Rulers; Lucky Wing, Nice Coyote, Neat Berry, Avery and Robin. Hope you enjoy!

E: And the Swapped peeps.

Heather: Wait what.


Well, I hope that was acquit. Because I really don’t think it was good. Moving on. I’mma go eat. Send Qs, send dares, send truths!

Truth or Dare, with assistance

Ok, listen. Yesterday, April 24th, was the AtV’s two year anniversary.

I did not have anything prepared due to the fact that I was A, late with the AtV itself this week, B, swamped in homework, C, wrangling teenaged siblings, D, cleaning the house, E, feeling crummy, F, running a ‘business’ and G, at school, suffering.

Which is why I’m doing this.

Next week, next Thursday, the AtV characters are going to play Truth or Dare, except you guys, the asked, can send the truths or dares. You can do absolutely anything and it has to be done. Just say who it’s to and truth or dare. I’ll have a random number generator to pick which ones go first!

But keep it clean pls.


Next week I’ll be a little more prepped, don’t worry. See you guys soon!

Ask the Villains #86, Next to No Scrumples

I know it’s late. It was really, really hard to write for some reason. I couldn’t write anything yesterday because I was having an existential crisis about the AtV and my own writing skills. But it’s here now, so I hope it’s at least decent.

E’s PoV

I was having the most wonderful dream. I seemed to be sitting on a blue cloud, surrounded by familiar faces. I couldn’t name all of them, but I was surrounded by friends and family, cat in my lap and was feeling safe. That was nice. I wasn’t used to feeling safe. I stood up, placing the cat down in my cloud chair and walked out of the room. I knew there was somewhere I had to go, but I wasn’t sure where. Outside of the door, there was a dark room. Was that where I was supposed to go? I went in. I needed a flashlight. Didn’t I have one? There was one on my phone, right? Where was my phone? I had just had it, but now it was gone. I went ahead anyways. It was dim, but not pitch black. I went through, looking around for anything familiar. Nothing. Just darkness and candle holders on the walls. Then I heard a scratching sound, like a mouse or cat trying to escape, but louder. Darker. I turned to leave, but the way I had come was gone. Nothing. I looked for a door, a window, maybe even a cliche vent, but there was nothing. Just a long, dark hallway stretching out forever. I called out, but nothing even came out of my mouth. The darkness rushed in, pushing on my throat and suffocating me. I fell to my knees and looked up to see a figure in a dark cloak. A feminine, sing song voice floated from under the hood. “Silly little pixie, you’re running out of time… Soon your powers and your friends are going to be mine.”

A sliver flash. The floor dropped and I fell into nothingness.


I sat bolt uptight with a silent scream. I was falling. No, wait. I was on my bed. How had I gotten there? What was going on? It was day. Wid was there, sitting on her bed.. But… Someone else was there.

Dr Hare: E?

I fell off the bed, startled. Wid snickered.

E: Holy geez!

Dr Hare: Are you Ok?!

E: Yeah, I’m fine. I’m awake now. *she sits up and crawls up onto her bed again, rubbing her head* What happened?

Dr Hare: You don’t remember?

Black Widow: You passed out when you arrived.

E: Really? Why?

Dr Hare: I… I’m not sure.

E: Oh… How long was I out?

Black Widow: A week.

E: A week! No, I had things to do, I needed to work on homework or at the house or help with things… *covers her face* Oh trash…

Dr Hare: E, it’s Ok, you needed to rest. You’re perfectly fine.

E: … How am I still alive if I just slept that long…

Dr Hare: You half woke up, ate a little sometimes…

Black Widow: It was weird. Also, your son wants to talk to you.

E: Oh… I’ll be there in a minute, I don’t know…

Black Widow: Also it’s Tuesday.

E: What?! The AtV! Why didn’t you guys do it without me or something? 

Black Widow: It turns out we like you and stuff. *sips coffee*

Dr Hare: Yeah… We were kind of worried about you.

E: Oh. Well, we’d better go do it then…

Dr Hare: Only when you’re ready.

E: Right. I’m ready now.


AtV, start!


I’m going to bury you…With so many gifts this year for being so gosh darn good hahahaha tinsel 😂

Black Widow: But it’s April.


(#I’llBeVirgil -Editor LuckE)


I’ve been watching Thomas Sanders vines all day send help

E: See, I don’t see why this a problem.


3. What if soy milk is actually just milk introducing itself in spanish.

Pop: What’s a Soy Milk?



(That’s E. -Editor LuckE) 


5. Have you seen Captain Marvel yet.

E: We haven’t seen Infinity War…


HAPPY EARTH DAY #SavetheTurtles What will you do for earth day?

E: Happy Earth day! We’ll probably gonna go clean up some roads, cliche, I know.

Pop: Turtles! Save them! Save all the turtles!

(I combined a few of the Qs, sorry… -Editor LuckE)


Are you gonna see the new Disney Nature movie Penguins

E: With any luck.


If you had to choose, would you save land animals or sea animals

Dr Hare: Wow, this is hard. How about-



Un-earth day qs

Have you played super smash bros ultimate yet

E: *sighs* Still no… I’ll tell you when we do…


Have you seen the joker dlc in ssbu from persona 5, looks lit

(Still no… -Editor LuckE)


Favorite clothing brand

(Clothes have brands? 😐 -Editor LuckE)


Listen to Rosalina’s Observatory from Super Mario Galaxy

(On it -Editor LuckE)


Luci to Dr Kitty: I so need to meet you someday. You seem to be a very fun person. And an easy one to tick off. Just don’t whack me with a textbook.

Dr Kitty: Stop pestering me about Harvey and it’s a deal. I’m open to meeting new people. Ish. Also, fite me.


Luci to all: I NEED TO HUG YOU

E: *ducks behind Dr Hare* Ack! I mean, erm, yeah. Sure.

Black Widow: No. *walks off*

Pop: I love hugs!

Binary Bard: I’m good, thanks.

Dr Hare: Uh, alright then.

(I expect hugs now. You’d better deliver. -Editor LuckE)


Luci to E: You gotta let me do your hair. I’m good with fur, but I can try to make it the floofiest I absolutely can.

E: Eh… I might be OK with that. Don’t make it too floofy tho, I’m trying to grow it out. More. *sighs* Geez, I’m gonna be freaking Rapunzel.


Luci to E: DON’T DIE. Or collapse like that. Or I will kill you.

E: *laughs a little* Geez Luci, I’m fine, chill out… Well, I’m mostly Ok. Fairly Ok. I’ll be fine.

Dr Hare: Don’t worry. She isn’t leaving my sight.

E: I’m fine…

Dr Hare: *hugs her* I just worry…

E: *sighs, smiling a little* You’re so overprotective.

Dr Hare: I guess…

(They’re getting there. -Editor LuckE)


Luci to Kitty: …aaah, no wonder you’re a friend of E’s. Seems you and her share the same stubborn standpoint on “certain things”. Though it’s not quite like it isn’t already obvious.

Dr Kitty: First off, if you mean about Harvey, I have a reason. E really doesn’t. Cut me some slack. Also, rude.


Red Tomato


(NOT AGAIN -Editor LuckE)


the dog is a bomb!

E: No, just annoying. My precious artifact…


i ship mordred and mettaton O-O robot love

Binary Bard: I have a girlfriend! Who isn’t Mettaton! Geez…

E: Her name is Em. And she’s lovely when she’s not trying to kill you.


MUSHROMM DANCE- wait i already did that one

(Yup. -Editor LuckE)


IS ANIME REAL!?!?!?!?!?!

E: Yes.

Black Widow: No.

Pop: What’s an anime?



E: So… While I was out, what did I miss?

Dr Hare: Not too much. I missed you.

E: *flushes* Wait, really?

Dr Hare: Well, yeah. You’re fun.

E: … Oh. Geez, um… Thanks.

Dr Hare: You’re welcome.

E: I… Geez. Listen, I gotta get home, I need to go tell Dad I’m Ok.

Dr Hare: Oh. *looks down* Ok.

E: … K bye *runs out the door*

Binary Bard: When are you going to tell her?

Dr Hare: Not sure. I’ve tried hinting at it, but she doesn’t seem to get it.

Binary Bard: Sums her up pretty well. End off the AtV, will you?

Dr Hare: Alright. You can send Qs, dares, inquiries, magic anons, gifts, and the such to E, Black Widow, Binary Bard, Dr Hare, that’s me, Director D, Pop, Heather, Baymax and the Rulers; Lucky Wing, Nice Coyote, Neat Berry, Avery and Robin. Hope you enjoy.

Binary Bard: Now to go clean the house. This place is a disaster.

Dr Hare: You’re telling me.


Enjoy a shoddily done AtV. I know, it kinda sucks. Like I said, existential crisis. Is what it is. Welp, I’m gonna go try and deal with Lillian now. You might see something about her on my other blog, I haven’t decided yet. We shall see.

Ask the Villains #85, Everything you Expected is a Lie

It’s late, I’m tired, I gotta finish an essay on Shakespeare. Funny thing, I actually like Shakespeare. But you know what I don’t like? Essays.

Anyways, enjoy the adventures and japes of E, Dr Hare, Dr Kitty and Harvey.


E: Ok, so… Hi viewers. We’re back.

Harvey: Does she always talk to the viewers?

Dr Hare: It’s a frequent occurrence.

E: Yeah…  Listen, it’s E. I’m sorry for the delay, it took a little bit to get this, well, calm.

Dr Kitty: I calmed down after a bit!

Harvey: It just took a bit.

Dr Kitty: *pouts* Did not.

E: Yeah…  It was interesting. Especially considering everyone except Harvey here, I mean the one from this dimension, tried to remove us from the area. Forcibly.

Dr Hare: I still have claw marks.

Dr Kitty: I’m sorry…

E: Which incidentally he should have let me wrap up, but he didn’t, so… Yeah.

Harvey: Yeah, he was pretty brave. I haven’t seen many people be able to stand up to Mad Kitty Doctor attack.

E: And he just stood in front of me and took it!

Dr Kitty: It wasn’t just me, the others flipped.

E: And then he did the exact same thing! You aren’t invincible…

Harvey: Charlotte with a weapon, fake or otherwise, is terrifying.

Dr Kitty: I still don’t know if that was real or not.

Dr Hare: It was real. I think. It was a little difficult to see at point blank.

E: At any rate! We’ve talked. Things are Ok, mostly. And to establish less confusion, we even came up with name tags. They’re simple, Harvey’s, from my universe says Hare, to avoid confusion, though I’m still gonna mess it up, then Harvey, from here, E and Kitty.

Dr Kitty: Do we really need to wear these?

E: … Nah. *throws them over her shoulder* Let’s go!


Luci: How nerd is this “Dr Kitty”? From 0 to Fizzson level (10)

Dr Kitty: I feel low key offended by this.

E: Don’t, nerds are awesome. For reference, Dr Hare here, he’s a good solid 9 and I’m a good 7.

Harvey: I think Kitty is an 8.

Dr Hare: I am not a 9.

E: What?

Dr Hare: I’m at least a 9.5.

E: *giggles* My bad.

Dr Kitty: I want to be a point 5.



Dr Kitty: Not really… Occasionally I do.

Dr Hare: I don’t. Not really.

E: I do!

*everyone looks at her*

E: Dude. I’ve got 2 feet of hair, if not more. This is normal.


Luci: Why is it called Ask the Villains when none of you seem even close to a “villain”?

E: I can explain this… When the AtV, or Ask the Villains first started, Hare, Wid, Binary, James, and D were all villains. It’s been a bit. Things have changed. Now it’s just a bunch of lovely people who have been renamed and a 18 year old pixie who doesn’t want to change the name.

Late Qs


What do you do when you love someone that’s 4 yrs older than you and really has no idea you exist 😂😂😂😂

E: I honestly have no idea. To be bluntly and brutally honest, the only time I’ve had a crush who didn’t really know I existed was the biggest jerk in history of loser male cheerleaders.

Dr Kitty: Don’t insult the male cheerleaders.

E: Oh no, male cheerleaders are fine. But there is a faction of male cheerleaders, who are losers. He’s their leader.

Harvey: You think this through too much.

E: You’re telling me. As for the age difference… Well, I don’t know. Ya know who I like, there’s a similar age gap.

Dr Hare: You like someone?

E: Oh shoot. *she hides behind Dr Kitty* Hide me from my mistakes.

Dr Kitty: You crazy? Go own up to them, you pansy.

E: NO *runs off*

Harvey: … Well that’s a thing.

Dr Hare: What just happened?!

Dr Kitty: Heck if I know.


To DH: hoi! I’m temm-ok just kidding. How many pets do u have?

E: hOI!! i’M TEMmie! WelcUM 2, da TEM-

Dr Kitty: No.

Dr Hare: Well, we’ve got Pipsqueak… And now we’ve got a new bunny, so… 2.



Mia to all: Dude. My hecking back hurts right now. Woke up and found out I was sleeping on my 35-stick pack of gum.

E: You need to check before you crash, woman.

Dr Kitty: I can make no sense of this.



To Dr Hare: Has it been scientifically proven that a rabbit’s foot is good luck? Because if so, I have a chainsaw. Just kidding. My mom wouldn’t let me have a chainsaw.

Dr Hare: I’m feeling a little threatened here…

E: *shielding him from any nearby chainsaws* He needs his feet! No more hospital trips!

Dr Kitty: -_- The hay…

Harvey: You can’t even prove how lucky something is…


To Dr. Hare: I need your opinion. Would you rather be burned to death or drowned? I’m trying to kill off my MC, but I can’t decide between the two. But if you have a more creative idea, I’m all ears. (PUNS)

E: Ok, Heck no! *she hugs Dr Hare* This is my bunny, you don’t get to kill him!

Dr Hare: Ack! *falls over*

E: Holy shoot!

Dr Kitty: I have so many concerns… Also, go with drowning, it’s quicker and less painful, I guess.

Harvey: Or don’t kill them and be nice.

Dr Hare: E, please stop hugging me, I can’t get up.

E: Never.


Fizzson to Kitty: Wait, so… You don’t know about any of the AU stuff? o-o”

Dr Kitty: Not really… I’ve gotten a bit of a crash course tho.

E: That was Harvey, I’m rubbish at explaining.

Harvey: I didn’t do anything.

E: Shoot, Hare, I meant Hare. I give up on myself. *walks away*

Dr Hare: So, um… Yeah, nothing too complicated guys.

Arleen to Mordred: Oh. Are you a retired techie, then?

Mordred: No, I just haven’t made anything interesting. It’s been a bit dull.


Fizzson to all: So just randomly, some of these ruler villains wouldn’t happen to be, say… An art thief, jester-themed mad scientist, and a traitorous ex-head of a spy agency, would they?

Charlotte: Art thief is Robin. She’s a weird one.

Davie: Director C, got the spy one.


Charlotte: Dude, that’s you.

Mordred: Elyana was a mad scientist and a cyborg, but there was no jester theme.


Arleen to Kitty: Aw, darn. I thought with how chummy you and Harvey were being, you two might actually be a thing. Wishful thinking there, I guess.

Dr Kitty: What’s that supposed to mean? Listen, just because I really like him and because he’s nice and wonderful and kind and attractive and fun and sweet and has lovely blue eyes and perfect and stuff… That doesn’t mean we’re together. Besides, he deserves better than me. Just saying.


Trixie to Kitty: …Do you like to be pet?

Dr Kitty: … No.

Harvey: Yes.

Dr Kitty: I do not!

Harvey: You kinda do…

Dr Kitty: *pouts* Do not.

Harvey: *scratches behind her ears* Do too.

Dr Kitty: … Ok, fine… Maybe it’s alright…

Harvey: *smiles* Yeah, I know.

E: *grinning in background* Hehehehe…


Blonde Hair, Blue Wings to E: What do you like about Dr Hare?

E: Oh, um… I… Well, he’s kind. He’s caring, he’s fun, smart, cute, helpful and he seems to really care about me. *blushes* Uh… I mean… What? I don’t know what you’re talking about! We’re just friends.


To Dr Hare: What do you like about E?

Dr Hare: Easy. That she’s sweet, caring, funny, loving… She’s beautiful inside and out. I love her… And I can hope that maybe one day she’ll feel the same way.


To Dr Kitty: What do you like about Harvey?

Dr Kitty: I like that he’s, well, there. He’s always there, always wonderful, always caring, always amazing, always kind, always dependable, always sweet, always himself, no matter what’s going on. And himself is… Just about perfect. Not that we’ll ever be in a relationship though… All I can do is dream.


To Harvey: What do you like about Kitty?

Harvey: Oh! *turns red* She’s… She’s really just amazing. She’s smart, doesn’t care what other people think about her, that’s always nice… She acts aloof, but it’s obvious when she cares about someone. She cares about quite a few people though. She isn’t perfect, I know, but that’s kind of… Attractive, to be honest. She knows she has flaws, tries to make herself better every day. That’s really a lot of her… Oh, and she has such a fiery spirit… *blushes* Ok, moving on before I blabber forever.


To Charlotte: If you could, would you ask Mordred out? Like, unironically.

Charlotte: Hmm… I don’t know. Probably, he’s pretty cute. And nice. He’s a good guy, I could see it working out. Let me think on this.


To Mordred: Do you like Charlotte?

Mordred: … *turns red* Alright, so… Next Q please.


To Davie: Ooh, you have a gf? Pls tell us about her.

Davie: Um… She’s… She’s lovely. I can’t really tell you much about her, but… She’s awesome.


To Elarvey and Haritty: Aww, you guys are such cute couples! Yes, I know you aren’t couples. You just need to FIX THAT

E: *giggling* Haritty, kekekeke…

Dr Kitty: *bright red* Oh, shut up.

Harvey: *blushes* Anyways! Let’s move on now.

Dr Hare: Yeah…

E: Nah, we gotta answer this.

Dr Hare: You do know what we’re involved in this Q, right?

E: What do you- *stops* Oh.

Dr Kitty: FIX IT HOW
E: Get in a relationship with someone you’re in love with.

Dr Kitty: You’re one to talk!

E: Yes, yes I am. I’m a huge hypocrite, I know.

Dr Kitty: … Mmm! *she shoves E into Dr Hare* Just tell him, then you can tell me off!

Dr Hare: *catches her awkwardly* Whoa!

E: … I sort of deserved that, didn’t I?

Harvey: Well-

Dr Kitty: *sits next to him, pouting* Hush. *leans against him*

Harvey: *bright red* Oh. I… Oh.

Charlotte: You’re all hopeless!

(She’s not wrong. -Editor LuckE)


To E: Who would you rather kiss? Dr Hare or Jelly Bean?

E: *turns red* Um, ok, first off, those are literally the same person… Oh… You did that on purpose. Thanks a lot buddy. The answer is irrelevant! I’m not going to… To do that. That’d be rude. I might be lovesick, but I do have limits. I’d at least ask.

Dr Kitty: Then go ask.

E: … No.

Dr Kitty: You are hopeless.

E: Am not.


To Dr Hare: So… You kissed E back yet?

Dr Hare: *blushes* Whoa! That… That whole ‘kiss’ doesn’t really… It wasn’t…  That wasn’t a real kiss. It was an accident and I’m not going to… Well… Unless she… Never mind, this is hopeless.


To Harvey: Ooh, clearly you crushing on the kitty doc… So go tell her!

Harvey: NO. *turning pink* I’m not telling her, I… I just can’t. She… It’d be too embarrassing. I don’t think she even likes me that way… But… I’m just going to keep it to myself. I don’t want to push her.


To Dr Kitty: Yet? So you like him! Kitty likes Harvey! She loooooves him!

Dr Kitty: I got a textbook with your name on it! It’s a calculus one, it would straight up kill you.

E: Why do you have a calculus textbook?

Dr Kitty: It’s Harvey’s, he’s trying to graduate college. And… I use his stuff to threaten people. Geez, I’m pathetic.

E: No, you aren’t. Now, do you like your friend Harvey? Romantically?

Dr Kitty: I… Yes. I am.

E: Then why don’t you tell him?

Dr Kitty: Because… Because he’s too good for me.

E: What.

Dr Kitty: I… Listen, I’m just not a good person, alright? I’m a terrible person, who’s done awful things.

E: Yeah, but-

Dr Kitty: There is no ‘yeah, but’ here! Let’s just hit the next Q, alright? I don’t want to talk about this.

E: Oh. Ok.

Dr Kitty: Sorry, I just…

E: Hey, it’s Ok. If you don’t want to talk about it, that’s Ok. I understand what that’s like. We’ll just move on.

Dr Kitty: I… Thanks E. That’s really nice of you.

E: No problem. *smiles*


To all: So… No Pop here?

Harvey: Who?

E: That’s… My adopted son.

Dr Kitty: Why the hay do you have a son?

E: It’s a bit of a long story… But he’s an orphan and he doesn’t have anywhere to go. He’s 11 now, but… Yeah.

Dr Hare: Yeah…It’s a bit odd, but… Whatever.

Harvey: That’s… Kind of sweet.

E: Really?

Harvey: Yeah. Helping a kid with nowhere to go and no one to help him, that’s really good.

E: *a little surprised* Oh. Thank you.

Dr Kitty: I’m with him. You guys are good people. 

E: *a little embarrassed now* Thanks…


To all again: Ok, if had a kid, what you name them?

E and Dr Kitty: Alexandria.

E: It’s a family name.

Dr Kitty: I just like it.

Dr Hare: Um… I got nothing.



To all again!: I dare you to hug someone who means a lot to you. Right now. Go.

E: *hugs Dr Hare* Dibs.

Dr Kitty: I hope you realize you’ve spent about 50 percent of this hugging him.

E: *sticks out her tongue*

Harvey: *hugs Kitty* Whatever works.

Dr Kitty: -_- Don’t encourage them.


One last to all: Ok, so some advice to someone who is painfully alone because of their own dumb decisions, stupid judgement and messed up… Self.

E: Ok, first off, I’m sure you didn’t mess up that bad. I don’t actually know who you are, you’re pretty new here… But you’ve got this, alright? You aren’t dumb, you aren’t stupid, you aren’t messed up. You got this.

Dr Kitty: Now go out there and punch life in the face.


Dr Kitty: Guys, I’m kidding. Geez, how violent do you think I am.


Luci to Dr. Kitty: I SHIP YOU AND HARVEY, YOU SASSY EMBARRASSED CAT. bring it, can’t hurt me with a textbook.

Dr Kitty: *blushes*S-shut up!

Harvey: *turns pink* Anyways…

E: *whispers* I ship it.

Dr Hare: Oh geez…

Dr Kitty: *groans* Ok, out.

Harvey: What?

Dr Kitty: Take those two, *gestures at E and Dr Hare* into the lab, show them around. I’m taking the question.

Harvey: Oh. Well, good luck.

Dr Kitty: Thank you, I’m going to need it.

*the others leave*

Dr Kitty: Alright, listen buddy. I don’t know who you are.You don’t know who I am. Well, Ok, you might have some idea of who I am. This has been up a bit. But I know. People think we should get together. I am so aware. And I would love to be with Harvey, that’d be wonderful. But it’d never work. *looks down* I… I know he has a crush on me. But… I’m hoping it’s just a puppy love thing, because… Well, look at me. I’m the worst. I’m a loser, a freak show, a psychopath… He needs someone better than me. He deserves someone better than me. That’s all I’m saying.


Luci: Words of the wise. **sent cat nip now.**

Dr Kitty: *groans* Oh no… Not again.

E: What’s happening?

Harvey: *pales* Oh goodness…

Dr Hare: *confused* No idea.

Harvey: Hold on a moment… *he looks through a small backpack, pulls a small stuffed animal out and tosses it to Dr Kitty*

Dr Kitty: Mine! *she dives after it*

E: Uh…

Dr Hare: What just happened?

Harvey: She, um… Gets a bit hyper with catnip.

Dr Hare: You don’t say…

E: Should we do anything?

Harvey: She’ll calm down in a little bit. Sorry about this.

Dr Hare: It’s ok. And fairly understandable.

E: Yeah…

Dr Kitty: *pads back over and curls up on the couch next to Harvey, holding the toy* I got it. *she cuddles up to him*

Harvey: Good job El. *he scratches her ears absently*

E: *grins a little* Aw… That’s cute.

Dr Kitty: *mutters* Am not…

Harvey: She… Yeah, doesn’t like to be called that.

E: Sweet then. You two are sweet to each other.

Harvey: *blushes pink* W-what?!

E: You two would be a good couple. I’m… I’m not going to pretend that I’m an expert… Or anything close, I’m super bad at relationships…

Harvey: I… Oh.

Dr Hare: *turning red* E…

E: I’m just saying… Sorry. Too far?

Dr Hare: A little bit!

E: I wasn’t even talking about you.

Dr Hare: *sighs* E, they’re us. Think about it.

E: Wha- OH. *turns red*

Dr Kitty: You guys are weird.

Dr Hare: You aren’t wrong….

Dr Kitty: Nope! *she starts purring contentedly*

Harvey: I told you.

E: I think it’s awesome.


E: Well, I guess that’s all.

Dr Kitty: Good. Ugh, I’m on such a ‘nip crash… I hate these… *stumbles off*

Harvey: Well… She’s going to have to sleep that off. Sorry, that’s sort of a lame end.

Dr Hare: It’s Ok, happens to the best of us.

E: Take care of her, will you?

Harvey: *smiles a little* I try to. Usually she ends up taking care of me.

Dr Hare: I know that feeling.

E: Listen, I’ve got an idea. *she pulls a scrap of paper from her pocket, writes something on it, then hands it to Harvey* My phone number. Give it to Kitty. Call us if you need anything, Ok? If we get Qs for you guys, we’ll send em your way.

Harvey: Oh. Thank you. *smiles* I hope we get to see you guys again.

E: Me too. We’d better get back… Harvey- I mean Hare, is it recharged?

Dr Hare: Yeah. We’d better go. You’ve missed enough school as it is.

E: *sighs* I haven’t missed school in the slightest.

Harvey: *grins* I know what that’s like.

E: Well, good luck.

Harvey: You too!

*Dr Hare opens up a portal and they hop through, back to Earth 442, in the Villain’s apartment.*

E: Phew! Good to be back.

Dr Hare: Well, that was… Educational.

E: To say the least… Oof, I’m exhausted… That took more out of me than it should have.

Dr Hare: Are you Ok?

E: I dunno… I was feeling fine until you made the jump… Now I’m getting this stabbing headache… *sits down abruptly, holding her head* Ow.

Dr Hare: E, maybe we should call a doctor or something.

E: I’m fine, I fine… Imma lie down. *she collapses*

Dr Hare: E! *catching her before she can fall off the couch*
Black Widow: *from the doorway* The h**l is going on?! It’s 3 in the morning!

Dr Hare: Well, E just collapsed for no reason, as far as I can tell, we just got back and there’s an awful lot of confusion here!

Black Widow: Oh. Geez, um….

Dr Hare: I think we need to call a doctor.

Black Widow: You’re a doctor!

Dr Hare: I’m not a medical doctor! Binary is!

Black Widow: I’ll go get him. *hurries off*

Dr Hare: *hugging E* It’s going to be Ok E… It’s going to be alright… I promise….


Yeah, that wasn’t dramatic at all. I’ll write up the next installment, it should be out Wednesday. Wish me luck. You can send Qs to anyone at this point, you just pick. I’m going to bed, good night.

Ask the Villains #84, Switches and Shackles

Yes, every time I do this, the titles not only get dumber, but more dramatic.

Listen, before we start, I didn’t do all of the Qs. Some didn’t fit with what I needed this week and with the swapverse we’re using today. And probably next week. At any rate. If you don’t see your Qs, I swear it will happen next week, I’m already compiling them as you read this. Hope you enjoy! 

Arleen to all: Oh, heya! You all seem pretty nice. It’s good to meet you. ^^

Dr Kitty: Hey! How are you?

Mordred: I don’t think they can respond.

Dr Kitty: Regardless.

Davie: Hiya.

Charlotte: *bows dramatically* Bonjour, enchanté.

Harvey: Oh, uh, hi.

Mordred: Hello.

Arleen to Harvey and Kitty: Soooo… You two are a thing here?

Dr Kitty: Whoa whoa whoa! Whoa!

Harvey: *turns bright red* Oh geez, um… whoa.

Dr Kitty: Ok, let me explain. We’re just friends guys, nothing… Nothing like that. I don’t think so, at least. *looks at Harvey* You know anything about this?

Harvey: *shakes head mutely*

Dr Kitty: Just friends, see? It’s… Just that. *whispers* For now, I suppose.

Harvey: What?

Dr Kitty: *deadpan* What?


Riapsed to Charlotte: You’re an actress huh? How good are you at it?

Charlotte: I think I’m OK. I don’t want to sound big headed, but I think I’m decent at it. I’ve certainly practiced a lot and put a lot into it. I hope I’m good.


Fizzson to all: What’s the deal with the Rulers, exactly?

Dr Kitty: Well, that’s a tough question, isn’t it? Harvey, you were there when it happened, right?

Harvey: A little of it, I was unconscious for some of it.

Dr Kitty: To put it lightly, they were villains, bent on world domination and the such blah blah blah, but so was I, so I really can’t talk, can I?

Harvey: Can anyone anymore…

Dr Kitty: Anyways, they… Disbanded.

Harvey: Avery died in an accident… Elyana went missing a couple years ago and we haven’t seen her since, much less heard from her. And… To some degree, they were the ones who held the group together.

Dr Kitty: It was sad, I liked Elyana. I mean, she was a little weird, but who isn’t? I liked her hair, that was cool.

Mordred: Her hair was hot pink.

Dr Kitty: I know, I wish I had that kind of confidence.


Fizzson to all again: Favorite video game?

Dr Kitty: Digimon Go is a personal favorite.

(Get it? Cause it’s a swapped universe? Ok, I’ll stop… -Editor LuckE)


Mimi to all: Favorite song?

Dr Kitty: If I tell them I listen to classic metal and stuff like that, do you think they’d leave?

Harvey: I haven’t left.

Dr Kitty: I literally wonder about that every day.

(I couldn’t find enough songs, so have this really crappy answer. -Editor LuckE)


Fizzson to Mordred, Harvey & Kitty: Do you guys invent? If so, got anything you’ve been working on lately?

Dr Kitty: Oh! Well, Harvey helped me with a transmission jacker, that’s what we’ve used to get this up. Don’t tell the people who usually run this, I don’t think they’d like it much.

Mordred: I haven’t done anything really interesting for a while, but I did make a rocket once.

Harvey: *shrugs* I’ve made a lot of things.


Arleen to Davie: Are you bald? Sorry if this seems kinda weird, I’m just curious.

Davie: Wha- El, have you been telling me people my name is Davie again?

Dr Kitty: You told me that’s what your name is!

Davie: I was kidding!

Dr Kitty: Well, then will you tell me your real name?!

Davie: No!

Dr Kitty: Then you’re Davie for the sake of this!

Davie: Ugh, fine. *sighs* No, I’m not, to answer your question. I did have cancer at one point, and the leukemia did make me bald… But it grew back. It just took a while.


Katrina to all: If chu were an animal, what would chu wanna be and why?

Dr Kitty: I would be a cat, shock to no one!

Harvey: Heh…

Dr Kitty: And Harvey would be a rabbit.

Harvey: What?

Mordred: Owl, I think.

Charlotte: Robin.

Davie: Seriously?

Charlotte: Nah, I’m a solid peacock.

Davie: I guess I’m a hawk. That’d be pretty cool.

Harvey: I’m not a rabbit.

Dr Kitty: Bunny?

Harvey: No, I’m not.

Dr Kitty: Too bad. I think you are adorable.

Harvey: *blushes* Stop…


Fizzson to all: If you could have one wish, what would it be? And no wishing for more wishes. That would be cheating.

Mordred: I would wish for sanity.

Davie: I’m pretty satisfied.

Charlotte: Money would be nice. You tried earning money as a actress?

Dr Kitty: To fix my stupid mistakes.

Harvey: I would just wish for my friends and family to be safe and happy.


Dr Kitty: This is why he’s the favorite. He’s too darn sweet! *hugs him*

Harvey: Whoa, please don’t hurt me.

Charlotte: Shiiiiip!


Editor Fizz to Editor LuckE: Is it weird that I adore the fact E’s part cat in this AU for whatever reason? Like, dunno why. I just do.

(Maybe it’s cause you like cats. Maybe it’s cause E is a fun character. Maybe it’s because… Uh… I’m out of ideas. I don’t know. I actually struggled with this a bit, since I originally wanted her to be a fox. But I’m glad I changed it and I’m glad you like it! :3


Trixie to Kitty: Say, how come you’re part cat, anyways?

Dr Kitty: Oh? Well, I… It’s a bit of a sore subject… But I guess since this is a Q&A… I was running some tests a couple years ago on animals and DNA. I’ve always liked cats, what could go wrong… Answer. Everything. Yeah, it’s… A little embarrassing. *pauses* The cat was fine. I ended up giving him to a little girl and her family. Then, you know, people found out and I was mocked, slandered, drummed out of the scientific community. *her tail swishes angrily, then she sighs* That’s in the past. I still struggle with it. I didn’t react well. And that’s on me, not them. Those people might be terrible, hypocritical, judgemental scumbags, but I’m still responsible for my own actions. Like being a moron and trying to hurt people and control people and-

Harvey: *puts a hand on her shoulder* El.

Dr Kitty: *gasps a bit in surprise* Holy… What? What is it?

Harvey: It’s ok. It’s on the past, remember?

Dr Kitty: … *looks down* I guess.

Harvey: *hugs her* You’re great El. Don’t forget that.

Dr Kitty: … *hugs him back* Thanks Harvey.


Arleen to all: So… Y’all in any relationships? (Minus the previously asked Kittyarvey one, of course.)

Dr Kitty: Oh my gosh, stop! We. Aren’t. Like. That. Yet.

Charlotte: You said yet.

Dr Kitty: *turns bright red and turns to her, annoyed* You aren’t allowed to talk anymore.

Charlotte: It’s Ok, no relationships here.

Dr Kitty: You’re grounded.

Charlotte: Bring it.

Dr Kitty: You want me to bring it?! *her tail starts swishing and she holds up a textbook* I’ll bring it!


Charlotte: Feisty.

Davie: You literally did that on purpose. Ok, I’ll start I guess… I am in a relationship, I’ve got a girlfriend. This isn’t hard guys.

Charlotte: I’d like to get in a relationship. That’d be nice.

Mordred: *shrugs* Yeah, probably.

Dr Kitty: *fuming* You two should get together. You certainly like to be annoying about my relationships.

Charlotte: Huh…

Mordred: Oh no, I am leaving, good bye. Fare thee well, I am getting myself hence. 


??? to all: Would you guys happen to know someone named James? If so, how come he isn’t here with the rest of y’all?

Dr Kitty: Oh, James, right. His daughter, Bonnie? She was a pirate that was majorly feared, but she ended up getting stopped. But I never met James… I think Harvey knew him.


Arleen to Kitty: Just randomly, do you have a cat named Smores?

Dr Kitty: I used to. I had to entrust her to some others… The Rulers needed a cat at the time and I know they’d take care of her. Delilah has her now. She’ll take good care of my cat.


Emma to Davie: How’s life running a spy agency?

Davie: Oh, it’s Ok. A bit difficult sometimes, but we make do. Could be worse… The previous director managed to get things a little… Well, messy. Bless her heart.


Fizzson to all: So I gotta say, y’all are pretty cool, but uh… Why did you hijack E and the villains’ QnA like this in the first place?

Charlotte: Aw, thank you.

Dr Kitty: Hijacking is a strong term. I got this note, see? *she holds up her phone* Email, said I could have possession of this Q&A for a while, at least until the previous owners, well… It says something not fit for innocent ears, but basically until they get their stuff together. It also said that might be a long time… I’m sort of just rolling with it.


Luci to all: Cake or ice cream

Charlotte: Both. Cake cream. *pauses* Wait…

Mordred: Ice cream cake sounds good.

Davie: Agreed.


Luci to Dr Kitty: CAN I SEND CAT NIP

Dr Hare: Oh g*d, please no. Not again.

Mordred: She gets super catlike with catnip. Super cuddly, purrs for a while… It’s kind of humorous.

Dr Kitty: You suck.

Charlotte: Send the nip.

Dr Kitty: I hate you both.

Mordred: Please do it. It would be educational at the least.

Dr Kitty: I’m going to hurt you.


Luci to all: How loud can you scream? T E ST I T

Dr Kitty: No! I just replaced the windows!

Charlotte: Challenge accepted!

Mordred: *tackles her*


Dr Kitty: Well, that turned out Ok. Good job Harvey!

Harvey: Thanks El. You did good organizing it.

Dr Kitty: I guess. Anyways, what now? I hadn’t honestly prepared to get this far…

*As if on cue, Harvey’s phone rings from his shirt pocket. Harvey fumbles it out and answers*

Harvey: Hello? *pause* Yeah? Who is- *winces* Ok, I get it… Alright, fine, hang on. *he holds the phone up to Dr Kitty* It’s for you.

Dr Kitty: For me? But it’s your phone.

Harvey: I know.

Dr Kitty: *frowns* Ok then… *takes the phone and speaks into it* Hello?

E(from the other end) Hello, you stole my AtV?

Dr Kitty: … What?

E: The Q&A. *pauses* You didn’t know?

Dr Kitty: I just got a email that told me to tap into a certain… It’s yours?

E: Well, I run it, but it’s not mine. Not really. I own just about nothing, it’s probably safer that way.

Dr Kitty: *smiles* You sound like Harvey.

E: … Ok, who is this?

Dr Kitty: Oh, I’m Dr El Kitty, and you?

E: I’m E.

Dr Kitty: Just E? That’s your whole name?

E: No, but it’s the nickname I prefer to be called. And you must be… This might… Listen, do you know about multiverses?

Dr Kitty: You mean the multiverse theory?

E: Yeah. But it’s not a theory. Listen, you sent you the email?

Dr Kitty:  The Dark Lady or something.

E: … Well this is getting better and better.

Dr Kitty: What?

E: Do you know your ID?

Dr Kitty: My what?

E: Ok, I think I might, cause if mine is 442… It’s likely yours is 244, since it’s a swap….

Dr Kitty: Are you some lunatic or something? Who are you?

E: I told you, E. Elyana Wing, if I have to.

Dr Kitty: *stunned* What?!

E: Ok, listen, I need your help. I need you and your friend, Harvey to come here.

Dr Kitty: Where do you live?

E: … Would you believe another dimension? And that I’m you?

Dr Kitty: I might think you’re mad!

E: A lot of people think that. Harvey is opening a portal now…

Dr Kitty: *looks at Harvey in panic* He isn’t though!

Harvey: *looking increasingly nervous* What?

E: … Oh, this is going to get confusing.My friend, Harvey Hare. Listen, a portal will open in a minute. Can you step through?

Dr Kitty: I don’t even know who you are!

E: I promise you will. You know what, we can go there. It’ll be alright, Ok? Don’t worry.

Dr Kitty: This is excessively worrying!

*As if on cue again, a portal opens up and E pokes her head through*

E: Seriously. Don’t worry about it.

Dr Kitty: *drops the phone* Aah!

Harvey: What on earth…

E: *comes through all the way* I can explain, please don’t freak out…

Harvey: A little late for that…

E: Oh geez, I’m so sorry…

Dr Hare: *walks in after her* Whoa, Ok, this is interesting.

Harvey: This is going to get complicated, isn’t it…

E: You could definitely say that…


Well! This didn’t take forever or anything! I am so fine. Yeah.

Anyways, send Qs to Kitty, Harvey, Charlotte, Mordred, Davie and now E and Dr Hare! We’re getting stuff done!