*High pitched screaming*

This hath been pinned yea verily! Do not ignore it, it else I mightist hath to cause harm upon one of ye puny mortals. I am THOR- I dunno what I’m doing anymore.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here, so um…

Do you people know what today is?!

Random Viewer: October 19th?

Light you. It’s my bloggiversary! (Word created by Sporty Boa and accepted by DJAlexaHattomi. Yes I’m stealing it. Love you guys. Peace.) So… I’m freaking out. There have been a few freak out sessions about this!

I honestly don’t know what to say.

It’s been a beautiful year and more than anything I could have ever asked for!

Over a year ago, I was just sitting here, staring at all of these beautiful blogs, wishing for the world that I could be one those beautiful bloggers. I had my YouTube, but the blogs were what I wanted. My biggest dream was to be as famous as these amazing people. Well, here I am!

I’m still a giant nerd.

16. Older. Nerdier. Weirder. Insaner. More mature. (When you’re this immature, there’s only one way to go as you get older…) Hopefully funnier.

Still an idiot.

At least I’m a cute idiot.


Anyways, as I do a poor job of my own job, I just wanted to say thank you all! I could thank particular people, but…

I just know I’m going to forget someone important.

Ye, anyways. So I’m going to just say this: Thank you all so much! You are all the reason I’ve gotten so far! A year ago I wouldn’t have the guts to put myself out there. I probably wouldn’t have even had the guts to say my real name!

I still don’t know how they managed to name a character after me in game.

Random viewer: Well, it’s a pretty common-

No, it’s really not! It’s always spelled Eliana! Heck, Elayna is a completely different pronouncation! Anyways, random ramble rant. So I was going to do something with my squad, but that didn’t end up working out, (mostly my fault) so I made this dumb little poll last week. I loved making it and I hope you’ll enjoy it too! I know it’s not much, I’m hoping to do more too.

Random Viewer: Like how you never got anything else for Dr Hare?

*Throws shoe at viewer*

Anyways! So I’ll try to add a little something soon, but I’m not sure what else. Maybe I should have made that one of the survey Qs….

*Facepalms at self*

Fail. Anyways, enjoy the poll!

Click here for poll!

Now, I’m going to go head to dinner and a movie with some of the guys, were celebrating! I know, I did a whole post without the guys. Shocker.

Black Widow: *bangs open door* Wait just a second young lady!

E: Eh?

Black Widow: You’re not going out like that. *Starts digging through E’s dresser*

E: Whaddya mean?

Black Widow: Your hair’s a mess, heaven knows where your glasses are, your pants are covered in pen scribbles and that’s the 3rd time you’ve worn that sweater. What is it with you and huge sweaters?!

E: They’re comfy!

Black Widow: You have a nice figure, show it. *Pulls out a shirt and throws it at her* Try that.

E: Wha-

Black Widow: I don’t care if you don’t want to dress up because *makes finger quotes* “my 1 yr isn’t a dress up occasion,” but you can at least dress up for Harvey.

E: Excuse me, but-

Black Widow: Fine, fine. But you’re gonna feel pretty tonight, got it?!

E: But I-

Black Widow: That’s an order soldier! Go change!

E: -_- Light you Wid.

Black Widow: What does that even mean?

E: It means I need to stop saying screw you to people. So light you.

Black Widow: I’m going to pretend that makes sense. Change.

E: Fiiiiiiiiiiiine…

Black Widow: Thank you.


So yeah, anyways, I’ll get back to you peeps on that. And sorry this came out too late! I’ve already gotten some well wishes from some of my friendos! You know who you are! And seriously, thank you. Every single one of you. I can’t say it enough, I genuinely love each and every one of you. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys.

Best quote ever tho

(once again I apologise for the crummy res. Sry!)




SoV and just me.

I… I’m sorry.

So I promised I was going to publish the Summer of Villains. But… I can’t. I’m so, so sorry.

I just can’t.

If anyone’s been talking to me the last week, you’ll know I’ve been worried about a lack of Qs, but that’s not it. I don’t have the motivation to continue the Summer of Villains. At least, not this Summer. I started working a part time job that’s taking a lot out of me. I mean, I love it, but still. (Also, what’s the cure for country music? Because help.) I’m also just kind of emotionally shot… I don’t know how to explain it. Well, I don’t know how to explain it without either sounding whiny or traumatizing someone. Let’s not. Anyways, I’ll be fine, I’ll pull though, I always do, but… I can’t do the SoV. Not yet. Not this year. Especially considering I’m going back to Washington in August. So much is happening…

Anyways, getting to the point. So I’m going to publish AtV #61 about Black Widow Wednesday. Then that’s it and we’re going to go back to normal Qs. Plot, well, I’ve got a couple things getting written up, I’ll publish those at some point. And… Above all, I’m just so, so sorry. I hate doing this to you guys, I really do, especially since you guys are so supportive… I love you guys, thank you for putting up with me. See you all Wednesday.

Ask the Villains #60, Shipping Material

(I’m so sorry it’s late guys! Also, when did we got 60?)

Hey guys! It’s me, how are you guys? Hope y’all are doing Ok. For me? It’s ruddy Monday, the start of my second day of work and for unknown reasons I want to cry. I need help lifeing, seriously. Anyways, besides that, I’m doing good. Work is pretty nice, I like it. I’ll probably do a post about it on Luckily Bizarre, my life blog. Then again, I probably won’t, who am I kidding. I can’t life. Anyways, enough about me talking about myself, ain’t nobody got time for that. I hope you enjoy!


Sporty Boa to Everyone: 1. Have any of you been keeping up with the World Cup?

Binary Bard: There’s a World Cup going on?

Dr Hare: I don’t know.

E: All my news notifications are about video games.

Black Widow: -_- I’m trapped in an apartment with a bunch of nerds.


2 Have any of you seen the Incredibles 2?

E: That’s out?

Pop: I really want to see it!

E: It’s out?!


3 Have you guys hit up any cool vacation spots this summer?

Pop: Yeah!

E: We’re hoping to go to the ocean some time, once I get outta work. Pop here loves water, but he’s never seen the sea.

Dr Hare: All of us are going there. It’s going to be awesome!

Black Widow: If we don’t all die in the next month.


4 Still no sign of the Director?

E: Oh, he’s just over- *turns* Where did he go?


5 Maybe… James is at the pet store? Getting a pet like we planned/suggested!

E: Ooh, I like that idea. Let’s go to the pet store y’all!

(I dunno when, but they are so going now)


Vampi and Co.
TAS to Robin: do u hav friend named captain falcon

Robin: … what.

E: Ah. Poptropica. Different pop culture.

Robin: Stop. I get enough puns from Avery.

E: Oops, didn’t see that one. Sorry. He’s from a video game, I’ll send ya a thing.

(Yay puns and chaos)


Vampi to all: I’m bored. Anime suggestions?

Black Widow: No.

Dr Hare: I watch sci fine mostly, sorry.

Binary Bard: I don’t watch a lot of TV.

Pop: What’s anime?

E: I don’t watch anime yet, but I hear Charlotte is good.

Black Widow: Excuse me?

E: You’re an anime Wid, congrats.

(I asked my cousin, she’s into anime and K-Pop and is attempting to get me into both.)


Celeste to all: It’s summer but it’s raining where the ATG’s held. What’s our luck like in your thoughts?

Black Widow: I’d say it sounds like Washington. Except that you don’t live in Washington. Washington came to you.

Dr Hare: I’m sorry, that sucks.

E: I haven’t been outside since the 4th… I’m not a big fan of outdoors rn. I’mma vampire. The 4th was fun tho!

Pop: Yeah! I really like sparklers and fireworks and all of that!

E: We were legal this time, don’t worry.


Meggy to all: Favorite anime themes?

E: Anime. Just anime. I dunno.

(I don’t really watch anime, sorry.)


IRL Vampi to E: In return for the totally-good questions you gave me, I give you mediocre Qs.

E: My Qs weren’t totally good, they kinda sucked. And your Qs are fine, don’t sweat it.


The AAaF peeps

Fizzson to all: Arleen’s coming to this heavily armed with shipping fuel. I apologize in advance.

*awkward silence*

E: To the corner of solitude!

Dr Hare: I’ll be in my lab…

Pop: Bring it on!

Black Widow: Well maybe if it’d help CERTAIN PEOPLE

Binary Bard: ._. *(probably) not involved*

Director D: I’m sure.


Arleen to LW, NC, and Avery: No shame in loving someone, peeps. Especially if you actually told them unlike certain OTHER people I could mention.

Nice Coyote: Heh… yeah…

Lucky Wing: I agree with that, but… it is still rather new to me. Sorry.

Avery: Who does she mean, “other people she should mention”?

Robin: Who’d ya think? Everyone’s favorite emotion denying pixie.

Avery: Oh… who’s E got a crush on?

Robin: *sighs* Oh brother of mine… You seriously didn’t notice?

Avery: No… who is he?

Robin: … how on Poptropica did you get a girlfriend.

Avery: Hey!

Nice Coyote: Well you don’t have a boyfriend, you’re not one to talk.

Robin: *shoots her a dirty look* And you are, Clara?

Nice Coyote: Ok, you know what?!  You-

Lucky Wing: Girls! Can we please not have a huge fight on E’s Q&A? Please leave be.

Robin and Nice Coyote: Fine.

Avery: Um… sorry. That was my bad.

Lucky Wing: No, it wasn’t. This happens a lot.

Avery: Yeah, but it was my fault this time. Who does E like?

Lucky Wing: Dr Hare.

Avery: Oh. *eyes widen* Oh… Yeah, that makes sense.

Robin: Doesn’t it?! He likes her too, it’s totally obvious.

Nice Coyote: They seriously need to get together.

Robin: Preach. *they fist bump*

Avery and Lucky Wing: …

Lucky Wing: I am confused.

Avery: I stopped questioning.


Arleen to NC: Hehe… I may have already known you had a boyfriend, and sent that Q to mess with you. >w<

Nice Coyote: Hey! Who told you I had a boyfriend?!

E: ._. Oh crap. *starts slamming on the “exit program” button*

Nice Coyote: E!

E: I didn’t do it! I accidentally let a couple hints slip and she figured it out I’m sorry!!! >-<

Nice Coyote: Ugh, fine. Whatever, I don’t care.

E: You’re also not allowed to go spy on Arleen to try and find revenge.

Nice Coyote: -_- K. Fine.

E: Sorry… I know your battle strategy, attack as thou hast been attacked. It ain’t bad.

Nice Coyote: Yeah yeah…

E: So is Ro dating anyone?

Nice Coyote: *smirks* Well, you see…


Arleen to LW: Huh. I wasn’t actually expecting you to have a boyfriend. What’s he like?

Lucky Wing: *blushes* Well… I do… he’s really nice, he’s sweet, caring, he’s funny, he likes a good adventure, he-

E: He’s 22 years old, his name is Avery and he’s sitting over there.

Avery: *looks up from a book* What?

Lucky Wing: *blushes redder* E!

E: Sorry man, I’m on a roll.


Arleen to NB: Well, if you ever meet someone you like, just let me know. I’d be happy to help you work through your shyness and tell them.

Neat Berry: Thank you. I… I appreciate it. But… I don’t like anyone like that right now. Thank you for offering.


Arleen to all: What are your thoughts on me having a sylveon for a boyfriend?

E: Honesty, everyone stopped questioning a long time ago. But… as weird as this may sound… B and I were working on a little device that turns animals into humans, or even hybrids into full humans! For… scientific reasons. You know. Anyways, just putting that out there, you don’t have to take it, but if ever you need such a thing… *winks* I gotchu covered.

(Human or Poptropican BTW, I just used human, but I meant both.)


Arleen to E and DH: Pocky challenge. Seth and Mimi did it. Now I wanna see you two do it.

E: *turns bright red* Are you KIDDING ME?!

Dr Hare: What’s the Pocky challenge?

E: I am NOT doing the Pocky challenge! Nuh uh!

Dr Hare: I’m really confused, what?

E: There is no way! I would rather straight up kiss Harvey than do the Pocky challenge, Ok?! *runs off in a flustered huff*

Dr Hare: Wait, what?! *turns fusha* What!?!

*no response*

Dr Hare: … *walks into the other room* Charlotte, what’s the Pocky challenge?

Black Widow: What did E do this time…


Fizzson to E: Oh geez. o_o Sorry, I didn’t even think about the “Horses go to the glue factory” thing. I was only thinking of the comedic implications…

E: AND THIS IS WHY I’M A BAD PERSON. Don’t be sorry, I should be sorry, I’m the bad person here. And I am sorry. Seriously, why everyone thinks I’m cool…


Riapsed to Avery: Well… I’d still be happy to put on a performance with you.

Avery: Well… I’m not much of an actor… Robin is more than me. I… sort of left that life. She might be willing. I’m sorry, maybe… maybe some other time?


Katrina to all: Who here likes cats? owo

E: Me! *holds up a small black and white cat* Meet Pipsqueak readers!

Pipsqueak: Mew.

Dr Hare: Pipsqueak? He’s here?

E: Yup! *hands the cat to Pop*

Pop: Aw, he’s so cute!

E: Now I’m going to call some people…

Black Widow: I like cats.

Binary Bard: They’re alright.

Director D: *shrugs*


Editor Fizz to E: Actually, I just remembered our number of crossovers off the top of my head… Surprising as that may be.

E: Nah, good memory is a good thing.

(I had to count, my memory is total trash.)


Fizzson to E again: Lucky Wing can get annoyed? Huh… That’s honestly harder to believe then YOU getting angry with someone…

E: Well, I say annoyed, but she was more like mildly irritated.

Dr Hare: Actually, I find E being mad more surprising. I’ve seen her irritated, frustrated or even so flustered she’s a bit snippish, but never truly angry…

E: Well… I dunno about that…

Dr Hare: Yeah. Trust me, I’ve seen Lucky mad and annoyed. Not at me, thankfully, but still. I don’t think E has a angry side.

E: I… thanks.

Dr Hare: You’re welcome.


Arleen to the rulers: What are your least favorite islands?

Robin and Avery: Monster Carnival.

Avery: Easy.

Nice Coyote: Mission Atlantis. Done.

Neat Berry: I didn’t like Arabian Nights much… but that may have been because we all had to dress like the locals…

Nice Coyote: Oh my gosh, never again.

Lucky Wing: Survival Island. I… *shudders* I do not like thinking about that.

Avery: *puts an arm around her* Hey, it’s Ok, you don’t have to.

Perfect Cheetah: Super Villain Island was the worst, dunno what you all are thinking.

Avery: When did you get here?

Perfect Cheetah: Just now.

Robin: Don’t question.

Nice Coyote: Welcome the chaos.


Arleen to the villains: So what happened to you all once your evil plans failed?

Black Widow: Jail.

Director D: Jail.

Binary Bard: Trapped in space.

Dr Hare: Launched into space.

E: … I’m calling the Rulers and telling them to get some variety and/or chill.


Despair to E: Um… E…? I kinda want to ask Fizz out… But I don’t know if I’ll have the courage to go out with him myself… Could you and Hare maybe go too…? I’d feel much more comfortable doing it if you did….

E: Oh absolutely!

Black Widow: Wait, what?

E: What?

Black Widow: You’re actually agreeing to this?!

E: Why not? If Despair needs a hand, I’m more than willing to help! I’m in!

Black Widow: You’re willing to ask out your crush.

E: *pauses* ._. Oh… *composes herself* Yeah, I guess. It’ll just be as friends, you know? It’ll be fine. Just friends.

Black Widow: -_- You can’t seriously be this dense.

E: We’re just friends! Besides, it’s for Despair and Fizz. They deserve to be happy. I can do them a favor.

Black Widow: Whatever. Just keep in mind you have to ask him. *walks off*

E: *pales* Oh. Oh no… Wid!


Arleen to E: Woah woah, wait. You’re TALKING to that crazy Eidolon?!

E: Well… um… you see… *bites her lip* Please don’t tell Harvey! I have no idea how he’d react! And he’s one of the best friends I’ve ever had, Ok? I don’t want to hurt that relationship, even if it is just as friends. As for A… I… I was curious. I… I saw her entire life, but I don’t think it was on purpose. I think she was actually just strained and… I… well… I got curious. She had a hard past to be honest. But… that doesn’t excuse the things she’s done. Right now, we’re just talking. I’m not letting her manipulate me and I’m the only one talking to her. And… maybe she’ll think about things. I doubt it’ll happen, but I have been talking to her about stuff like not murdering my friends if she ever gets out and morals, human nature… but mostly we’ve talked about her. Hard past, like I said… but it’s what you do that makes you who you are, not what happens to you. *sighs* Anyways… I’m just trying to figure some things out.


E: … hey Harvey?

Dr Hare: *looks up from a small device* Hey E. What’s up?

E: I… Ok, so… I… they… people… life…

Dr Hare: Are… are you Ok?

E: I… *sighs* I’m fine. Despair wants ask Fizz on a date and I foolishly agreed to double and… I need a date. So… Do you feel like going?

Dr Hare: … me?

E: Yeah.

Dr Hare: You’re asking me out.

E: Y-yeah. *flushes* Just as friends! Nothing weird, I just… I promised and I can’t go back on that…

Dr Hare: Oh. I… well…

E: Sorry… you can say no…

Dr Hare: No, it’s not that. *smiles* I’d love to go out with you. *flushes* To help Fizz and Despair, I mean.

E: Yeah.

Dr Hare: Yeah.

*awkward silence*

E: I’ll… I’ll go call them.

Dr Hare: That… that’d be good.

E: Yeah… Ok, see you… *walks off*

Dr Hare: … El?

E: *pokes her head in* Yeah?

Dr Hare: I… thank you.

E: For what?

Dr Hare: Just… I… I don’t know how to say this but… I’m glad I’m going too. It’ll be fun.

E: … *smiles* Yeah. Me too. Thanks for being willing to help me with the stupid things I do. *leaves*

Dr Hare: … *goes back to what he was working on before, humming happily*


Yay! Cuteness! It’s what I’m paid to do. Well, I’m not paid for that. I’m paid to work in a gas station/farm/hardware store. Anyways, I have an important announcement!


A couple weeks ago, we mentioned something called the Summer of Villains! (Yes I know sucks, yes I named it, I suck at my job, ok? ;-; ) Each week, we’re going to showcase a member of the AtV squad, such as Black Widow or Heather or the such. You can ask them or people close to them whatever you want about that person! *Chants quickly* Changes-and-restrictions-may-apply-this-does-not-mean-Elarvey-is-happening-yet-y’all-have-to-wait-plus-plot-will-be-partially-postponed-we apologise-for-the-inconvenience. So yeah! We’re starting with…

Black Widow!

Wid is definitely one of my favorites, just because she’s an artist and the amount of sass this woman has… I love it. So you can ask her anything you want, or people in the AtV about her! You can ask other, unrelated Qs, but I will ask that you limit those. Go right ahead and I really hope you guys like this! Love you guys! Let’s see how this works! Bye guys!

Ask the Villains #59, WORK in progress

Aaaaaggghhhh I’m so freaking sorry this is so freaking late! I’m so so so sorry! Aah! This is what happens when I get a job… ;-; I hope you enjoy tho!


E: *rushes in* AtV TIME GUYS LET’S GO!!

Binary Bard: Um… I think you’re a little late. Isn’t it Tuesday?

E: I don’t wanna talk about it…


Dolphin Violinist to El and harvey (and maybe 3 more people) sing 18 by 1D

Dr Hare: Does anyone know 18?

E: *sings* Oh, she was just, 17! You know, what I mean! And the way she looked-

Black Widow: Can we not.

E: Oh come on, the Beatles were the best! They influenced Earth pop were like none other! These guys are the best!

Binary Bard: I think I’ve heard them…

E: Sorry, got us all sidetracked. Let’s move from 60s boy bands and onto early 2000s boy bands.

Dr Hare: So no one knows the song.

*awkward silence*

E: I think we all might have to listen to every 1D song we can find.

Black Widow: How about no.

(We’ll get back to you… sorry about this!)


Purple Claw to Black Widow: why do you steal art, when you can do art?

Black Widow: I don’t steal art anymore. I sell my own though, shockingly E’s town is a pretty good place for it.


Fizzson to E: Pinkie Pie in a glue factory. ._. I think the worst thing about that is it kinda makes sense for her.

E: Don’t agree with me! That’s makes my being a bad person worse! In all honesty glue factory would be the worst for all of them. Cause, you know, that’s where they send horses when they get too old or whatever. Like Animal Farm, you know? *pauses* Friendship is glue. *giggles* Ok, Ok, I need to stop, really bad.


Arleen to BW: If you don’t have a least favorite art style, do you have a favorite?

Black Widow: Realism I suppose. I don’t really care, I just do that I can for whatever I can.


Arleen to Robin: I’ve seen people call you bird or bird girl, which made me wonder… Are you actually a robin?

Robin: *sighs* No, I’m not. It’s just my name. I’m just a Poptropican with telekinetic powers. Funny you should mention though, since-

E: *appears on a nearby screen* RO!

Robin: *jumps* What the heck E?!

E: I set up a spoiler alarm. You know, to avoid spoilers.

Robin: … E, I worry about you.

E: Who doesn’t…

(Sorry to do that to you guys, but spoilers galore, via Robin, and I can’t have that. Happy fun time.)


Riapsed to Robin and Avery: Nice! Maybe we could put a performance on together sometime. 🙂

Robin: That sounds dangerous. We would probably end up breaking something. Or I would end up breaking things. Avery’s pretty calm.

Avery: I guess.

Robin: Anyways, I’m afraid I’ll have to decline, due to the fact that you seen nice, and that if anyone gets maimed and it’s our fault…


Arleen to the rulers: Just out of curiosity, are y’all in any relationships?

Lucky Wing: …

Nice Coyote: …

Avery: …

Neat Berry: Yes. *flushes* Not me, I’m too shy…

Robin: I’m not either, but lemme tell you, this 3?! Oh my gosh. They totally are! They-

Nice Coyote: *shoves Robin into the other room* Ok! Moving on to the next Q now!

Lucky Wing: Yes, please.


Fizzson to E again: We can see about Despair and Berry meeting at some point. It’d be the, what… 5th crossover we’ve planned at this point?

E: Yeah. I… I’ve given up at this point trying. The count is AtG: 3, AtD: 1, AAaF: 4, so… yeah, that is 5. Wow. Did you go back and count or something?

(Maybe it’s because nobody CONTACTS ME Ok not really, I talk to people a lot. But we seriously need a group chat with all of y’all, plus Esther from the AtS. I was setting one up, but I’m never on Discord anymore, so maybe just email, who knows. I need to get my life together. )


Fizzson to DH: Want me to send Ultia or Seth to see if they could speed up work on the dimensional ray?

Dr Hare: I don’t think so… I… it’s weird. I… *sighs* Sorry, I… something’s going on. You know how there was that problem with E using dimensional devices? It’s… still here. For whatever reason, this one is the only one that works. I’ve tried upgrading it, but I don’t understand why, or what component is affecting it… I’m looking into it. I’m just worried this is going to keep progressing to the point where I won’t be able to help her if she gets trapped in another dimension. And… to be honest? I’m… I’m really worried about it.


Fizzson to E again again: …I made a Ninjago reference, and it sailed past your head. How?

E: Y-you did?! Where?! What?! Hang on… I’ve been keeping notes from the older AtVs ever since the laptop incident… including the Qs, so… *reads off from phone* Oh. -_- What’s the best way to defeat an enemy… it’s patience. *pauses* In my defense, I’ve only seen that episode once! In 2012. *Sighs* Has it really been that long… I’m getting old…


Fizzson to E again AGAIN again: I meant Katrina. She was the “New character” who sent a Q last time, and you said… Something to her in a different language. (Sorry if that was confusing. I forgot there’s two Kats now.)

E: You know what’s really confusing? There’s 3. On Pop 13, Lucky’s dimension, there’s a gal, her name is Kat. I don’t know her, we’ve only met once, but Avery doesn’t like her that much and she annoys Lucky. And that’s saying somethin’. Point is, I like Incredible Kat and Katrina better. Getting to the point, I was just welcoming Katrina, direct translation is “Hello, I’m happy to meet you.” I’m… not good at hellos. Or goodbyes. I’m just really awkward when it comes to new people… just ask literally everyone here. Except Pop and Heather come to think of it… but that was different, Pop I was surprised, Heather, I was in shock because there was a literal Christmas tree trying to attack me. Hmm. Maybe I need to go into shock more often…

Dr Hare: No.


Arleen to all: Who here likes Pokemon?


Everyone else: ._.

Pop: I like it.


Mimi to all: On the subject of Pokemon, thoughts on lets go Pikachu and Eevee?

Pop: What is it?

E: Video game, it looks so good! I want you to play it, it looks great! In the meantime… I’m still playing Pokemon Go!

Pop: I like Pokemon Go! I get to outside and meet new people!

E: Yeah! One day, I shall be level 30, I swear…

(E is level 25, Pop is 21, my father is 41…)


Fizzson to DH again: Do you have any plans to bring back Crawfish? It’s been a while, so I thought I’d ask.

Dr Hare: Yeah, E was talking to me about that the other day. She knew where he was, then… we lost the laptop, and she lost all her files. I never saw it and-

E: And my memory is trash, yeah. I don’t remember hardly any of it. Sorry, this was your Q.

Dr Hare: It’s Ok, it involves you too.

E: I’m the worst friend ever… I can’t help anyone, can I? *sighs* I’m sorry, I just… I dunno…

Dr Hare: Hey, no you’re not.

E: … Um. Harvey. I can barely find James with tech. I’m hopeless.

Dr Hare: No, you’re not E, you’re great.

E: I guess…

Dr Hare: E… I… listen, you’re… you’re doing the best you can. And that’s more than enough. You’re… you… I… *hugs her* You’re awesome. Don’t ever forget it.

E: *silent, staring at her shoes*

Dr Hare: El?

E: I… thank you. I… I just… I can’t seem to do anything right. I just wanna find my friend, but… I can’t do anything right.

Dr Hare: I… I know. We’ll find him, promise.

E: *hugs him back* Thanks. I… thank you.

Black Widow: -_- You two.

E and Dr Hare: How long have you been there?!

Black Widow: See what I have to put up with?!

E: Go away.


Incredible Kat to E:
1 Exactly. Picture it : “Dumb Ways to Die: Pinkie Pie Edition” (If you don’t know what dumb ways to die is, then light you, because.)

E: The fact that you’re all agreeing with me makes me realize that we are all really bad people.


2 The Power of Friendship!!! #everyanimeever

E: Seriously tho. I don’t even watch a ton of anime and I already know this. Friendship, ponies and anime.


3 No, E, that’s not the right answer. I’m surprised you didn’t answer correctly, because the correct answer is that fan art would win. Because paper cuts.

E: That’s… actually a pretty good point. I just meant… I’m not sure what I meant, to be honest. I… I was thinking about… someone in particular when I was answering that, ok? I… I don’t wanna talk about it…


To all:
1.Can I just say #KatKonfusion . BECAUSE.

E: Seriously though. I’m going insane.

(The really funny thing is that this Kat found an old pic of the Kat from P13 after I wrote the answer about it.)


2 Ever been to Lagoon? (in Utah)

E: Is Lagoon in Utah? Or are there multiple? Where the heck is it?! How many are there?! I’m so confused!

(No, not really.)



Oh, and one last Q…


Arleen to E and DH: So… What did you guys end up doing with the stone that has A?

E: I… um… well… you see… um…

Dr Hare: Well, we were trying to contact some people, but they haven’t gotten back to us.

E: That’s Violet… she tends to be… busy. Running-for-her-life-from-monsters. You know, same ol.

Dr Hare: So E’s holding onto it, she’s keeping it in a box, yes?

E: Y-yeah.

Dr Hare: What is it?

E: What?

Dr Hare: You’re hiding something.

E: No I’m not.

Dr Hare: El, what is it? Is something wrong?

E: I… no. Nothing is wrong, nothing bad is happening, it’s nothing dangerous, but… I… I’ll tell you later, promise.

Dr Hare: … oh.

E: I… I’m sorry. I’ll… I’ll go. *walks off*

Dr Hare: … E?



*Significantly later…*

E: *slams the door and leans against it, breathing hard* I. Am. So. Done. With. Today!

Binary Bard: Uh, hi.

E: Hi. Can you go to my work and burn it down so I don’t have to figure out if I go to work tomorrow?

Binary Bard: … no.

E: Dangit.

Black Widow: You got a job?

E: Yes.

Black Widow: Finally.

E: Ha ha, shut up.

Dr Hare: *pokes his head in* Who the heck smells like shaving cream and citrus?

E: Me.

Dr Hare: Why…

E: *sighs* Frigging work. Did you know that there’s a switch to turn off a sliding door up on top?

Dr Hare: No, never thought about it.

Binary Bard: I kind of assumed so, but I didn’t know where.

E: You’re not allowed to do that Binary. I only got to because I worked there and I was cleaning windows. And doors, apparently. Logic.

Black Widow: I’ve never heard of that.

E: Me either. Where’s Pop at?

Dr Hare: He went to the park with a couple friends.

E: … Oh. Ok.

Dr Hare: You Ok?

E: Fine. I’m fine. Just… fine. I’ll be in my room. *walks off*

Dr Hare: … did I say something? Do something?

Black Widow: No, she’s just stressed because of work, her love life and the fact that she feels like she’s a terrible mother.

Dr Hare: Oh.

Binary Bard: Well, technically, you did say her love life, so…

Black Widow: Good catch.

Dr Hare: -_- Stop. Please.

Black Widow: Just give her some time.

Dr Hare: Alright… I… I just worry.

Binary Bard: She likes that about you.

Dr Hare: *blushes* S-shut up…

*Meanwhile, in E’s room*

I glanced around, making sure no one was nearby, then pulled a box out from under my bed. There was a small, smooth stone in it. I took the stone out and set it out on my bedside table.

E: Hi A. Rattle once if you can hear me.

*the stone shakes once*

E: Good. I’m back from work, so we’ve got more time to talk. I’ve got more questions for you…


You can send Qs, dares, inquiries, magic anons, gifts, and the such to E(Elyana), Black Widow, Binary Bard, Dr Hare, Director D, (Captain Crawfish is still missing), Pop, Heather, Baymax, and the Rulers: Lucky Wing, Nice Coyote, Neat Berry and Robin. Hope you enjoy!

Ask the Villains #58, Being a Bad Person (maybe)

I’m sorry.

Let’s… let’s just start with that.

So I got back from Youth Group Camp for girls on Friday, yes? So what’s up with my continued death? I haven’t commented on anything and just barely liked everything. I’ve read, I promised. I’m just… I’m tired. It’s going to be a crazy summer for me. I started my job orientation for my program today, but my job was also changed. I don’t even know what I’m going to be doing. I’ve a lovely sunburn, caught a stomach bug the last day before getting home. Plus… once I got home, I got some… bad news. I’ve been miserable for the last 4 days. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more for you guys.


Somehow, I managed to finish this AtV. I have no idea how. It’s kinda short, since only 2 people sent Qs, but that’s fine by me, I think this has worked out as well as I could have asked for. I’ll try and be a little more active and alive, promise. Seriously, I love you guys, y’all are the best. Hope you enjoy!


Incredible Kat to all: OK, so just a quick heads-up before I hit you with all my amazingly wonderful Qs. Half of these are from forever ago, but I forgot to send them. So I’m sending them now. Try to think back to whatever I’m referencing that happened in the AtV.

E: Fine by me, have at my friend!


Older Qs:
To Binary Bard: Wait. So…you AREN’T afraid of doors? ._. *pauses*… I am.

Binary Bard: Why would I be afraid of doors?

E: OOOOOOOOOOOOH! The doors are coming for you!

Binary Bard: … No.


To all or whoever cares:

E: Why do I feel like it’s actually *whoever cares” when we get sent “all” Qs…


1. Situation simulator: (If the “my little ponies” were trying to fight A) The power of friendship! *they stand there doing nothing but posing* vs (If Kat were trying to fight A) THE POWER OF FAN ART!!!!! *starts chucking framed fan art at A* WHO WOULD WIN?

E: … *slowly slides away*

Dr Hare: Hmm… fanart or friendship…

E: I’m pulling the power of love card here. Because love conquers all!

Dr Hare: What on Earth is that from?

E: Every anime ever.

Dr Hare: That’s friendship.

E: Oh… my bad. Love… Moves mountains. No, that’s faith. Love… makes you question life! No, that’s the internet. Love love love…

Dr Hare: Love makes people do stupid things?

E: That’s it! Thank you! I am so off my referencing game today, I can’t even do the “that’s what they say” cliches!

Dr Hare: It’s alright, don’t worry about it.

E: Your answer is friendship, brought to you by the letter F. I’m going to go sleep now.


2 Favorite my little pony and how you envision it gruesomely dying. (sorry ;D)

E: Pinkie Pie!

Dr Hare: Old… age?

E: Glue factory.

Dr Hare: Elyana!

E: Heh heh… sorry.

Dr Hare: You worry me sometimes. And that’s coming from a reformed villain.

E: I’m an author and part of the drama department. Writing and acting combine into me learning to be a bad person.

Dr Hare: You’re not a bad person.

E: Are you quite sure?

Dr Hare: *hugs her* Yup.

E: No, I’m a cold blooded killer! Fear me!

Dr Hare: *pats her head* Sure thing.

E: This is demeaning.


To Black Widow: What’s your least favorite art style?

Black Widow: I don’t know, I try to be flexible. Whatever pays, pays.

Black Widow (Again): Is it anime?

Black Widow: No.

Black Widow (AGAIN): I’m almost absolutely sure it’s anime.

Black Widow: You’d be wrong.


Newer Qs:
To E: In all seriousness, I do have a bunch of fan art I need to give you. I have a really cool one of A, but I never get the time to digitalize it. Meh. I’ll email it soon.

E: Oh, really? Dude, that is so cool! Send it to me send it to me send it to me please!

(That reminds me of two things. One: Feel free to send my fanart or whatever! I love that sort of thing! But it’d better be morally above board.

Second: I’ve got a picture of A I drew myself. Here:

A inside El

Do you like it? I digitized it on that trip to Washington, but haven’t a chance to post until now. It’s not really good, but it’s not bad, I kinda like it. I’m hoping to add more pics soon tho! Lu yu guys!)


To Dr. Hare and E: Uggh. Sappy. ….I LOVE IT! ( #shippingfanatic )

E: I am not! We are not! I dunno what you’re talking about, no one here is sappy!

Dr Hare: I’ve been meaning to ask you about that.

E: *stops dead* About what?

Dr Hare: After the song you were a little… flighty, I guess? Why?

E: … Ich habe keine Erklärung zu dieser Zeit.

Dr Hare: … El-

E: Ich bin raus! *runs off*

Dr Hare: *sighs* I shouldn’t have pressed… who am I kidding, she doesn’t like me like that.


To E: Odd1sout for life! I do like Jaiden Animations though. Eh, they’re both equally amazing.

E: I love them both and totally wish I could live in an apartment with them and SomethingElseYT and TimTom, cause I’m pretty sure they share the apartment and that would be AWESOME!

Black Widow: You live in an apartment with 5 reformed Villains, a bookworm and a child who’s a physical representation of a video game.

E: … good point. Though I technically don’t live here…

Black Widow: *raises an eyebrow* You spend most of your time here and have your own bedroom.

E: I commandeered it more like.

Black Widow: Same thing. You live here.

E: *smiles* Aw, thanks. Glad you think so.

Black Widow: Pretty sure everyone thinks so.


To all: That’s about it. Yep. HAVE AN AMAZING DAY AND AN AMAZING SUMMER AND DON’T DIE. Bai guys!

E: You too Kat! No one’s died yet!

Binary Bard: That you know of.

E: I know because I’m the one who would do it.

Dr Hare: Don’t make me take away your Doctor Who privileges.

E: *hisses like a cat*

Black Widow: We’re all going to be dead before the summer’s out.


Arleen to DH: Um, Hare… There’s a reason Kat didn’t tell Pop what shipping actually was… I would’ve told ya last week, but I wasn’t here, sooo…

Dr Hare: Was it the fact that he immediately started shipping me and El?

E: He already shipped that. It’s probably because of me.

Dr Hare: Why…?

E: Because I’m very threatening when I want to be.

Dr Hare: You threatened Kat?

E: Fair point, you caught me… I just asked nicely.

(What was the reason?)


Fizzson to E: I wouldn’t worry about how many characters Vampi’s adding at this point. It’s Vampi Character Syndrome, amplified by my challenge stopping him from adding the characters earlier.

E: VCS? *giggles* Oh… I’m a bad person for laughing at this. Or maybe I’m just a bad person. But honestly, it’s Ok. It makes sense, he’s allowed to add more. And yeah, I bet it’s backed up from the challenge. *pauses* Crap, now Sakura is going to come after me…


Arleen to E: Okay, Zane and Thor I can kinda get, but why would anyone ship you with the Slenderman?!

E: Well, before we start, “Thor” is aforementioned friend from the drama department, not the god of thunder, from Norse mythology and/or the MCU. He’s graduated now… I just hope I see him again, his best friend, Ty is going away for two years. Both are great people, I hope I don’t lose contact. Zane… *mutters* I don’t want to talk about that rn… So, as for Slendy… *inhales* I don’t know! It’s a prank ship, it’s weird as heck! *sighs* It’s been going for nearly 2 years now and it’s creepy! Anyone who knows me, knows I hate all things horror and creepypasta. Bug started it out as a joke after a conversation about Ender-Slender-men… it’s deteriorated from there.


Fizzson to the rulers: So, is this all of you, or are there any other rulers?

Lucky Wing: Let me think… you’ve met Nice Coyote, Neat Berry, Robin, you’ve sort of met Avery. There is someone else, but…

E: I just say there are 5 and a half Rulers.

Lucky Wing: That sounds about correct.


Riapsed to the rulers: Any of you guys do acting?

Robin: Girl, don’t you get me started! I am a natural born artiste!

Avery: Robin, Calmez vous s’il vous plait…

Robin: Non.

(Yes, the both of these two do.)


Arleen to the rulers: How do you guys feel about your world being a video game in E’s universe?

Nice Coyote: Well, we’ve all been around longer than the game, I’m 23, Robin and Avery are 22, Lucky is 21 and Berry is 19. We definitely had a past, it’s not an illusion or a simulation, trust me, I’ve made people do tests. But who can be sure? What came first, us or this game? Was the game designed after us? Are we the game?

Neat Berry: Please stop.

Robin: You’re a demolition expert, not a scientist.

Nice Coyote: You never know! Maybe we are a computer simulation.

Neat Berry: Please can we not… I’m tired of running those tests…

Lucky Wing:  We try not to think about it too hard.


Despair to E and the rulers: Don’t worry. I’m fine now… I’m not quite sure why I fainted like that… But on the bright side, Fizz and I are together now.

E: Whoo hoo! Congratulations!

Robin: Next ship? *points at the screen E’s on* Get those two nerds together. Get your people on it.

E: Hey!

Lucky Wing: Anyways… So what is this about her past? You said it might have something to do with her past?

E: Eh? Sorry, righteous indignation moment.

Robin: Yeah, sure. Righteous. Sure.

E: A-HEM! So yeah, it’s about her past, she was originally human, and, um… something happened. I ain’t going into it, it’ll scar Berry. But now she’s a pretty cat girl in a happy relationship.

Avery: She was human and now she’s not?

Neat Berry: Well… I’ve been doing some research on the physical change from human to humanoid animal… I have some interesting research… Hmm, I wonder if it’s different from dimension to dimension…

E: There are scientific differences between dimensions, yes. Trust me, Harvey and I found some major ones… plus these are entirely different species, I think…. Hmm, I wonder if-

Robin: Science-y stuff aside please!

E: Ok, Ok… seriously tho, major congrats to you Despair!

Robin: Here’s to hoping that SOMEONE gets a hint!

E: Fight me bird!

Lucky Wing: And… we’re done here!


Despair to NB: You do seem nice… Maybe we could meet some time…

Neat Berry: *perks up* That might be fun! I’ll call E!

E: Already online. Hi Del.

Neat Berry: *jumps* E! You startled me!

E: Oops, sorry. Yeah, we’re trying a new videoing method, which means I’ve got to be online the whole time, sorry.

Neat Berry: It’s Ok… I… wasn’t expecting that…

E: Sorry! I think I can set up a meet up with you and Despair tho. I’ll have to call Fizz, cause I can only jump you to this dimension. Because science.

Neat Berry: Oh… Alright… *smiles* I’d like that.

E: I’ll set up then! Good luck!

Neat Berry: This is probably a bad idea…

E: It’ll be fine. I’ll set up see the end of the phase, we can even have Coyo go with, it’ll be alright, Ok?

Neat Berry: O-Ok… I trust you.

E: Not your smartest move, but I’ll try my best.


Fizzson to DD: Ouch… Um… I’m probably not allowed to help you get un-trapped, am I?

Director D: No, apparently not.

E: I’m sorry! It’s such a work in progress, Harvey won’t even let me see the dimensional ray, he’s been working in the lab for days… *sighs* I’m worried about that nerd.

Director D: And I’m stuck in another universe with a lovesick fairy.

E: Pixie.

Director D: Whatever.

E: Look, D, I’m sorry. I have to be there for the transaction, I don’t like it either. I’m working on it, we’ll make it happen.

Director D: Very well. You know where to find me. *walks off*

E: … *covers her face with her hands* I suck at my job.


Fizzson to all: What is the best way to defeat an enemy?

Black Widow: Back in the day, send someone to wipe them out.

E: Ok Ms Mob Boss, geez…

Binary Bard: Robots.

Dr Hare: *nods* Robots.

E: I don’t really have that many enemies, since I’m just a 17 year old teenager, but if I don’t like someone, I simply imagine their future.

Dr Hare: That doesn’t sound so bad-

E: Usually it ends in them wrecking a truck in the woods while drunk.

Black Widow: You shouldn’t have said anything.

E: I never said the people I dislike are good people. Or smart.


Fizzson to E: …Do I even wanna know what you said to Kat?

E: Wait, what did I say to Kat? What did I say to Kat?!

(I seriously have no recollection of this. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, I’m just brain dead. What happened and when?)


Katrina to all: If chu could be an animal, which animal would chu be and why?

Black Widow: Spider.

E: Fox, I suppose.

Binary Bard: Owl.

Dr Hare: I think mine is obvious.

E: *giggles* Gee, I wonder what it could be? Maybe it’s a bunny?

Dr Hare: *smiles* How on Earth did you guess?

E: I have no idea.

(D would probably be a gray cat, for the record.)


Arleen to E: Oh come ON! Despair is arguably worse then you and she got HER feelings out! How is it so hard for you to just walk up to someone and say “I love you”?

E: I don’t know, Ok?! I know what everyone says, I know that “he’d be perfect for you and he totally likes you and you’re sweet and he’ll like you because you care about him so much” and I… and I… I’m not all that! Harvey is a great person, he’s cute, smart, he deserves so much better than I’ll ever be! There’s no way he’d like me! Not like that! I’m not in denial, I just… I just… I can’t believe that he’d ever… ever love me.



Black Widow: Hi readers, bet you thought this was going to be some Harveyana. Or Elarvey or whatever you call it these days. Unfortunately, no, E had locked herself in her “bedroom” after the last Q, she’s very frustrated with herself. But here’s what I have to offer… *pauses dramatically* How would you guys like a Summer of Villains? The idea is, each week showcases a different Villain. You send him or her Qs about themselves and it’s all about them. You can also ask people close to them, like Pop is to E or a certain Ruler is to Director D. Up to you, author wants input. Tell her your thoughts. If it does happen, it won’t until next week or something, so still send Qs.

Binary Bard: You’re in contact with the author?

Black Widow: No, just looked through files and found some things. Let us know.


Rude. Because I need people going through my stuff.

Hope you guys liked it! I worked hard on this sucker, half the Qs came in yesterday, not that I’m complaining. Now, your thoughts, Summer of Villains! Also send Qs! Bai guys!

You can send Qs, dares, inquiries, magic anons, and the such/ to E(Elyana), Black Widow, Binary Bard, Dr Hare, Director D, (Captain Crawfish is still missing), Pop, Heather, and the Rulers: Lucky Wing, Nice Coyote, Neat Berry and Robin. Hope you enjoy!

PS to The Dolphin Violinist, about the waltz Q, I’ll make a picture, how’s that? Sorry about the past two goes that I failed on. 

Ask the Villains #57, Kinda Rushed, Really Tired

Update: I just realized I’m missing some Qs and one is unfinished, but there’s not much I can do, I’m sorry. I’ll fix them next week, along with all the Qs from this week. Good luck!

Hey guys, it’s me, the good old author who sucks at her job. I’m sorry this is so late. Some of these Qs are going to be shortened and a few Qs I couldn’t even answer! Why? Guess who’s got Youth Group Camp in about… *looks at watch* 15 minutes? Yeah, I really need to go. Hope you enjoy!


Dolphin Violinist: You know what I want

(Ah, here we go. My first Q to have to skip. I don’t have YouTub RN, so… I guess I’ll skip it until I can do it, I guess?)



E: What do we even sing?

Dr Hare: I don’t know…


Dr Hare: *covers her mouth* No.

E: *turns pink* Mmm. *muffled* Sorry.

Dr Hare: *pulls his hand away* It’s Ok. *smiles* Any other ideas?

E: *smiles sheepishly* Heh heh… You know True Colors?

Dr Hare: Yeah.

E: Yay!


You with the sad eyes
Don’t be discouraged,
Oh I realize
It’s hard to take courage
In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all
The darkness inside you
Can make you feel so small
Show me a smile then
Don’t be unhappy
Can’t remember when
I last saw you laughing
This world makes you crazy
And you’ve taken all you can bear
Just, call me up
‘Cause I will always be there
And I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
I see your true colors
Shining through (true colors)
I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow
Ooh ooh ooh like a rainbow


E: *sighs* I love that song.

Dr Hare: Yeah, me too.

E: *looks at him and smiles, a little wistfully* Yeah…

Dr Hare: *notices and blushes* Um… you Ok?

E: *snaps out of it and turns red* Oh. Yeah. Fine. Sorry. My bad. I’m just going to awkwardly leeeaaaaaaave… *runs off*

Dr Hare: (Why’s she acting so awkward? Did I do something weird? I don’t think I did, but… I know she’s shy sometimes, but usually never around me… unless… no way…


E: ._. Ugh. The readers ask, we must deliver.

Dr Hare: I… still can’t dance…

E: A waltz is easy, I’ll show you.

Dr Hare: You know it?

E: Just a simple one, but yeah. It’s just a box step.

*10 minutes of explaining later…*

Dr Hare: I… I think I got it?

E: Good, because you’re kind of supposed to lead.

Dr Hare: … carrots.

E: *giggles* Sorry, sorry, I shouldn’t laugh. You’ve got this, I have faith in you.

Dr Hare: Well, thank you. I… I dunno if this is a good idea…

E: It’s just a 3 minute dance. What’s the worst that could happen?

Dr Hare: Everything.

E: Can’t argue.


TAS to all: reeeed robin…

Robin: Them’s fighting words… Fight me punk.

Lucky Wing: No fighting the Askers.

Nice Coyote: That’s a rule? Why is that a rule?

Lucky Wing: Because someone tried to drop a fridge on E.

Nice Coyote and Robin: What?!

Robin: They will die.

Nice Coyote: Name and address.

Lucky Wing: 😓 Girls, please… no one was actually hurt, this was a while ago and they have an uneasy truce.

Robin: What’s your point?

Lucky Wing: My point is that you can’t fight the Askers.

Nice Coyote: Fine…

Robin: Hmph.


TAS to all: favorite YouTuber meme and from which YouTuber?
E: *smacks table* HUNTER

Binary Bard: I don’t think that’s a meme…

E: James is a furry?

Binary Bard: *thinks* Yeah, that’s totally a meme.

E: Heh heh heh…

Dr Hare: Do these even count as memes?

Black Widow: I really can’t bring myself to care.

(I have little time to YouTub anymore… ;-; I’m sorry TAS…)

(Also TheOdd1sOut is the best, fight me.)


Vampi to everyone: New Smash Bros trailer from E3. Thoughts?

E: *screaming*

Black Widow: Will someone please stop her?

Dr Hare: What was even in it?

Binary Bard: We could go watch it now, I’m sure we’d find it.

*A few minutes later*


New Character 6 to all: Woomy?

E: No inklings here m8, just humans. And Poptropicans.


New Character 2 to all: What’s your luck like?

Binary Bard: Decent.

Heather: Fairly good.

Black Widow: Meh.

Pop: My luck is really good!

Dr Hare: It’s Ok.


Dr Hare: It’s not that bad…

E: A begs to differ.

Pop: But you met me!

E: You are one of the best things that has happened to me, yeah.

Pop: Plus you met rest of us! Like Mister Harvey!

E: That’s true…

Pop: You should go out with Mister Harvey.

E: … Pop, we need to talk.

Black Widow: *smirks* The kid says it like it is.

E: S-shut up…


New character 5 to all: Is it a kid or a squid?

E: It’s Splatoon. Boom.

Binary Bard: Why.

E: My question is why so many  references? Hang on, are these new characters from Splatoon?

Dr Hare: What?

E: How many new characters we gonna add m8?! Too many people! *Runs off yelling*

Binary Bard: … Ok, now she’s just being a drama queen.

E: Shamelessly!  


New character 3 to all: Best personal assistant?

Binary Bard: I’ve never worked with that sort of thing.

E: I’m 17, plus I think Google Assistant, Pixel, and all their little talking phone friends are evil.

Black Widow: Meh.

Dr Hare: El.

E: *blushes* Wow, Ok. Wasn’t expecting that.

Dr Hare: Why not? It’s true.

E: *flushes pinker* Oh. Thank you.

Dr Hare: You Ok?

E: Fine. I am fine. This is fine, I am fine.

Black Widow: *smirks* Uh huh.

Heather: I don’t know, Google Assistant can be fairly handy.

Pop: I’m confused.



estherli521 AKA ZIppy Sky to Harveyana: …you two are still in denial, aren’t you?

E: *flushes* I am not!

Dr Hare: *blushes* I… um…

E: There is nothing, I repeat, nothing is happened between us! We are just friends!

Dr Hare: … El? Can I ask you something kinda personal?

E: *turns bright red* Y-yeah, sure. Go ahead.

Dr Hare: Do you get shipped a lot?

E: *taken completely aback* What?

Dr Hare: Just asking.

E: … Yeah. Yeah, I kinda do… how’d you know?

Dr Hare: Just… just kind of how you act.

E: Well, yeah. I… I usually don’t mind it too much, but… it’s often enough that it’s annoying.

Dr Hare: Who do you get shipped with then?

E: Let’s see, Thor, you, that one kid from that one thing, Zane, the freaking Slenderman, and JC. And JC is gay.

Dr Hare: Wow.

E: Yay… anyways, yeah. Happy fun time. Do you?

Dr Hare: Sometimes, but not all that much.

E: Makes sense. You’re kind of an icon, ya know?!

Dr Hare: *sighs* Yeah… no kidding…

E: Hmm. *thinks a second* We got off track again.

Dr Hare: Sorry, this time it was my fault.

E: It’s fine, don’t worry about it. *mutters* I’m not complaining either…

Dr Hare: What?

E: Nothing.


To the Rulers: since I don’t know much about you, cause I wasn’t around during the ATR era, I want you know you guys more!

Lucky Wing: It’s alright, I was the only Ruler around. That was interesting.

Nice Coyote: There was a Ask the Rulers? Without me?!

Lucky Wing: Never mention it to E, she already wants to delete all evidence because of how poorly it went. You know how she gets.

Nice Coyote: Oh. Sorry.

Robin: It’s to all of us, should I get Avery?

Neat Berry: Maybe that’s not wise… he hasn’t been introduced yet…

Robin: Eh, screw it, I’m getting him. Brb. *Walks off*

Lucky Wing: …

Neat Berry: E said to avoid this if possible, didn’t she…

Lucky Wing: Yes.

Nice Coyote: Eh, I was gonna do it if she didn’t.

Lucky Wing: You are all the worst.


1.Fav color?

Lucky Wing: I like light blue.

Neat Berry. Purple…

Robin: Red.

Avery: I like brown, I guess.

Nice Coyote: Navy blue, like the hair. It’s that way for a reason.

Robin: I gotta ask. Lucky, why isn’t your favorite green, like your hair? Didn’t you dye it like that for a reason?

Lucky Wing: It’s not dyed.

Robin: Oh.

Nice Coyote: Wait, it’s not?

Lucky Wing: No. Is yours?

Nice Coyote: …. Maybe. Berry, did you know?

Neat Berry: No…

Avery: I did.

Nice Coyote: Does anyone else want to blow my mind here?!

Robin: I’m secretly an alien from Doctor Who.

Nice Coyote: I could believe it.

Robin: Rude.

Lucky Wing: Girls…

2.Fav animal?

Lucky Wing: Dove.

Nice Coyote: Jackal.

Neat Berry: I… I guess it’s a wolf…

Avery: Raven.

Robin: …

Nice Coyote: Come on Ro, you gotta say it…

Robin: Very well… it’s a cat.

Lucky Wing: Really?

Robin: No, it’s a robin. I was aptly named.


3.Fav food?

(Yeeeeaaaaaahhhh… I suck at food Qs. I have this written down somewhere, but I don’t exactly remember, so I’ll get back to you on this, sorry!)



Fizzson to E: Please don’t sneak into Mirrordin High. Seth did that once… I got an earful from the headmaster afterwards. -_-

E: I’m not gonna, don’t worry. Besides, if I do, I’ll take the earful for you. And… also probably some words from Harvey. *pauses* Oh. I can’t do that. It’d be like kicking a wounded puppy. He’s a worrier that one… *tucks her hair behind her ear, thinking* I… I wonder if… maybe it’s cause he… *stops* Is it cause he likes me? *thinking again* No, no, I’m being silly. Just friends. We’re just friends. Really good friends. A really, really good friend who I have a major crush on. *facepalms* Why did I bring this up?


Fizzson to E again: Wait, is Robin one of the other 5 (And a half) Rulers?

E: Yeah, she is! I wasn’t originally going to include her, or Avery, really, but Robin is… Robin. The beautiful, ship-happy, limelight loving, actress we all know and tolerate- I mean love.


Despair to NB: Shy, huh…? That’s okay… I am too….

Neat Berry: Oh, really? That’s interesting… Huh… I just… I… I do have a reason, really… but… I don’t like talking about it… minus just being me… I… I don’t know… You seem nice, maybe we can talk sometime.

Nice Coyote: Who is this person and what do they want with my sister?

E: Despair? She’s fine. White cat girl, shy, dark past, real sweetie, I’d say she had a boyfriend, but I actually have no idea RN.

Nice Coyote: So they’re like PC and her boyfriend?

Robin: I was thinking E and Dr Hare.

E: Oh my gosh Robin, shut uuuuuupppp… no, it’s more like she’s told him, but nothing has happened yet because she passed out and I’m really hoping she’s Ok…

Robin: Geez, that’s intense… that last part is totally like you and Hare though.

E: Robin!

Neat Berry: She does have a point…

E: Not you too Berry!

Nice Coyote: Deal E, everyone ships it. E: 😠 Fight me.

Robin: Just tell him you punk. What’s the worst that could happen?

E: Everything! Do you want a list that includes all the ways he could reject me or supernatural crap?!

Lucky Wing: Never ask E that kind of question.

Robin: Have you not been wearing my necklace?

E: I have. After the whole thing with A, I learned my lesson.

Robin: You’ll be fine.

Neat Berry: Um…

Robin: Oh, this was your Q. I’m sorry, I’ll just…. *bows dramatically and runs off*

Neat Berry: Oh. Thank you.

Nice Coyote: Yay friendship.

Neat Berry: You all are good friends.

Lucky Wing: Thank you Berry. You are too.

Neat Berry: *flushes* Thank you.

Nice Coyote: Now get out and take E-on-the-phone with you.

E: Ay.

Lucky Wing: Fine, but you’re coming too.

Neat Berry: But… I…

Nice Coyote: Alright, I’ll go.

Neat Berry: Um, I…

Lucky Wing: Good luck Berry.

Nice Coyote: Good Luck-y. *Snickers*

Lucky Wing: Ha ha. *They walk out*

Neat Berry: … but… I don’t really have anything else to say…


Fizzson to Heather: So, there was a time when you just didn’t know where your brother was? Geez… That must’ve been rough….

Heather: Yeah, it was… hard. He couldn’t call me, because he didn’t want to put me in danger, which makes sense, but… it was terrifying. We’re all good now, heck, we’re living in the same apartment again. He told me the whole story, with a little help with the Rulers and E. I don’t blame him, or even the Rulers, but I do blame some people… like certain members of the police force…

E: *cracks knuckles* Same, gal pal. Sa-ame.


Fizzson to BW: Were you and Copycat competitors on Counterfeit or was she on a different island?

Black Widow: A little bit. I did beat her to a heist once before she changed islands. Then she got arrested, taken to SP island, meteor happened, the like.

E: Island traveling isn’t unheard of. Not very common, but still. Besides the Rulers, there are others. Sir Rebral was on Astroknights before, he tried to steal the Crown Jewels.

Binary Bard: I heard about that. It was big news.

E: Heck yeah! Lucky told me about it, it’s pretty interesting, isn’t it?

Black Widow: -_- You aren’t helping.

Binary Bard: Sorry.

E: Eh heh heh… We’ll go.

Black Widow: Wise move.


Mimi to DD: Have you met any of the new agents since you left the agency?

Director D: I’ve met a couple, but not since I got locked in this dimension.

E: Oh, hi D. You’re not trapped here you know, you can leave. It’s just really hard and you’d need a dimensional transporter.

Director D: So I’m trapped.

E: Yeah, you kinda are, I take it back.


Fizzson to the villains: Wait, so in all your time as villains, you’ve never tried taking over an island?

E: Eh… more like they haven’t succeeded…

Heather: I think James came pretty close.

E: Crawfish? He did actually, come to think on it… that reminds me. * thinks a second, then groans* I had all the information about finding him on Harvey’s laptop, and I broke that, big-time. I’m back at square one.

Heather: Wait, wasn’t this Q for the villains?


E: Shoot.


Ultia to all: What do you believe is the best way to encode a message?

Black Widow: Set it on fire.

Binary Bard: Use multiple codes, including Binary.

Dr Hare: Just use a code that only you know. Or give it to D.

E: Gnommish plus my crappy handwriting and it’s impossible to read! I’m brilliant.

Binary Bard: Artemis Fowl?

E: Is my life.

(But no, like, legit, I have notebooks filled with Gnommish. It’s ridiculously perfect.)


New character to all: Hewwo! Chu all seem nice! owo

E: Hallo! Ich freue mich sie zu treffen!

Binary Bard: Stop.


Fizzson to all: Sorry if these Qs aren’t very interesting. Normally, Arleen helps add variety, but she, Seth and Kif are missing…

E: No, no, the Qs are great! Don’t worry about it, I liked them.

Dr Hare: Where’s Arleen then?

Black Widow: She’s the redheaded friend of E’s who ships Harveyana?

Dr Hare: Yeah…

Black Widow: Just checking. She’s Ok, I’ll tolerate her.  

E: Wow. You barely even tolerate me.

Black Widow: I tolerate you plenty.

E: Aw, really?! You’re too sweet!

Dr Hare: Anyways…

E: Right, sorry. I don’t know where she is… I could give her a call later, but if she can’t respond, it’ll be pointless. Hope they find her.

(Well, I think I know where they are, but I’m a bad person/writer, but an Ok guesser, so that’s ok.)


I’ll fix the format later, I guess. Yaaaaaaaaaaay…

I’m sorry to leave so abruptly, love you guys, Bai!

Ask the Villains #56, Travel and Tribulations

So, um, yeah, this is late as heck. I’m sorry guys! I was at an aunt’s and by the time I got back, it was 11. So after working for half an hour, it still wasn’t done and I was too tired to finish. So here you go, I guess. Hope you enjoy.


Black Widow: Hare, your phone is going off!

Dr Hare: What?

*The phone is blaring the song “Geeks will inherit the Earth”*

Dr Hare: Oh carrots. *Grabs it and answers* Hello, Dr Hare speaking.

Black Widow: Am I allowed to make fun of your ringtone?

Dr Hare: *ignores her* Hey E. Yeah, I was wondering… yeah, sure, hang on. *Covers the mouth piece* Charlotte, you know where Pop is?

Black Widow: Probably outside.

Pop: Hi everyone!

Black Widow: Never mind.

Dr Hare: Here, it’s E. *Hands him the phone*

Pop: Yay! *Turns it on video call* Hi momma!

E: Hey! How’s things? I’m sorry I’m not home to say hi for reals!

Pop: It’s Ok.

E: Oh, also, you’re not allowed to go u join any revolutions until you’re like, 20. *pauses* Scratch that, you’re not allowed to join any revolutions period.

Pop: … Ok?

Dr Hare: What have you been doing in Washington?

E: I’ll tell you later, but I’m not starting any revolutions or anything, promise. Just don’t want to lose anyone on the barricade.

Black Widow: I think I saw that musical.

E: It was so sad, Ok?!

Pop: What are you guys talking about?

E: Long, long story. But… let’s get the AtV! I’dve called last night, but by the time I got home it was midnight, so… I didn’t.

Black Widow: Midnight our time or yours?

E: Yours, actually. Anyways, let’s do this thing!


Riapsed to E: I don’t know. Headmaster doesn’t really like… Outside sources in school. I’ll ask him, but no guarantees.

E: Oh. Darn. It’s Ok, you don’t have to. I don’t want you to get into trouble. Honesty, the headmaster there worries me a tad… call me if you need anything regardless, mk? Worst comes to worst, I come in there with a ninja squad. Because, um, ninjas.


Fizzson to E: Oh shoot, my Q about AtR actually helped with something? I was just trying to mess with you a little.

E: Hence the “I will set you on fire” comment from me, ya little punk. *grins* Ach, I kid. I’ve been toying with the idea, but I wasn’t sure if the Rulers would go for it. Plus you guys only know 3 of the 5. *Pauses* 6. 5? 6… 5 and a half? I dunno. Case in point, we’ve got to get the RoP stories out… *coughs* Anyways, it’s good we got some more characters around, even if they aren’t in said universe at this current time. Video calls are life.


Fizzson to LW: Are there any islands in Poptropica you still haven’t explored?

Lucky Wing: Oh, um… no, there are some I haven’t seen. Like… there have just been some I haven’t seen, such as Virus Hunter and Lunar Colony. E said there was one called ‘Mocktropica’ that she’d been to on accident, but that wasn’t technically in our dimension. I couldn’t really make sense of it… but something about it being in-between or the such. I do not understand her when she goes off about that sort of thing. I believe it is because she always ‘hangs out” with Dr Hare, she picked up some things. Anyways, yes, there are a few, but I am not sure how many of all of them I have missed.


Fizzson to NC: Do you know if there’s a girl named Cheerful Heart working at the agency?

Nice Coyote: Um… good question… thing is, I got a bunch of new recruits recently and haven’t had a chance to check yet. *Pauses, then pushes a small pile of papers away from herself* Um… Yeah, don’t tell D I’m bad at my job.

Lucky Wing: You are not, you just haven’t looked through a pile of papers yet.

Nice Coyote: A pile of Important papers. I’ve been told getting behind does no favors.

Robin: Please. I haven’t done paperwork in years and nothing has happened to me.

Lucky Wing: Um… Robin, you don’t run a spy agency.

Robin: Yup, you jelly?

Lucky Wing: … No. Please stop. You are disgracing the English language.

Nice Coyote: Yo, my Q, y’all get out of my office.

Lucky Wing: You are all worse than E.

Robin: Rude. Anyways, I’m staying a little, I haven’t gotten any Qs yet. Probably won’t, but still.

Nice Coyote: I will put a firecracker in your hair. Again.

Robin: You wouldn’t dare.

Nice Coyote: Fight me bird girl.

Lucky Wing: 😅 Alright you two, we just got into the AtV, let’s try not to get kicked out.

Nice Coyote and Robin: Fine…


Fizzson to NB: You’re actually the ruler I know least about, so… Tell us a bit about yourself.

Neat Berry: Oh, um… hello. Um… my name is Neat Berry… well, at least, that’s my hero name… we don’t usually use our actual names to be safe… I… I do have a power I, um… I’m a little shy…

Nice Coyote: That’s an understatement.

Neat Berry: S-sorry…

Nice Coyote: Nah, it’s Ok sis, I still love you. *Hugs her*

Neat Berry: Thank you… I appreciate it…

Nice Coyote: This girl is so shy, let me tell you.

Neat Berry: I know…

Nice Coyote: That’s not bad thing. Anyone says anything bad aboutchu, I hit them. In the face. With fireworks.

Neat Berry: That’s really not necessary…

Nice Coyote: Fireworks are always necessary.  

Neat Berry: Coyote no…

Nice Coyote: Coyote yes.

Neat Berry: And my sister here is a little scary sometimes from what I hear. I think I’m too used to her.

Nice Coyote: I don’t know what they would possibly be talking about.


Arleen to Pop: So… How’s it been over at Kat’s place?

Pop: It was great! A little weird and crazy at times. Miss Kat did try to hypnotise me, but it didn’t really work. It was kind of funny though.

Dr Hare: Well… No comment. Plus, now there’s a big ship in the yard… I don’t know what that’s about…


Fizzson to Heather: Did DH ever tell you his plans on 24-Carrot? If so, what was your initial reaction?

Heather: He never did. We actually lost contact a while, and then… I got a call from Erewhon, saying they had found my brother. I knew he was part rabbit before, but… I didn’t find out he had been a supervillain until after it was all over… they told me a group of heroes had reformed and something about totems… it was… hard. Harvey actually ended up staying with me a few days while on the run, but not very long. I don’t know what happened after that… but next thing I know, I get a text from him saying that he’s kind of far away, but he’s safe and staying with a friend. Later I found out it was another dimension and he was staying with E, but that wasn’t until I got here. That was an adventure! *Laughs nervously* Anyways, I’ve met the other ‘villains’ and they’re really good people. Snarky at times, but still, good people.


Arleen to BW: You seemed pretty sore at your sister… Were you two rivals at one point or something?

Black Widow: Ha, don’t get me started. We’ve been sore at each other since we were barely out of diapers. Our dad raised us Ok, he did his best, but the two of us still fought like cats and dogs. Anyways, fast forward 20 or so years, she’s always been jealous of me. Even in the thievery business, I was better and more well known. She hated it. Finally she ended up getting herself arrested and I thought that was that, but… well, E’s Ruler friends can tell you about that. She’s locked up for good now. You don’t break out of Erewhon. It’s not bad, you just can’t break out. It’s impossible. We’re only out because the jail was hit by lightning, the guy in charge turned out to be a “lightning throwing lunatic.”

Binary Bard: Hey! That was what I said!

Black Widow: I was quoting you, cool your jet skis.

Binary Bard: At least credit the author…

Black Widow: I did, chill. At any rate, yes, Cadence and I don’t exactly get along. It’s a thing.


Arleen to DD: Business trip, huh? Can you tell us what that was about, or is it classified?

Director D: I have no comment at this time.


Mimi to BB: What programming language do your robotics run on?

Binary Bard: Binary.

Dr Hare: But… it’s not. It’s really not.

Binary Bard: Don’t ruin my joke.

Dr Hare: Oh. Sorry.


Fizzson to the villains: If you could visit one island beside your own, what would it be and why?

Black Widow: I don’t own an island. I wish I did. Guys, we should take over an island.

Binary Bard: Can we not.

Pop: Aren’t you guys supposed to be reformed?

Dr Hare: She means where we came from.

Black Widow: Still.

Binary Bard: Anyways… I’d like to go to Mystery Train.

Dr Hare: Time Tangled, mostly because someone tried to explain the science behind the time travel there and it’s a time paradox. I want to see if I can figure it out.

Pop: Was that momma who explained it to you?

Dr Hare: *blushes lightly* Well, yeah, maybe… She’s a bit of a fanatic and she asked around.

Black Widow: Barring all that, I want to see Backlot. Because um, duh, Backlot.

(Editor’s note to non-Poptropicans or new Poptropicans. Backlot is the Hollywood equivalent in this place. So yeah.)

Binary Bard: I can’t argue with that.

Pop: I wanna go to the moon there! Lunar Colony for me!

Heather: I’ve always wanted to go to Astroknights.

Binary Bard: … no. You don’t.

Heather: Why not?

Binary Bard: Trust me on this one.

Director D: I have wanted to see the art collection on Counterfeit.

Black Widow: Get your own niche, leave mine alone.

Dr Hare: Anyways, moving on before we set the couch on fire!


Arleen to E: Washington, huh? That’s pretty legit, hope you’re having fun there!

E: Yeah, it’s awesome! We’re visiting the fam, it’s great! Mostly we’re here to help my grandparents move stuff, but I saw Les Miz Thursday! It was amazing. I’ve been hanging out with my cuz a lot, but… I am still kinda… *rubs the back of her neck* I’m still kinda in a funk. It’s been a little crazy… and… I… *blushes* I kinda miss Harvey. I did want to him to come, but I also didn’t want to have to explain, I’m tired of explaining. And honestly, I’m in such a rough emotional state right now, I’d probably end up saying something I’d regret. *pauses* Dangit! *hits herself with a nearby pillow* I told myself I wasn’t gonna do this! I’m not obsessing with problems I can’t fix right now! I can’t fix A, I can’t fix this, I can’t fix… *stops* anything.


Arleen to DH: That’s… Understandable. E’s going through a lot… So you should wait to tell her anything.

Dr Hare: I… I know… I just… I wish I could tell her how I really feel about her… like… like maybe that could help… but who am I kidding. It’d just make things worse, wouldn’t it. There’s no way she’d like me back and… and I don’t want to accidentally push away the best friend I’ve ever had.

Fizzson to everyone except E and DH: Sorry for not sending you good (Or even any) Qs as of late. Hopefully we did a bit better this week.

Black Widow: Yeah, I guess you did good.

Binary Bard: I liked them.

Pop: Yeah!

Heather: Honestly, so much is going on between those two, I’m not surprised everyone is distracted.



Red Rider 1. Look up the magical experiences of overwatch and gimme opinions 🙂

E(via phone): I like, but I’m not allowed to play. So I haven’t.

Dr Hare: I played once. It was pretty good.

Binary Bard: I’ve heard of it.

Pop: Is it a video game or something?

Dr Hare: Yeah.

Pop: I wanna play Mario Kart. Can we go do that please?

Dr Hare: Sure thing kiddo.

E: Ugh, I am of the jealous. I wanna come home…


2.E, pls hmu and we can play video games together

E: That sounds nice, I’d love to! But… I’ve got a crazy busy summer. I haven’t played video games on a computer since… I don’t remember. Haven’t been on Discord either. I’m just not online a ton anymore. I’m really sorry.


  1. Can you like sum up everything that happening with that rando taking over your body….. I think? Idk but pls gimme a sum up of everything.

E: Yeah, I got it. There was an eidolon, A, who took over my head and was in control and trying to destroy everything I cared about and hurt everyone in the vicinity. Harvey, erm, Dr Hare, was able to get her out with a fake Soul Stone, from F1 if I’m not mistaken. Leven Thumps saves lives kids. At any rate, I fell back on a table, which explains these… *holds up arms* I’ve been having to ask for help with bandages and I ain’t too happy about it. At any rate, it was a whole crazy thing, I’m still kind of a mess from that. It’s worth going back to read, trust me.

(I’m thinking about adding in “Start at Beginning” links.)



The Dolphin Violinist to all: 1. Have you seen the httyd 3 trailer, if you have…THOUGHTS!?

Binary Bard: Oh heck, that’s out?

Black Widow: Apparently.

(Once again, we’ll get back to you.)


  1. Have you ever had your fav fanfic or book or whatever deleted (AND NEVER SAW THE END), if so, how did you deal?

E: Yes, actually… I was reading this comic called Kingdom of Rejects, it went on hiatus last June, was promised to come back on September, was deleted sometime in February. I don’t know the author’s circumstances and if by SOME MIRACLE they read this, I don’t want them to feel bad. I just miss the comic. You learn to cope. *Pauses* Having said this, I regret to announce that the AtV is ending…



  1. Infinity War anyone?

E: Not just yet.

(It’s a WIP)


  1. Fav ships (did I ask this?)

Dr Hare: It’s been asked before, but we can do it again.

Black Widow: Elarvey.

Dr Hare: *flushes* Ok, getting off on the right foot…

Binary Bard: Heh. I ship Jacob and Queenie from Fantastic Beasts, I guess.

Dr Hare: I did like the 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler.

Pop: I ship Titanic!


Black Widow: That’s not what ship means.

Pop: But that’s what Kat said it meant.

Dr Hare: Well, that’s one definition. The other, and more commonly used, is two people you think should be together.

Pop: Oh… in that case I ship Momma and Mister Harvey.

Black Widow: *trying to stifle laughter*

Binary Bard: *failing to stifle laughter*

Dr Hare: … why.


  1. Elarvy (idk anymore) do a niiicce waltz

Dr Hare and E(via phone video call): …

E: We are legitimately 14 hours away from each other.

Dr Hare: I don’t even know how to waltz.

E: I can slow dance and box step, maybe. Plus I still know the dances from SaS. Harvey, didn’t I promise to teach you those?

Dr Hare: I thought you were kidding. Where did you learn all these?

E: Went to some school dances as a kid. Aka 14. Case in point, I picked up a few things. Almost all the kids here have taken ballroom at some point. I never did, but the lady in change of said dances was also the ballroom coach. She taught everyone and everything, it almost became a pain. *stops* Sorry, I got sidetracked again…

Dr Hare: It’s Ok, I don’t mind.

E: … what.

Dr Hare: What?

E: Never mind.

(We’ll handle it next week. Heck, resend it so we’ll HAVE to do it next week. It’ll be fun.)


  1. Sing a song elarvy

E: Can I send in a complaint? We are two different people with our own individual names. Well, I’ve got a lame name, but don’tchu make fun of Harvey’s cute name, Ok? Geez.

Dr Hare: Um… hi.

E: … the phone was still on?

Dr Hare: Yeah.

E: … well shoot. *Coughs, blushing* Remind me the Q?

Dr Hare: Um… they want us to sing a song.

E: I’m very much tempted to sing “a song” RN and just hang up, but no point. We’re still in different states regardless, we can’t do the Q.

Dr Hare: Next time, I guess.

E: Yeah.

(Read above.)



E: Wow. That was a pretty good AtV for me not even being there.

Black Widow: Shockingly, we are adults who know how to do things.

Heather: Oh don’t give E a hard time. From what I’ve heard, you guys were impossible where you first showed up here.

Binary Bard: Are you implying anything has changed?

Heather: Well…

E: Ay, guys, I need to go. I has work to do, plus I gotta call the Rulers.

Pop: Bye mom! Come back safely!

Dr Hare: See you E!

E: Okie baaaaaiii! *Hangs up* Whew. AtVs are hard over the phone.

*Phone rings, playing “Phantom of the Opera”*

E: *answers* Speaking of the devil, hi!

Lucky Wing:(over phone) PC isn’t here right now…

E: I just meant I was just talking about calling you.

Lucky Wing: What does that have to do with me being an devil?

E: … I’ll tell you later. No insults meant. How’d it go over there?

Lucky Wing: No one died.

E: Wow, that’s really good for us!

Lucky Wing: Ha ha. People do not usually die here, usually it’s there.

E: Boom, roasted. Ok, in all honesty, it’s all good, yes?

Lucky Wing: Definitely. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

E: Oh good. You sent the files?

Lucky Wing: Yes, you got them, right?

E: Have yet to check. I gotta go, I need to go do stuff like eat food. Like, actually eat lunch. Mind blowing events here.

Lucky Wing: Very funny. You are eating, right?

E: Yes, mom, I’m eating fine, everyone’s making sure I’m getting enough.

Lucky Wing: Good. I need to leave too, I have to meet up with Avery.

E: Alright, have fun!

Lucky Wing: You two. Goodbye!

E: Bye! *Hangs up* And… time for editing… *sighs* I’m never doing this again.


Sadly, that could be true. My chances of coming to Washington will be diminished significantly. Who knows. Anyways, I’m just gonna leave you guys with this. Thanks y’all!


You can send Qs, dares, inquiries, magic anons, and the such/ to E(Elyana), Black Widow, Binary Bard, Dr Hare, Director D, (Captain Crawfish is still missing), Pop, Heather, and the Rulers: Lucky Wing, Nice Coyote, Neat Berry and Robin. Hope you enjoy!

Ask the Villains # 55, Repercussions

After fighting an evil eidolon who wanted nothing more than a body and to hurt everyone E cared about, E now has the freedom to worry about other things.

Like repercussions. (See what I did there?)

Good fun.

We’re just going to hop to it today, for reasons you’ll see below. I hope you enjoy!


estherli521 AKA ZIppy Sky to A: I don’t fear you! I’ve met worse. And you look up to pennywise? That weird clown? He’s lame. And don’t you DARE hurt anyone.

E: I… I guess I’ll take this. She didn’t actually look up to Pennywise, but she liked that he was a murdering psycho. And she wanted to see you guys squirm. *Sighs* We can’t have normal days around here. Case in point..  I just don’t know a ton of horror, she didn’t have a lot to work with. And… she didn’t really manage to hurt anyone physically, minus me falling on the stupid coffee table, but emotionally… *smiles sadly* Well, we’re coping.


To A (again): wait… you serve the dark lady? Like the person that sent the stormtroopers after E? Why are you guys so obsessed with her anyways? Just leave her alone.

E: They never do. They never freaking do. *Sighs* So… she didn’t leave me with a lot, but she would definitely argue that she worked with the Dark Lady, whoever that is, not for. That’s all I got for you there. And yeah, it was probably the same person with the Stormtroopers. *Sighs* I always thought… you know, “hey, having an adventure would be so cool!” but… now… here I am… and… it’s… a little… terrifying. *Pauses* I’m… I’m kind of scared.


Riapsed to E: Well, I’m not the president or anything, I’m just often the lead actress in things.

E: I’m jealous! Ooh, guess who totally didn’t get a main role in the musical.  *Sighs* I’m a terrible actress.

Dr Hare: No, you’re not.

E: I get nervous! Every time! I just… I’ll go into the audition, and… nerves. I was doing it with my friend Ty, who’s a dang good actor BTW, it was only Mr H… why was I so nervous?!

Dr Hare: It happens to everyone…

E: I flubbed the singing entirely. It was just… *Claps hands* Sorry, distracted.*smiles sheepishly* Sorry. 

Dr Hare: … *looks away, embarrassed*

E: That’s pretty darn awesome. I’ll see if I can come to one of your plays sometime, that’d be fun!


To Heather: how’s college treating you? Are you majoring in engineering? Which college do you go to? (Sorry I get REALLY curious sometimes)

Heather: Curious is good, trust me. Hey guys! Yeah, I’m back now, I apparently missed quite a show. College is treating me very well, thanks for asking. I’m going to the college near where E lives, the PPL. *Sighs* Yup, we live in a college town.

E: There’s like 8 Soobways. This town. That’s just one of the 70 million fast food places.

Heather: College is pretty good. Since I’m still living at the apartment, I don’t have to worry about rent, that’s awesome. I’m actually majoring in Teaching, with a minor in English.

E: Dude. If you student teach one of my classes, that would be legit as heck.

Heather: Maybe! Anyways, college is great! I’m glad I got to come back to it to finish my degree.

E: I might join you in a couple years.

Heather: That’d be fun!

E: … have you seen me at school?

Heather: Um… well, no, but-

E: Moving on! So… yeah. College. Fun. Rock on. *Walks off*

Heather: … anyways, yeah. College is great, majoring in Teaching, PPL. And curiosity is a good thing.

E: It’s what makes the AtV run!


To Black Widow: D B Cooper, huh? And I thought you were a reformed villain. Guess I was wrong.

Black Widow: I was kidding.

E: *snickers* What the heck Wid.

Black Widow: For your information, I am reformed, have been for quite a while.

E: D B Cooper is pretty legit tho. And if you’re wondering, no, you can’t pull a scheme like that anymore. You’d get sniped or somethin’, I dunno. I just know you can’t, I forgot the reason.

Black Widow: Good to know you’re paying attention.

E: Shut up. I’m pretty sure what happens these days is they give you fake money or they track you or somethin’. But…. D B Cooper got away with the money and was never seen again. The end.

Black Widow: Yup.


Fizzson to E: . . . *cough*ASKTHERULERS*cough*

E: I will set you on fire.

Lucky Wing: E, be nice.

E: Ok, fine… *sighs* Yes, Ask the Rulers did exist, as much at I’d like to pretend it didn’t. My art sucked, Ok? Just terrible!

Lucky Wing: It wasn’t that bad.

E: I had absolutely no clue what the heck I was doing! Half the answers are missing crutal bits of information that made it funny! *Sighs* This is why we can’t have nice things.

Lucky Wing: Alright, stop. The AtR was a good idea and I would like to do it again someday. But you were ill-prepared at the time. Maybe you could add me and the other Rulers to the AtV for now and we’ll just see what happens later.

E: … Luck, that’s a brilliant idea.

Lucky Wing: Thank you.

E: I’ve been meaning to do that… but first I’ve got to try and explain the characters… and to do that I’d first have to post more of RoP…

Lucky Wing: E, you need to do that anyways. Just have them ask the ones they know, like me, Coyote and Berry.

E: That… makes a lot of sense.

Lucky Wing: It couldn’t hurt.

E: Actually, it could hurt, a lot, but I try not to think about that. Let’s do it!

Lucky Wing: Sounds great, I’ll tell the others. *Shuts off video call*

E: … sweet.

(So they’ve been added to the people you can ask. I’ll add them on the list.)


Arleen to E: Well, Baymax doesn’t necessarily have to be a main. After all, Lucky gets Qs and she’s not technically a main.

E: Well… technically she is a main, since she’s on the card, but she’s really more of a side, you’re right. Then again, everyone asks Baymax stuff, who we kidding? He’s kinda on the list.


Arleen to BW: I don’t think spiders are that bad, either. They can be creepy sometimes, but I deal.

Black Widow: They just exist. I don’t really care either way. *Folds arms* These Qs suck. You all need to ask me better ones. 


Fizzson to E: Don’t feel bad, I for one knew the ears were real and the suit was fake. (You can even see holes for the ears to poke through the suit in the drawing I made of the AtV gang.)

E: Really? *Looks at picture* Ooh, you did. You’ve got an eye for detail.

Dr Hare: *leans over to see* What is it?

E: *jumps back* GAH!

Dr Hare: Oh gosh, sorry E! I’m so sorry!

E: It’s. Fine. Just. Mild. Heartattack. Recover soon.

Dr Hare: Sorry…

E: *takes a deep breath in and out* Ok. I’m good.

Dr Hare: What was the Q?

E: … My poor explanation skills.


Arleen to DD: Where WERE you during the whole A fiasco?!

E: … um… where the chocolate cinnamon bear is D?

Black Widow: He said something about a business trip and that he’ll be back next week.

E: … what?

Black Widow: That’s it.

E: D had a job?


Arleen to DH: Wow… You almost had her with the bracelet… That… That’s rough….

Dr Hare: Well… all of it was rough. I almost got E back, failed, again, then A went after me… *sighs* I have yet to see El mad, she never is. That was the closest thing I’ve seen to it and..  well… it’s a little starling to have people screaming at you anyways. I’m just glad it’s all over. I don’t blame E, but… it was hard. I’m really glad she’s back, needless to say.


Despair to E: It’s good to see you back, E… I was… Really worried about you….

E: Thanks Despair. Yeah, I was worried too. Mostly about Harvey, since he got the brunt of the attack. *Pauses* Oh, wait, you were worried about me? Nah, I’m fine. Well… mostly. Still a little shaken, my arms are still cut as wheat, but I’m recovering. I… *frowns, concerned* I… I don’t exactly have any good memories from those few days, but… *smiles a little shakily* I’m fine, don’t worry about me!


Fizzson to DH: Alright. A’s taken care of, but that doesn’t solve the issue of the person who shot the dart that let A get in to begin with. Do you want me to send extra security in Ultia until we handle them?

Dr Hare: No, we’ll be fine. I can’t really worry about things like others helping with security. E’s out of school now, so I’ve been trying to keep her close without being a creep. *Smiles sheepishly* But… yeah. Good times. 


Despair to all: Do I seem a bit more… Confident to you guys? Fizz and Arleen say I am, but I can’t tell….

E: Yes.

Dr Hare: Definitely yes.

Binary Bard: I wasn’t even here, so…

E: Confidence is a great thing to have! I honestly wish I had more, but… *shrugs* I make do. You’re way more confident than you were at the beginning, go you!


Arleen to E and DH: the whole fiasco with A was rough for all of us. The important thing is that it’s over now. The best thing you can do is not beat yourselves up about it, and move on with your lives.

E: Y-yeah… you’re right… I’m just… those things came out of my mouth Arleen. It was terrible. I… I just…*takes a deep breath* I…I don’t like thinking about it. I just don’t want to think how much I hurt Harvey.


Dr Hare: … I’m trying. I really, truly am, but… I… it’s hard not to. I know you guys said not to blame myself for failing one time, but… I’m not. I’ve failed more than once. *sighs* Anyways, I’m trying not to beat myself up about it. I’m not succeeding a ton, but I’m trying. E… I do feel better talking to her, but there’s only so much I can do. I’m just going to try and make things better.



TAS to everyone: alright check this stuff out. you got e… and you got a. put them together. you got ea. EA SPORTS. ITS IN THE GAME.

E: EA… so, the Sims? *Pauses* No, that’s not what you mean, clearly you mean like PvZ. PvZ Heroes to be exact. I’m the zombie deck and A is the plants, because those are evil.

Binary Bard: I think he means EA Sports.

E: Oh. *pauses* 1v1 PvZ Heroes duel, I’ll play zombies, back of the convenience store on 2nd, be there.

Binary Bard: *facepalms*



Qs from the A conclusion


Arleen to E: Hang on… In that plea to motivate Harvey… Did you say what I think you just said?

E: … what? What did I say,? *Thinks a second* Um… I said a lot of things. Honesty, I wasn’t trying to motivate him, I just wanted him to know that A was wrong and that he’s just awesome. Because he is! He should know it. Now, let’s see… I said… you’re a wonderful, sweetest guy ever, done so much… you’re not bad, you’re amazing, I- *pales* Oh. Oh gosh. Oh no no no no no, I didn’t… I said that?! No… no no no no no no… *starts running her hands through her hair and pacing* No no no no… I can’t have said that… I can’t have… no no no… he’s already got enough on his plate… he doesn’t need to know… he doesn’t… *makes a sound something between a shriek and a sob* No… I didn’t want him to know… I didn’t want him to feel guilty… or… or make him have to deal with something else… he deserves better… so much better… Than I’ll ever be…


Fizzson to DH: Please tell me you caught that part in E’s attempt to motivate you where she said “I love you”.

Dr Hare: When she said… *eyes widen* She said that?! What… I didn’t even notice! How… why… why would she… *shakes his head* No. No, she must have meant… in a friendly sort of way. E’s… E’s just a sweetie, she really is. I… I do love her, but I don’t think she actually likes me the same way.


Ultia to DH (Extending on the last Q): If you are, in fact, unaware, in Elyana’s attempts to cheer you up after you bandaged her, she said “You’re amazing, I love you, and I don’t want you to… To… Oh gosh…”

Dr Hare: … I just… i don’t get it, why would she like me? Like that? I’m… I’m a freak. I’m nothing important or special. I’m just… a coward and a freak. I… I can’t even tell her what I really think of her. *Looks down in shame* I just… I can’t understand why… she’d… think of me like that. I’m… not… *sighs* Never mind. It’s not important. E… Yes, I do love her, but… why would she like me? Besides, we just got done with A, I don’t want to give her something else to think about, especially something like this.



Earth 442, 0458 hours, 4 June 2018, Villains' apartment, Apartment 606​

Dr Hare’s POV

I woke up to shuffling in the next room over. I put on my glasses and looked at the clock. 5 in the morning? Why was moving around the house at 5 in the morning? I decided to go and investigate. Best case scenario, someone had broken in the house. Then Charlotte would try and figure out how, possibly by forcing it out of the burglar. Then E would probably set him on fire for going through her stuff. We really had terrible best case scenarios around here. I walked over to the door and opened it suddenly. E sat on the ground with a full suitcase next to her. She was going through some of her things. I was confused to say the least.

Dr Hare: Are you… packing?

E: Yeah. *Holds her Sonic Pen up to the light* Oh, I’ve been looking for this! *Pockets the pen* Handy.

Dr Hare: … you’re leaving?

E: Well, yeah.

Dr Hare: … Oh.

E: *looks up at him* Wha- Oh! No, no, not like that! It’s just for a few days!

Dr Hare: *brightens a little* Oh.

E: *looks back to her bag* Yeah, I’m back to Washington again, it’s time again. *sighs* Honestly, the timing sucks, but we can’t help it. It’s a busy summer, and time waits for no teenage pixie who’s just been possessed.

Dr Hare: Are… Are you sure you don’t just want to stay?

E: I… I gotta go. It could be the last time, tho I hope not. Plus, I gotta get out of the house. Not here, just the house. I’m not doing anything, I gotta do something.

Dr Hare: That… makes sense.

E: *smiles sadly* Sorry to leave you guys. Pop is still at Kat’s, so she’s taking care of him. She’s a sweetie, really. Pop’ll be safe at hers for now.

Dr Hare: Yeah, I know.

*Awkward pause*

E and Dr Hare: *at the same time* I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-

*Another awkward pause*

Dr Hare: You go first.

E: Well… I… I’m sorry that I haven’t been talking to you… or really anyone… Just… this whole A thing…

Dr Hare: No, it’s Ok, I… I haven’t really been talking to anyone either.

E: I… I’m also sorry I’m leaving you guys and not explaining and… running away from my problems, I guess.

Dr Hare: You’re not, you’re just going on a trip.

E: … Yeah. It doesn’t always feel like it… I kinda feel like a coward.

Dr Hare: You? You’re not a coward, you’re one of the bravest people I know!

E: *laughs hollowly* Are you kidding? Harvey, do I need to remind you that, in all those adventures with the Rulers, I was always hiding in the back?

Dr Hare: Not always.

E: Yeah, occasionally I do something, I guess. But… I’m just kind of a coward.

Dr Hare: No, you’re not. If… if anyone is… it’s me.

E: You? Don’t be ridiculous, you’re not a coward. You’ve saved my life so many times it’s crazy.

Dr Hare: Yeah, but… *sighs* There’s… there’s something I haven’t told you…

E: Yeah?

Dr Hare: I… I think… you…

E: … Um…

Dr Hare: I… you… *sighs* I can’t do this. Sorry, it’s not important.

E: That sounded pretty important. If something wrong?

Dr Hare: No… I just… *changes the subject* I’m kind of worried about this. Are you sure you’ll be safe?

E: Harvey, I’ll be fine. It’s just a week and a half long trip. I’ll be with my family and nothing’s been attacking me with them around.

Dr Hare: *to himself* Yeah, probably because I can’t keep you safe.

E: Harvey! No no no, you keep me perfectly safe!

Dr Hare: I… yeah, I guess, but-

E: No “I guess,” you do an excellent job! Harvey, bun, listen. *Takes his hand in both of hers* You… You’re the first person I want watching my back. Always. You’re the nicest person I’ve ever met. Don’t beat yourself about what happened with A, no one could have stopped that.

Dr Hare: … Yeah… You’re right.

E: Sometimes. *winks* Anyways… *drops his hands and swings her arms awkwardly* I gotta go, we’ve got to head out soon. I’ll call you. Heck, I’ll text ya, I’ll have my phone during the drive.

Dr Hare: … I… that’d be nice. I’d like that.

E: *smiles* Yeah, me too. We’ll do the video call thing for the next AtV again, it’ll be simple. I’ll be back soon anyways.

Dr Hare: Yeah…

E: Anyways, I’m off! *Smiles* I’ll text when we’re on the road, it’ll be fine.

Dr Hare: Thanks. I… I just… please, be safe.

E: I’ll be fine. Worst comes to worst… well, let’s not go there. I’ll be fine.

Dr Hare: I… yeah, I know… I just… worry.

E: Hey, I understand ya. I’m a professional worrier. Look, I’ll be back soon. You won’t even know I was gone.

Dr Hare: … Yeah, I guess. I… yeah.

E: *smiles* Hey, don’t worry about me. Again, I’ll be fine. *hugs him* It’ll all be fine! *Pulls away* You going to be Ok?

Dr Hare: Me?

E: Yeah.

Dr Hare: I’ll be fine.

E: Ok… if you’re sure.

*Awkward pause*

E: Well, see you?

Dr Hare: I… yeah.

E: … Yeah. See ya! *starts walking off*

Dr Hare: How long did you say?

E: *turns* A week and half?

Dr Hare: Right. I… I just… *walks over to her* Good luck, I’ll miss you. *kisses her on the forehead and walks off*

E:  *turns bright pink* … Ok, what the heck?!



Yes, I’m actually going out of town. By the time you’re reading this, chances are, I’ve already left. It’s like a 12 hour drive with no WiFi. I’ve left or am leaving this split second, I’ve left. At any rate, I’ll be in Washington for a week, but I’ll also still have WiFi for a good deal of the trip. Basically, what I’m saying if, I might not be on that much, but I’ll still give y’all an AtV. Anyways, I guess go, so yeah! See y’all soon!


You can send Qs, dares, inquiries to E(Elyana), Black Widow, Binary Bard, Dr Hare, Director D, (Captain Crawfish is still missing), Pop, Heather, Lucky Wing, Nice Coyote and Neat Berry. Hope you enjoy!

A Conclusion of Sorts

Update because someone was sick and sleep deprived! YOU CAN SEND Qs HERE! Thank you for your time. 

Yes, that was a pun based around A’s name.

Welcome to chaos boys and girls.


Earth 442, 1658 hours, 31 May 2018, Villains' apartment, Apartment 606

Dr Hare: Do you have it?

Binary Bard: No, we’re about to head out to grab it, but… are you sure you want to do this? She won’t talk to most of us, we won’t be able to help you.

Dr Hare: I’m thinking about calling some people. They should be interesting enough that she’ll let them stay.

Binary Bard: Yeah, but…

Dr Hare: I’ll be fine.

Binary Bard: … You really do love her, don’t you?

Dr Hare: Who?

Binary Bard: E. You’re putting up with so much of this, all for her.

Dr Hare: *flushes* Yeah, I… She’d do the same for me, heck, she even has, to some degree.

Binary Bard: *smiles* Yeah, I guess. You need to tell her how you feel, you know.

Dr Hare: Well, now’s not really the otime…

Binary Bard: I know, but… soon. Just for your sake.

Dr Hare: … I’ll try.

Binary Bard: Good. Sometimes, I swear I’m only in AtV to give romantic advice…

Dr Hare: No, don’t worry. You’re a lot of people’s favorites.

Binary Bard: I know, I’m kidding. Probably. *Pauses* Are you sure you don’t want our help?

Dr Hare: … No. But honestly… I don’t think we can do this any other way.

Binary Bard: Alright. We’ll be back with it in a few hours. Good luck. *Walks off*

Dr Hare: Thanks.

I went into the living room and sat on the couch. It wouldn’t take long before they would get back. A skipped into the room, humming Disturbia.

A: Oh, hello Harvey darling!

Dr Hare: Please stop calling me that…

A: But it’s such a cute name! *Pinches his cheek* You’re too cute. *Snaps fingers* That reminds me! So… You and your little robot friend were talking very privately just now! So… *leans forward* What were you talking about.

Dr Hare: What… Nothing.

A: Don’t you lie to me Hare. *Leans closer* You are planning something, aren’t you.

Dr Hare: *leans back* Um… I’m not…

A: … Sure. Good luck. Just remember honey. *Eyes flash warningly* Don’t try anything. You’ll regret it. Moreover, Elyana here will regret it. A lot.

Dr Hare: …

A: … *Giggles* Honestly, you worry too much! *Slaps his cheek playfully* It’s all going to be fine! I’m staying here, you’ll make do. Maybe you’ll even get over E!

Dr Hare: I’m not-

A: I really don’t know why you care. If you really liked her, if you were even good enough, you’d say something!

Dr Hare: *winces visibly* I…

A: *notices and smirks* Mmm hmm. *Ruffles his hair patronizingly* Don’t you forget who’s in charge, Harvey darling! *Skips off, humming again*

I needed to do something. I honestly did. She was pushing so much… But… Was she right? Was even I in control? And… Was I really good enough for El? I wasn’t. I couldn’t even keep her safe. I really was a failure. But… I had to do something. I had to save her, good enough or no. I had to ask for the backup, as much as I hated bringing more people into it. E had given me a list of numbers from allies and friends. I sent a simple text to someone I had only recently met, but knew well enough.

​​"I'm pretty sure you read about A, right? Can you send over some help maybe? I could honestly use it."

I got a response almost immediately.

"I did. We'll be there shortly"

I sent a quick reply.


I sat on my little bed. I was so worried I couldn’t even think straight. I hoped they hurried.

*A portal opens up in front of Dr Hare, and Fizzson, Arleen, and Despair all come out*

Dr Hare: *waves gently*

Fizzson: You okay? You look beat.

Dr Hare: I’m fine. How are you guys?

Arleen: Worried for E. A hasn’t done anything to her yet, right?

Dr Hare: I… I don’t think so. She ripped one of her favorite shirts, broke an heirloom, the like, but… She’s doesn’t seem that worried about physical harm to anyone yet.

Arleen: Okay, good.

Fizzson: So… What’s the plan for this?

Dr Hare: Well… Mordred and Charlotte should be back with the Soul Stone any minute. I just… I needed to get away for a minute, otherwise I’d be in there.

Fizzson: Makes sense. Must be hard keeping an eye on A like this.

Dr Hare: I… Y-yeah… I’m… I’m struggling…

Arleen: I know how ya feel. A seems a lot like Smiley, only less sarcastic and more up-front.

Dr Hare: Y-yeah… *His hands are shaking* Anyways, I’m sorry I dragged you guys here, we just might need… Need backup.

Arleen: It’s fine. We all want E back, so we’re happy to be here if you need us. Right you guys?

Fizzson: Yup.

Despair: We’re here for you, don’t worry.

Dr Hare: *smiles weakly* Thanks guys. I appreciate it.

Arleen, Despair & Fizzson: No problem.

Dr Hare: Ok… So… Here’s the plan…


Dr Hare: *walks into the living room* A?

A: *playing with a knife, looks up* Oh! Hi Harvey darling! *Sees the others* Who are they?

Arleen: Friends of Harvey. We’re… Visiting.

A: Friends, huh? Why are you visiting now of all times? *Puts on an overly dramatic pouty expression* Isn’t everyone too scared? That’s why everyone’s been avoiding me.

Arleen: Well, you are kinda scary… But we thought about it a bit, and we decided to give you a chance.

A: Oh did you know? See Harvey, I’m trustworthy.

Dr Hare: *winces* Please don’t… *Sighs* Never mind. We got you this. *Holds up a perfectly round stone*

A: Ooh! What is it?

Dr Hare: It’s a Soul Stone. It’s from a different universe, but we think it’ll work. Basically, if a spirit touches it, it becomes whole.

A: *eyes widen* No way… You’re kidding.

Dr Hare: *shakes his head* Can we make a new deal? You leave E alone, you get a new body.

A: No… Seriously?! *Looks at the others* Is he for real?!

Arleen: Yup! This way, E can have her own body back, and you can have any sort of body you could ever want. Everybody wins!

A: Hmm… It’s tempting… But how do I know you’re not all bluffing? What about you small cat girl? *Points at Despair* Can you confirm?

Despair: Well… I think I speak for everyone when I say we want our friend back… But not if it means being unfair to you, A. You deserve to be happy just as much as any of us.

A: … You’re right, I do. I do deserve that.

Dr Hare: *winces* Anyways… So are you in?

A: I don’t know… Hmm… Here, catch. *Carelessly throws the knife to Fizz*

Fizzson: *Catches the knife by the hilt* What should I do with this?

A: *waves carelessly* Not break it, I’m gonna need it. So, Harvey darling, you’re telling me the truth and nothing but the truth?

Dr Hare: Yes.

A: Hmm… *Puts her thumb on his forehead, Dr Hare’s eyes glow gold for a split second, then she pulls back, thinking* Interesting…

Arleen: What? What did ya see?

A: *smirks* Quite a few things. You really do want E back then, Harvey darling?

Dr Hare: *blushes and looks away* Please stop calling me that…

A: Very well, I accept!

She spread her arms theatrically and a dark whisp, A, floated out of E. E collapsed onto the coffee table, which shattered. A floated the stone and it opened, sucking her in with a howl. The stone landed on the ground, vibrating angerly. It was a fake, a simple vacuum. A was trapped. But I had other concerns.

Dr Hare: Oh my gosh, El! *Runs over and lifts her up* Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh…

Arleen: Oof… That looked painful.

Despair: Oh dear, is she alright?

Dr Hare: She’s breathing… Just really scraped up… Oh gosh… *Hugs her close* She’s alright… She’s alive…

Arleen and Despair: Thank goodness.

Fizzson: *Picks up stone* This is going in a safe in a facility in a universe far far away.

Dr Hare: *still hugging E close* We’ve… We’ve got someone who can take care of it… There’s only so much you can do with an Eidolon… Especially one’s that’s gone rogue like that…

Fizzson: So long as this doesn’t happen again, that’s fine with me.

Dr Hare: No… Never again… Despair, can you do me a quick favor?

Despair: O-oh, yes. What is it?

Dr Hare: Down the hall, last door on the left, that’s sort of E’s room. There’s a jewelry box on the dresser, in the bottom drawer there’s a necklace in a dark red box. Can you grab it?

Despair: Okay… *Floats off, then quickly comes back with the box, then hands it to Hare*

Dr Hare: Thank you…

E: *blinks awake* What… What just…

Arleen: We all worked together to seal A away for good. You can control yourself again, now!

E: … Oh my gosh… A… Oh gosh… *Eyes well up with tears*

Dr Hare: Hey, it’s Ok now.

E: I… *Starts crying* Oh gosh… I… What have I done?

Fizzson: What do you mean? You didn’t do anything too serious while A was controlling you.

E: You… She was terrible! Terrible to everyone! Oh… Everyone’s going to hate me now, I just…

Dr Hare: *hugs her* Hey, hey, shh, it’s Ok, it’s not your fault.

E: I just… I should have been stronger! Now everything a mess and I just…

Despair: E, no one blames you for what you did. We all know that was A making you do those things, so please don’t beat yourself up about it.

E: *shaking* Oh gosh… I’m… Oh gosh, oh gosh…

Dr Hare: El, I think you need some rest.

E: Harvey… She was so horrible to you… I’m so sorry, I just… Oh Harvey… *Cries harder*

Dr Hare: El, that wasn’t you, please don’t beat yourself up.

E: *hugs him tightly* I know, I just… *Breaks down into illegible sobs*

Despair: *Floats over and hugs E, patting her lightly on the back* Shhh, it’s okay… This is all over now… You’re safe, and no one’s hurt… That’s all that matters… Everything’s going to be okay…

E: *nods, crying quietly*

Dr Hare: It’s Ok… You need some rest. Do you want me to take you to your room?

E: *nods again*

Dr Hare: Ok… I’ll be right back guys. *Picks up E, bridal style, and walks off*

Arleen: Y’know, Despair. You’ve really changed for the better since we started AAaF.

Despair: What do you mean…?

Arleen: Well, I think the Despair from back then would rather keep quiet and hide from A instead of taking a stand to help vanquish her.

Despair: O-oh… I didn’t even think about it, really. I just… Did it.

Fizzson: Well, it was very impressive, Despair. Great job.

Despair: *Blushes* Thanks…

Dr Hare: *walks back in and sits on the couch again* Back.

Fizzson: Hi.

Arleen: So… That’s it, then? This is actually over?

Dr Hare: I… I guess… It looks like that’s over, at least…

Arleen: Yeah. I’m sure there are some other things you’d want to get over with… But this was the important thing.

Dr Hare: I just… Oh gosh… *Puts his head in his hands* I just…

Despair: Hey, it’s okay… The rough stuff is over for now. Even if something else does happen, we’ll be right there to help you through… No matter what.

Fizzson: Right.

Arleen: Totally!

Dr Hare: Yeah, I know, it’s just… Oh, this is all my fault… I should have been more careful…

Fizzson: I know how you feel… Honestly, I feel like I could’ve stopped this… If I had just been more vigilant… If I sent more people to actively protect E… But a friend helped me realize something…

Dr Hare: But…  I was here the whole time and… I failed. I just… I’m a total failure.

Despair: Hare, listen to me. You can’t change what you did, but you can change how you let it affect you. After all, do you honestly think E would want you beating yourself up like this?

Dr Hare: Not really, no…

Fizzson & Despair: Exactly.

Dr Hare: I just… I want to be there for her, I want to help, but I just… Fail. I can’t even keep her safe.

Despair: It’s not your fault, Harvey! No one could’ve seen A coming, especially just because of that dart. You’ve invented tons of neat things, been there whenever E needed comfort, and worked hard to figure out these dimensional problems. You CAN’T call yourself a failure after messing up this ONE time! *Eyes flash from black with white pupils to white with black pupils and back.*

Dr Hare: … I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… *Sighs* I…

Despair: It’s fine. Just don’t act like you’re a total failure because of this one mistake. Not only would E not want you to beat yourself up like that… It’s just not true.

Arleen: … Dang. Despair telling it like it is.

Fizzson: Yeah… It’s pretty admirable. Especially knowing how shy and nervous she normally is….

Dr Hare: It’s not just one time, that’s the problem… So many times I’ve… *Sighs* I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make a big deal out of this. Sorry.

Despair: Hey, it’s okay… I care about you just as much as I care about E, so if you ever need to talk about your problems… I’ll be there. Promise.

Dr Hare: Yeah… Thank you Despair, I do appreciate it. I just… Never mind.

Despair: Don’t worry about it… (Smiles, bigger then usual.)

Arleen: Well, now that A’s dealt with, I guess we should get going.

Dr Hare: Yeah… Sorry to leave you guys off on a sour note.

Despair: Not at all… E’s safe, and that’s what’s important… If you want, I could give you my Earth number to reach me easier.

Arleen: Same… If ya need it.

Dr Hare: … *Half smiles* Yeah, I’d like that, actually.

(Arleen gets out a piece of paper. She and Despair jot something down and hand the paper to Hare. The paper reads: “Despair’s Earth: 245, Arleen’s Earth: 667”)

Dr Hare: *takes it back and nods* Alright. Thanks you guys.

Arleen: No problem. If you ever need me, just call. If I’m not answering from my Earth, I’m probably at AAaF.

Despair: Same… We’re here for you.

Dr Hare: *nods* Ok. I’ll do that if I need you. Thank you guys so much.

Arleen & Despair: No problem.

Fizzson: *opens portal back to AAaF* Come on, guys. Let’s head back.

Arleen: Okie dokie! See ya around, Harvey!

Despair: Yes… See you later….

Fizzson: Bye Hare. Here’s hoping nothing else crazy happens.

Dr Hare: Bye guys.

They stepped through the portal and I was alone.


Earth 442, 1958 hours, 31 May 2018, Villains' apartment, Apartment 606

It was a few hours before I was able to breathe normally. Mordred had put the stone in the back room and Charlotte had made sure everything in the house was secure. E hadn’t woken up yet. I needed to check on her, I was worried sick. But… Would she even want to see me? I hadn’t exactly done her many favors. I’d failed to keep her safe from A, from the dart… I loved her, I really did, but… Was I even good enough for her? Was A right? Just then, there was a crash from the bathroom and a muffled near-swear word. I walked over, my curiosity piqued. E apparently was awake. She was trying to wrap her forearms with bandages, but was struggling to do it one handed. She dropped it again and cursed.

Dr Hare: You Ok?

E: *jumps* Eep!

Dr Hare: Sorry, sorry!

E: No, no, you’re fine… Just… Didn’t expect that…

Dr Hare: Sorry. Are… Are you Ok?

E: F-fine… I… I didn’t want to bug you, you’ve dealt with enough.

Dr Hare: You… E, don’t be silly. Do you need help?

E: … *Looks down* Yeah, I do.

Dr Hare: Here…

I picked up the bandage and started wrapping up her arms. Her pulse was raised, I could tell that much easily. Her arms were cut pretty bad, but the bleeding had stopped and there was no glass in her arms. She wouldn’t be able to put any real pressure on them, that was for sure.

E: … Thank you.

Dr Hare: No problem.

E: … Harvey, are you Ok?

Dr Hare: Me?

E: Yeah, you. You look beat.

Dr Hare: I’m fine.

E: *raises an eyebrow* Harvey, after you’ve put up with me and my “I’m fine”s for 2 years, I’m surprised you’d think I’d be fooled. Sit down.

Dr Hare: I… alright… *sits down dejectedly*

E: … Can… can you talk about it?

Dr Hare: About A?

E: About how you feel right now.

Dr Hare: … I feel… tired, I guess.

E: *waves for him to keep going*

Dr Hare: Well… I guess I’m feeling kind of… kind of beaten, but…

E: Harvey… she was terrible to you.

Dr Hare: You shouldn’t-

E: I know, I shouldn’t dwell on what happened, it’ll just make things worse, but… it was awful. Harvey, you’re a great person, you don’t deserve to be treated like that, to have your self esteem chipped away like that.

Dr Hare: Deserve isn’t a thing…

E: Right now it is. Listen, I’ve been there, Ok? Maybe not this bad, but it’s terrible. You don’t deserve that.

Dr Hare: *looks away* Yeah, I guess…

E: … I just… Don’t beat yourself up over this, Ok?

Dr Hare: It’s…  It’s kind of my fault though.

E: Harvey, no… how would it possibly be your fault?

Dr Hare: I… you don’t want to hear this…

E: No, I do.

Dr Hare: I… well… *sighs* Just… the whole thing. I should have been more careful, watched your back more. The dart, the tree, the laptop, A… you don’t need that in your life. I wanted to watch out for you, but… I failed. I failed so much, so many times… I just… *Chokes* I didn’t mean to… 

E: Oh Harvey… *Takes his hand in both of hers* I… Harvey… You didn’t fail me.

Dr Hare: I… I really did. I’m a failure.

E: No. No, you’re not.

Dr Hare: But I-

E: But nothing! *Puts her hands on his shoulders* Harvey, that’s how she wants you to think! She wants you to hurt, to blame yourself, don’t let her succeed! She’s an arrogant little demon who was trying to hurt us, trying to hurt you! And she said the most horrible things… You’re a wonderful person Harvey, you’re the sweetest guy I’ve ever met! You’ve done so much and… *starts crying* I don’t want you to feel like you’re bad! You’re not! You’re amazing, I love you, and I don’t want you to… to… *sobs* Oh gosh…

Dr Hare: El… *hugs her tight*

E: I’m fine…

Dr Hare: No, you’re really not.

E: … I… I guess…

Dr Hare: … Thank you. I.. I really appreciate it.

E: D-do you believe me then?

Dr Hare: … yeah… I do…

E: *sniffs* G-good. Good. S-sorry, I d-didn’t mean to fall apart… 

Dr Hare: It’s Ok. I… I understand.

E: … Thank goodness that’s over…

Dr Hare: Yeah…

E: *pulls away, embarrassed* I… Yeah . Sorry, sorry.

Dr Hare: It’s Ok…

*Awkward pause*

E: I… I just…

Dr Hare: Yeah…

E: *bites her lip* I need… To… I need to tell you something.

Dr Hare: What?

E: … I’ll tell you later. Now’s not the time, but… I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry this happened.

Dr Hare: It’s not your fault.

E: I don’t care. *Hugs him quickly and goes back to her room*

Dr Hare: … Oh.



… The end! I’m sorry this was posted so late, but, well… *Inhales* So after being sick, having 12 tornado warnings, and several anxiety attacks all today… Yeah. Fun. Anyways, I need to go, my phone is shutting off like now. So… G’night all!


Special thanks to Fizzson!


Summer and a tired human

Time for an apology.

*Inhale* Hey guys. So… Some of you may have noticed I haven’t been on a ton. Others may have noticed I haven’t been sending out Qs that much either. The Q thing has been happening since SaS TBH, but I was doing better a while. Then… Well… *Sighs* If you were in contact with me the last few weeks of school, one thing I said a lot was “Man, once school is done, I’ll be on way more!” due to a tremendous workload of homework. (Quick note, NEVER AGAIN.) But, well…

I’ve been out of school for a week.

I haven’t posted since last Thursday, my last day of school.

Yeah. Problem.

So what have I been doing? A lot of things, honestly. For starters, I worked for 3 hours in a leaf-smoke backyard on Saturday. Yesterday I helped rake the back garden for the pool we’re gonna set up. But that’s not a lot of the day, even including the little chores I’m doing around the house. A majority of it is going into… Well, remember that post from way back when? The one about Perler Bead Poptropicans? I hope not, I hate my old posts sometimes… Anyways, a little title I have given myself, mentioned in the post, is Perler Bead Princess. Well… Got back onto that a few days ago and it’s magnificent. I’m way more relaxed, it’s amazing. I’m also spending time with my family. It’s awesome! Anyways, all I’m saying is…. I’m sorry for the partial hiatus. And no, it’s not going to get better, sadly. Here’s the gist. 17 year old pixie is going off to visit fam in Washington soon. Will return in about a week and a half from then. I’ll have WiFi, but I’ll be very busy. The week after, youth group camp. Then I’m getting a job and well, we’ll see how that turns out. Plus, my phone locks up every night at 10:30, because El is a child who do not sleep and so this. *Frustrated sounds* Anyways, a lot is happening, I’m excited, but concerned a bit about how much I’m gonna be on.

Basically, I’m sorry. The mini-hiatus continues. I’ll do what I can, but… The last post for A should come out Thursday, I think. The AtV? I want it to come out Monday. I want to revert back to my normal schedule. But I don’t want to guys to worry about me. I’ll be fine guys, I’m trying not to strain myself too much. I’m also staying up late working on my stories via paper, but I’ll be fine. I don’t need sleep that much, right? Anyways, that’s it for me. Heck, I had to resort to stealing a tablet to post this, but it needed to be said. I’m sorry to do this to you guys, but it happens. Life happens. It sucks. Sadness. If you run a Q&A, I’m sorry, I’m trying to send in Qs, but it’s tough to find time sometimes. I’ll work on it as soon as I can. And… Now I crash! G’night guys!

Ask the Villains #54, Caution: Eidolon at work

In advance, I’m really, really sorry. A is an emotionally manipulative witch who doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings. So she might not be the nicest. She kind of ends up insulting everyone ever. She also ends up swearing once or twice, but I bleeped it out. So I’m sorry! She is trying to make you mad, so if you’re mad by the end of this… that’s pretty normal? And again, I’m so sorry! I hope you enjoy?


Dr Hare: Hey, um, guys?

Binary Bard: What?

Black Widow: *puts phone down* What’s wrong?

Dr Hare: Well… I’ve got bad news and… more bad news.

A: Hello everyone!

Binary Bard: ._. Um…

Black Widow: Who is this and why is she inside E?

A: Quick on the uptake there peacock!

Black Widow: *raises eyebrow* Excuse me?

A: I’m A, I’m an eidolon, I’ve taken over E, and I’m going to stay here a while!

Binary Bard: Hang on, what? That’s not Ok!

A: Oh, but it had better be! You don’t get a choice anymore! Let’s do the AtV now!

Binary Bard: But-

A: Nope! AtV! Let’s go!


(Also, a couple things I need to cover. Heather is on a trip out and about, since she’s going back to college. Pop is at Kat’s, here’s a link to her blog too! I was going to cover these in storyline, but… ran out of time. I’m really sorry! I’ll write up a little something about that soon tho!)


The Dolphin Violinist to A: 😤 are you the demon that’s been living inside the Tails Doll in the Sonic fandom?

A: Am I the what now? I’m not part of the Sonic universe, I’d like to think I’m above such silly things as fandoms.



Another: so..are you like…a demon, ghost, alien, germ?

A: I’m an eidolon, as I said before. Why would I be a germ, wouldn’t that be a parasite?


Fizzson, Arleen, and Mimi to E: Are you okay?!

A: If she were able to answer, I’m sure she’d say… no. Actually, she could answer, I’m just not letting her! *Smiles* Aren’t I a tease?


Arleen to A: Alright, explain. Who are you, why are you here, how did you get here, why are you in E’s body, and do I need to come beat you out of her?

A: Well, clearly I explained a good deal of that before. I’ll cut you a little slack, I suppose. *Clears throat* I’m an eidolon, I’m here because I need a body, I got here through a dimensional rift and then entered E’s body a little later, I’m in here because it just so happens her body is perfect for me, and… well… *laughs derisively* You can try! I don’t care. It’s not like I feel the pain anyways, you’d just be hurting E! *Giggles* And good luck with that.


Fizzson to DH: You don’t think A has anything to do with the dart, do you?

Dr Hare: Well, she said she does, so I think so. Honestly, for all I know, she could be lying through her teeth, but I don’t think she is… It makes sense, especially with the dimension irregularities around the area… I really need to find the source of those, but… clearly I’m busy right now…


Ultia to DH: Would you like me to intervene, or can you handle this “A” by yourself?

Dr Hare: Well…

A: *cheerfully* Nope! No interference or people get hurt! *Pinches his cheek* So cute if you to try tho! *Skips off*

Dr Hare: … I don’t know. I just don’t know.


Smiley to A: Well now. Regardless of your intentions, I must say you are an interesting turn of events. =)

A: I know, right? *Giggles* I admire your work by the way! If all goes well, maybe we can work together sometime!


Fizzson to A: I swear, if you try to pull anything, I will not hesitate to sick Ultia, Smiley, and several other dangerous people on you.

A: For shame! You should never threaten a lady! Besides, let them try! What would happen to E, hmm? You can’t get rid of me without getting rid of her! And that should break poor Harvey’s heart. Better leave me be, hmm?


Despair to A: You’re not going to hurt E… Are you?

A: Well… I guess that depends, doesn’t it? I don’t want a mangled body. But I don’t feel her pain, like I said. *Inspects her fingernails* These are nice… she keeps her fingernails long. At any rate, I’m not planning on hurting her, unless, well, *giggles* unless someone doesn’t keep their part of the bargain? But I doubt that’ll happen. I could hurt her though. I could hurt her, a lot. But not yet, not yet.


estherli521 AKA ZIppy Sky to heather: heroes of olympus? I love that series!
Heather: I’m very fond of it. *Pauses* You know, E texted me something about that earlier, something about an eidolon… it was really weird… I don’t know how to describe it. Then a good 24 hours later, my brother texts me asking what I knew about them. I told him everything I could, but… I’m kinda worried to be honest… I’ll figure it out when I get back.


To heather and binary: Hey, ima Ravenclaw too! Yay!

(Since they’re in different places… you know what time it is!)

Heather: Awesome! Ravenclaws are the best!


Binary Bard: *thumbs up* Nice.



A: *giggles* You all are too cute! I’ve gotten many a variation on this Q. I shall said above, so you may go read that if you want answers. Although… you say you’ll find a way to make me non-existent? Good luck. You think people haven’t tried? People fear eidolons, you want to know why? Well… spoiler alert, it ain’t pretty sunshine. You aren’t getting rid of me.


Sporty Boa to everyone: 1. If you could hangout with one of the Mighty Action Force members (World Guy, Elf Archer, Iron Face) who would it be?

A: … who are these people?

Dr Hare: Don’t worry about it A.

A: Ok, whatever. *Walks off*

Dr Hare: Anyways… let’s try and answer the question like normal people.

Binary Bard: I’m thinking Iron Face, I used to love reading him as a kid.

Black Widow: They didn’t have comic books where you were from, you nerd.

Binary Bard: Hey!

Dr Hare: I still read them too Mordred, it’s Ok. I’d love to meet any of them.

Black Widow: Elf Archer.


Black Widow: Where is everyone?! We’re missing like, half the cast!

Binary Bard: I think they’re hiding.

2 Do you guys look up to anyone? if so, who?

Black Widow: D B Cooper.

Binary Bard: Who?

Black Widow: Never mind.

Dr Hare: I’ve always liked Dr Dan, from Monster Carnival, he’s pretty cool.

A: … Wait, aren’t his grandkids… never mind, I’ll make E tell you later.

Dr Hare: … what?

Binary Bard: I look up to Archimedes, I guess.

A: I look up to Pennywise.

Black Widow: Of course you do, that’s cause you’re a total creep.

A: *mildly shocked* Rude! You’re usually not this mean.

Black Widow: Usually my friend isn’t being possessed, so I guess anything can happen!

A: … I… Ooh! You’re the worst! *Stomps off*

Binary Bard: That… was kind of impressive.

Black Widow: Mmm.

3 Has anyone seen Captain Crawfish??

A: No, he’s probably dead.

Dr Hare: Um… yes, we may have found him, but we’re not sure, we don’t know how to get him back and… yeah, there you go.

A: Bor-ring! Can we move on please?! This is my AtV session, let’s get to the good stuff!

Dr Hare: … um…

A: Whatever, why am I asking you? *Stomps off*

Dr Hare: … I..  guess that worked.


To Pop: 1. Your favorite kids show? 2. What do you want to be when you grow up? 3. What are your interests?

Dr Hare: Pop is at Kat’s right now, E… she wanted him to get out of the house more. Ironic, isn’t it? I’m just glad he’s not here to suffer through all this, he doesn’t deserve that. I’m… I’m keeping him there until A is gone. If that ever happens at least. I just… I don’t know.

(I’ll add them in next week’s, I guess.)


Purple Claw to zeus: what do you think of people better than you

A: *pouts* No Qs for me then? I’m not calling the Rulers, they’ll try and expel me. That brunette-dark-chick, Robin? She might actually succeed, but not until several people got… hurt. I don’t want that. You don’t want that. We don’t want that. Maybe this Q will wait a little, hmm?

(I’ll throw it in next week’s too. This is getting to be a pain, I’m sorry.) 


Sakura to BB: How is love not logical?

Binary Bard: It’s not that it’s never logical, it’s that it’s not always logical. Case in point. Also, find the logic of a teenaged human and a rabbit-person falling in love. But just because it’s not always logical, doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense. *Shrugs* Take it how you want.


TAS to everyone: Me hoy minoy?

Dr Hare: … is this a meme?

Binary Bard: Probably.


Vampi to E(3… get it?): Don’t be sorry. I legitimately saw that New Character Q coming. Fizz had spoiled it for me during our crossover ^_^

A: She knew as well, she’s just too nice for spoilers. *pauses* I don’t get it. 3? What’s that mean?


Elyssa to E: I’m not going to spoil anything for you, but there are two MLP episodes in Season 5 that are super important to the fandom: S5E9 and S5E18. Even if you aren’t caught up (like me and Vampi are), WATCH THEM.

A: … What? Stop peppering me with Qs I don’t understand!

Dr Hare: They’re for E…

A: I don’t care!


TAS to A: during your part of the outro why did you speak in mocking spongebob?

A: Mocking SpongeBob? No, don’t be ridiculous. You try using a phone keyboard for the first time ever. I know how to work it now, but it was also supposed to be scary! *Huffs* I don’t think I like you TAS.


Alexa, Arisu, and Annabeth to A: Welcome to the A team. A demon like you could help us out.

A: Ha! I get it! A demon like you, well done. You probably didn’t even mean to do it. Oh well. As for the team? I don’t team. That’s how you get banned from Minecraft servers.


(These are from the A story)


Smiley to A: Well, well! I must say, your style is quite admirable. =)

A: Why thank you! I try. *sing-songs* Everybody fears me, nobody likes me… well, too bad, so sad! Y’all have to deal with me!


Arleen to A: I… But… Well… Ugh, fine. You can stay until we figure this all out. (As much as I hate to say it.)

A: *giggles* Oh, I’m sure you’re totally not planning something behind my back. Definitely not… *giggles again* Just keep in mind I’ve still got E at my… Disposal. *winks* You’d be careful there chickadee!


Despair to A: Oh gosh… You’re scary….

A: Aw, thank you! *Smiles in her not-so-sane-way* Just what I want to hear! Scared people let well alone after all! Anyways, you all should be scared. Fear inspires… respect.


Fizzson to DH: . . . Darnit. I… I want so badly to fix this, but I don’t know how….

Dr Hare: I… I know… I… This is all my fault… I… I should have been more careful… I should have watched out for Elyana, but… and now… she’s gone. And it’s all my fault. I don’t… I can’t… I can’t… I’m sorry. I’ve..  I’ve failed.


The Dolphin Violinist to all (I guess) Dr Strange stays for the atv to “observe” A.

A: Who is this weirdo?

Dr Hare: He’s from the MCU, he’s a sorcerer.

A: Ah nah, I ain’t letting this slide. Ain’t nobody gonna be watching me.

(He never showed up so… I dunno what he’s doing. He’s probably dealing with whatever happened in Infinity War. NO SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS PLS kthx.)


Join the 1D fandom (the dark side) we have carrots, cookies, chicken and chocolate.
A: You mean Director D? I haven’t seen him to be honest. Shouldn’t he be here?


*calls Loki back to atv to “observe” A as well.*
A: Ain’t nobody observing me! I bet I could beat him.

(He also never showed, sadly. I dunno where the Avengers hang on their down time, but no one’s here, so… we make do?)


Ok but like..have you seen the 5th season of Ninjago yet, this is right out of their playbook 😂

A: Ninjago? So childish. Which is probably why E watches it.

(A, you suck.)


A..I’ve come to bargain…I have a heafty bounty of stuffed animals in exchange for El.

A: Hmm… tempting… I can’t possess dolls tho… maybe you should just give the dolls?


*if all else fails, throw water at her, works on ghosts* 😆

A: … now I’m wet. Congratulations. I’m still here, you’re not getting rid of me. Not for a long, long, loooooong time… *grins* And I’m not one of your hosts ghosts… I’m an eidoooooooloooon…


estherli521 AKA ZIppy Sky to A: an Eidolon, you say? According to Greek mythology the only weakness you have is charmspeak,which I do NOT have. Well, here’s a deal, take it or leave it. If you successfully make Harvelyana cannon, the leaving her body without harming her in any way, I’ll call up a few friends and make a robot body similar to E’s and let you stay there.

A: You aren’t the only one who’s said that, you know. At least 3 people have told me that if I make Harveyana a thing, they’ll like me and I’ll go from most hated to most liked. And… can I be serious a minute? I don’t give a d**m. Harvey is cute, but I personally have no interest in him, minus manipulating him into getting me what I want. And blackmail power, that’s nice too. As much as E wants to kiss him, I don’t care. She doesn’t matter anymore. But! *Claps her hands together* Charmspeak? I’d like to see you try. It’s not our weakness, just a way some of those other eidolins have been defeated. Serves them right for not thinking about that, idiots. I’ve been checking, and the only person with anything like Charmspeak with Cyree from the AtG. And let her try! I don’t care, it’s E’s funeral. As for your deal? I’m quite comfortable with this body. I don’t know why you’re all obsessing with E’s fate, she’s not all that interesting. I don’t want a robot body, I like humans, they’re much cozier. And so much more alive! *Whispers* As annoyingly repetitive as E is… she knows so much interesting stuff! Did you know that almost all zippers are made by the same company? It’s called YKK, it’s Japanese, and if you look, it’s on the pulling bit. Check for yourself, it’s legit. *Smiles smugly* See? Useless facts for days! I’m staying right here!


To Hare: I sure hope everything will be alright. Eidolons are powerful, but here’s a tip: if you do something that brings up a memory that is of strong importance or connection to her, she will temporarily regain control over the eidolon.

Dr Hare: I… I didn’t know that. I’ve been talking to Heather, she’s told me everything she knows, but… I wonder if… *pauses, then calls* A?

A: What is it, Harvey darling?

Dr Hare: Please stop calling me that.

A: *winks* Maybe. What’s up? Did you realize your undying affection for me? *Poses dramatically*

Dr Hare: … no. I just wanted to ask you about this. *Holds up E’s bracelet*

A: It’s a bracelet. Duh.

Dr Hare: *tosses it to her* Take a look.

A: Oh look, an inscription. *Reads* Happy Valentine’s day, your friend Harvey. Sweet.

Dr Hare: Do you remember getting it?

A: I… *frowns* I… I do. You gave it to… to E. To me.

Dr Hare: You remember?

A: Yeah… Crossover. Kat. Awkward. *Eyes flicker between blue and gold* You were so cute when you gave me the bracelet… Gah! *Collapses*

Dr Hare: E! *Runs to her* E, talk to me, please!

E: I… Harvey, I…

Dr Hare: What? What is it?

*E’s eyes snap back to gold and A takes control again*

A: Get you hands off me! *Smacks him*

Dr Hare: A, I thought-

A: *livid* You thought nothing! *Stands up* I bet you think you’re soooo clever getting through for a minute, huh?! Like you’d get her back! You’re not getting her back! Get that through your d**m mind! I’m in control now! You need to leave me the h**l alone! You try and pull something like that again, I will hurt people.

Dr Hare: But-

A: But nothing, you idiot! She’s gone! Maybe if you weren’t such a d**m failure, you’d still have your girlfriend! *Throws the bracelet on the ground and stomps off*

Dr Hare: *stunned silence* Did… um…



Binary Bard: Hare.

Dr Hare: *looks up* What?

Binary Bard: I’ve been watching, doing some research… I think I have an idea.

Dr Hare: Like what? You’ve seen her, her threats, how can you be sure? She’ll hurt E!

Binary Bard: We need to talk.

A: Talking?! *Pokes her head into the living room* What’s going on in here?

Dr Hare: *looks away* Nothing.

A: I’m sure. *Points at Binary Bard* Explain?

Binary Bard: Just an idea about the next crossover.

A: Oh. *Raises an eyebrow* If that’s all…

Dr Hare: … yeah. That’s it.

A: Alright then. *Ships off, humming Hellfire*

(That’s a Disney song by the way. Blame Disney, not me.) 

Binary Bard: … She’s… Um…

Dr Hare: *sighs, then stands* I’m in. We need E back as soon as possible.


Again, I’m sorry.

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