Fan Art and a new Feature! (Hope that’s what it’s called!)

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here, and i’m doing a feature. (My first one! Squee!) Anyways, these are Throwbacks, in which i’ll just post about thing i did back in the day and how far i’ve come, etc. i’ll do this every one in while. Hope you enjoy, this one’s about my Fan Art! Continue reading


What else do you play?

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here, and i’m going a bit off-topic. I know, shocker. At any rate, so everyone i meet who games usually plays lots of games. The top 3 are Undertale, Minecraft, and FNAF. I know, you already knew this, but what do i play besides Poptropica?


Minecraft, Moshi Monsters, Webkinz, Papa Louie’s 2 (or 3), Frizzle Fraz, Meteoroid, (i mean the original) Dig Dug, (Atari version) Lego Harry Potter, and Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise. OK, fine, i haven’t been on these in a while. Any of them, really.

This is the part who you guys are thinking, “Wait, she hasn’t been on any of these in a while? What have you been doing with yourself?”


Back to the games, you may be wondering why i don’t play Undertale or FNAF. Well, i don’t play Undertale because I don’t actually own the game, which is usually what keeps me back on most games. Am i going to get it? Heck yeah! My friends IRL tell me it’s the best game ever! They also don’t play Poptropica, but i’m willing to give Undertale a shot. Why FNAF? Because it CREEPS ME OUT. I don’t like creepy things and i’ve had some bad experiences. (Pro tip, When the people behind you in the computer who won’t stop screaming yell “It’s golden Freddy!” DO NOT TURN AROUND!)

But honestly I’m more of an 8-bit gamer! I like games that aren’t very realistic. i can’t do first person shooting games, which is odd, because i can shoot a real gun just fine! (If you’re wondering about how i do on Minecraft with a bow, i’m TERRIBLE.)  Oh well. That’s why i like Poptropica! Then i also like things that me smile or laugh!

I know this is already a long post, but i’m curious! What do YOU like to play?

OK, fine. This is also an exuse to try out Poll Daddy. Just lemme know what you think.

So, now i guess you know a little more about me and why i like Poptropica and such games. Really hope i haven’t irritated everyone with this post. Lucky Wing, signing out, bye guys!


Hey guys, Lucky Wing here, to announce that i’ve been accepted into the PBN!!


Ok, I’m just messing with you guys. I’m now part of the PBN! I’m really glad! I should probably explain what the PBN is for those of you don’t know. (Though i’m pretty sure most of us know by now…) So, the PBN, or the Poptropica Blogger’s Network is basically a bunch of blogs run by other Poptropican Bloggers. And now i’m one of them! SQUEE!!!! Sorry, i’m just really glad!

Apologizes for the short post and the lack of posts thereof. Lucky Wing, signing out! Bye guys!

My FanFiction (And lack of interesting titles)

I’m new at this. I’ll get it eventually.

Hey guys Lucky Wing here, I’d to explain what i’m gonna do with my FanFics.

Mostly because i’m not entirly sure what i’ll be doing with them.


Oh well, enough enter keys for me. (Riiiiight…) So, lemme give you a little back up on these stories. I’ve had this account, Lucky Wing, since 2012, possibly later. One day, i got the ebook of the official Astroknights book. I know, ebooks. It was a long car trip, what can i say. At any rate, i was hooked. I started mentally writing the story of Lucky Wing. In the beginning, she found a pair of magic glasses that allowed her to fall long distances and not get hurt. And she could fly! I’ve had the wings for almost as long as i can remember. Which is a long time. But anyways, the story rattled around my head for a while. I didn’t get the actual story on paper until i finally wrote a “After the adventures” story. Which i still haven’t finished. It’s sorta… i dunno… Moving on, i gave it a lot of thought. Things sort of fell together in places. But i haven’t done all the islands. I take a little creative liberty on a few stories. But all in all, Lucky Wing goes through the islands, solving problems and trying to find medallions. Does she adventure with anyone? You’ll see! *Smiles slyly* Uh… I just realized what you guys might read that is. I SAY NOTHING!

Anywhos, i’ll probably post in paragraphs. The problems is i’m still working on it. If something clashes, i’m sorry! Let me know! I might just end up wanted to finish the whole thing and post it then. And by whole story, i mean the first one. There’s quite a few. As in a lot…

Anyways! Expect Monkey Wrench! I don’t know what i’m calling the whole collection, but i’m gonna think of something! OK, Lucky Wing signing out! Bye guys!


Halloween and what it means

Well guys, you might not have noticed, but Halloween has come to Poptropica.

But who would have not noticed? You’d have to be a complete fool not to have dressed up by now!

Heh Heh.

OK, Guilty. i haven’t had a chance. Do you guys remember when i didn’t post a video for a week? Like, 2 weeks ago? Yeah, i had homework. And yes, i have YouTube. i also just posted a video for Red Dragon.

That island is also part of the reason i’m not in costume. I think dressing up as Zane’s alright, right?

Ninjago, not One Direction. Or Apmau. The strange smart one.

Never mind.

At any rate, I’m not planning on dressing the blog up for Halloween, but i personally will dress up. After all, Halloween is an excuse to dress up and beg for candy and not have people look at you strange. It’s the best!

Minus creepy Youtube ads. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!?

Sorry. i’ll stop before i go full blown rant. Because it’s nasty towards creepy things.

Anyways! Also expect my story to come out some time soon! I’ll probably be posting it in paragraphs, and i still haven’t come up with a name for it. I’ll think of something. Probably just “Lucky Wing’s Adventures” or whatever.

So yeah, this post was kind of all over. But it’s over now. Until tomorrow! Lucky Wing signing out, Bye guys!



What is this?!?

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Before i made my blog, i found this post by the creators on their Twitter. I don’t have a twitter so i’m still just a “Stalker.” (JK!) Anyways, i found the post, and if there’s one thing you need to know about me, i HATE creepy. Serously. And creepy puppets are demeaning to my hand puppets. Kermit gets really irritated about them. Anywho, here’s the post:

And any rate, to help with the creepiness of Halloween, you can now, for 400 credits, get the creepyist Poptropican costume known to man!

It’s interesting that the creators are doing this. I know that nowadays most of the Pop community is teens and preteens. But there are kids who play this!  i can’t imagine that they play the creepy islands or buy the creepy costumes, but they still go the store. It’s not that bad honestly, but i probably won’t be buying this. I’m saving my credits for the whatever’s coming that Skinny Moon mentioned!

Plus, you know, those creep me out. I just about yelled “Demons! Get back to the realms of the Neatherworlds where you belong!!” when i saw it.

Then again, pretty much everything creeps me out. Oh well.

Lucky Wing signing out, bye guys!

First blog post

Well, this is it.

I’ve made a blog.

Just like i said i would.

Hey guys! Lucky Wing here, and today is the day it happens!! OMC, i am super happy right now!!

OK, so i’m not sure what i’ll be doing, probably just some random posts for the first while, maybe a sneak peak into the FanFic i’m writing and will post soon as i get the first bit done…

But i’m just super glad to be here! So many people have told me “You should make a blog! You’d be so good at it!” Tall Cactus, Friendly Whale, Purple Claw, probably some other people i can’t think of, but it happens. Thank you guys SO MUCH!! i probably wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you!!

Alright, that’s it for now! Lucky Wing, signing out, Bye guys!