What is this?!?

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Before i made my blog, i found this post by the creators on their Twitter. I don’t have a twitter so i’m still just a “Stalker.” (JK!) Anyways, i found the post, and if there’s one thing you need to know about me, i HATE creepy. Serously. And creepy puppets are demeaning to my hand puppets. Kermit gets really irritated about them. Anywho, here’s the post:

And any rate, to help with the creepiness of Halloween, you can now, for 400 credits, get the creepyist Poptropican costume known to man!

It’s interesting that the creators are doing this. I know that nowadays most of the Pop community is teens and preteens. But there are kids who play this!  i can’t imagine that they play the creepy islands or buy the creepy costumes, but they still go the store. It’s not that bad honestly, but i probably won’t be buying this. I’m saving my credits for the whatever’s coming that Skinny Moon mentioned!

Plus, you know, those creep me out. I just about yelled “Demons! Get back to the realms of the Neatherworlds where you belong!!” when i saw it.

Then again, pretty much everything creeps me out. Oh well.

Lucky Wing signing out, bye guys!


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