My FanFiction (And lack of interesting titles)

I’m new at this. I’ll get it eventually.

Hey guys Lucky Wing here, I’d to explain what i’m gonna do with my FanFics.

Mostly because i’m not entirly sure what i’ll be doing with them.


Oh well, enough enter keys for me. (Riiiiight…) So, lemme give you a little back up on these stories. I’ve had this account, Lucky Wing, since 2012, possibly later. One day, i got the ebook of the official Astroknights book. I know, ebooks. It was a long car trip, what can i say. At any rate, i was hooked. I started mentally writing the story of Lucky Wing. In the beginning, she found a pair of magic glasses that allowed her to fall long distances and not get hurt. And she could fly! I’ve had the wings for almost as long as i can remember. Which is a long time. But anyways, the story rattled around my head for a while. I didn’t get the actual story on paper until i finally wrote a “After the adventures” story. Which i still haven’t finished. It’s sorta… i dunno… Moving on, i gave it a lot of thought. Things sort of fell together in places. But i haven’t done all the islands. I take a little creative liberty on a few stories. But all in all, Lucky Wing goes through the islands, solving problems and trying to find medallions. Does she adventure with anyone? You’ll see! *Smiles slyly* Uh… I just realized what you guys might read that is. I SAY NOTHING!

Anywhos, i’ll probably post in paragraphs. The problems is i’m still working on it. If something clashes, i’m sorry! Let me know! I might just end up wanted to finish the whole thing and post it then. And by whole story, i mean the first one. There’s quite a few. As in a lot…

Anyways! Expect Monkey Wrench! I don’t know what i’m calling the whole collection, but i’m gonna think of something! OK, Lucky Wing signing out! Bye guys!



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