What else do you play?

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here, and i’m going a bit off-topic. I know, shocker. At any rate, so everyone i meet who games usually plays lots of games. The top 3 are Undertale, Minecraft, and FNAF. I know, you already knew this, but what do i play besides Poptropica?


Minecraft, Moshi Monsters, Webkinz, Papa Louie’s 2 (or 3), Frizzle Fraz, Meteoroid, (i mean the original) Dig Dug, (Atari version) Lego Harry Potter, and Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise. OK, fine, i haven’t been on these in a while. Any of them, really.

This is the part who you guys are thinking, “Wait, she hasn’t been on any of these in a while? What have you been doing with yourself?”


Back to the games, you may be wondering why i don’t play Undertale or FNAF. Well, i don’t play Undertale because I don’t actually own the game, which is usually what keeps me back on most games. Am i going to get it? Heck yeah! My friends IRL tell me it’s the best game ever! They also don’t play Poptropica, but i’m willing to give Undertale a shot. Why FNAF? Because it CREEPS ME OUT. I don’t like creepy things and i’ve had some bad experiences. (Pro tip, When the people behind you in the computer who won’t stop screaming yell “It’s golden Freddy!” DO NOT TURN AROUND!)

But honestly I’m more of an 8-bit gamer! I like games that aren’t very realistic. i can’t do first person shooting games, which is odd, because i can shoot a real gun just fine! (If you’re wondering about how i do on Minecraft with a bow, i’m TERRIBLE.)  Oh well. That’s why i like Poptropica! Then i also like things that me smile or laugh!

I know this is already a long post, but i’m curious! What do YOU like to play?

OK, fine. This is also an exuse to try out Poll Daddy. Just lemme know what you think.

So, now i guess you know a little more about me and why i like Poptropica and such games. Really hope i haven’t irritated everyone with this post. Lucky Wing, signing out, bye guys!


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