Fan Art and a new Feature! (Hope that’s what it’s called!)

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here, and i’m doing a feature. (My first one! Squee!) Anyways, these are Throwbacks, in which i’ll just post about thing i did back in the day and how far i’ve come, etc. i’ll do this every one in while. Hope you enjoy, this one’s about my Fan Art!

I’ve been drawing Poptropicans for about a year now, which has resulted in a lot of pictures and a long process to get where i’m at now. It’s not too long, but it’s still fairly long… Long is subjective… OK, if you want to just skip the words and look at the crummy pics, feel free.

I’ve been drawing my whole life. People tell you that if you practice, you get good at things, right? Well, it turns out they’re right, but practicing is still a pain sometimes. Anyways, before i drew particularly for Poptropica, i drew one picture of my Poptropican. This was when i first started thinking about the stories.


Yeah, it’s not very good.

Well, i started really considering drawing my Poptropican for the FanFic i was/am still writing earlier this year, just as i made my YouTube (But not the vids) and joined the Pop community. I drew quite a bit, so i came up with a style for my FanFic, then called Poptropica Adventures.


Yes, the name is smudged out. It was a pen name, i don’t really want you guys to see…

While it looks alright, it took me absolutely forever. See, it was originally going to be a comic book, but also took me forever to do the 6 pages i actually did do. Oh never mind. I still use that style, but not for Poptropica. Now i use it for comics now that i can draw it faster. Anyways, i digress. One day, when writing the stories i was bored waiting for my part in the play i was doing to come up. Well, i had also been invisibly stalking a couple of Poptropican DevenArt.  I’m sort of embarrassed to admit it, since i never had an account and felt like an actual stalker. ^^’ No comment. Anyways, it gave me an idea, which i am DYING to tell you, but it’s actually really important to my FanFic and telling would spoil it. Anyways, I figured i’d create a new style so i go off with a new story with this new character. Well, since i didn’t, here’s an image of a comic i did with this style.


Here’s what’s being said:

Lucky: (thinking) This doesn’t explain it. Where is…

Kat: Lucky!

Lucky: Aah!

Lucky: Kat? How long have you been following me?

Kat: All day!

Kat: (A lot of stuff)

Lucky: Look, i don’t have time for this! I have to find-

Kat: Robin? I know where she is.


Lucky: Spill.

Yeah, that’s how i comic. I remember there was a reason my handwriting was really messy, like i was in a hurry or something, but i don’t remember why exactly. Sorry about that…

At any rate, This comic was the predecessor to this:


Snipbit of a Christmas Comic i made in April

Which is what i’ve been drawing for the last while. But as time went on, it improved. I got better at drawing bodies. The eyes on my Poptropicans expanded. I figured out how to draw wings. (That was big, trust me.) And my drawing style in all improved until we got this:


Princess Elyana

I was actually really pleased with that picture. So, that’s what i draw. I usually draw on my whiteboard because i can erase it easy and it’s simple. It’s great unless you smudge it or drop a blanket on it. (That happened ONCE and it was my best picture ever. I fixed it though, thank goodness.) That’s where my current profile pic came from, plus a coloring app.


At any rate, i think (Hope) this went pretty well! i hope you enjoyed this post! Lucky Wing signing out! Bye guys!


11 thoughts on “Fan Art and a new Feature! (Hope that’s what it’s called!)

  1. I love your art! I have to say I’m good at it, but I suck at art when it comes to drawing on computers. Luckily, I have an app to scan the drawing so I can color it, then it looks like I made it on the computer, yay!😂

    Liked by 1 person

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