The Answer of the Ages!!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. Ugh. The puns. Must. Stop. Before. I. Get. Shot.

Ok, serious now. So i got the thumbs up for the age, which means i can show you my pictures! But first and more importantly…

How old am i?

I was on the Discord for Clawtropica on Friday. (This is not a paid ad, it’s just the only place i can go to chat.) and i had a great time talking to some people while i uploaded a video.*Cough cough* watch it please *cough* [link] Anyways, i found out who was putting what vote for that. Seriously, major thanks for the input guys. I really appreciate it. And the polls are in!!!



I was honestly a little shocked by the numbers here. Not in a bad way, but it a OMC-i-had-no-idea-this-is-so-cool!!! way. I mean, I LOVE hearing what you guys think, especially about me. But what’s the answer?

I’m 15.

Yes really.

I don’t really act it, do I?


I am actually pretty shocked. You guys were close with 14, then i slightly expected the 12. Ok, the 9… That was new.

And no one picked 1003.

Bummer. That was it. You were all wrong! (JK!)

(If you’re wondering, the Lucky Wing in my FanFic is 19. It’ll make sense later.)

Well, at any rate, I have drawn the 3 pictures for the costume contest. I will post them at a later time, i’m still on the last one and i need to color in the other two. I drew them in a different style them I usually do, more like an actual Poptropican. Hoping I win, though that’s very unlikely.

In other news, the Turkey break is over! Which is good, i guess. I get to see my friends. But things got a lot busier after the break. I might not be able to post as much as i want. But i honestly don’t know. i hope so.

It’s also unlikely that i’ll be able to post on Tuesdays and Mondays, just to add on to the total lack of posts on Sundays. so i might not post for 3 days at a time. Blegh. But oh well. Well, this post is pretty long… think i’d better end it. Lucky Wing, signing out, Bai guys!



This takes AGES!!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here, I have a problem.

It’s nothing terribly serious! Don’t worry! It’s just that I’m (finally) working on the costume contest and i didn’t read the rules entirely. For starters, I didn’t actually realize that you would win Membership. (No complaints here though. ☺) However, it also requires you to put your age on the picture.

Aaaaaaaand… Crud.

OK, I should probably explain, I made a personal pact that I would give out as little information about myself as possible. (That and with my Mom…) Do that kind of puts me in a rut.

So… I guess I’ll go see what I can do. I’ve already drawn one costume. Nope, I’m not going to show you yet! But I will, at soon as I sort this out.

… I sound like I’m in Hogwarts. (I’m listening to Harry Potter while i make this post, sorry.)

At any rate, how old do you think I am? Because I am dead curious.

Ooh ooh! Let’s do a poll!

i… have no life. Hope the poll works, i managed to forget how to add them. I’m just like that.

Alright, that’s it for now. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys.

(PS: I apologize for the pun/joke in the title. That was more of a punishment then a pun. *Runs*)


I’m not entirely sure…

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. i have a few questions to ask you.

No, it’s nothing bad, i just need some human input. That’s if you’re even human i mean. for all i know, you could be a cyborg. (Because i’m actually secretly a cyborg, shh don’t tell anyone.)

Also, you know, i’m haven’t posted in a week. Which is just….


I’m really sorry about that. honestly, i didn’t notice that i hadn’t posted in forever until just now. Which blows.

But the question i wanted to ask is what would you guys like to see? What do you want me to do? I could do some personal top s, (I know, those are everywhere, but i could do them!) i could share some of my song parodies, but most of them are FanFics. You might see some rants on here, because, while i don’t like getting mad, i have a feeling i might strangle people about a few things. mostly ships.

how about a-AH!

Or my cat could get right in front of me and give me a heart attack. Hi cat!

OK. Less distracted. sorry.

so… yeah. i’ll still being posting my FanArt, FanFics, Pop Updates, the like. But i felt like some other things would be fun. Let me know in the comments what you want.

As for the costume contest…

Alright fine! I haven’t done anything for it! But that’s because i’ve been working on a few other drawings. Rulers of Poptropica is supposed to be a illustrated story. i haven’t put out any yet because i realized i haven’t draw a ton of people. Ever. Gretchen Grimlock for instance. Or Zeus. Or Director D. All of which are rather important.

In other news, i think Youtube is watching me. Because it knows what i like, such as Ninjago and MLP, but i’ve never googled either!

and a bunch of music videos i don’t want to watch. The music videos ruin the songs. Minus Lindsey’s.

Wow. distracted. Sorry. Anyways, i’m on school vacation, so that means more pics, possibly more vids and posts. Fingers crossed. Also, if you want a weather report of where i live, (you don’t even know where that is) it’s cold and gray and gloomy, which means that i’m cheerful, creative and drawing willy nilly! So expect more of my work soon!

And thank you for dealing with my distracted self. Lucky Wing signing out! bye guys!


Physical proof of my existence

Update: not really important, but i messed up, it’s Snapchat that I’ll never get not instagram. Like i said, not very important, but i figured i’d say.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. This is the first time i’ve had a chance to actually post something for the past few days. (By which i mean time, not lack of content.) Well, there’s a lot of news! First of all, it’s Summer in November! There’s a whole bunch of new summer stuff.

I also just bought the tabby and terrier. but there was this weird glitch…


Look at those pets! Who wants those followers?

We all just raised our hands, didn’t we.

Also there’s a Moana ad. I want to see Moana, but i need to see Trolls right now. Then talk to me.

Moana ad goes too far.png

Me and my Tabby!!! (I named her Tabatha! XD)

Also, there’s a costume contest. Not what you might think, it’s a design your own. I’ve bee thinking about it. Not sure what i want to do yet, but i am as sure as heck gonna do it. I’ve been thinking about asking my friend Purple Claw if he can post it for me, because i still don’t have Facebook.

Or Twitter.

Or Instagram.

(i will never own Instagram. It seems like a pain honestly. I’m just sticking with youtube and the blog.)

(Click there! It has more info!)

Let’s see. What else….

Or right! Fan art! My Fan Art! See, when i was gone, i printed out some pictures for me to color. Why is this so significant? I drew them! Here’s one i’ve shown people, now colored in!


Ringmaster Raven

This one has never been published to the public before this moment.

i sound… odd right now.

Maybe i’ve been working on my Hogwarts fanfic too long.


Here’s the picture!


Yeah, big post. Sorry about that. Expect the next part of my FanFic! Not sure when, just expect it!

New video! Life is good! Lucky Wing signing out! Bye guys!

What’s up right now!

(Minus the sky)

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here, this is just an update for you guys. I unfortatly won’t be able to make a video or blog tomorrow. I’m heading out of town tommorow and i might not be able to post Saturday either. But, there is good news! My FanFic is coming along nicely, i’m hoping to have part 2 out Saturday/Monday. It depends on if i’m available Saturday or not. Part 2 is going to be a bit longer. Check out part 1! (Shameless self advertising!) I’ve found some great music to listen to, Lindsey Stirling always gets my creative juices going. Seriously.

Oh crud. I’m totally distracted. i’m sorry. I’ll stop. i have to go now anyways. If you still have more time, i made a new video today. Please watch it.

Thank you! i love you guys! Hope to see you soon! Lucky Wing signing out, bye guys!

Monkey Wrench, Part One

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Great news! So, i told you guys that i’d post my FanFic soon? You know, forever ago? And then i told you that it might take a while because my flash lost all it’s stuff? Well, I still don’t have the flashdrive back (I cri eevrytim) but i cut my losses and just rewrote it. I don’t regret it.  Not saying that the other was bad, i just wanted to rewrite it. Long story. Anyways, this isn’t all of this Segment, but it’s how  split it for now. i’m getting sidetracked. At any rate, here’s the first part of Monkey Wrench Island, the first story in Rulers of Poptropica, hope you enjoy!

Monkey Wrench Island Part One Continue reading

I dunno, whaz new with you?

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here, and i don’t know what i’m doing.

Yesterday i didn’t post anything, not because i didn’t have the time, but because i didn’t have anything to post about! The new Pop isn’t coming out for a while, my story is progressing bit by bit, (The flash drive is still being worked on, but it only really has the beginning of the first story… AND MY LIFE!!) i’m busy with NaNoWriMo, and i’m watching Vlogs. All over the place.

Seriously, i can’t stop laughing at poor Loony’s face!

OK, i’m sorry i don’t have anything to say right now. I need some features…


What do you guys think of me reviewing some videos?

Random idea. As is this post. And my life.

Oh well. Have a good day! Lucky Wing signing out! Bye guys!

FanFic Update

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here.

Um… so… yeah. I’ve been meaning to post these, you know that… But stuff’s happened. For one thing, i changed a whole bunch of things when i finally figured out a name.


Long story. The original was going to feature Lucky Wing and only Lucky, but i changed it so it’s gonna be about more people! But in a different way that you might think!

And the other thing is, a bunch of stuff got deleted off of my flashdrive. Where all my stories were.

The good news is we’ve found a recovery program, so i might be able to get my life stories all back. Or at least most of it. I’m hopeful.

So… yeah. I’m pretty strained today. So here’s a cheer-up for all of you too, courtesy of my brony friend.


He gave me the idea, i made the pic.

I know. i’m the best graphic artist ever. (NOT)

OK, i’ll let you go to back to your lives or published FanFics. Lucky Wing, signing out, bye guys.

(PS, wondering what the FanFic is called? Rulers of Poptropica.)

Happy Halloween! (Sort of)

Happy LATE Halloween more like it.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. Now, i know. It’s November 2nd. I’m fairly sure i said i’d do a Halloween special. i may not have, but i WAS planning it! But Halloween night i realized i just had no time!

As i walked out the door with my friends to go Trick or Treating.

I got lots of candy though and had a good time though!

Alright, sorry. i’m getting distracted. It’s been a distracted day. All freaking day. And Tuesdays are tough. So i’m gonna try to make it up to you guys a little. I don’t know how, but give me some recommendations.

And here’s a little something for Halloween for the PHB. Sorry it’s not colored. And apoligizes to Ylimegirl, the tree… yeah. Just sorry.


PHB Trick or Treat!

I drew all that on my wipe board. It took me 3 goes. Hope you guys like it! Lucky Wing signing out! Bye guys!