FanFic Update

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here.

Um… so… yeah. I’ve been meaning to post these, you know that… But stuff’s happened. For one thing, i changed a whole bunch of things when i finally figured out a name.


Long story. The original was going to feature Lucky Wing and only Lucky, but i changed it so it’s gonna be about more people! But in a different way that you might think!

And the other thing is, a bunch of stuff got deleted off of my flashdrive. Where all my stories were.

The good news is we’ve found a recovery program, so i might be able to get my life stories all back. Or at least most of it. I’m hopeful.

So… yeah. I’m pretty strained today. So here’s a cheer-up for all of you too, courtesy of my brony friend.


He gave me the idea, i made the pic.

I know. i’m the best graphic artist ever. (NOT)

OK, i’ll let you go to back to your lives or published FanFics. Lucky Wing, signing out, bye guys.

(PS, wondering what the FanFic is called? Rulers of Poptropica.)


Happy Halloween! (Sort of)

Happy LATE Halloween more like it.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. Now, i know. It’s November 2nd. I’m fairly sure i said i’d do a Halloween special. i may not have, but i WAS planning it! But Halloween night i realized i just had no time!

As i walked out the door with my friends to go Trick or Treating.

I got lots of candy though and had a good time though!

Alright, sorry. i’m getting distracted. It’s been a distracted day. All freaking day. And Tuesdays are tough. So i’m gonna try to make it up to you guys a little. I don’t know how, but give me some recommendations.

And here’s a little something for Halloween for the PHB. Sorry it’s not colored. And apoligizes to Ylimegirl, the tree… yeah. Just sorry.


PHB Trick or Treat!

I drew all that on my wipe board. It took me 3 goes. Hope you guys like it! Lucky Wing signing out! Bye guys!