Monkey Wrench, Part One

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Great news! So, i told you guys that i’d post my FanFic soon? You know, forever ago? And then i told you that it might take a while because my flash lost all it’s stuff? Well, I still don’t have the flashdrive back (I cri eevrytim) but i cut my losses and just rewrote it. I don’t regret it.  Not saying that the other was bad, i just wanted to rewrite it. Long story. Anyways, this isn’t all of this Segment, but it’s how  split it for now. i’m getting sidetracked. At any rate, here’s the first part of Monkey Wrench Island, the first story in Rulers of Poptropica, hope you enjoy!

Monkey Wrench Island Part One

“Thud!” i jolted awake and hit my head on the top of the crate. I rubbed it and listened intently. It sounded as if someone had opened the galley door. i heard a man grunting, but i still couldn’t see anything. After a minute, i felt the same man pick up my crate. Light filtered through the wood slats. I could smell the sea, but i had no idea where i was. We stopped moving and the man put the crate down. I waited a count of 20, then tried the top. It would not budge. i cursed my cousin’s workmanship. Maybe it was a little too good. i tested the sides. Maybe i could burst it. i shoved out on all sides at once. The crate exploded with a bang and i stood up to my first view of this new island. Floating above the docks where i was sitting on was an island. Did that mean i was on Home Island? Someone shouted behind me. I whirled around. A girl who looked a couple years older then i did was staring at me. My shoulder’s drooped. i knew i would not be able to talk myself out of this. “Um… hello.” She walked over. “Why were you in that crate? Don’t tell me.” she held up a hand. “You were playing a game with your friends and hid in the crate.”  i blinked. “Uh… yes. ” i lied. She sighed. “Don’t worry about it. It happens all the time.” i sighed. “Oh.” “Yeah.” She shrugged. “I can’t give you a ride back to wherever the heck you were, but you can probably get a lift later.” i paused. “Oh. Right. Alright. Thanks.” “Don’t mention it.” i turned and walked towards the stairs, barely able to believe my good fortune.

Wandering through the town, i saw an old beat up looking airplane with a carrot-haired woman in an aviator outfit. “Hello.” i said. “Hey.” She sounded down. “What is wrong?” i asked. She sighed. “I was going to enter the Flying Ace Race, but-” “The what?” i was confused. That was an absolutely ridiculous name.  She smiled faintly. “I know, weird name. But my co-pilot couldn’t come, so i can’t race.” i frowned in sympathy. “I’m sorry. Is there anything i can do?” She gave a half-hearted laugh. “Can you fly a plane?” “Actually…” I glanced at the dashboard of her plane. It was a lot like the one i had used when flying ships around. “Yes. i can.” She blinked, shocked. “You can? Really?” i nodded. She grinned. “Oh my gosh, thank you!” i smiled too. “You are welcome.” The woman checked her watch. “Oh no! The race is in 5 minutes! We need to go now!” She jumped over the side of her plane and landed in her seat. I attempted and ended up sitting on the side. i frowned. “You made it look so easy.” She laughed. “It’s alright. I’ve been flying my whole life.” She put the key in the ignition, then turned back to me. “I forgot! i’m Amelia. What’s your name?” “Oh, i’m… Lucky Wing.””She smiled. “Well, nice to have you aboard Lucky Wing.” i nodded, not sure what to say. We took off and flew above the island. It felt so nice, the wind, the excitement of the race, the thrill of the plane ride, i felt a leap of joy. i was having fun, more fun then i had had in a long time! I could get used to this.

Alright, that’s it. Is this too long? Too short? Just right? Was the story good? Tell me what you think! Please! There won’t be nearly as much of an explanation next time, i promise! Lucky Wing, signing out, bye guys!


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