What’s up right now!

(Minus the sky)

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here, this is just an update for you guys. I unfortatly won’t be able to make a video or blog tomorrow. I’m heading out of town tommorow and i might not be able to post Saturday either. But, there is good news! My FanFic is coming along nicely, i’m hoping to have part 2 out Saturday/Monday. It depends on if i’m available Saturday or not. Part 2 is going to be a bit longer. Check out part 1!  https://luckywingsblogofun.wordpress.com/2016/11/09/monkey-wrench-part-one/ (Shameless self advertising!) I’ve found some great music to listen to, Lindsey Stirling always gets my creative juices going. Seriously.

Oh crud. I’m totally distracted. i’m sorry. I’ll stop. i have to go now anyways. If you still have more time, i made a new video today. Please watch it.

Thank you! i love you guys! Hope to see you soon! Lucky Wing signing out, bye guys!


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