Physical proof of my existence

Update: not really important, but i messed up, it’s Snapchat that I’ll never get not instagram. Like i said, not very important, but i figured i’d say.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. This is the first time i’ve had a chance to actually post something for the past few days. (By which i mean time, not lack of content.) Well, there’s a lot of news! First of all, it’s Summer in November! There’s a whole bunch of new summer stuff.

I also just bought the tabby and terrier. but there was this weird glitch…


Look at those pets! Who wants those followers?

We all just raised our hands, didn’t we.

Also there’s a Moana ad. I want to see Moana, but i need to see Trolls right now. Then talk to me.

Moana ad goes too far.png

Me and my Tabby!!! (I named her Tabatha! XD)

Also, there’s a costume contest. Not what you might think, it’s a design your own. I’ve bee thinking about it. Not sure what i want to do yet, but i am as sure as heck gonna do it. I’ve been thinking about asking my friend Purple Claw if he can post it for me, because i still don’t have Facebook.

Or Twitter.

Or Instagram.

(i will never own Instagram. It seems like a pain honestly. I’m just sticking with youtube and the blog.)

(Click there! It has more info!)

Let’s see. What else….

Or right! Fan art! My Fan Art! See, when i was gone, i printed out some pictures for me to color. Why is this so significant? I drew them! Here’s one i’ve shown people, now colored in!


Ringmaster Raven

This one has never been published to the public before this moment.

i sound… odd right now.

Maybe i’ve been working on my Hogwarts fanfic too long.


Here’s the picture!


Yeah, big post. Sorry about that. Expect the next part of my FanFic! Not sure when, just expect it!

New video! Life is good! Lucky Wing signing out! Bye guys!