I’m not entirely sure…

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. i have a few questions to ask you.

No, it’s nothing bad, i just need some human input. That’s if you’re even human i mean. for all i know, you could be a cyborg. (Because i’m actually secretly a cyborg, shh don’t tell anyone.)

Also, you know, i’m haven’t posted in a week. Which is just….


I’m really sorry about that. honestly, i didn’t notice that i hadn’t posted in forever until just now. Which blows.

But the question i wanted to ask is what would you guys like to see? What do you want me to do? I could do some personal top s, (I know, those are everywhere, but i could do them!) i could share some of my song parodies, but most of them are FanFics. You might see some rants on here, because, while i don’t like getting mad, i have a feeling i might strangle people about a few things. mostly ships.

how about a-AH!

Or my cat could get right in front of me and give me a heart attack. Hi cat!

OK. Less distracted. sorry.

so… yeah. i’ll still being posting my FanArt, FanFics, Pop Updates, the like. But i felt like some other things would be fun. Let me know in the comments what you want.

As for the costume contest…

Alright fine! I haven’t done anything for it! But that’s because i’ve been working on a few other drawings. Rulers of Poptropica is supposed to be a illustrated story. i haven’t put out any yet because i realized i haven’t draw a ton of people. Ever. Gretchen Grimlock for instance. Or Zeus. Or Director D. All of which are rather important.

In other news, i think Youtube is watching me. Because it knows what i like, such as Ninjago and MLP, but i’ve never googled either!

and a bunch of music videos i don’t want to watch. The music videos ruin the songs. Minus Lindsey’s.

Wow. distracted. Sorry. Anyways, i’m on school vacation, so that means more pics, possibly more vids and posts. Fingers crossed. Also, if you want a weather report of where i live, (you don’t even know where that is) it’s cold and gray and gloomy, which means that i’m cheerful, creative and drawing willy nilly! So expect more of my work soon!

And thank you for dealing with my distracted self. Lucky Wing signing out! bye guys!



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