The Answer of the Ages!!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. Ugh. The puns. Must. Stop. Before. I. Get. Shot.

Ok, serious now. So i got the thumbs up for the age, which means i can show you my pictures! But first and more importantly…

How old am i?

I was on the Discord for Clawtropica on Friday. (This is not a paid ad, it’s just the only place i can go to chat.) and i had a great time talking to some people while i uploaded a video.*Cough cough* watch it please *cough* [link] Anyways, i found out who was putting what vote for that. Seriously, major thanks for the input guys. I really appreciate it. And the polls are in!!!



I was honestly a little shocked by the numbers here. Not in a bad way, but it a OMC-i-had-no-idea-this-is-so-cool!!! way. I mean, I LOVE hearing what you guys think, especially about me. But what’s the answer?

I’m 15.

Yes really.

I don’t really act it, do I?


I am actually pretty shocked. You guys were close with 14, then i slightly expected the 12. Ok, the 9… That was new.

And no one picked 1003.

Bummer. That was it. You were all wrong! (JK!)

(If you’re wondering, the Lucky Wing in my FanFic is 19. It’ll make sense later.)

Well, at any rate, I have drawn the 3 pictures for the costume contest. I will post them at a later time, i’m still on the last one and i need to color in the other two. I drew them in a different style them I usually do, more like an actual Poptropican. Hoping I win, though that’s very unlikely.

In other news, the Turkey break is over! Which is good, i guess. I get to see my friends. But things got a lot busier after the break. I might not be able to post as much as i want. But i honestly don’t know. i hope so.

It’s also unlikely that i’ll be able to post on Tuesdays and Mondays, just to add on to the total lack of posts on Sundays. so i might not post for 3 days at a time. Blegh. But oh well. Well, this post is pretty long… think i’d better end it. Lucky Wing, signing out, Bai guys!