Christmas is here!

This post is featured. Because it’s necessary.

Update: I’ve moved the due date back, so if you haven’t given me your Poptropican, you’d better do it now! 

Hey guys Lucky Wing here, and first of I’d like to apologize for the insane lack of posts there’s been for the last while. I mean, my last post was a week ago and the one before that was 2 weeks ago!! So i thought i’d make it up to you guys.

How would you like to be in my Christmas picture?

I finished my Costume Contest entries minus the color, so i have my wipe board back and i’m ready to draw! Just tell me what you want ro be doing in the picture. It’s going to be of a bunch of us decorating a Christmas tree! Lucky (as in me) is going to be tangled up in Christmas lights. Cause i’m like that.

So let me know in the comments what you want to be doing! If you don’t have a way to comment, i guess tell me on Discord. I’m generally on the Clawtropica server.

At any rate, expect another post tommorow! I have something new for you!! Sorry for the quick post, it’s late. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


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