Theory Time! Island Loop!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Today i’m introducing Theory Time!

[There isn’t a logo yet, but i can promise that next time around there will be!}

I have been wanting to do a theory for a long time! But i didn’t have anything good to theorize about. (Trust me on this one…) But i have one now! And I’ll probably have more theories because i am ALWAYS THINKING. And I’m calling it Theory Time because, unlike most people who do this kind of thing, i don’t have a schedule, much less theories at that rate.


Wel, i should get to the theory. Well, a lot of people theorize about the time line of the Poptropican Islands because the islands are all different times, such as Wild West and Mystery Train. BUT HOW?!

Well, here’s my theory. Every Island is in a sort of Time Loop. But not in a “Poptropicans will live forever” sort of way, Look at Fiona!

It’s so sad…

Oop. Sorry. I need to stop before i start crying. (It’s just so sad!!!) Anyways, what i mean is that the time period will always stay the same. People would age and die, yes, but Mythology,for instance, would stay in Ancient Greek Times.

Now, there is one hole in this theory. That hole is Time Tangled Island.

The whole friking island.


You meet your older self with a whole bunch of tech, not to mention that you go to different times in the past!

*sigh again*

Well, let’s be honest, Time Tangled is a headache. I have a theory about it, but I’ll get to that later. For now, let’s just go with life happens. Yay.

Well, what do you think? Do you like my theories? Should I do more? Should I do a top 5 list? (I should) Well, anyways, I need to go and do stuff, so Lucky Wing signing out! Bai guys!


11 thoughts on “Theory Time! Island Loop!

  1. Am I the only one that thinks Mythology Island actually takes place in modern times? There are surfers and people talking in texting language, and some other things like that, too. I think Zeus forces everyone to dress like ancient Greeks cause he’s cray cray and all.

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