Monkey Wrench Island, Part Two

Hey Guys, Lucky Wing here, first off, i need to apologize. I made this blog to post my FanFic on. And i’ve only posted one part. Seriously. Dang. I mean, i love writing about other things, it’s just, i want to publish these! And i’m not! *Sigh* Well, time to remedy that. I have the time! (Ish) OK, enough complaining about myself. You guys want to know what happened to the insanely unprepared Lucky Wing! Will she win the race?

We’ll see! Here is…

Monkey Wrench Island Part Two

i couldn’t stop staring at the other crafts. There was so much to take in. There was a lawn chair on balloons, a robotic phoenix, a flying ship and even a flying carpet.  A small hot air balloon with a older man in it floated by “Welcome Racers!” he exclaimed. “Race to win credits and this medallion!” He slung a shiny gold medallion over the side of his balloon. I gasped. It was breathtaking. “Is everyone ready?” i composed myself. “We are ready!” Everyone shouted.  He smiled good-naturedly. “On your marks… Get set… GO!” Green flags shot out of the side of his balloon. Amelia shot us forward. I couldn’t resist shouting. “Woo!” i blinked then sat back down. “Well. We have a great start.” I heard the buzzing of another plane behind us. “Or someone could be right behind us.” Amelia whipped around. A red plane flew just above and in front of us. “Oh no!” Amelia said. “The Red Baroness!” i blinked. “The Red Baroness?”  i asked, very confused. The woman in the plane, the Red Baroness turned her head. “Sorry to through a wrench in your plans!” Then she literally threw a wrench into the propeller. Black smoke spewed out instantly. Amelia gasped. The Baroness laughed. i threw my hands over my mouth in panic. “Oh no!” Amelia shouted over the dying motor. “We’re going down!” i clung to the sides of the plane. i was not scared of heights, but i also did not want to die falling from a plane. Smoke obscured my vision and i passed out.

When i came to, there was a monkey on my feet. i screamed and jumped up, nearly falling into the water. “Ooo eee?” i took a deep breath to calm down. “Where am i?” it was a bit silly to be talking to a monkey and expecting it to understand, but i had to try to find Amelia. “Ooo e ah ah!” He ran on his four legs on top of a pile of rocks. i hadn’t noticed, but they were shaped like a sort of monkey idol. “Eee eee!” “I think he wants me to follow him.” i said to myself. i always did that when i needed to think hard about something.i ran towards him and jumped onto the rock. i threw my arms to keep my balance.. The monkey ran forward to a little stone seesaw that led to some earth. it tipped under him and a crab skittered out and picked up a wrench sitting in the sand. “no!” The crab scuttled under the seesaw next to me. “Darn it!” “Eee eee!” i looked up to see the monkey standing next to a sign with a large arrow on it. “Just a second!” i called to him. I jumped onto the seesaw under me. The crab ran under the other seesaw. i ran onto it. The crab skittered back under the first seesaw. I sighed. Maybe i would get some help with that later. The monkey ran past the sign and was waiting for me again. i looked closely at the sign. Maybe there were more people on this island! i had to know.

My monkey friend was jumping under Amelia’s plane, which was hanging from several vines. I gasped. “Amelia, are you OK?!” She sighed. “Another perfect landing.” I gave her a look of disbelief. “Well, almost perfect. Can you get me down?*” “Not easily.” i said, evaluating the situation. My monkey friends ran up a nearby vine and onto some old, Greek-looking ruins. i followed him, curious. When i reached him, he jumped onto the plane, hooting the whole time. Amelia looked up, startled. “i think he’s on to something.” i blinked. “Alright… What should i do?” She rolled her eyes. “Jump onto the plane.” “Oh.” i started jumping on the plane. “Keep jumping! One more jump should do it!” She cheered me on.The plane fell with a THUD, expelling Amelia and knocking me off my feet. Amelia sat up. “Free at last!” i pulled myself up. “The plane is destroyed though! We have to fix it or we’re stuck here!” She nodded. “We just need the right tool to fix the plane.” i nodded. “There was a wrench…” “Ee e eee!” He ran off in the direction i was pointing. i blinked. “Which i guess i may be going to go get.” i ran after the little monkey.

Yeah, that was a pretty long one! And more to come! What now? Will Lucky find the wrench? Are there other people on the island? Who is the little monkey? Find out next time!

I’m going to get shot.

Lucky Wing signing out! Bai guys!


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