Lists!! 7 things you won’t know about me

Hey Lucky Wing here, as you can see, I’m doing my first list! But, because I’m different, it’s not one of the usual lists. Why? Well, honestly, because i felt like it! I wrote a rough draft of this back before I made the blog, in that brief period between when I got the thumbs up and when I actually did it. So here’s my first list, 7 things you don’t know about me and would probably never guess!

1: i have really long nails.

OK, you might know that one from those pictures I showed you guys, the colored ones…

OK, that was a bad day for my nails. my fingernails usually look pretty even. So now they’re about the size of this text. Yes really! And those are 100 percent my real fingernails. And yes, i can use touch screens, and play the piano, and write! I’ve had long nails my whole life! I’m quite used to them. Whenever someone sees them, they ask if they’re fake, then tell me i should cut them.

Um, no.

2: I LOVE music.

This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but i LOVE it. It is my life! i am always listening, weither in my head or the radio or whatever! I even dream with a soundtrack! Though usually it’s some Pop song.

By which i mean the genre.

Why does my entire life involve pop? Poptropica, Pop music, popcorn, though I won’t be able to have that in a couple months, which brings me to number three…

3: I have horrible teeth.

I don’t mean that they’re ugly, just veeeeeery crooked. It’s not noticeable, unless I purposefully show you. Yeah, I’m getting braces pretty soon, but in the meantime, I’m eating a LOTTA popcorn!

4: I am a Harry Potter Fangirl

Hufflepuff FTW!!!!!

5: I’m a bit of a slob.

Seriously, my room is a total mess. Which is odd, because it’s rather small because i share it. And yet, i’m almost OCD about people touching my stuff! Hint, don’t touch my stuff. it’ll irritate me because i can’t fix it.

6:I have craaaaaaaaaazy dreams.

And I really like talking about them! So what does it mean when you dream you’re playing tag with a cartoon character in Walmart, then go save the world from aliens with another one?

7:My… hair…

Isn’t… actually… green…

It’s time for me to come clean, because my brony friend has the cutie pox and we planted the Seeds of Truth and i’d prefer if he wasn’t running all over the place doing weird stuff.

And honestly, a few people already know that. i mean, i’ve said it a couple of places. i’ve made a few comments saying that i’m not. So what is my hair color?

I’m blonde.

Well, Golden blonde. And i am a huge fan of blonde jokes. you may enjoy the irony.

So why is my hair on Pop green? Because when i made my Minecraft skin, she had green hair, (Long story, i’ll tell you about it sometime) and my sister put on this cute hair style with purple hair. (She isn’t a fashionista, but she’s a heck of a lot closer then i am!) so i used it with green hair. Then i changed the style to what i have today.

Well, then. That certainly was a long list. I hope you like this post, it took me WAY too long to write! been doing it since Monday, and i already had some of the list! Well, i gtg, i’m writing this at school right now and i’m getting out in 10 minutes. Lucky Wing signing out, Bai guys!


8 thoughts on “Lists!! 7 things you won’t know about me

  1. I’m almost done with my train tracks I MEAN BRACES
    It hurts
    a lot
    and then I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled so my first video will probably be me under anesthesia. Fun.
    What music do you like? I’m a weirdo– I go from death metal to country to opera 😛


    • Pop mostly. i was actually thinking about making a post about all the songs i like, but this is a pop blog.
      And wisdom teeth. Heck yeah, getting those removed. When they finally grow in! in 2021! *GROAN* oh well. Totally making a live vid just for that!

      Liked by 1 person

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