Assist me!!!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. Hope you guys are doing alright. I’m doing fine, but my life is happening. I’m getting my metal spacer in Wednesday. I’m rather nervous, though i don’t know why. There’s not really a reason, but i am. *Rolls eyes at self* Anyways, this is kind of a “What going on in my life” thing. So, yeah. I’m currently coloring in my entries for the Costume Contest, can’t wait to show you guys! Squeeeeee! Anyways, i’m also almost done with the Christmas Pic, but i have one MAJOR problem.

My camera died today.

I loved that thing. Really. i… i think i’m gonna cry… *Slaps self in face* Ow! Ok, sorry, i’m good, i’m good. Well, i don’t really have anything to take a picture of it on. i mean, i’ll probably use a phone or something and just do it, so i can color it, IF i color it, I’m looking at it now, and I might not actually want too! Whatever the case, I’ll let you guys know tomorrow, I haven’t decided yet.

In other news, the next installment of Rulers of Poptropica is coming up! And I also have a surprise! But I’m not telling yet! It’s coming, but not just yet! I have to get everything ready! And if you’re wondering, it’s not the other surprise, this one’s something else. I’m full surprises. Well, anyways, you’re probably wondering what I want you to assist me with. Yeah, here’s the thing. I don’t actually remember. Lemme think…


Oh! Right! That was it! Derp.

Listen, when I made this blog, I told myself that it was going to be a Poptropica only blog. But I have a lot of other thing I want to blog about. So I was thinking. Do i make another blog or just post such things on this blog? Thus why I need your feedback.

Poll time!!

You knew it was coming.

Anyways, so yeah. That’s pretty much what’s going on right now. And yes, I’m up late, but I really needed to put out this post. I need the feedback. OK, I’m going to go sleep now! I have ONE more day of school left! I want it over with! Lucky Wing signing out! Bai guys!


19 thoughts on “Assist me!!!

  1. Spacers are great I had them a few years ago and I barely realized I had them half the time! When they install the spacers they use laughing gas (creepy name I know) it calms you down and it makes it go by like a breeze I even asked, “wait, you’re done??” For the first week or so It may give you trouble eating but as I said, later on you’ll forget it’s even there, when you take them off, Best feeling, It doesn’t even hurt… this was pretty long but I hope this helps.

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