I finally finish things!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here, I FINALLY finished my pictures! All of them! The costume ones, the Christmas one too! I’m so happy!!


Well, I’m going to show you all the Christmas pic tomorrow, but the costume ones! Ooh, I’ll think you’ll like this! *Realizes she left her Harry Potter audio book on* hmm. Now I sound like a British school girl. Oh well, nothing new.

Hang on, one thing…

That means that this is the last time you can request to be in the Christmas Pic! ! Today! Hurry! Please!

OK, now that we have that out of the way… Who wants to see my pictures?! (I am just so pumped!!)

OK, first up, this is the one is the first one i thought up!


This one was inspired. Because i love books.


And last, but not least…


OK, i wasn’t as pleased with how that one turned out. The idea is great, but the 2nd part, not so much.  Whelp, i gotta get going. Please continue giving me feedback on the blog thing! And apologies for the short posts! Lucky Wing signing out, Bai guys!


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