Lucky Wing over the ages Throwback!

Hey Guys, Lucky Wing here, and i am not a Fashionista. My “Fashion Sense” is hoodies and whatever i picked in the dark. Nothing’s clashed horribly thus far. You’re probably wondering why the heck this all matters. i can’t blame you, honestly. Well, i was categorizing some old posts when i realized that the last “Throwback” i had done was in October! So i figured i’d do one about how Lucky Wing has looked over the years! And i have no sense of style. This may be painful to those of you who do. So apologies to you all.

We should start this story with me admitting that i don’t actually know when i made Lucky Wing’s account! I estimate i made it in about 2012, if not earlier! I know that should mean i made a lot of changes, but i didn’t. I either didn’t care or thought it was good enough. (I’d like to point out that i was 11 at the time, if not younger. 11 year old me cared even less abut fashion then i do.) So when Lucky Wing burst her crate, i gave her simple braids, a white t-shirt and a plaid skirt. Somehow though, she ended up with reddish hair.Which is strange, because i’m blonde. I think it was an accident. Whatever the case, i went about the world as such. And i sound like an overly proper weirdo. because i am.


Well, at any rate, I changed Lucky’s outfit quite a lot, but only slightly. She got actually blonde hair. Rose glasses, lost them. White beret, lost it. I changed her hair to a simple one with a flower in it. During the period of change, I gave her one thing that I haven’t changed in all the years of having the account, her wings. I’ve never looked back.


Well, Lucky stayed about like this for years! Right up until early 2015. Now, that doesn’t I sound I like a long time, but to me, it was. I was 14, OK? Anyways, so I just put in the Porter’s outfit and got into Tesla’s room for the first time on Mystery Train. Well, that’s when i thought to myself, gee, i’ve been in this outfit for a long time! (Cough cough about 2 years) So i decided to change it ALL OUT.

There is no way for me to accurately describe it. Have a picture.


That’s still one of the favorite looks i ever gave her. Anyways! The next time i have her a new look was _ months later. Not terrible long by my standard, but it is what it is. So, I was watching my sister playing Poptropica and she found this new hairstyle and I fell in love with it. She did it with purple hair, i did it with green! Why green? Well, my Minecraft skin has green hair, long story and i’m already probably going to to a post on it anyways. Anywho, with the new hair and the color changing shirt, I looked totally different! Here’s a pic!


Anyways, after that, it was a short jump from that to the Lucky Wing I have now. It’s funny, I changed it just before I joined the community, for my YouTube. I felt like it was just too complicated. I’m a simple person.

But I don’t mean I’m…


Well, that about covers it. Well, before I end off the post, I feel like I owe you guys a little something. You remember the “7 things you wouldn’t have guessed about me” list? Well, I described myself quite a lot in there, but didn’t actually show you what I looked like. So I’m going to show you now!


Yup! That’s about what I look like! By the way, my Christmas post will be tomorrow! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve eve! Lucky Wing signing out, Bai guys!

PS: (Please continue giving me feedback on the should-i-make-a-new-blog-not thing. Feedback is a glorious thing.)


2 thoughts on “Lucky Wing over the ages Throwback!

  1. My style (even though I don’t wear this in pop): hoodie, headphones, jeans, and sometimes a rose to decorate my hair. The only problem is, I can’t find a hoodie (besides CJ’s) in pop😭

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