Christmas Special!🌲

Update: Holy flippers. I looked over the post and daaaaaang is there a lot of typos. I’m sorry about that. Not only that, but I accidentally didn’t even put in Vampi’s picture! Sorry everyone! I also put in a picture with better quality.Β 

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here, Merry Christmas! Now, I know it’s Christmas Eve, and I said I was going out the picture yesterday… But I felt like doing it today instead, to make it feel more Christmas-y! I also apologize, because by the time you read this, it will Christmas. Sorry, I can never sleep the night of Christmas Eve! Also, I had a brilliant idea last night and i stayed up until 11:40 writing the first half. But we’ll get to that in a minute. First off, yesterday I managed to actually got another party, the PHB one! It was a ton of fun! Can you find me on the recap picture? XD hope so.

Well, anyways, you all want to see the picture! But I am, once again, going to hold you up a little longer. I’m going to tell you about my idea! So, last night, just before we were going to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas, I thought, huh, I should write a little parody of A Christmas Carol! Well, my immediate thought was to use my Fanfic characters, but I’ve only introduced one thus far, so you’d all be really confused. So then I thought, why not write it about some of you guys!

OK, before you read it, please don’t take offense if you weren’t on there, this took a lot of deciding on my part. Also, if you’re in it, if I messed up your personality, I’m majorly sorry!

Alright, here it is!

A Poptropican Carol

By Lucky Wing

Lucky Wing: ugh! Poptropica is glitching again! *She whacks the computer* I am so sick of this! *Storms away* Maybe I’ll just quit Poptropica. I am just that steamed right now. *She sighs* It probably doesn’t help that it’s 10:38. *She grabs a pillow and falls asleep on the couch*

(Suddenly, Gamer Guys appears in chains)

Gamer Guy: Lucky! Wake up!

LW: DAH!! *Sits bolt upright* OMC Who-are-you-and-what-are-you-doing-in-my-house?

GG: it’s me, Gamer Guy.

LW: yes, and you are clearly a ghost. Did the Zomberries get you?

GG: no, I am here to warn you.

LW: Don’t anger the Zomberries?

GG: no! Do not quit Poptropica! I did and see what happened to me!

LW: yes, but you also existed in Poptropica. So if you quit, you die. So that’s why you’re a ghost!

GG: *sigh* Farewell Lucky Wing! Tonight you will be visited by 3 more Poptropicans! Beware!!! *Dissipates*

LW: … Well, looks like I’m not sleeping tonight. *she nods off again*

(Tall Cactus appears in a white dress covered in holly)

Tall Cactus: Wake up Lucky!

LW: *Jumps* Abba dabba dah! *sees TC* oh. Hello. And you are?

TC: I am Tall Cactus, the Poptropican of Poptropica past.

LW: But… But you’ve only been playing Pop for about a year…

TC: Your Poptropica past.

LW: Oh! That would make more sense, wouldn’t it?

TC: Come on, I’m here to show you something.

(They drift into a memory. In it, a 7 or 8 year old blonde girl walks into a computer room, where an older girl is playing on the computer while two other boys watch.)

Younger Lucky Wing: hiya Kay! Whatcha playing?

LW: OMC that isn’t…

TC: yes, that’s you!

LW: I cannot believe this… I remember it SO WELL!!

Kay: Oh, I’m playing Poptropica!

YLW: Cool!

LW: Aw, was I that cute?

Kay: OK, I’ll need the Ninja outfit for this…

LW: … Right, I remember this part. Β First time I ever saw Poptropica and it was misinformed.

TC: Yup. Hang on, we’re not done yet!

(They go to another place where the blonde girl, now older, playing on the computer while her younger sister watches.)

YLW: OK, right now, it’s the name that counts. No… No… No… Ooh, i like this one!

Sister: Lucky Wing. Nice!

LW: The creation of Lucky Wing?

TC: Yup.

LW: Wish I knew when this was.

TC: Alright, we need to move, we’re losing daylight.

LW: But I thought it was night.

(They’re in the same place, but the blonde girl is older, maybe 15, wearing huge headphones with a microphone, which she’s talking into.)

YLW: he Hey everyone, Lucky Wing here. Hewwo. *She giggles* Today, I’m making my first YouTube video!

LW: ooh. I remember that. Boy was I insane that day.

TC: You’re always insane.

LW: More so than usual.

(They go back to Lucky’s living room.)

TC: Now Lucky, two more Poptropicans will come to visit you. Goodbye! *Dissipates*

LW: … Well then. *She sighs and fluffs up her pillow.* May as well try again.

(Suddenly, Purple Claw, dressed in furs with a wreath in his head.)

Purple Claw: Lucky Wing! Wake up!

LW: *Opens her eyes* Yup. Knew I wasn’t going to get any sleep. *She looks at PC*Isn’t it like, 5 in the morning where you live?

PC: 6, actually. But that’s not the point. I am Purple Claw, Poptropican of Poptropica present.


PC: You seem rather calm about this.

LW: Couldn’t get any worse, could it?

PC: actually…

LW: OK. Just put me out if my misery.

PC: *smiles* Alright.

(They appear in a kitchen full of people including Lucky Wing, looking the same age she does now, and Kay, nope college age.)

Present Lucky Wing: Kay, do you remember Poptropica?

Kay: Yeah, I do, a little.

PLW: Do you still play it?

Kay: No, I don’t. Why, do you?

PLW: Yeah, I do actually. Heck, I have a YouTube on it.

LW: That read this summer. That’s not exactly the present, is it?

PC: Um… Yes.*shrugs* it’s close enough. OK, this one’s the actual present.

(They appear in someone’s bedroom, where someone is asleep.)

LW: Who the hay is that?

PC: um… I think that’s SmartPoptropica. He was wondering when you were going to post your picture.

LW: Ah. Well, it is *She glances at his clock*Β 1:38 in the morning. *Thinks* Heck, I should be asleep!

PC: *he laughs* True enough, but let’s move on.

(They’re in her computer screen, looking her dashboard.)

LW: Are we in a computer? How is this possible? *Focuses on the followers*

PC: Yeah, look how many people follow your blog! They really like your stuff!

LW: I know. It’d help if people would comment more. (COUGH COUGH)

PC: Who are you coughing at?

LW: No one in particular. Carry on.

PC: Actually, I’m done. Good luck with the last Poptropican!

LW: What? Who’s the last Poptropican?

(She’s back on her couch, alone.)

LW: … It’s going to be the puppet guy. I just know it is. *Lays back down* Well, no more sleep for me tonight.

(Eventually, she dozes off again. A tall figure in a black cloak holding a scythe appears.)


(The figure pulls back his hood, revelling that he is DJVampiGamer)

Vampi: I had you going, didn’t I?

LW: Haaah!

V: OK, I am DJVampiGamer, Poptropican of Poptropica future. I have come to take you to the future.

LW: as… As soon as I can breathe…

(They appear in a kitchen with a computer in it)

LW: And we are… Where?

V: just watch.

Little boy sitting at computer: I can’t figure out this puzzle on this island! I need help!

His sister: Why not use Thinknoodles?

Little boy: But he’s not as funny as Lucky Wing!

LW:… I’m touched.

His sister: it stinks that she stopped making videos.

LW: I stopped making videos?!? *She starts shaking Vampi* WHY DID I STOP MAKING VIDEOS?!?!

V: pppllleeeaaassseee ssstttoooppp ssshhhaaakkkiiinnnggg mmmeee…

LW: oh. *She stops* Sorry.

V: I’m almost scared to show you this next bit.

LW: Oh cat.

(They appear over a graveyard)

LW: A graveyard… AM I DEAD?!?!

V: no, we’re in the wrong place. *Taps phone* Stupid GPS app.

LW: -_- OK.

(They appear in the computer, in a blog post this time.)

LW: the computer again?

V: read the post.

LW: *Reads post* OH MY CAT I QUIT BLOGGING?!?! BUT… NO!!

V: you read fast.

LW: it’s a gift. Now, WHAT!?!

V: this is what will happen if you carry out your actions.

LW: *is hyperventilating*

V: … Are you OK?

LW: no. Give me a tic.

(Several minutes later)

LW: OK, first of all, I rage quit. I don’t follow truth m through with my rage quits.

V: … Oh. *Calls someone in his phone* um… Guys, she didn’t mean it.

LW: Who’s idea was this?

V: Gamer Guy’s.

LW: Shoulda known. Look, can I go home? It’s Christmas Eve. I want to go be with my family.

V: Alright.

(She wakes up, it’s Christmas morning)

LW: I can’t believe it! I’m back!

Mom: And you actually slept in Christmas Eve!

LW: … Sure.

The end!

Well, I hope you liked it! I drew pictures of the costumes, minus Gamer Guy. Because I’m lazy.



ignore this text



That last one’s just the cloak, sorry. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the story, I worked rather hard on it! I also hold you enjoy the Christmas picture!!!!


I worked super hard in it. Despite one of my markers and my camera dieing and my cat stepping in it twice, is done! I made it a sweater party too, just for kicks.

OK, I’m off to bed! I shouldn’t have even been up making this post! And now the device is going to die. πŸ˜“ Well, good night, Merry Christmas! Lucky Wing signing out, Bai guys!


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