What. The. Cat.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. So, I know I said that I would stop posting my non-pop posts here, but, though it might not seem it, it is Pop related.

Well, you’ll remember that I told you that I was going to be getting my spacer sometime this week. Well, I got it today. Guess what else I got.



… OK, i offically don’t like that guy.

Anyways, it hurts sometimes, but mostly I’m fine. You should have seen me trying to eat lunch. OMC, maybe you don’t. XD

Anyways, what does this have to do with Pop? well, I’m a YouTuber. The spacer actually makes it slightly harder to talk. I can’t hit particular syllables, though I don’t know which ones exactly. Anyways, it hurts right now and I want to go draw stuff. Lucky Wing signing out, Bai guys!



11 thoughts on “What. The. Cat.

  1. Definition of braces for me: that painful thing that will forbid me from having popcorn, sticky candies, or *suspense music plays* popsicles! XD in my opinion… grape popsicles rule! Purple mouth? DEAL WITH IT😂

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