Theory Tics! Time Tangled Island!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here, and today, we’re doing another theory!


Hope you like the logo! I didn’t color it, sorry.

Anywho, I need to explain something. Purple Claw informed that he actually sure Theory Time on his blog.


My bad.

I really should have known that, I follow it pretty closely. Oh well. Anyways, so I’m calling it Theory Tics! It’s the same concept, I use the word “tic” instead of second sometimes when I say “what a second.”

Anyways, this theory, as says the title, is about Time Tangled. I mean, a lot of theories have been made about this island. Heck, Tall Cactus thinks that it could just be a play! It’s because there’s no way it could have just be there! Not only does it sent you back in time in such a way that just doesn’t work, not to mention that you go back in time. To Earth!

Well, here’s where my theory comes in. The device that future you gives you doesn’t just send your back in time, it sends you to an alternate dimension! See, I think that there are multiple versions of Earth, with various differences. They might not even call themselves Earth! Thus, Poptropica is one of them. So what if the device send you back in time to Earth! That doesn’t explain why they all look like Poptropicans, but that’s either because it’s your Poptropican’s eyes or because it’s not our Earth. This all means that the damage done in your future isn’t just because of time, it’s because of dimensional damage! Basically, if you mess with dimensions, it has a chance screwing up things just as much as time does. So don’t mess with that either. 😁 Don’t mess with anything!

Also, let me explain the time paradox of how you got the dumb device. I mean, you got it from future you from a horrible future, but you fixed it. So where did you get it? It’s a time paradox alright, but here’s how it would happen. So, you get it from wreaked past you, let’s call then WPY. When you went back in time, the future changed, which means that it’s the multiple timeline theory. The multiple time line theory is that, you mess with time, you mess with the future. So when you return to your time or the future it’s different, but you remember the old timeline. That’s what it’s like in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The other theory isn’t really relevant to this theory, but if you ask me about it some time I’d be more than willing to explain it! I love time travel theorizing! Anyways, WPY gives you the device, so after you fix that, you meet fixed future you, FFY. Well, I bet you FFY had the memory of giving you the device, but knows what happened because, after all, they are a future version of you. Does that make sense? I really hope so. It makes sense to me.

Well, that’s my theory. Theories at this point. Anywho, I hope you like it! I give a lot of thought to the theories of time travel, so I know the 2 main theories really well. Ask me anytime about Time Travel, I might be able to answer your question! Lucky Wing signing out, Bai guys!


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