One Surprise Reveled!

Update: I completely forgot to tell you where ask! You can put questions in the comments or private message me on Discord! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read the rest of the post, then come back here. Thanks!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Ok, first off, before you read this post, i thought I’d let you know that i’m writing this on various tech, like my mom’s tablet and a phone. So I apologize for typos. Now back to our regularly scheduled post!

I’m finally reveling one of the suprises i have had in the bag! Not the first one that involved ASGing, but this one:


i’m full surprises… Wow, tyop pro. But that’s not the point! Let’s get this show on the road! Behold!


Another uncolored picture!

Not funny? OK, fine.

Ask the Rulers! It’s pretty literal, You can ask Lucky Wing from my FanFic or me questions! The only rules are to keep it clean and appropriate (or else) and i won’t give out a lot of personal info. Oh, and, this isn’t a rule, but if you ask Lucky what happens next in the story, she’ll just stare at you like you’ve lost it. Just a a warning. I will be drawing  the reactions, so it might take a couple days to come out and if i’m working on a big project, i won’t be able to work on it until i’m done.  Unfortunately, i only have one whiteboard. Well, ok, i have two, but the other one is not only so small that it will hold only one person, but it’s pretty beat up. They won’t be colored, sorry. it saves me time and lets me do more Qs. Anyways, feel free to start asking questions! As more characters enter my FanFic, more will be ready to have questions asked. And you know what, heck, you could ask some of the other Pop characters questions, i wouldn’t mind! They might though.

And one more thing! To save from confusion, instead of calling me Lucky if you want to ask me something, call me E, it’s what my name begins with. Anyways, I also have something to show you tomorrow! Stay tuned! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


31 thoughts on “One Surprise Reveled!

  1. Well I might as well join in the tongue twister Qs trend.

    She sells seashells by the seashore, how many seashells did she sell? XD
    I’m gonna join in this too, #duckiesftw! xp

    Liked by 2 people

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