It’s tomorrow! (Ish)

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. i have BIG NEWS!!

LW(RoP): But i thought we were going to do Ask the Rulers!

Me: We were, but this is bigger. I’ll put them out next week.

LW: You didn’t do them, did you.

Me: I did too!

LW: You are not very good at lying.

Me: Alright fine! I’m not! i didn’t get them done, but that’s only part of the reason!

LW: E, i thought-

Me: Listen Lucky. I told you that i got invited to the Poptropica Skunk Blog, right?

LW: On Sunday, yes.

Me: Well, yesterday, i go invited to Clawtropica.

LW: Wasn’t that the one you were hoping to get into?

Me: Yeah, since i started blogging. Literally.

LW: well, that is great. Congratulations!

Me: Thanks! I literally almost screamed when I saw! Course I was in a library so..

LW: But why else couldn’t you do it?

Me: Let me count them off for you. The New Pop, i need to put out inportant info about Monkey Wrench that i wasn’t too clear on, i was working on some roleplays last night, i was working on character development the weekend so i didn’t do the Asking, my impending birthday…

LW: Your birthday’s coming up? Congratulations!

Me: Yeah. Sweet 16th. *Unenthusiastically* Whoo hoo.

LW: Oh cheer up! 16th isn’t bad!

Me: You weren’t in high school you lucky-

LW: Wing.

Me: … That’s not what i was going to say.

LW: Where i live isn’t important.

Me: … how?!?!

LW: It is called you are predictable.

Me: … *Sigh* Anyways, i just have a lot on my plate this week and i really wish it was summer.

LW: Why?

Me: Free time!!!

LW: … Wait, when is your birthday?

Me: 28th of February. Why?

LW: … How?

Me: How what?

LW: That is my birthday and i just turned 19.

Me: You’re from a different time line. Sue me.

LW: Wait, what?

Me: Oh, and I also need to go and do TC’s art! And get the other one from the depths of despair!

LW: Why do you keep art in the depths of eternal despair?

Me: It’s not eternal despair, it’s my bedroom.

LW: Ah.

Me: What else… There was something else I needed to handle… Right! The PHB art thing! It’s about ships this month and I have to go figure out how to do something on that without totally spoiling my story!

LW: I do not have any idea what you are talking about.

Me: Your lack of contractions is funny.

LW: Beg pardon?

Me: It suddenly occurs to me that many fanfics that I wrote have people who don’t…

LW: Are you alright?

Me: Fine! I am fine.

LW: … Were you looking at Ninjago memes again?

Me: Maaaaaaaaaaybe?

LW: Please just go to sleep. For your own good.

Me: Fine! Lucky Wing signing-

LW: But I thought I was Lucky Wing?

Me: O_o out-bai-guys!! *Runs*








More tomorrow

Hey guys Lucky Wing here. Guys, ask the Rulers is temporally…


Yeah. But probably only this week. More details tomorrow. I must needs sleep. Sorry to keep you in suspense guys. Lucky Wing signing out bai guys.


I’ll do an official post on this. Tomorrow. It’s better this way, trust me.


Monkey Wrench epilogues!!!

So I completely forewent the picture…

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! OMC, I have so much going on. But, I have really good news. I feel like normal Lucky Wing again! I wasn’t feeling myself these past few days, so now I feel GREAT!!! In other news, I have the epilogues done! Course, in the future, I’ll probably post the epi with another bit, but this one isn’t one, it’s four. That’s why I’m here.


I am a strange girl, aren’t I?

Whelp, here you go! The Monkey Wrench epilogues!

Monkey Wrench Epilogues

Lucky’s epilogue

When we touched back down on Home Island, there was a crowd. It was full of the rest of the racers and some of the people from the island, including the girl from the docks. We climbed out of the blimp and the mayor gave a short speech, then gave us the medallion, which Amelia insisted on giving it to me. Everyone wanted to shake my hand and actually listened to what i had to say. It was of the most elating feelings ever. “Hey Lucky, good show!” “Congrats winning! Wish i could have!” “Nice job there on the race.(him)” “Maybe i’ll beat you next time!” After it was done, i found Amelia, watching the skyline. “Hello.” “Hey.” I sighed happily. “What a great adventure!” She looked at me and smiled. “And it doesn’t end here.”

A boy in the crowd’s epilogue

I watched Lucky Wing get on her blimp, Amelia waving goodbye. I marvelled at how easy she was with crowds. She waved, smiled and thanked people like she had been in this situation a hundred times! Who on Poptropica was she? Where did she come from? But for now, I would just let her go. I could find out later.

The Dark Knight’s epilogue

(Hey, if you’re reading this again or for the first time, I’m removing this. It doesn’t add into the story and it simply doesn’t fit with the story. Even then, it was a stretch. So… I removed it. It never happened. I’m sorry guys, this is my bad. Have a good day! 10/14/17)

Baroness’ Epilogue

The Red Baroness crawled from the wreck that had been her plane, coughing. She had made it out alive. Had the other passenger? The man who had talked her ear off even though they were in a plummeting plane. She hoped he hadn’t. Just then, Crusoe popped his head up. “That was some crash!” The Baroness sighed. She should have known she couldn’t be that lucky. Ignoring Crusoe’s chatter, she began searching the plane. Her plane, her glorious plane… destroyed by one fruit drink. Which Crusoe was still drinking. Her fists clenched. She found what she was looking for, a cell phone, and called the first number on the list. A teenage girl, maybe 19, answered. “Yes?” “It’s me.” There was a pause. “OK… Elaborate.”

“The Red Baroness.”

“Ah. Did you get the medallion?!”

“No, I didn’t! I took out Amelia like i planned, but her co-pilot got in the vay. She had a new one vith her. The kid had a lot in her.”

“OK then. So where are you now?”

“Stuck on some island, vith a man who can’t tell a vire from a piece of rope!”

“What happened to your plane?”

“I’d rather not talk about my plane right now!”


The Baroness wiped her eyes angrily as she waited for the girl on the other side to finish doing whatever she was doing. There was a rush of static, like a sigh.

“Red, I can’t get you out of there. I’m sorry, but you’re stuck.”

The Baroness sighed. “Don’t call me Red.”

“Right. Who was the co-pilot?”

“I’m not sure. She had green hair and-”

“Green hair?!” The girl cut her off. “Are you serious?”


“What else was she wearing?”

“She vas vearing a shirt that looked medieval, if it helps.”

“Hmm. It does… She could have come from… Hmm…” There was a pause before she said “Did you see who won?”

“No, but it was probably Amelia and her dratted co-pilot!”

“OK then.””The sound of typing, then another rush of static. “Yeah, there’s no way I can get you off. But if you build a raft or something, Early Poptropica is due West. I’m sorry, but that’s all I can do.”

“Fine. But vat about Amelia?”

“Don’t worry about her. She’s done racing. She joined some flying team.”

“Zat doesn’t make me feel better. Vat about the co-pilot?”

The girl laughed. “Don’t worry about her. No. One. Escapes. Perfect. Cheetah.” She laughed again. “We’ll have that medallion before the week is out.”


Dun dun DUUUUUUUN!!! Mysterious ending! Who is this Perfect Cheetah? Who is that boy in the crowd? (By boy I mean he’s about Lucky’s age BTW) Who is that creepy Dark Knight? (Creeeeeeeeepy!) I guess we’ll find out in next installment! Or the next. It the next. Or the 12th… (That was a random guess.) I needs to go now, there’s a cat asleep on my knees and I need to go sleep! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!!!


Because this sums up my life, that’s why. XD

Monkey Wrench Part 4

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Look who got the next Monkey Wrench bit out!

BTW, Dr Hare isn’t here. He was, let’s say, called away on urgent business. But he did say something about tomorrow…

We’ll see tomorrow then.

Now, i need to clarify. i know i said that this would be the last part, but there’s more. The epilogue. Ss. There’s 4 of them, all of them WAY important to the rest of the stories.

Well, let’s hop to it! The next part of the story is pretty awesome! At least… i hope it is…

Hope is what i have. That and pure luck.

Monkey Wrench Part 4

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Black Carrots.

Attention! This is Dr. Hare! Lucky Wing has… left. I am writing this blog post for her. And i am SO MAD right now! I was considering World Domination, as usual, when my dry-cleaners called me. They had accidentally bleached my costume, they said they had dyed it to fix it. When i went over there, they had dyed it BLACK!! I was furious, so i stomped around the island to go and get some carrots. But, as it turns out, THERE ARE NO CARROTS ON REALITY TV ISLAND!!!! WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE ISLAND THEN?!?!?!? So, i went to Super Hero, hoping to get another smack at Lucky Wing. She wasn’t there and, what’s more, when i went to go see my friend Ratman, they said that NO CIVILIANS WERE ALLOWED!!! I AM NOT A CIVILIAN!!!! One girl told me that there were super-villains about. i laughed really hard at that. I tried to go over to the park, but a policeman said THE EXACT SAME THING!!!! So i went to the Daily News to see if anyone wanted to talk. no one was in there. A couple of girls in pink super-hero costumes came in. i went over to them and they left! i was so mad… Then this guy came in. capture

He actually wanted to talk to me! We had a nice conversation before I left. So, in conclusion, my only friend is the hermit hotdog. And i hate life. And everyone. So in more conclusion, I’m doing a selfies with Dr Hare! Come and meet me in the 24 Carrot island theatre tomorrow, let’s say at 5, and I’ll do a selfie with you. Also-

Lucky Wing: HAAAAAAAAARE!!!!

Darn it she got the gag off. Aaaaaaaaand gotta go! I’m going to go make my drycleaners fix my suit. And Lucky will be back, probably-

LW: What are you doing on my computer?!

Will she shut up? But she does have this for her “Ask the Rulers” thing. She was posting it, but she… asked me to do it for her! Yes! That’s it!


LW: Are you doing a blog post? In my blog? Ooh, when I get my hands free…

😓 And, Dr Hare out! Peace! *Runs*

LW: … You sound old!!

Ask the Rulers #3

Update: well I done messed up. The fries question had the wrong picture. I fixed, I’m sorry!! Thanks Hyper Gamer for letting me know!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here.

Tis that time of night. The world is quiet. The lights are dim and gentle.

And then there’s me, desperately trying to get the next blog post out at ten o clock at night.

Go figure.

Anyways, I have the newest Ask the Rulers!

Well… Most of it…

Smartpoptropica, your’s isn’t done yet. I’m really sorry! It’ll be out tomorrow, I promise!

We authors and our deadlines. I’m surprised I manged to graduate… Well, pretty much every grade but 10th!

Without further ado, (or meddling from the author) here’s the next Ask the Rulers!

Oh wait! I lied! Just wanted to tell you, I didn’t do these on the order I’m showing them! Not sure how that’s relevant at all…

Am I just wasting time?

I am now.

Also I’d like to point out, jeez, that post had 35 comments. Dang. In a good way.

I’ll shut up now.

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Why is asking so hard?!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. Once again, but this time after drawing most of the day, I’m not able to post the “Ask the Rulers” tonight. Once again, it’ll have to wait til Monday.

Guys, I might have to permanently move it to Monday!

Here’s why, see, even though I’m not blogging in Sunday, I am drawing and what not. Plus, during the week, I have such little time to use my whiteboard anyways! It’s really depressing!

So give me your opinion on this.

Oop. Now, I gotta go see if I can make my other deadline on my other blog. I bet I can, memes aren’t hard. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

PS: Congrats to my friend TC for being a blogger for a whole year! The party was a ton of fun, my brother and I had a blast! Let’s hope that Lucky Wing’s Blog o’ Fun can make it!

February… Stuff…

*Lucky Wing is asleep in bed*

Director D: Agent Wing! Wake up!

LW: AAH! IS IT COWS?!? DID THE ILLUMINATI FIND OUT ABOUT THE BANANA?! *Sees DD* Oh my gosh. this had better be good.

DD: Wing, you need to say something about the February islands of the month!

LW: They’re doing a survey… I don’t usually do those D.

DD: Director D.

LW: Ask me if I care. Let me sleeeeeeeeeeeeep… *Falls face first into pillow*

DD: And the fanfiction?

LW: Is almost finished, the last post will probably be out tomorrow!

DD: Not to mention your roleplays.

LW: Right. On it. Tomorrow.

DD: And what was that about a shipping wheel?

LW: It’s about to be something I whack you over the head with. It’s not important, it’s a gag. Besides, I can’t do it until I get to a certain point in my Fanfic.

DD: And Poptropica Worlds and Adventure Quest?

LW: I’m doing that post after I have info.

DD: And what about the surprise involving ASGing?

LW: I can actually do it now, so yes that may come out soon.

DD: And you haven’t even started on the Ask the Rulers.

LW: *covers head with blankets* TOMORROW!

DD: And-

LW: *whacks him in face with pillow* LET ME SLEEP!!

DD: OK, OK. I’ll leave.

LW: Thank you! *Sighs* Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys.

Monkey Wrench Part 3

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Och, it’s late. I need to go sleep. But I needed to do this. I told you I was working on the next part of the story, this time more summarized. And I did! This is a long part and it’s not as summarized as I wish it was, but firstly, it’s late, and secondly, it’s Lucky Wing. She, like me, has a bit of trouble getting to the point. I’m going to try some other ways to make these a little shorter in a future story. But not this one. Not yet.

Aaaaaaaaaanyways, here you go!

Monkey Wrench Part 3

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Dr. Hare has the map! Roleplay

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! You guys remember the Roleplay post i did a few days ago? i have Fierce Flyer and Red Rider who are ready to do it, i will do it with you guys soon! I’d just like to note, i can do it with multiple people! In case you wanted to do that! But first off, do you guys remember when the map update came to the app? No? Now i’m unhAPPy. *SNERK* ok, i don’t blame you, i wouldn’t remember if it wasn’t for this.

Rats, the map is on app!

“So?” i hear you shout. “What does that matter?” Well, as a joke, i said it was MY map that Dr. Hare stole! (Who am i kidding, i totally wanted this to happen!) Anyways, HappyHappy760, someone i didn’t know at the time, replied to my comment, continuing the roleplay. Yes, that is where i got the idea of doing these. Anywho, this is a little, silly skit that we wrote together. My text will be green, her’s is going to be blue. (If you’re in reader, i’d go to the actual page. you can’t see the color if you’re in the reader. So, the gist of this is, i wrote some, she wrote some. I hope you enjoy! It’s a bit (lot) long, sorry. But still good!

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