Happy new year!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here, happy new year! Now, I know that it’s the second, but that’s just how it is. Honestly, I can’t believe it. (I’m not done with 2016! 😭) But 2017 means great things! Here’s what you can except this year from me:

  • My birthday (comes once every year)
  • My channelversery! (1 year, boom!)
  • My blogging anniversary (not for a while though, XD)
  • I work on my Fanfic! (I gotta hurry with book 1! Book 2 is where it gets good!)
  • I join someone’s blog! (It could happen. It could. I hope.)
  • A new blog! (You might not have to wait that long though…😏)
  • More FanArt!
  • More Fangirling! (Surprise surprise)
  • At least one rant! (Trust me, ours gonna come.)

Well, there is another thing, though it’s not really about 2017. Tomorrow, school starts up again.


Also, I figured out how to make my own memes. And I’m enjoying it far too much.


Anyways, I gotta go, I have stuff to draw, like the stuff for “Ask the Rulers.” Lucky Wing signing out, bay guys!


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