Theory Tics! Pewter Moon time!

Hey guys Lucky Wing here, and I have another theory for you all!


This one is about Pewter Moon, clearly. See, here’s what got me thinking. One of the aliens says to you:

“I haven’t seen one of your kind in 20 years!”

But I thought Mordred was about 25 or something.


Uh huh. Anyways, Mordred’s age isn’t even relevant. Well, not here. And what’s more, I heard that Sir… Uh… Um… He wears the blu armor, how’s that? Anywho, I heard that he may have got a ship from there. Well, I don’t entirely believe that, but whatever. So how does that work? How did 20 years pass on the Pewter Moon, but not Earth? Well, it’s pretty simple. A year on the moon is only 27 Earth days! So 20 years for them is… Uh… *Pulls out calculator* uh… maths.


About a year and a half earth time! So that would add up!

Well, that was a pretty short post, but I wanted to post it. And I like making memes! Lucky Wing signing out, Bai guys!


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