I’m the Princess

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. Yes, i tried once again to do a cool title. And failed. Again. Thus is my curse. Oh well. Anyways, that’s my title! It’s not because I’m Princess Elyana or, even worse, Princess Dagger. It’s because of one thing.

Perler Beads.

I can see you all, reading the post, going “huuuuuuuh????”

OK, clarification. You are in the right blog. I didn’t post on the wrong blog. This is all in order. I promise.

Well, perler beads is one of my biggest hobbies. You know, those little beads you put on the pegboards and iron. I’m pretty good with them! So, one day, while looking for ideas on what to make, I googled Poptropica Perler Beads.


It had a bunch of Pop pictures and a few perler bead designs. Nothing a combination of the two.

Yeah, you know where this is going. So, naturally, I just had to make some myself! So I did!

Now, don’t judge me. This was a first attempt. (Though to be perfectly honest, the second was worse.)


I made it quite a while ago, so yeah. I hope you like it! I also made one of current Lucky Wing, but it’s dark and late, and anyways, that one had a story. Hoo hoo hoo, does it ever.

*Coughs* Sorry. Um, lemme think… Anything else… *Thinks* Oh, I flipped though the PHB magazines. Basically, I just looked at fan art for ideas, but I did read one thing that gave me an idea. How good of an idea? Stay up late on a school night good. For me, daz good peeps.


I’m so not. Anywho, time for me to call it a night, so Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


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