Waz dis?

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. Yes, the title’s garbage, but no matter! WHAT IS THIS? IT IS NEW AND IT IS POP AND I AM INTERESTED!!!!


i’m good now.

Anyways, watch this video!

So, this looks interesting! I… *Sees female Pop bot* You look framiliar… And not in a good way… And not like those training bots on Night Watch, though they do look a lot like them…


I don’t think they like being blown up by fun. Looks like those two behind the scientists creators weren’t happy at all. You’re gonna have a robot rebellion in your hands creators! Ooh, I bet you that Afro guy is going to lead it! BE PREPARED CREATORS!!

Moving on.

OK, this was so shocking, something went on the fritz. I mean, look!


i knew this was gonna happen. never mix sugar, shock and updates to Pop. ‘Course, threat of hostile robots doesn’t help either. *Sighs* I’ll be fine. But I don’t like the look of those crash test dummies… Keep a robotic eye on them… Or some human ones. Or Mad-eyed Moody’s. I’ll take what I can get.

So anyways, here’s a response for some of the things promised!

New, exciting Worlds to explore

Really?!?! YUS!

Favorites from the original Poptropica, remastered for Poptropica Worlds

Oh awesome! *Happy dance* Now don’t mess it up. XD Kidding!

One account for everything Poptropica!

Everything Poptropica… You mean we’ll use the same account? Or is it like Google, where it flaunts your email like a banner? Cause that tics me off. But it’s probably the first, so yay!

Your very own customizable home (remember this poll?)

I always wondered where the Poptropicans lived. Well, in my Fanfic, they live in an apartment… This is way cooler! (And the apartment actually has a nickname, but I like you guys.)

More costumes than ever

YUS COSTUMES! Angel Wings, better be a thing! XD

Daily prizes and awesome games

Happy dance!

And more to come…

Ooh! I am so pumped for this! I can’t wait for this! This is supposed to come out this spring, but I don’t think so. Remember last time? I’m pretty sure cows infiltrated their base and made it take longer. But this time, it’s so going to be the robots. They will rebel! Keep your microphones at the ready! Lucky Wing signing out, Bai guys!


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