This just got real.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. As you may have noticed…

I just became the newest author on the Brainy Pop Blog, along with my friend, smartpoptropica!

he edged me out on his post, posting it 7 minutes before i did!

Dang boy!

JK XD I’m super happy! However, there are a few things i need to address.

  1. i will be doing different posts on the two Pop blogs. They might be about similar things, but i’m still doing different ones. I’m like that. XD
  2. i will still be doing my two blogs. I like them both too much to let one go. I might die if i ever have to.
  3.  There might be a chance i won’t post daily. Well, i don’t post entirely daily anyways, but i mean i might be busy with one post one day, so there might not be all the posts. Besides, i won’t be posting daily on the BPB. I might overwhelm the other co-authors.
  4. Today was almost the best day ever. Stupid throat.
  5. IDK Maybe i should stop now.


Yeah, i’m done now. Anyways, if you don’t follow it, go check out the Brainy Pop blog! It’s great! ok, i gtg. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!





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