Ask the Rulers #2

Hey guys Lucky Wing here! Guess what!!!!


Well, I can see your confusion. Serves me right for being so vague so much. Well, my room is clean! I am finally done with it! That means I’ll be able make videos!


I am rather excited about it, if you didn’t notice. XD Anyways, we’d better do the much-awaited Ask the Rulers! Here it goes!

Fierce Flyer: What’s your favorite animal? (Ask the Rulers Question)


LW: Are you bitter?

Me: Yes. 

Moving on.

Smartpoptropica: When will the reign of cows start? (Ask The Rulers)


Huzzah indeed. Huzzah for ADHD people more like! XD. And I did get a green steak Saturday IRL! It’s awesome!

DJVampiGamer: ya like jazz? (Q&A question)


I’m sorry, the pic quality is awful. Sorry, I tried to make it better, yeah, total fail.


Popular Wolf: What do you think of PW’s new outift?
She and I both have horrible fashion sense 😛


Aaaaaaaand I’m dead. Excuse me as I run before she asks why I look like that. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys;



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