Monkey Wrench Part 3

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Och, it’s late. I need to go sleep. But I needed to do this. I told you I was working on the next part of the story, this time more summarized. And I did! This is a long part and it’s not as summarized as I wish it was, but firstly, it’s late, and secondly, it’s Lucky Wing. She, like me, has a bit of trouble getting to the point. I’m going to try some other ways to make these a little shorter in a future story. But not this one. Not yet.

Aaaaaaaaaanyways, here you go!

Monkey Wrench Part 3

It was simple getting the wrench back from the little bugger. I stood on one see-saw, the monkey on the other. We went back to Amelia. I told her how we got the wrench and that i was going to try to fix the propeller. “Do you know how to use that?” Amelia asked me curiously. I nodded. “I am rather handy with tools!” I set to work at once. 5 minutes and after getting my hands thoroughly dirty, the propeller was back on. We jumped inside. The plane whirred back to life, moving is across the little valley before breaking down entirely, smoke pouring out of the engine. Amelia looked about ready to cry. “I suppose it wasn’t just the propeller then.” I muttered. “It will be alright Amelia! We’ll get out of here, no problem. Look, we can reach over there now!” The monkey was hopping up and down next to another sign with an arrow. We followed him curiously to…

“A tropical resort?” Amelia asked, startled. I stared, open mouthed. Not only was there human life, but there was a resort! But it looked like no one was here! I spotted a bell and rung it. Then I rung it a few more times to make myself feel better. A man came running up. To put it simply, he looked like a child who had been a castaway for 40 years. “Ah, fellow adventures!” He said merrily. i nodded. He turned to the monkey. “Mongo, no uniform! Go and change!” “Mongo?” I asked. He nodded. It seemed like an od name, but I moved on. “Who are you?” “They call me Crusoe.” He said, puffing up his chest. “OK… we need to get back to the race!” Amelia said. “Ah! A race! Reminds me of the old days…” He then started off on how he had wanted to be an adventurer, but his dad said something… I started to nod off. It had always been on of my worst habits, nodding off when people were talking. I had often gotten in trouble for it. “And that’s how I got to this island!” Crusoe finished triumphantly. I nodded, rubbing my eyes. “Lovely. So, we need to get off this island.” He nodded. “I can help. Just get me a rope, a cloth and a drink.” Amelia raised her eyebrows. “A fruit drink.” I coughed and grabbed her arm. “We will get right on it!” I glanced around. There were more monkeys around. I would just need their help.

Getting the drink wasn’t as easy as it should have been. There was a machine that made the actual drink itself. The problem was that it was the most complicated way to get the fruit inside. I helped one of the little monkeys work the pulley system, but it broke and I fell down a sort of slide. It was rather terrifying. But finally, I pushed the button and the drink came out. I sighed. “All that work for one little drink.” Amelia came over holding the bag. “I’ve got the cloth.” I smiled. “Brilliant! I have got the rope and the drink.” We walked over to Crusoe. i rang the bell, just for fun. He took our things and told us he’d have our way out of here soon. So we waited.

And waited. “What’s taking him? Angela wondered. I looked up from my doodles in the sand. Then I heard a rumbling noice. “Oh dear.” It was easy to find Crusoe, fast asleep, in a hammock. Amelia and I looked at each other. Then I poked the hammock. Hard. “Ow!” He sat up groggily. “You used those supplies to make a hammock!” Amelia said angrily. I crossed my arms. Crusoe held up a drawing. “I do my best work when I’m rested. Here you go!” I took the picture.


I coughed. “Oh.” Amelia looked livid. “Amelia…” I said in a soothing voice. “Calm down.” Just then, the monkey, Mongo, started jumping up and down, hooting. He had a drawing too. I took it.


“This is perfect!” I looked at the monkey. “Can you make this?” He hooted excitedly. I took that as a yes. “The monkeys were the brains of the operation the whole time!” Amelia laughed.


… That’s just sad dude. When monkeys are smarter than you. Well, anyways, I hope you enjoyed this installment of Rulers of Poptropica! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

PS: look for a video from me sometime soon… 😏


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