February… Stuff…

*Lucky Wing is asleep in bed*

Director D: Agent Wing! Wake up!

LW: AAH! IS IT COWS?!? DID THE ILLUMINATI FIND OUT ABOUT THE BANANA?! *Sees DD* Oh my gosh. this had better be good.

DD: Wing, you need to say something about the February islands of the month!

LW: They’re doing a survey… I don’t usually do those D.

DD: Director D.

LW: Ask me if I care. Let me sleeeeeeeeeeeeep… *Falls face first into pillow*

DD: And the fanfiction?

LW: Is almost finished, the last post will probably be out tomorrow!

DD: Not to mention your roleplays.

LW: Right. On it. Tomorrow.

DD: And what was that about a shipping wheel?

LW: It’s about to be something I whack you over the head with. It’s not important, it’s a gag. Besides, I can’t do it until I get to a certain point in my Fanfic.

DD: And Poptropica Worlds and Adventure Quest?

LW: I’m doing that post after I have info.

DD: And what about the surprise involving ASGing?

LW: I can actually do it now, so yes that may come out soon.

DD: And you haven’t even started on the Ask the Rulers.

LW: *covers head with blankets* TOMORROW!

DD: And-

LW: *whacks him in face with pillow* LET ME SLEEP!!

DD: OK, OK. I’ll leave.

LW: Thank you! *Sighs* Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys.


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