Why is asking so hard?!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. Once again, but this time after drawing most of the day, I’m not able to post the “Ask the Rulers” tonight. Once again, it’ll have to wait til Monday.

Guys, I might have to permanently move it to Monday!

Here’s why, see, even though I’m not blogging in Sunday, I am drawing and what not. Plus, during the week, I have such little time to use my whiteboard anyways! It’s really depressing!

So give me your opinion on this.

Oop. Now, I gotta go see if I can make my other deadline on my other blog. I bet I can, memes aren’t hard. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

PS: Congrats to my friend TC for being a blogger for a whole year! The party was a ton of fun, my brother and I had a blast! Let’s hope that Lucky Wing’s Blog o’ Fun can make it!


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