Ask the Rulers #3

Update: well I done messed up. The fries question had the wrong picture. I fixed, I’m sorry!! Thanks Hyper Gamer for letting me know!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here.

Tis that time of night. The world is quiet. The lights are dim and gentle.

And then there’s me, desperately trying to get the next blog post out at ten o clock at night.

Go figure.

Anyways, I have the newest Ask the Rulers!

Well… Most of it…

Smartpoptropica, your’s isn’t done yet. I’m really sorry! It’ll be out tomorrow, I promise!

We authors and our deadlines. I’m surprised I manged to graduate… Well, pretty much every grade but 10th!

Without further ado, (or meddling from the author) here’s the next Ask the Rulers!

Oh wait! I lied! Just wanted to tell you, I didn’t do these on the order I’m showing them! Not sure how that’s relevant at all…

Am I just wasting time?

I am now.

Also I’d like to point out, jeez, that post had 35 comments. Dang. In a good way.

I’ll shut up now.

Bendy Flyer: What’s your favorite food? (Ask the Rulers Question)


Come to think of it, when people ask me, my immediate response is “Food.”

Then they look at me funny.


Purple Claw: Do you like fries?


Get that girl to a McDonald’s! XD


DJVampiGamer: How MLG are you? (look it up if you don’t know what MLG is)

Vampi and PW then had a MLG conversation in the comments.

I love you people.


3 things. 1, my marker died in the middle of this pic, while I was doing the 3rd panel, 2, this was the first one I did, and 3, I took this test and that was the legit answer I got. For that reason. And Lucky got a legit 19. ONE OTHER PERSON!! Who the heck was that other person?

Red Rider: Can you dance (ask the rulers)


XD Totally kidding!



*Sighs at own grammar*


And that’s it, sadly enough! smartpoptropica’s will come out tomorrow! I’m also hoping to get out the last installment of Rulers! I know, why would I say that when I already have so many deadlines? *COUGH COUGH SCHOOL*

Sorry, had something in my throat there.

Well, as it transpires, it’s actually done. I just need to add a picture and it’s complete! Yes, the picture is nessisary,I promise. So let’s see if I can draw that sucker up tomorrow! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

*Passes out from lack of sleep*








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