Black Carrots.

Attention! This is Dr. Hare! Lucky Wing has… left. I am writing this blog post for her. And i am SO MAD right now! I was considering World Domination, as usual, when my dry-cleaners called me. They had accidentally bleached my costume, they said they had dyed it to fix it. When i went over there, they had dyed it BLACK!! I was furious, so i stomped around the island to go and get some carrots. But, as it turns out, THERE ARE NO CARROTS ON REALITY TV ISLAND!!!! WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE ISLAND THEN?!?!?!? So, i went to Super Hero, hoping to get another smack at Lucky Wing. She wasn’t there and, what’s more, when i went to go see my friend Ratman, they said that NO CIVILIANS WERE ALLOWED!!! I AM NOT A CIVILIAN!!!! One girl told me that there were super-villains about. i laughed really hard at that. I tried to go over to the park, but a policeman said THE EXACT SAME THING!!!! So i went to the Daily News to see if anyone wanted to talk. no one was in there. A couple of girls in pink super-hero costumes came in. i went over to them and they left! i was so mad… Then this guy came in.Β capture

He actually wanted to talk to me! We had a nice conversation before I left. So, in conclusion, my only friend is the hermit hotdog. And i hate life. And everyone. So in more conclusion, I’m doing a selfies with Dr Hare! Come and meet me in the 24 Carrot island theatre tomorrow, let’s say at 5, and I’ll do a selfie with you. Also-

Lucky Wing: HAAAAAAAAARE!!!!

Darn it she got the gag off. Aaaaaaaaand gotta go! I’m going to go make my drycleaners fix my suit. And Lucky will be back, probably-

LW: What are you doing on my computer?!

Will she shut up? But she does have this for her “Ask the Rulers” thing. She was posting it, but she… asked me to do it for her! Yes! That’s it!


LW: Are you doing a blog post? In my blog? Ooh, when I get my hands free…

πŸ˜“ And, Dr Hare out! Peace! *Runs*

LW: … You sound old!!


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