Monkey Wrench Part 4

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Look who got the next Monkey Wrench bit out!

BTW, Dr Hare isn’t here. He was, let’s say, called away on urgent business. But he did say something about tomorrow…

We’ll see tomorrow then.

Now, i need to clarify. i know i said that this would be the last part, but there’s more. The epilogue. Ss. There’s 4 of them, all of them WAY important to the rest of the stories.

Well, let’s hop to it! The next part of the story is pretty awesome! At least… i hope it is…

Hope is what i have. That and pure luck.

Monkey Wrench Part 4

Soon enough, we were in the skies in our beautiful yellow blimp. The monkeys chattered below happily. “Wonder where Crusoe is.” i said thoughtfully. “You’d think he would want to send us off.” Amelia snorted. “i doubt it. He’s probably taking a nap somewhere.” i shrugged. “I will drop some sandbags, so we can speed up!” Amelia looked at me. “Where are you from Lucky?” i stopped in the middle of dropping a bag. “What?” “You speak very proper.” My heart sped up. “Oh, nowhere important!” i pointed at the plane ahead of us suddenly. “Look, the Baroness is ahead! ” Angela turned. When she saw her nemesis, she shouted “Yo! Baroness!” The Red Baroness turned, shocked. “How…?” i grinned. The look on her face was priceless. I dropped more sandbags and we got even closer. The Red Baroness wiped the stunned look off her face and glared at us. “Vell, looks like I have to get though you!” Then she slammed into the basket of the blimp, sending it swinging. Amelia grabbed the side just in time, but I screamed as I tumbled into empty air.

Several thoughts sped through my mind as I plummeted. I was going to die. I hadn’t even gotten to do anything worthwhile. My parents. Would they ever find out? They would be so mad.

Wait, am I still falling?

I was not. Amelia had steered under me just in time! I was on top of the blimp! If I was shocked, it was nothing to the Baroness. Then she scowled. “You two vill not get the best of me this time!” Then she threw a broken trophy at me. I dodged just in time. I heard Amelia shout something at the Baroness, but I didn’t hear what. After dodging a couple more things, I was able to slide back down into the basket. “You OK there Wing?” Amelia asked me. I nodded, breathing heavily. “We… We need to drop more bags… to… win!” I panted. She nodded and began to untie the last and final sandbag. But there wasn’t sand inside. I shrieked. “Crusoe?!?” “What?” He muttered sleepily. “My flying machine worked? Then he grinned. “I mean of course it worked! I’m a genius!” Amelia and I exchanged looks. “We could drop him.” I said half-heartedly, but we both knew we couldn’t. It would kill him. “Do we have anything else we can throw overboard?” She asked. I shrugged and pulled out the wrench from my bag  “I am not sure how much good it will do, but I do have this.” She pointed at the other plane. “OK, go for it.” I grinned and threw it at the Baroness’ plane. It missed her and fell through the clouds below. “Zat almost hit me!” She yelled. “That means I missed!” I called back. “What else can we get rid of?” Amelia snapped her fingers. “Crusoe!” She shouted over the side. “Get rid of that drink!” “No way!” He whined. “It’s mine!” Amelia sighed. “Can you talk sense into him?” “I very much doubt it.” I replied, but I shouted over the side. “Throw it over! Or we will lose!” He shrugged and kept drinking. Furious, I pulled my head up. “This man cannot be serious… So help me, I will… I’ll… Argh!” I punched the side. Amelia frowned. “We need to trick him into giving it to us.” “Shouldn’t be too hard. He had palm leaves for brains. Can I get you a refill?” I called down. “Now you’re taking sense!” He shouted and threw me the drink. Amelia blinked. “Wow.” I grinned and caught the drink. “The idiot.” Then I hucked it as hard as I could. It ended up in the back seat of The Red Baroness’ plane. “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Crusoe shouted, and he dove after it. I covered my eyes, but did not hear a scream. When I looked, Crusoe was sitting in the other plane. And the plane was smoking. “My plane? What did you do to it?!” The Baroness yelled at Crusoe. He shrugged. “Just a little juice in the wiring.” She wailed as the plane began to dip below the clouds. “Say, this reminds me of a story…” I heard Crusoe say before they disappeared. I looked at Amelia. She didn’t say anything further a second. Then she said “They’re falling towards the island, they’ll be fine.” I stared at her. “How on Poptropica did you know that?” She blinked, then rubbed her head. “I… I don’t know! How did I know that?!” Just then I saw a hot air balloon ahead. “Amelia…” “Yeah?” “Is that what I think I am seeing?” She squinted. Then gasped. ” It is!” We passed through a ribbon and heard a cheer. “Did we just…” I stuttered. “Win?” Amelia squeaked. We looked at each other. Then we started screaming. “WE WON!!”

Phew! Looks like they did win the race. I was so worried!

I can tell that you’re all looking at me like this: 😑

So was that a nice ending? The next part is a bit shorter, but i’m hoping to have it out tomorrow. That’s the part that needs a picture BTW. Well, part of it. We’ll see. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

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