Monkey Wrench epilogues!!!

So I completely forewent the picture…

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! OMC, I have so much going on. But, I have really good news. I feel like normal Lucky Wing again! I wasn’t feeling myself these past few days, so now I feel GREAT!!! In other news, I have the epilogues done! Course, in the future, I’ll probably post the epi with another bit, but this one isn’t one, it’s four. That’s why I’m here.


I am a strange girl, aren’t I?

Whelp, here you go! The Monkey Wrench epilogues!

Monkey Wrench Epilogues

Lucky’s epilogue

When we touched back down on Home Island, there was a crowd. It was full of the rest of the racers and some of the people from the island, including the girl from the docks. We climbed out of the blimp and the mayor gave a short speech, then gave us the medallion, which Amelia insisted on giving it to me. Everyone wanted to shake my hand and actually listened to what i had to say. It was of the most elating feelings ever. “Hey Lucky, good show!” “Congrats winning! Wish i could have!” “Nice job there on the race.(him)” “Maybe i’ll beat you next time!” After it was done, i found Amelia, watching the skyline. “Hello.” “Hey.” I sighed happily. “What a great adventure!” She looked at me and smiled. “And it doesn’t end here.”

A boy in the crowd’s epilogue

I watched Lucky Wing get on her blimp, Amelia waving goodbye. I marvelled at how easy she was with crowds. She waved, smiled and thanked people like she had been in this situation a hundred times! Who on Poptropica was she? Where did she come from? But for now, I would just let her go. I could find out later.

The Dark Knight’s epilogue

(Hey, if you’re reading this again or for the first time, I’m removing this. It doesn’t add into the story and it simply doesn’t fit with the story. Even then, it was a stretch. So… I removed it. It never happened. I’m sorry guys, this is my bad. Have a good day! 10/14/17)

Baroness’ Epilogue

The Red Baroness crawled from the wreck that had been her plane, coughing. She had made it out alive. Had the other passenger? The man who had talked her ear off even though they were in a plummeting plane. She hoped he hadn’t. Just then, Crusoe popped his head up. “That was some crash!” The Baroness sighed. She should have known she couldn’t be that lucky. Ignoring Crusoe’s chatter, she began searching the plane. Her plane, her glorious plane… destroyed by one fruit drink. Which Crusoe was still drinking. Her fists clenched. She found what she was looking for, a cell phone, and called the first number on the list. A teenage girl, maybe 19, answered. “Yes?” “It’s me.” There was a pause. “OK… Elaborate.”

“The Red Baroness.”

“Ah. Did you get the medallion?!”

“No, I didn’t! I took out Amelia like i planned, but her co-pilot got in the vay. She had a new one vith her. The kid had a lot in her.”

“OK then. So where are you now?”

“Stuck on some island, vith a man who can’t tell a vire from a piece of rope!”

“What happened to your plane?”

“I’d rather not talk about my plane right now!”


The Baroness wiped her eyes angrily as she waited for the girl on the other side to finish doing whatever she was doing. There was a rush of static, like a sigh.

“Red, I can’t get you out of there. I’m sorry, but you’re stuck.”

The Baroness sighed. “Don’t call me Red.”

“Right. Who was the co-pilot?”

“I’m not sure. She had green hair and-”

“Green hair?!” The girl cut her off. “Are you serious?”


“What else was she wearing?”

“She vas vearing a shirt that looked medieval, if it helps.”

“Hmm. It does… She could have come from… Hmm…” There was a pause before she said “Did you see who won?”

“No, but it was probably Amelia and her dratted co-pilot!”

“OK then.””The sound of typing, then another rush of static. “Yeah, there’s no way I can get you off. But if you build a raft or something, Early Poptropica is due West. I’m sorry, but that’s all I can do.”

“Fine. But vat about Amelia?”

“Don’t worry about her. She’s done racing. She joined some flying team.”

“Zat doesn’t make me feel better. Vat about the co-pilot?”

The girl laughed. “Don’t worry about her. No. One. Escapes. Perfect. Cheetah.” She laughed again. “We’ll have that medallion before the week is out.”


Dun dun DUUUUUUUN!!! Mysterious ending! Who is this Perfect Cheetah? Who is that boy in the crowd? (By boy I mean he’s about Lucky’s age BTW) Who is that creepy Dark Knight? (Creeeeeeeeepy!) I guess we’ll find out in next installment! Or the next. It the next. Or the 12th… (That was a random guess.) I needs to go now, there’s a cat asleep on my knees and I need to go sleep! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!!!


Because this sums up my life, that’s why. XD


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