It’s tomorrow! (Ish)

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here. i have BIG NEWS!!

LW(RoP): But i thought we were going to do Ask the Rulers!

Me: We were, but this is bigger. I’ll put them out next week.

LW: You didn’t do them, did you.

Me: I did too!

LW: You are not very good at lying.

Me: Alright fine! I’m not! i didn’t get them done, but that’s only part of the reason!

LW: E, i thought-

Me: Listen Lucky. I told you that i got invited to the Poptropica Skunk Blog, right?

LW: On Sunday, yes.

Me: Well, yesterday, i go invited to Clawtropica.

LW: Wasn’t that the one you were hoping to get into?

Me: Yeah, since i started blogging. Literally.

LW: well, that is great. Congratulations!

Me: Thanks! I literally almost screamed when I saw! Course I was in a library so..

LW: But why else couldn’t you do it?

Me: Let me count them off for you. The New Pop, i need to put out inportant info about Monkey Wrench that i wasn’t too clear on, i was working on some roleplays last night, i was working on character development the weekend so i didn’t do the Asking, my impending birthday…

LW: Your birthday’s coming up? Congratulations!

Me: Yeah. Sweet 16th. *Unenthusiastically* Whoo hoo.

LW: Oh cheer up! 16th isn’t bad!

Me: You weren’t in high school you lucky-

LW: Wing.

Me: … That’s not what i was going to say.

LW: Where i live isn’t important.

Me: … how?!?!

LW: It is called you are predictable.

Me: … *Sigh* Anyways, i just have a lot on my plate this week and i really wish it was summer.

LW: Why?

Me: Free time!!!

LW: … Wait, when is your birthday?

Me: 28th of February. Why?

LW: … How?

Me: How what?

LW: That is my birthday and i just turned 19.

Me: You’re from a different time line. Sue me.

LW: Wait, what?

Me: Oh, and I also need to go and do TC’s art! And get the other one from the depths of despair!

LW: Why do you keep art in the depths of eternal despair?

Me: It’s not eternal despair, it’s my bedroom.

LW: Ah.

Me: What else… There was something else I needed to handle… Right! The PHB art thing! It’s about ships this month and I have to go figure out how to do something on that without totally spoiling my story!

LW: I do not have any idea what you are talking about.

Me: Your lack of contractions is funny.

LW: Beg pardon?

Me: It suddenly occurs to me that many fanfics that I wrote have people who don’t…

LW: Are you alright?

Me: Fine! I am fine.

LW: … Were you looking at Ninjago memes again?

Me: Maaaaaaaaaaybe?

LW: Please just go to sleep. For your own good.

Me: Fine! Lucky Wing signing-

LW: But I thought I was Lucky Wing?

Me: O_o out-bai-guys!! *Runs*








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