The COSTUMES!!! (And a few pics)

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Well, you’ve seen that the winners have been announced for the costume contest! I was planning on another post, but not today I guess. Tomorrow then. Yay. I didn’t put the pictures on here, but they’re everywhere, you’ll see them. I saw the costumes, they’re really good! Quite brilliant! I voted on my favorites.

How do I feel about not getting in? Fine!

OK, fine. I’m a bit bummed out. I’ve had a pretty emotional day already though, so I have an excuse. But it’s really good stuff! The costumes are cool! And I’m going to post a bunch of pictures anyways. BECAUSE I CAN!! XD


That’s for a back story I will probably post 2 weeks from NEVER. OK, not really, but it’ll be quite a while. I drew it at D&D when I had a bit of time.


That’s me and… Uh… The girl of the left of no one… Relevant. She’s for another fanfiction… *Runs*



(Update. The world is against me. The picture didn’t load. :()

That’s my new profile pic, if you hadn’t noticed! I know, the eyes aren’t white, I keep telling myself I’ll do it, but the only place I can is on paint. And I don’t have that a lot. So yeah.


This is for TC’s art contest. She extended the date, thank goodness. Hope she likes it! And I found a way to edit them and make it look good! I’m so happy!!


Yeah, that’s from the fun little Christmas special I did, I’m also entering it. Maybe. IDK. It depends on if I can find an old picture I made of us or not. Do I know where it might be?

*Bangs head against wall*


Well, hope you liked those! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!



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