Notes about Rulers

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Hey, there were just a few things I wanted to make sure were known by all. Because some I wasn’t too clear on…

1. Lucky Wing doesn’t have wings 

Despite her od appearance of green hair and pale skin, Lucky doesn’t have her trademark angel wings. Yet.

Insert maniacal laughter here.

2. She also has a slight British accent. 

It’s a story. You can’t hear it, so figured I’d say.

It’s not actually that important, but you know.

3. Contractions. 

She uses none. At all. But she picks them up. Or she will.

4. Those epilogues are dead important.

All of them. Just sayin’.

5. Perfect Cheetah

Yes, she’s the same one who managed to get my Discord a while ago. But i don’t know how she did it over dimmensions. But it’s annoying as all get out.


IDK. I like those. They look like little eyes…

Yeah, that’s it! The next part, (which is Early Pop, yes)  will come out hopefully pretty soon. In the mean time, i’m going to go work on it! (I’m on the middle part and i haven’t really worked on the first bit, go figure.) Well, i just finished this exactly 3 minutes before the bell is going to ring, so now i am going to run like a scared ferrit. I’ll do a post on the Pop Worlds thing later, i really don’t have time… Crap, 2 minutes… OK, i’m gonna stop counting and just leave. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!



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