Update: Wrong blog. I dune messed up.


Yo mai peeps, E here… I guess. Me being here is in question, my mind is so elsewhere it’s painful.

Anyways, I’m pretty sure you all know that the Lego Batman movie’s coming out soon. It is going to be brilliant! I’m super pumped! Anyways, so I’m on YouTube, same as always, waiting for my video to upload. And there’s my “you should watch this bar,” right? Well, my YouTube is spooky and seems to know what I like, weather I’ve put it in any search bar ever or not. It’s actually quite terrifying. And you all wonder why I’m a conspiracy theorist. XD Well, I’m going about my videos and one comes up for the upcoming Ninjago movie.

Wait, there’s a movie?

Yeah, there is. Or will be. I knew it was there, but the wiki (Oh Ninjago wiki why?) didn’t say when it was coming out! I was actually wondering that myself. Until today. Naturally, I watched the preview.


I was a good child.

It. Looks. Nothing. Like. My. Ninjago. Why. Does. My. Life. Stink.

Now, I know, I’m super behind on episodes as is, but what the heck? It was… Awful.

So I decided to make a meme. Well, as it turns out, my coloring app had updated.


I’m going to kill some one if I don’t calm down. Anyways, here’s a screenshot of the preview.


Everyone’s hair is wrong.

And Zane looks like a psychopath. And Cole looks like a Prima Donna. And Jay looks like Dareth. Which is never good. And I think Nya is off, she looks more like me then the actual Nya. And what’s up with Kai?

OK. I’m going to leave it at that and go to sleep. I’m hoping (for your sakes honestly) that this’ll all blow over for me and I’m be alright. But idk. E is out, bai peeps.

PS: Sorry I was so irritable about this. I’m just frustrated. Really, really frustrated. *Sigh* Expect an actually did post tomorrow, not just me grinding my teeth.

PS to the PS: I also just realized! I’m actually in pain, I just didn’t really notice!  (makes so much sense, right?) So that does also explain some of this. Look, also, please don’t build this against me. I needed this rant.


This sums up the whole post. I need to calm down…



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