“Lucky Wing…”

Eh? What? I was doing stuff.

“Wake up…”

I am awake! Despite the fact that it’s 11:26. What is it?!

“Where are you?”

In bed… Why? Who is that anyways?

“Look, you need to get your head in gear.”

K… Great… Can we talk on the morning?

“No! This is important!”

Ruddy brilliant. *Sigh* What is it?

“Where have you been Lucky?”

Uh… Home. In my room mostly. The rest of the time I’m pretty sure was just the kitchen…

“I meant fandom wise.”


“Lucky, you haven’t really posted in ages. Why?”

I guess… I guess because I’m distracted.

“With what?”


“You can tell me.”

Ninjago! There, I said it! I’m getting back into it and I’m writing and drawing a bunch of stuff for it too!

“OK. That’s fair. But you need to start doing posts again.”

I know.

“You haven’t posted on Clawtropica in ages, and that was your dream blog to get into!”

I know.

“And what about your Fanfic! That’s the whole reason you made this blog in the first place!”

I know, I know!

“Lucky. E.”


“Do you need to do a post on Ninjago in your other blog?”

Uh, yes!

“Do it then. And do your interview thing.”

I haven’t forgotten about that yet, don’t worry.

“It’s OK. You’ve been on top of your comments and likes, so I guess you’re somewhere.”


Ugh, why do all my breaks suck? Like the 4 day weekend ones! Last one I spent on the stupid hormone roller coaster! Now this one is… I don’t even know! Fairly sure I’m sick too!

“OK… So take a few deep breaths.”



“Alright. Now do you think you’re ready to post normally again?”

Maybe. It’d help if I didn’t have headaches all the time.

“Well, you need to post more regularly, but if the posts suck, it’s not worth it.”

OK, yeah, you’re right. I’ll try and get better.

“I’d recommend plenty of rest and water. And don’t strain yourself.”

Sleep sounds nice. Can I go do that?

“Go right ahead.”

K, thanks.

Wait a second, who is this?



“Someone who cares. Go to sleep.”


“Alright fine. It’s Perfect Cheetah.”

But why?

“Because I need the next story to come out. People can’t wait to see what happens next!”

I hope so. I need comments…

“Just go to sleep E.”




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