No tile needed.

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here and I honestly owe you all a huge apology. Well, I’m not entirely sure how to say it all, so here’s a conversion Lucky Wing (from Rulers) and I had yesterday.

Lucky Wing: There you are!

Me: Hmm? Oh, hey Lucky. Sorry, I was-

LW: Where the heck were you?! I have not seen you in 2 weeks and, no offense, but you look terrible. You had better have a good explanation.

Me: … Ah gosh, I’ve been a terrible blogger. I haven’t posted anything interesting in ages, I’m not in half the time, not to mention chats, and when was the last time I did an Ask the Rulers?!

LW: January 23rd.

Me: See?! Ugh, I’m a terrible blogger… This was my dream, I wanted to do to this for so long…

LW: Hang on, are you sick?

Me: Sick as a parakeet. I’ve lost my voice 9 times and I’ve used enough tissues to fill a task bag, no joke. Why?

LW: You’re more emotional when you’re sick.

Me: I don’t doubt it.

LW: Also, about Saturday?

Me: Stuck in a car for half the day, other half I was trying not to sound like a fog horn. All the while in a skirt. Without a voice.

LW: April first…

Me : … April fools day.

LW: Yes…

Me: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I had a prank planned and everything!!!

LW: There’s always next year.

Me: This is from last year!! Oh cat, I’m a terrible blogger.

LW: No you are not….

Me: *groans and puts head on desk* This was my dream. I wanted to be a Poptropican blogger. And here I am. Failing at it.

LW: Nonsense! You have some posts you are working on, correct?

Me: Yeah?

LW: Well, go post those!

Me: Well, i- *voice cracks*

LW: Uh oh.

Me: *raspy* Oh just ruddy brilliant.

My mom: Elyana! Time for dinner!

Me: …

LW: …


It was then that I sprinted away and hid under my dinner table. But basically, I’m sorry. It seems like all I do are apology posts anymore! But I promise I have one planned! I’ll get it out soon, probably tomorrow or Wednesday! I had an extreme Pop mood earlier and wrote a bunch of it! It’s pretty awesome. Also, I am working on the next Rulers of Poptropica! It’s coming along! There’s two, very important, new characters in it and I can’t wait for y’all to meet them! Hang on, did I just say y’all? Huh. When did that happen? At any rate, I’m hoping to get some more posts out soon! But for now, I GTG, it’s late, and I want to have another awesome dream where I’m a hero and I get a baby cousin and stuff! (I’ll tell you about that dream sometime, it’s awesome!) Lucky Wing, signing out bai guys!


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