Happy Easter!

UPDATE FROM LUCKY/E! So it turns out I did get the leak, but i didn’t realize. So…. Expect an official post on that soon. Yeah! 

Attention viewers! This is Dr. Hare! I am writing this blog post for Lucky Wing! I don’t honestly know why, but she said i could!

E: It’s because it’s Easter. Sort of. I swear this guy dresses just for this holiday.

DH: I do not! Now let me blog!

E: Fine! Don’t screw it up!

DH: 😛 Whatever woman. So it was apparently Easter yesterday and I thought I should go around and take selfies! So I did, here are the results:

Edit from Lucky/E: None of his pictures would load because he apparently had some weird phone virus. So here’s a description.

PIC of LW and DH selfie, LW looking confused. 

PIC DH and Easter Bunny selfie, both giving the thumbs up. 

PIC DH and BW, her with a painting trying to sneak away.

PIC DH in front of E and a candy cannon, E with hands up and yelling something.

DH: … I can’t believe you shot me.

E: I can’t believe you walked in the way of my candy cannon! I mean, who does that?!

DH: I didn’t know it was a cannon!

E: Oh, so you walk in front of potato gun-like objects a lot?!

DH: … Shut up. At any rate, around Poptropica, there is a graphic novel coming out.

E: It’s out.

DH: OK, then I lied, it’s out. It’s called The Secret Society. Sounds interesting. Lucky, are you getting it?

E: eBook. Why?

DH: I don’t want to buy it, it’s easier to steal your copy.

E: -_- For the love of cupcakes man, I’d lend it to you. Ask when I actually get it.

DH: When will that be?

E: Good question. I’m checking daily, s’all good.

DH: At any rate, from what i’ve heard, it’s about the trio and Octavian, and it involves a Secret Society.

E: Brilliant deduction. I can totally tell that you’re a doctor.

DH: Well, if you’ve heard so much, why don’t you tell them?!

E: OK, so apparently it’s also about time travel, despite the fact that that’ll always go poorly, hopefully we’ll find about who the heck Octavian is, and one of the main 4 villains makes a cameo!

DH: What?! Who is it?!

E: No idea! I can’t wait to read it! Bet it’s Crawfish. Because it’s back in time. It makes sense. But IDK.

DH: No way! It’s gotta be me!

E: Right, we’re getting distracted. Keep going, I’m not even supposed to be here! Besides, we’re on a deadline!

DH: Fine, fine. Go do your Roleplay or something!

E: Qualunque coniglio.

DH: What did you just say?!

E: Something Italian. Tell you later.

DH: -_- I hate you so much.

E: Just post!

DH: Well, in other news, *looks at paper* Uh… Lucky wants to know if you want her to do more with us villains. Which you should totally should. Because this is amazing.

E: Not that you’re biased.

DH: Hush. At any rate, there was also a contest or something.

E: -_- Missed it. It is irrelevant.

DH: And there’s more movies in the theater. Are they any good?

E: Doubt it.

DH: I have time to kill. Also, there were some Interviews or something. Like the one’s Lucky needs to do!

E: I’m working on it! Ooh! Also, something big happened today and the community practically exploded! Here! *hands him a sheet of paper*

DH: *reads paper* HOLY RABBIT!!

E: O_O That was also explosive.


E: I know, I’ve read it! A bunch of people got a bunch of peeks into Pop Worlds from an unknown source. I’m 97% I didn’t get it. I think it was an email. Whatever, check out their posts, they’re probably more descriptive, since they know about it and I don’t.


E: I can’t wait til I can do a post with someone sane.

DH: 😡

E: You aren’t. Deal with it.

DH: Neither are you!

E: Yeah, but it’s easier to post with people who are. Keep posting.

DH: That’s about it, right?

E: I think so… anyways, We need to wrap up.

DH: You’re still RPing.

E: Hush. You have no right to judge.

DH: Why not?

E: Bunny suit. Done.

DH: 😡 Hey!

E: No judging mai RP. This is amazing.

DH: You’re talking to an owl!

E: Who happens to actually be a person, I know. I am aware of what is happening, even if my character isn’t.

DH: I do not get roleplays.

E: You should totally join.

DH: Only if I can turn into a rabbit.

E: … I think it’s kinda taken.

DH: Not worth it. Let’s just end the post.

E: Shoot, i’m not stopping you. Just go.

DH: Happy Easter everyone! Doctor Hare is out, Peace!

E: You still sound old.

DH: -_-


PS from Lucky Wing/E: I hope you enjoyed this post Hare and I did! Let me know if you liked it and whether or not i should keep putting these up! Be honest, but don’t be a jerk or I’ll give Hare sugar and tell him where you live. Happy belated Easter everyone! 


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