What Would You Ask?!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! I’ve had a thought, i need to increase revenue and post around here. Well, the main 4 villains are over here so much, do you want to do a Ask Us with them? Because… well, you’ve probably guessed, and correctly, Ask the Rulers is cancelled. Not sure for how long, but since I haven’t posted on it since January… It’s pretty blatantly obvious it was cancelled. At first it was only gonna be a week, but high school takes a lot out of a girl, especially time wise. Well, my sucky life aside…

At any rate, Ask the Villains! So I’m thinking you can ask the main 4, Director D, any of the other villains you want to ask, but just stick with the main 4 and D for the most part, since i feel like he’s defiantly in that league. You kinda can ask whoever you want, that includes multiple people, such as Homes, Frenchie, and Ringmaster Raven, even Omegon, but please say who you are asking and mostly aim for the main 4 and D, this is their Ask Us. I’m also gonna steer aways from asking the Super Villains from Super Power collectively. Oh, and you can ask me, as in IRL me, as well as Lucky Wing from Rulers of Poptropica with someone else if you really feel like it. You can ask them ANYTHING! This includes crushes, ships, opinions, about things that are completely unrelated to Pop if you want! That’s appropriate that is. Nothing inappropriate, if you know what I mean. Because there’s a screener who checks the comments before sending them to the villains. You know who that is? ME! Just saying. All it takes is one comment and I get ticked. *pause* Sorry, I’ve just been bitter lately. So just ask in the comments. They’ll respond in the way they usually have, with text. We’ll post pictures every once in a while, but i just do not have time to do it a lot, so sorry about that! So let the asking begin! I won’t really have a date or anything like that for a while… So i guess we’ll just be WINGING IT!! *throws hands in the air* YUS! Uh, right, sorry. Look, when your BFF makes enough puns to be a female Sans, you take the victories you can get. I don’t even play Undertale! Anyways, sorry.

So ask away! Put your questions in the comments or DM them to me if you feel like it. Just keep to the rules! I can’t wait to see what you guys think up! Now i GTG, i have a lovely essay to work on! -_- UGH. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

PS: I did get the thing for the Poptropica Beta thing. I say nothing now, but i promise you’ll hear about it! Ya know, when i get do something about it. Such as not right now. So… ye.


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