Ask the Villains! #1

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! The second I typed that title, I knew things were gonna go horribly wrong. Nothing has yet, minus the fact that I was gonna post this Saturday, but I feel like a meteor is gonna strike or something. I’m hiding in my basement, just in case. At any rate, here is your regularly scheduled program. Posted from my underground bunker. Deep in the earth. Surrounded by Zomberries. Hmm. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.

DJVampiGamer asks EVERYONE: asuh dudes/dudettes

Everyone: ….

Dr Hare: asuh dude.

Captain Crawfish: What does that mean, matey?! Argh, kids these days…

Dr. Hare: n00b.

Me: Do you even know what that means?!

Dr. Hare: No.

Me: Then DON’T SAY IT!!

Black Widow: I’m outta here.

Binary Bard: I think we’re cursed.

Director D: I’m going to Spy Island now.

DJVampiGamer asks Betty Jetty: Do you sometimes wish you weren’t a villain?

Betty Jetty: I prefer to think of it not as being a villain, but being a rebel.

Me: Same thing!

Betty Jetty: *ignoring me* But whatever. It is kinda lonely being a villain sometimes… I haven’t had a date in ages… It’s not like any of my ‘friends’ are good options. But being a villain is a full time job, so…

Bendy Flyer asks Director D: Did you ever have hair in the first place?

Director D: Hey! I’ll have you know I had magnificent hair! It was brown… looked like my toupee… *sighs* Then it all fell out a couple of years ago and I’ve been cursed ever since.

Me: The guy’s 23 believe it or not.

Director D: Hey, I thought we said no personal information!

Me: I totally never said that. Heck, said the opposite.

Director D: 😡

Me: ;D

Sporty Boa asks Dr Hare: Are you part Hare or Rabbit? There’s a pretty big difference…

Dr Hare: I am part rabbit, actually. But Hare is my last name and I am not changing it. So I make do.

Me: Hurry it up Bunny Boy!

Dr Hare: -_- Not helping!

Sporty Boa asks Captain Crawfish: How’d you get your peg leg? It looks awesome.

Captain Crawfish: I got it at sea, traded at the Golden Harbor before my plundering days. *Pause* Argh.

Fierce Flyer asks Director D: Is Dr. Spyglass related to you?

Director D: O_O

Me: I think you broke the ex-spy director.

Director D: He did not! *Sighs* Douglas is my brother.

Me: His name is Douglas?! It makes sense…

Director D: Yes, he’s my older brother. By one year mind! But see who came out on top in the end!

Me: Bro, I don’t… Ya know what, never mind.

Fierce Flyer asks Lucky Wing: If you could transform into any animal permanently which animal would you pick?

Lucky Wing: That’s a good question… I think I would probably pick a dove or some similar bird.

Me: Cat!

Lucky Wing: They weren’t asking you.

Me: Says who?

Lucky Wing: -_- You are being cruel.

Me: Alright, fine, I’ll leave. But I’d be a cat probably.

LW: Go.

Me: I’m gone!

Wild Whale asks Betty Jetty: How do you feel about a previous version of myself making an awful fanfiction focusing on you and making you a cliched villain?

Betty Jetty: Eh, could be worse. I’ve seen some pretty…. interesting FanFictions around, and i think i could take that.

Me: Ah, pff, it wasn’t that bad! I liked it!

BJ: You knew about it? Why didn’t you tell me?!

Me: Because I didn’t think to? Look, I was preoccupied!

BJ: -_- Wing, I swear…

Me: ;P Yo-lo!

Wild Whale also asks Betty Jetty: Do you have a burning hatred for hairspray?

Betty Jetty: No… Why?

Me: I hate hairspray!

BJ: No one’s asking you!

Me: I know, why do you think I’m answering?!

BJ: -_- Go away. I’m not a big fan of hairspray, musical or actual spray. But I can tolerate it. I do use a little gel for my hair, but-

Me: The only thing hairspray is good for shooting the candy cannon! Then it’s good fun!

BJ: Why are you so against this?!

Me: Because it gets in my lungs and then I feel like I’m dying. And guess what?!

BJ: Where did you even pick this up?

Me: YOLO!!

BJ: I’m outta here.

I hope you enjoyed that chaos I call my life. Well, the chaos I call my life when I’m not living the chaos that is school and such. *Sigh* Gah. Oh well. For this next week, just shoot the questions off in the comments and I’ll put the answers up next Saturday. Possibly Monday, but I’ll try for Saturday. Now I GTG. I’m working on a Powerpoint for English, (It’s an awesome topic, I’m gonna rock this!) and I want to go home and do set up for the new RP so Kix doesn’t kill me for not joining. I don’t know what I’m typing. What am I doing? I should just go now… Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


20 thoughts on “Ask the Villains! #1

  1. Okay I am really confused on this “ask to everyone” and “ask to owner” thing. But please could I be part of this series (or even just a minor character) as I have never been part of one? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • XP It’s OK! So you just pick you who ask and a bunch of people are asking the Main 5 or me, the creator. And I’m answering the Getting in Questions in the post. Hoo, that’s a lot of text, isn’t it?


      • That’s okay. As someone who only recently got into your content, it’s a little confusing to read of all these characters, whom I never saw or heard of beforehand, answering questions like they’ve been around forever. I’m sure I’ll get to know and like these characters as I progress through the series, so it’s not that big a problem. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, and don’t worry, there is a certain degree of the characters acting like they’ve known each other a long time, even though to the viewers this is one of the first times you see them. It’s a little confusing, not gonna lie.

        Liked by 1 person

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