Ask the Villains #2

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Welcome back to late night posting! Yes, I am perfectly aware it’s very, very late. But I just stayed up watching Avengers for the first time and it was 109% worth it. And then I drew stuff for contests. Seriously, I’m half way through drawing one for the PHB contest, but I’m not on Sundays, so IDK what’s gonna happen there. I might just do it, I really want to enter. In other news, I reek of sunscreen and I nearly passed out earlier because of paint fumes. Ugh. Whatever, it happens. (Way too much.) But now, to the chaos that we just so happen to deeply enjoy. Mostly. Well, I enjoy it. The Villains… sort of enjoy it.

Me: Hey guys! We got a new batch of Qs!

Black Widow: Ugh…..

Director D: Where’s the nearest shuttle out of here?

Captain Crawfish: I have an urgent appointment plundering right now.

Binary Bard: Would you look at the time?!

Me: -_- I hate you all.

So…. yeah, we’ll just get to the questions then.


DJVampiGamer asks “The Maker”: Can i be a part of this q&a series? 

Me: …. Wait, you want to be part of this chaos?!

Dr. Hare: E, someone’s at the door for you! Something about a statue and a giant mustache!

Me: -_- Oh my gosh, Mustachio again?! Vampi, run while you still can! You might make it out!

DJVampiGamer asks everyone: How does one become a villain? 

Black Widow: You have to start small.

Director D: And you always have to start with a goal in mind, whether it’s to take over the world or get revenge on people who laughed at you.

Binary Bard: It starts with a burning hatred, Whether for one person or a couple of people.

Dr. Hare: Generally it’s because they got in the way of you achieving your goals.

Captain Crawfish: You will probably have to commit a crime or two to try and get to this goal.

Black Widow: That’s when you’re usually thought of as a “Villain.” I wanted to have the greatest art collection ever!

Captain Crawfish: I wanted to rule the seas as the most feared pirate on the waters!

Dr. Hare: I wanted to put the entire world under my control!

Binary Bard: I wanted to marry the Princess, then take over the Universe.

Director D: I wanted to make everyone bald, take over the world, then rub it in the people who made fun of me’s faces.

Me: …

What is this, a motivational Ted Talk on becoming a villain?!

Black Widow: Way to kill the moment Wing!

Dr. Hare: I need a carrot.

Director D: *facepalms* Oh my gosh….

Me: -_- Please don’t try to motivate my friends to be villains.

Binary Bard: You go by the nickname Lady-

Me: You. Stop talking now.


Red Rider asks everyone: Can I be one of you, I’m a robutt, YAY! 

Binary Bard: She’s a what now?

Black Widow: I don’t think she meant it as an insult Binary.

Me: Neef! Context! So Tall Cactus did a thing… *shows them all the posts*

Captain Crawfish: Now that makes more sense.

Binary Bard: -_- I find this personally insulting.

Me: I feel ya man.

Dr. Hare: What, are you a cyborg or something?

Me: …

Binary Bard: Wait, WHAT?!

Me: We’re gonna move to the next question, before I die. And Red, I repeat what I said to Vampi. Run now.



Binary Bard: … *whispers to me* Who is this?

Me: Popular Wolf. It might be a fun date.

Binary Bard: You know nothing of dates!

Me: Fair, but I know a lot of shipping!

Binary Bard: That’s not the same thing.

Me: It is in this case. I’m leaving now.


Sporty Boa asks Captain Crawfish: How’d you get your eyepatch? It looks awesome!

Captain Crawfish: Everything I have looks awesome! I am Captain Crawfish, Pundering of the Skullduggery seas, King of-

Me: Come on Crawfish, get to the point!

Captain Crawfish: -_- Captain Crawfish.  Fine. I lost my eye in an accident a few years ago. So I got an eyepatch.

Me: How old even are you?!

Captain Crawfish: Argh.


ShayShayGamer asks: please could I be part of this series (or even just a minor character) as I have never been part of one? 

Me: Shay, you’re awesome, run while you still can. You might make it, it’s too late for me.

Binary Bard: Hey, someone’s spamming your Discord again.

Me: If they’re shipping me again, I swear I’m setting everything on fire.

Binary Bard: No, this time I think it’s Ned Noodlehead…

Me: -_- Where do we keep matches?


A little something important.

Me: Neef. OK, it looks like I’m going to have to make an official announcement here. Look guys, I love you all, but I’m thinking it’s not a good idea to include other people/people’s characters in this. For starters, I’d probably screw up your personality and what not. Second, I can’t do it for all of you. It’s nothing personal and I’m not singling any of you out on this, but I can barely keep up with this lot as it is!

Black Widow: Found the matches!

Me: Good, we’re going on an adventure tomorrow. Wait, scratch that, Monday.

BW: Why Monday?

Me: Because I don’t exist Sundays! It’s a long story, I’ll tell you later.

BW: Alright fine.

So… Yeah! I hope you enjoyed that, because I’m gonna go pass out now. I haven’t slept before 11:30 since last Sunday. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


16 thoughts on “Ask the Villains #2

  1. Heck, O figured someone would do a We Are Number One reference for my second question.

    Next few questions:
    To my hand—wait, wrong place
    to everyone: what are your opinions on fidget spinners
    to everyone again: what do you like on your pizza
    to lucky: yo where’s the pizza place

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Binary Bard: It starts with a burning hatred, Whether for one person or a couple of people.
    *wiggles eyebrows at Mordred* I’m free Saturday at 7 ;^))) lol still regretting nothing

    Liked by 2 people

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