Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! There’s a New Pop thing out! New Pop… Poptropica Worlds, WHATEVER! I just got on my Blog Reader and found this post by Bendy Flyer:

My Guesses for…

So I went to the original post and I’m going to try and guess it myself. Probably fail, but I tried! Promise this is all me and I’m not stealing anyone’s ideas. This is my super original and inspired guess.

It’s a belt.


*mic drops*

No, wait! That can’t be it! I have more! Well, not so much on the belt, except one thing. It looks like Dr. Hare’s! Does this mean we have to dress up as him? That’d be cool!

Dr. Hare: You’re weird E!

I like dressing up! You do too, so hush! At any rate, there’s one other thing I didn’t notice at first, but that’s extremely important here.

avatar image




Dr. Hare: Poptropica Wor-


*pant pant*

K, sorry. I’m in a weird mood. It’s called My-life-is-liquid-stress-there-is-so-much-going-on-and-why-is-my-life-this-chaos-i-wanna-go-RP-not-deal-with-my-homework-ugh-why-is-there-even-homework-in-this-world-oh-well-I-brought-this-on-myself-the-cat-I-need-SLEEP!

If you were wondering.

But I think Poptropica Worlds is coming out soon! I’m super pumped! Here’s my reasoning:

  1. Skinny Moon’s icon.
  2. It’s the end of Spring, when they said it would come out. They hafta do it soon.
  3. It’s been May for 3 days. Where’s the IotM? (Credit to TC for this one, she said it on Discord and I spotted it.)
  4. Because I’m getting booooooooooooored…. Wait, that’s not a reason.
  5. They made the announcement last year, almost exactly. Wouldn’t that just be cool if it were and exact year? But no, they’re 8 days late already. I’d still take it. Just saying.
  6. Mother of cat, what if they waited until the 10 year anniversary?! I think I’d blow a gasket. This isn’t a reason either. What is wrong with me?

Yeah, I’m done. I should probably end off this post before I say something dumb. If I haven’t yet. But you guys take your guess too! It’ll be cool! I’m gonna go… IDK what I’m gonna go do. Maybe pass out even though it’s only 5. Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!


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