Ask the Villains #3

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here! Geez, there were a lot of questions this week. If I do the answers during the week, I don’t know what I woulda done this week! I have a busy night ahead of me… Look,

These questions are pouring in, so let’s get to it!


Red Rider asks no one in particular: Can someone train me to be evil?

Me: ._. I thought you were running Red! You mighta made it!

Black Widow: I’m not doing it.

Me: Why not?

Black Widow: I don’t teach. No way.

Me: Well, get Frenchie to do it or something, it’s not like I can do it.

Black Widow: Why not?

Me: I’m not evil!

Black Widow: You’re harboring wanted villains in your home.

Me: More like you guys just barge in to my house and I don’t shoot you with Nerf Gun Bazookas, no matter how tempted I am.

Black Widow: You’re an interesting child.

Me: I’m only 9 years younger than you.

Black Widow: You are not.

Me: Am too. I’m 16.

Black Widow: … I thought you were like 14.

Me: -_- Ouch. Just ouch.


Red Rider also asks no one in particular: Also, do you like trainz 🚅

Dr Hare: YES!

Me: Dr Hare is our resident Meme Guesser if you hadn’t noticed.

Dr Hare: Am not!

Me: You don’t even know what I mean! I just made that up for cat’s sake!

Dr Hare: Do too!

Me: Bruh, I swear I will… Ya know what. Forget it. I’m outta here.

Dr Hare: TWAINZ!!



DJVampiGamer asks everyone: What are your opinions on fidget spinners?

Black Widow: They’re pretty cool. I have one.

Captain Crawfish: A what?

Dr Hare: I just use E’s fidget cube.

Me: What?! That’s where it keep going!

Binary Bard: I do not see the point of these.

Director D: They make good boomerangs.

Me: I got D here one. It’s a Batman one. So it’s a…

Director D: *pinches bridge of nose* Please don’t.


Director D: For the umpteenth time. I. Am not. Batman!

Me: James Bond then.

Captain Crawfish: What?

Me: Oh, right…That’s why I don’t call you that. Sorry James!


Me: MA HA HA HA HA!! *runs off*

Black Widow: And she claims not to be a villain. Yeah right.



DJVampiGamer asks everyone again: What do you like on your pizza?

Me: Cheese or Hawaiian! It’s amazing! 

Director D: Pepperoni is good.

Black Widow: I like a good sausage.

Captain Crawfish: 3 meat!

Dr Hare: Carrots!

*Awkward pause*

Black Widow: That’s not an option at the parlor…

Me: Where do you get your pizza?!

Dr Hare: I just add it on the cheese! It’s really good too!

Captain Crawfish: Argh.

Black Widow: And then there’s Hare, who’s Vegan.

Dr Hare: Vegetarian! There’s a HUGE difference!

Binary Bard: *reading a book, doesn’t even look up* It’s true you know.

Me: What is happening…


DJVampiGamer now asks Lucky: Yo where’s the pizza place?

Me: Eh, Lucky Wing doesn’t get Pizza. But I’ll handle this, since I’m Lucky too. *thinks about it* Which one, There’s like 10 around where I live.

Dr Hare: Wow. Wait, then why do we only get Caesar’s, Domino’s and that buffet one then?

Me: Because most pizza makes me or one of my sibling’s sick.

Dr Hare: … I am so sorry.

Me: It’s OK, there’s always Crazy Bread. Or garlic knots! Mmmm…. I’m ordering some now, these Qs got me hungry.

Dr Hare: Garlic knots!!


Sporty Boa asks Black Widow: Who’s your favorite artist?

Black Widow: I’m a pretty big fan of Van Gogh. His works just move me, ya’know?

Me: …

Black Widow: What? I have a degree in the arts!

Me: I’m just impressed this is where college got you.

Black Widow: Well I- Hey!

Me: Neh heh heh.


Sporty Boa: Do/ Did you or play sports? What’s your favorite to watch?

Me: Heh heh. Heh. I get it.

*everyone stares at her*

Me: What?! Sporty Boa? Sports? Just me? Wow guys.

Captain Crawfish: I don’t think any of us play sports.

Black Widow: I used to do softball back in middle school…

Director D: Spy training.

Binary Bard: There were no sports on Astroknights anyways.

Dr Hare: I was working on experiments.

Me: Drama’s the closest thing I’ve got. And it’s nowhere near.


Me: And we all watch Super Bowl together and have a stupid big party.

Director D: And then we deny it happened, correct?

Me: Nah, I don’t care who finds out that I ate a bunch of junk food.

Black Widow: And covered your ears and tried to drown out Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ by belting out ‘Just Dance.’

Me: -_- You had to bring up that song. I will now never get that out of my head.

Black Widow: You’re welcome.


Sporty Boa asks Director D and Dr Hare: What’s your favorite genre of music?

Me: *sarcastically* Heavy Metal. I listen to it all the time.

Dr Hare: This isn’t your question.

Me: I know. Hence my sarcastic answer.

Director D: I don’t usually listen to music, but I do have some of the James Bond music tracks.

Me: I knew it. I knew it!

Director D: *Pinches bridge of nose* Are you satisfied now?

Me: Yes. Very.

Dr Hare: Aaaaaanyways, I like listening to the radio. I use E’s radio presets most of the time… What genre is that anyways?

Me: Pop music.

Dr Hare: ._.

Director D: ._.

Me: *grins like the Cheshire Cat and backs away spookily*

Dr Hare: E, you’re weird.

Me: *far away* I know!


Popular Wolf asks Binary Bard: *wiggles eyebrows at Mordred* I’m free Saturday at 7 ;^))) lol still regretting nothing

Binary Bard: I still don’t know what is going on.

Me: It’s called flirting stupid.

Binary Bard: -_- You aren’t helping.

Me: Look man, I just wanna blow ElyanaXMordred outta here.

Binary Bard: Why do you even care about that?

Me: … Right, I’m gonna move on. You’re open at 7, right?

Binary Bard: Why…

Me: Sounds great, you’re gonna have to tell me how it went. Her 7 o clock is my 9 and I have Prom!

Binary Bard: Wait…. you’re going to prom?

Me: … Right, I forgot you guys didn’t know.

Dr Hare: You’re going on a DATE?!

Me: -_- And there’s the reason. YES I’m going on a date, Yes it’s Prom, yes I know I’m only 16 and I’m going to prom, he asked, it’s tomorrow, shut up.

Binary Bard: Who is this?!

Me: You don’t know him, He’s a good kid, he’s from drama, we’re just friends, OK? And you’re not allowed to kill my date.

Dr Hare: Can we tease you about it?

Me: NO. Can we get back to the question?!

Binary Bard: I’m not going out with someone I don’t know!

Me: No, you’re going out with someone I know! Chill bro, PW’s cool.

Dr Hare: Wait, what’s going on?

Me: I give up. I’m just gonna go draw Ninjago sketches again.

Binary Bard: Wait, am I going or not?!

Me: I don’t care, but if you do, you’re telling me about it!

Dr Hare: Do I get to hear about your date?

Me: NO!

Binary Bard: What is happening…



…. Yeah, I’m actually going to prom. Look, I’m just stressing this way too much already, talk to me about it Monday, when it’s over. If I think about it now, I’m gonna keep stressing it. So… let’s do the next one! Do you guys want me to start doing themes, yes or no? Like maybe one week is Star Wars and another is shipping or something. Tell me in the comments! I’m gonna run now, I’m on the RP and I’m sort of torturing my character. I’m certainly putting her out of her comfort zone! Not to mention that I’m totally losing my mind in general… Yeah, I’d better shut up, I’ll start overthinking things again. Wish me luck peeps! Lucky Wing signing out, bai guys!

PS: I’m trying to get my Youtube back up! So here’s my latest video from a few days ago!

Hope you enjoy my crappy video!


23 thoughts on “Ask the Villains #3

  1. To every single person in the q&a thing (each question is for everyone)
    Question 1: do you like naps?
Question 2: do you like circle time?
Question 3: can I drive a train?
Question 4: do you like trainz?
Question 5: can I have a train?

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  2. Mordred bb ples it’s just a movie cmon let’s watch Phantom of the Opera together and so g the so g to annoy everyone else then read the Once and Future King together while I yell about king Arthur being a jerk. Cmon it’ll be decent my dude cmon just 4 hours max

    C m o n

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